Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

He Communicates in Our Hearts and Souls

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 14, 1994

R. What do You look like, Jesus? Does it matter what You look like? What matters is how we are in our hearts. We know You, Jesus. We love You in our hearts. It doesn't matter, Jesus, what I look like or what I wear. All that matters is how I am kind and loving. When will we learn that what matter are the things of the soul, what we are in our hearts. Oh, Jesus, teach me to let go of the world and my attachments to things that do not matter. Help me to see with the eyes of God. You do not look at our hair, our bodies, or our clothes. You look to our souls. You ponder our hearts. You love us just as we are. So why do I worry about such things? Teach me to know, with the heart of God, all I need to know about my brothers. He does not care of their education. He cares for them. Teach me to love with the Heart of God. He loves us unconditionally.

He loves us, His little, dear children. Despite how we act, He loves us as we are. Teach me to love You, Jesus, to know You, Jesus, and to serve You, Jesus, so I can see as You see me, Jesus, not as I see myself.

Jesus, when You look at my brothers, You see them. You do not see their gray hair, their blonde hair, or their black hair. You see them. You do not see their size and shape. You see them. Teach me, Jesus, to see my brothers as You see them, not to size them up, see their exterior, and judge them by that. Oh, Jesus, teach me to see and feel with the eyes and heart of God so I can love my brothers as You do.

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