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My Peace I Give You

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 20, 1994 At National Medjugorje Conference, University of Notre Dame

R. Dear Jesus, let me be alone with You and in Your presence.

Jesus: I am the Way. I am the Truth. I am the Life. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Be at peace, My child. I truly write to you. Block out all distractions and worries of who is watching. Do not care. I am God and I speak to you here. Let go. Totally let go and put yourself in My presence. I am the Son of God. I have chosen you to write this message for My world. Pay no heed to anything or anyone around you. You are in a smoke screen. You are alone with Me.

My peace I give to you. Be at peace. Wash yourself totally clean. Where there is anger or resentment, anxiety or doubt, wash it away by the springs of living water. I wash your cares out and fill you with a warm spring of flowing grace. It transcends from My Father into your soul. You are bathed by the love of God. The Spirit fills you with His life and you are made whole, child, by the presence of the one, triune God.

My mother is constantly with you. You are in a state of total peace and acceptance, acceptance to all that is sent your way. Live the moment in surrender and know every second is allowed by My loving hand. Do not be anxious for I go with you on your way. You do not trod alone. You do not ever need to feel abandoned for I am by your side.

Little one, little one, how do I tell you these things? How do I tell you I write to you and you must harken to My call to you to listen? I will not make you respond. You have a free will. Read every letter with the conviction I, Jesus, the Son of God, speak directly to you. I profess ardently every day My love for you and you do not listen. How this hurts Me! How do I shake you? I am present and speaking here, child. Listen to Me now and be attentive to My call to summon you to complete surrender to the Will of God. I will you to stay connected to Me and My Heart. Put yourself inside of My Heart and dwell there in perfect peace. I wrap you in the fire of My love for you and all fear, doubt and anxiety are dismissed. Only I, God, can give you as you need. Let go. Let go. Let go. You are uptight and holding on to such petty things when I am speaking here to you.

I bathe you in a bath of love. I fill you. You are transcended beyond the heights of any man to the realm of the spirit and He, the Spirit, embraces you and fills you with His life and love.

Love My beloved ones. Cast out Satan. Oh, dear one, how he wants your heart. He wants to snuff out the life in you. Live in Me. Surrender to the life of God-one, true, triune God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Surrender to Our love. Feel the love of your mother. She mothers you as she mothered Me. Let it all go and be wrapped in Our arms. Amen. Let go, child. I cannot tell you more plainly. Pray for faith. Pray for the gifts of the Spirit. Where you were once blind, you now see.

Pray to see as I wish you to see. Open up your heart to Me. Open and remain open. When you are among your brothers, let My spirit and love flow through you to others. Pray the Prayer for Union with Me. You are My empty vessel. Oh, little one, open wide your gates. Open your eyes. You will see the world as I want you to. Open to the eyes of God. You are My beloved. Let Me operate you and do My work through you. Be so selfless that you let yourself go and let Me operate from you. I am Jesus, Son of God. I love you, My beloved. Let go and open yourself to all I have planned for you. You I call this day to do My work. You must become putty in the hands of the potter. Be selfless and live in My love.

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