Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

May You Live in Me and I in You

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 15, 1994

R. I know You, God, in my heart. When I focus on Your being in me and my life in You, when I pray the Prayer for Union with You, when I surrender more and more of me and give myself to You, we are so closely united. I want to be one in You and You in me. This oneness is that which speaks in my heart. The more I am connected with You, the more my heart knows You, knows Your ways, loves from You, loves my brothers from You. I seek this oneness with You, Lord. Anything I am attached to keeps me from union with You. Anything I make my god keeps me from making You number one.

Oh, Lord, treat me gently and help me to surrender to You. I want to live, me in You and You in me. Teach me Your ways. I love You so. Where am I going in my huff and puff?

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