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Pray the Prayer for Union with Me

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 22, 1994

Now you come to Me, after you struggle! Come to Me first, sweet one. You let Satan work in you. Satan is division. His whole work is to divide you. Know that he is forever about. You are in a daily war. Pray to be strong. You cannot do it alone.

I am Jesus Christ, the son of God. I come to give you life. I am He Who loves you ardently, My little, sweet, faithful ones. I never leave your side. I am there from your birth, right by your side, waiting to be close to you. You push Me aside and try to do it yourselves. Surrender, My beloved ones, to Him Who loved you to His death. I will sustain you and give you all you need.

Pray My Prayer For Union with Me. I want to be one with you. Come and pray with Me after Communion and in front of the tabernacle. My gift I give to you is Myself. I come to you, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, in Communion. I want so much to share such love with you. I long for our union. Will you harken to busy yourself about our union? Everything in your life will work out if you spend one hour with Me in adoration. I give you all you need.

My beloved ones, here today, gone tomorrow and all you hold on to is up in smoke. I am your beloved Savior. I come to you with such love. Be open and let yourself go. Experience My ardent, on-fire love. I have all the power. I can do all things. Pray the Prayer for Union with Me. Be silent with Me. It is in the silence you can experience My presence so deeply. Come and be silent with Me. Let Me work in your heart. Your time is not your time. I loan it to you to do My work. Do not be rushed and worry for what you are to do. Give it to Me and watch your work fly. I can do all things. Your job is to love God and love one another. Be not attached to your work and the job at hand. Surrender and let Me accomplish My work through you.

I need you to live your life for Me. This is your job, to love God and love one another and to draw others to get to heaven. Preach the gospel this day in your being. When the road is rocky, turn it over to Me. I am there, little one. You hold on to such useless things! None of this matters. Your focus is to serve Me!

I love you with such an ardent love. My love is the same love that led Me to My death. I will never abandon you. I loved you to My death. I wait for you. I long for you. I want to share My immense love with you this day. When you receive the love of God, you will have the strength to give love to those who are hurting. You cannot do it alone. You are in a battle and your arms are your hearts filled with My love.

Give, give, give. And, when you are weary, see My suffering face on the way to Calvary. I did not fight, I did not answer back. I accepted with love My cross and I gave My love to you. Oh, beloved, study My Passion. It is in this study you realize how much I truly loved you. You may know a little of how I love you, but you cannot fully comprehend My love. I love you, I love you, I love you. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Come to Me, My little ones, I love you ardently.

Pray. Prayer can end wars. Hold the crucifix.

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