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Jesus, Our Innocent Lamb

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 24, 1994

R. I was so filled with intense sorrow during the Mass when the priest talked about the innocent lamb led to the slaughter. I could see Jesus, totally silent, in His humbleness, being led and suffering. It was awful.

Then today, on Mt. Krizevac, at the eleventh station, thinking of them nailing His hands was so much I could hardly take it. I wanted to cry from such sorrow and scream because of the sadness. To do that to Jesus! I couldn't stop sobbing. I love Him so much and He loves us so much. To think of them putting nails in his hands and nails in His feet is awful!

The little, Innocent Lamb! Then I saw his blood. I didn't see it, I see it so strong in my heart and I feel the emotions so strong because I love Him so much and He loves everyone so much to do this and they do not know or even think about Him. Such pain, to know this and watch the blind world.

Oh, Jesus, I love You so. I want to do whatever You ask to spread Your love, but how, how do I do it? I am willing to do whatever You ask. I live for You, my Lord. I love You so!

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