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He Is So Close to Us

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April 26, 1994 On a bus from Dubrovnik

Do not worry, My sweet one. Time is short until I come. I am coming soon. I am He Who comforts you. Do not worry, for you have nothing to fear. I tend to your every need. I love you so, My little one.

R. I have been experiencing lots of visions but do not see Him, but I do. He walked all around Dubrovnik after Communion, until we ate lunch, wearing a white tunic and red garb. He was there talking to me the whole time. My chest burned so! On the deck next to the water, He kept talking.

Father S____ said the rosary on the bus to Dubrovnik. He made up meditations on the sorrowful mysteries. I had so much sorrow, I cried so hard, I couldn't pray. I just let myself feel the pain. It was an emotional experience, but such closeness to my precious Jesus!

This was some day for closeness to Him. He talked to me a lot all day. When I had doubts, He comforted me. It was so beautiful!

M____ gave me a book on purgatory. The letters said exactly the same as my letters. She told Father S____ she saw Jesus in the tabernacle.

I saw Jesus yesterday, a little lamb led to the slaughter, such a humble, beautiful face. I cried during Mass.

Nails in the hands…saw it…Blood on the head…beaded! I love Him so much, so close to Him…I experienced Him so alive…I saw Him in a white tunic on our bus…I really know He is here…visions in my heart and He talks to me…I say something to myself and He answers me so sweetly and affirmingly…such a beautiful day…I love Him so much…

At St. Blaze Church

Father S____ talked about all the crosses in Medjugorje and how we have to take up our cross and the way to Jesus is the way of the cross. Beautiful!

Such closeness after Communion, both days. I just sat there and wanted to stay forever.

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