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I Ask You to Obey

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 11, 1994 5:00a.m.

Put your trust in Me. I do not ask you to analyze what I am doing. I ask you to obey. I truly will take care of you. If the whole world goes one way, you do as you are told. I want obedience even when you do not want to do what I am asking you to.

I ask for a clean heart. I ask you to act as I have acted. This is hard in this world. The world tells you to stand up for yourself and be aggressive. I tell you to love your brothers and be kind to them, to love your brothers as yourselves, to be willing to die for your brothers. This takes submission. It takes letting your ego go and yielding to love. It hurts sometimes to let go of self and love your brother. This is My way. They tore My flesh and I forgave them. Like an innocent lamb led to the slaughter, I was crucified. Did I fight back and justify Myself? Live to love. When others are haughty and mean, you think of Me, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and how I love you. Then forgive them and let go.

The way you act when you model yourself after Me is not the way the world acts. Do not be attached to this world. Be attached to Me. Your purpose is to love. No one has any power over you. They may persecute you but I am guarding you in your suffering. Suffer with Me. Be a fool for Christ. Love for Me. This world needs the love of Christ. If you respond as the world does, I cannot love through you.

Your will is entirely free. I call you to model yourself after Me. I in no way took up the sword! My way is love! I cannot love your brothers through you if you choose to follow the world. The way of the world is the self. My way is selflessness. This takes submission of your self and yielding to a higher cause.

Rita, this is the way to peace in your heart. When you do My Will, even when you do not want to, you have peace. You will not have peace until you deliver the letter I told you to. You must obey Me, child, in every detail. You do not know My mind and My ways and it is not up to you to analyze them. I want obedience from you. You are making things harder by stalling. You, My sweet one, will be tested in fire. You will be molded in My special oven. I will melt you in the oven of My Heart. Come and enter there and put all your trust in Me.

Remember the furnace of My Heart. Come to Me. It is hot with the fire of My love, but it is your refuge. You enter there, you are changed into My special soldier of love. Nothing to fear for it is a vat of love. You jump in where others fear to tread. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He who enters My Heart will be refreshed and molded by My love. Nowhere else will you find such love and peace!

Oh, child, I love you. Please do not tarry. Trust the God Who loves you and talks to you daily. How will others trust and have faith if you do not have it yourself? You preach the gospel in your being. When you surrender to Me, you will be free.

You are running your life. Let go, child. You will feel a surge, as if someone lifted a load. Let go to Me. I will not lead you astray. You are holding on when you need to let go. Do not test Me. I know every little thought you have. You cannot fool Me. I know your heart better than you.

Tell Me your faults and ask for help. Don't hide any. I am there to help you. If you do not admit them yourself, you cannot improve. I know every way you need to improve far better than you. Come to Me. Come into My Heart. Be free in My love. This is the way, the only way to peace of mind.

If you go to the heavens, I am there. You, child, can never run from Me. I ardently love you. Surrender and be free.

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