Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Doing His Will

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 7, 1994

R. Doing His Will is doing His Will. He is another person. His Will is not necessarily my will, but, if I do His Will, it is how my life is in harmony with God and works out. Doing His Will causes me little problems. In the end, I have peace of mind. Maybe a struggle, maybe suffering, maybe persecution, but I have peace in that I am pleasing God.

I receive my answers in the inner promptings of my heart. Maybe I hear or see, but usually He communicates, sight unseen, inside. So why, when I am given a big command that I don't want to do, why follow it without sight, without exterior words? I follow a command, which may be so difficult, from inside, sight unseen. I do this command. This is faith, this is intimacy with Jesus, to know He truly is present. He truly communicates and I will not be at rest until I do His Will! Doing His Will is hard. It is His Will. It is not our will. It takes faith and trust in our hearts and what we are being told there. If the whole world goes one way, we must do His Will.

I love You so, my Lord. I love You for You. I can do Your Will!

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