Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

You Were Blind, But Now You See

God's Blue Book III Cover

June 21, 1994

Oh, little blind one, do you now see? I will take care of My messages. You will speak as I said you would. Do you think I am teaching you this for no reason? You will sing My messages. I give you emotion, I cry out to you. Do not fear. Anyone who reads one message knows you do not know this material. I am simple. I am direct. I am profound.

I am God, child. I talk to you. Do you believe Me? I am Jesus Christ, Son of God. You will preach My words for Me. Concentrate on your intimacy with Me. I wanted you here. Let each moment unfold.

Dear one, I am in control of your life. Let go entirely. Surrender totally to Me. I am God. I am your beloved, loving, loving Jesus. Oh, dear one, tell My dear ones of this love-burning, smoldering, intense, ardent. Oh, sweet one, do not hold back. You have the messages to help so many be drawn to My most Sacred Heart. They need this message. I have entrusted it to you. I ask this of you this day, that you speak from your heart to every soul you meet. I will guide you. Love for Me, child. Do not hold back! You were blind, now you see. Pray to the Holy Spirit, My beloved ones. Souls are at stake and time is, oh, so short! Oh, beloved, I intently love you and long to be united to your heart. Come to Me and be so close to Me here. I love you. I love you. I love you.

R. (I saw rays off the moon, long ones, a double moon. One night in the big chapel I saw the same rays off all the candles.)

R. Dear Jesus, just as I look at a beautiful tree, so ardently sculptured by the hand of God, I submit myself to You and ask You to mold me into Your creative art. I want to operate as You do within me. Come, Lord, please possess my soul and work from my being. I want to live to draw souls close to You. I want to live for Your love.

I am not perfect, Lord. When I think I am perfect or I think I should be perfect, I have a problem. It is in the truth that I am set free. I make mistakes and I am sorry, because I offend You and offend others. Help me, Lord to see the truth. Holy Spirit, open my eyes and heart to the blindness I have and help me to see more and more what I need to see to please You.

I am Yours, Jesus. I consecrate myself to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and ask for help to answer Your call.

Jesus: Little one, little one, you indeed are not perfect but despite your faults I still love you. Pray to know the truth. Pray to please Me. Pray for My strength. I am always with you. Focus on Me, intimately united to you at every moment in your heart. Satan constantly wants you to focus on your faults or promote your ego. Live only to love and serve Me. Live to draw others to heaven.

I am your God. I am your Jesus. I am with you. Let go. Try to live to serve Me. Pray that you love to spread My love. Live by truth. Satan wants to deceive you. Be not swallowed up by him.

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