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Listen to Me

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 28, 1994 Before Mass

My little one, I write, you listen. Listen, child. Do you know how to listen to Me? Constant talking, noise, constant-do you listen? I am God, child. I know all things, yet you go on and on. I know your heart. I know your every thought and desire before you ever do. You do too much. My way is surrender. Let go into the arms of Jesus. See yourself fall from the highest mountain with no fear in your heart.

This is how you must let go to Me. Come in silence. Do not control your time with Me. One hour of total uninterrupted adoration! Let it happen as the Holy Spirit prompts you to be with God.

Listen. Be silent. You do not hear because you do not listen. You control your time. You do what you want. It is My hour. I give to you. You come and be with Me and let go of it all. Let it happen. Let God plan the hour. Why are you telling Me so many things? Do you think I do not know?

If you tell Me, because you need Me to listen, I listen, but you need not tell Me some things. When you love someone there is a knowing of each other's ways. You understand such things. I know all things. I am God. I ardently love you. I know from whence you come and where you are going. I know you. I knew you from birth. I know your end. I know you in your eternity. You see minutes, you see seconds, you see like a human. I know your life to come. Let go, child. Come to Me and lay yourself before Me. Open wide and let Me have full reign in your hearts. I know you and love you so.

Why do you worry so? Why worry at all? I am God. I know all things and I am watching out for you. Oh, My beloved one, if you could see how blind you are!

Listen and be taught. Open to Me. Surrender to Me in all things. Your time is better spent in total surrender to Me. Your time is My time. Let Me plan your time. Surrender entirely to Me.

I love you, My precious child! This is Jesus, Son of the Living God. Let Me live in you. Surrender to Me and My way. I love you.

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