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I Am Present in the Eucharist

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 2, 1994 5:15a.m.

My child, you come in the night. I give you a message for this world. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. My beloved ones are hurting from all the evil in this world. I want you to preach of My love. I want you to tell all how I am truly present and I am waiting for My little ones to come to Me.

Preach the True Presence. Talk about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and how He is alive and in the Eucharist and waiting in the tabernacle. Tell all Catholics or other faiths that the priest has the power to change bread and wine into My Body and My Blood.

Many Catholics do not realize that I, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, am present in the Eucharist. They come to My altar and receive Me and do not even think of Me. How this wounds My aching Heart. Tell priests to talk about the Eucharist and how Jesus, the Son of God, is truly present there.

I am God. I have all the healing any soul ever needs. If people come to Me, if they receive Me in Holy Communion, they are receiving God, fully present, into their breasts. Tell them to come with such reverence and devotion. Tell them to come with their hearts on fire. Tell them to receive Me and know that I am truly Jesus, the Son of God. Nothing can be more healing than receiving God in your breast. Nothing you ever do will compare to this union with God.

Tell all how I, Jesus, the Son of God, am truly present. I quiet their fears and I fill them with My peace. I know them far more than they know themselves. Come to Me, My little, beloved ones. Come and receive your God. Nothing you do all day can compare to receiving the Son of God inside of your breast. I am the bread of life. I feed you with My very own flesh and blood. I nourish you. I give you all you need. Nothing on the face of this earth can compare to My presence.

Come and let go of all your cares. Do not fret or fume as to what you are to wear or eat or do, or how you will live. Come and give Me yourself. I take care of all the birds of the air and lilies of the field. You, who are so much more precious-I come and I take care of you!

Give Me yourself. Spend time with Me. Surrender all that is dear to you. You, child, are receiving the one, true God. I await you with love, not condemnation. I await you with My arms open wide. I wait for you to come and be so close to Me.

Do not come bowed down. Satan constantly tells you you are not good enough. I look on you with such love! I await your union with Me.

You are a sinner. You make mistakes. You do not love when you can love. You do not obey and you do your own will constantly. You are ignorant. You do not even know how you choose selfish ways over loving ways. Say you are sorry at the beginning of Mass. Say you are sorry before you receive Me. Try to see how you can love your brothers more. Then, when you receive Me, forget your unworthiness and focus on My love. I can heal you, My sweet ones. I am God and I am truly present in the Eucharist. I give Myself to you in Holy Communion out of ardent love for you. If I, God, come to you with such love, do you not think I will shower you with My gifts when you come with your love and reverence?

Please, My children, think of My True Presence! Realize that I am God and I am coming and dwelling inside of you. Give Me all your cares. Come and give Me all your love. I am a real Person. I am truly present, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the meal you receive there.

Do not be busy for your earthly food. Feed your soul with manna from heaven. Fill your hearts with the presence of the Divine God. Oh, children, how do I get you to realize this is all you need? Come to Me every day. Do not ever miss a day when you could receive Me. This is more important than anything you do on this earth. This is more important than your food or your sleep. Little ones, you receive the Son of God there!

Oh, please open your eyes. Please preach My presence. Please tell all what a miracle you possess in the Eucharist. Tell all of My ardent, on-fire love for each child individually. Never miss an opportunity to receive Me.

I am Jesus, Son of God. The gift I give you is Myself. Come and receive Me, the Divine Healer, and ask for your healing. Come and give Me homage. Come and receive the one, true, magnificent God. Come one, come all. I love you each so uniquely with this ardent love. I await you this very day. I have all you need. Bring all your children to Me. Let your children know I am God and I am truly present in the Eucharist. Take them to Communion. Watch miracles happen in your life. Read the children these letters. Teach them young about My ardent love. This is the greatest gift you can give your beautiful children. Tell them how Jesus, the Son of God, awaits and loves them in the Eucharist.

Tell them what love I have for them. Teach the parents. Tell them to tell the very young how God is truly there waiting for them. Oh, what a gift for your child! Does any gift even come close to the gift of God Himself?

When you enkindle a love affair with Me, you will know that the things of this world are so empty. Nothing compares to the love of God. Nothing you buy or eat or do is even the tiniest comparison to Me. The more you enkindle this love affair with Me, the less other things will be important to you.

I am the Son of God. I come to you. Come and worship Me and be fed! The more you come to Me, the more you will realize that nothing compares to God inside you.

You develop your love affair with Me and I will tend to your life. You are drawn to Me like steel to a magnet. This magnetic attraction keeps you coming back. The soul is only fed by the love of God. My little dear ones, I have all you need. Do you not see the folly in your ways? Do you not feel all you receive when you come to Me? You want Me more, you seek Me more, you do not satisfy any part of your soul, with anything but God! All the roads you wander to receive such momentary gratification and you are left empty. I feed your starving soul. I am God. Nothing even comes close to Me.

I love you dearly. I am your ardent lover. I await you. I long for your love. I am alive. I am in your midst and I come to you in the Eucharist.

R. Alleluia. God has come in their midst and has showered each heart with His abundant love.

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