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To Focus on Self Is Satan's Way

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 5, 1994

The way of Satan is to focus on self. When you are attacked by others, you focus on your self. If you remain selfless, they cannot touch you. Operate only for love of God. I do not demand perfection. Those closest to you are being used by Satan to get to you. If you are criticized, they are trying to focus on what you did wrong.

Take it to Me. I do not tell you that you are wrong. I want you to come to Me. When others focus on you, respond in love. Do not let anyone shame you or make you feel guilty. This is the work of Satan. I never shame you or make you feel guilty. My way is love. I demand love of those who want to serve Me. To love someone, you are giving to the other, not criticizing, not looking for personal gain.

When anyone is criticizing you, telling you that you have wronged them and that you are not any good, this is not from God. The way of God is to love your brother. To take up sides, to make yourself better than your brother, to make him wrong and you right, this is coming from the evil one. My way is love. Love is giving. Love does not seek its own way. Love focuses on bringing the other close to God. The way to Me is the way of love. In all things, love your brothers, be kind, do not look for personal gain.

You owe no man an explanation on these letters. You are being persecuted and I am allowing it. You must accept your suffering and focus on your children. I am there with you in your darkest hour. I never leave your side.

Satan wants you to doubt and stop this work. He wants you to focus on yourself and feel sorry for yourself. You must die to all thoughts that make you right and others wrong. This is very hard to do. You must see your brothers with only love. You must never measure them or yourself. You are not better, they are not better. You are all My beloved ones! You are all precious. You were all given special gifts to do exactly the work you will be called to do.

Never shame or blame or criticize your brothers. Pray for them. Be kind when you talk to them. You know the way to Me is the way of the cross. It is hard to love and be kind when you feel hurt. This is what I call you to do: look at Me with My flesh torn and see Me loving My attackers. I answered not one thing back. I was silent. I loved those who beat Me. I showed you the way. The way to Me is the way of love.

Making yourself right and others wrong is from Satan. Cast him out! You must do as I command you to do. You must never want to offend Me. You must keep My commandments. Others can do as they please. Pray for them.

You have such a gift! If others listen to you, they will learn from Me. I am talking directly to you. If they do not listen, they will miss the words given by God to you. Do not force your speech on anyone. They are missing My words if they keep talking. I can say in three words what others can never say. Speak to those who are open. Those who do not want to listen will not hear.

You, My child, are learning to be Christ-like. If others demand perfection of you, they are not coming from Me. I do not demand perfection from any human. I want you to say you are sorry when you have sinned. I want you to strive to be saints. I do not tell you to be perfect. That is Satan who points out your faults! Always love, child. Do not judge. Do not get angry. Pray for My help. You need My constant love. Stay fixed in Me. I love you in your failings. Say you are sorry and go about loving for Me.

I love you. I want a contrite heart. Clean your heart at every second. Your heart is holding on to hurts. I am God and I, Jesus Christ, love you. Do not worry about your struggling brothers. I can give as no human can. Come to Me and let Me fill you. Forget your brothers who are angered at you. Pray for them. They are hurting inside. Respond with love!

Be there for your children. Pray and play with them. This is your test to stay focused on Me and doing My Will. Satan is really working on you. You are suffering persecution. If he stops you, he will have a big victory. Forget others who attack you and play with your precious ones. I love you so much. I am Jesus, the Son of God, child. What more do you want?

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