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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

November 27, 1998

Jesus speaks: My dear child,
I speak to you of relationship. In order for anyone to engage in a relationship that will be mutually saitisfying to both parties and that will work toward intimacy, both must be willing to open the self and be willing to die to the imperfections that are found therein.

My child, you are affected by all the relationships from the time of your birth. You were taught ways of loving and relating from imperfect parents and parties, who were taught from their imperfect parents, and so it goes on generation after generation.

You are enclosed in little boxes of your own making. In order for you to function with the rules learned and taught from those before you, they built a little castle and took you inside it and made you live by their rules.

From the first touch of a parent you learned of love. Was it that of security? Did you feel safe or did you hear the angry voices of parents arguing, and when they held you was it with a deep secure feeling of love, or were you held by one parent filled with insecurity and self doubt loving you in a very imperfect way?

I am God, My child, I speak of security, love, trust. I am all perfect. Since sin entered the world, parents have been too much focused on self and their own needs. Many parents, not having their own needs met as children, are unable to provide the emotional security to a child to teach them the correct ways of loving.

How were your parents, were they focused on money and wealth, did they shame you as a child because you were not perfect? Did they realize you were learning their ways, and how they taught the most was by their example? How was the love of the father for the daughter, was he away most of the time, engaging in sports and alcohol? Did he have to make a name for himself in the world and didn't even realize the baby's needs of learning to deal with men in relationships, that her attitudes needed to be formed through his commitment to love and cherish the child?

Was the child a problem? Did the son learn how to trust a woman, watching his dad and how he treated his wife?

Oh should I write more? I mention a few of the ways of loving that are so imperfect. Do you see the wounds of your children, America? Do you see the wounds of your children in a land of plenty? Do you see the children of God in the world and the nation formed by parents that taught the children of illicit sex and divorce? Do you see a nation that legalizes abortion and teaches the babies that are born that it is not necessary to respect a life in the womb of a woman?

Do you see? Do you know? Generations of blindness, passed on. Oh they are blind from birth. From the time of Eve since sin entered the world, the ways of parenting have been taught from sinful parents, focused too much on self, loving imperfectly, trying to make their way in the world.

And now I speak to you of love. For the Father wishes you to be one, holy, happy family united to one another as brothers, but you have swooped up your young, gathered them as little birds to protect them from the evil world and taught them crimes within their own homes.

Children have been abused, mistreated, taught the most imperfect ways of loving and then at a ripe old age of 18 they are free to put into practice all they know.

In today's world the child of 14 is already pushing his way for independence, and the television helps him learn to be autonomous, to be in charge, to be aggressive and be out for #1.

And the time comes for that intimate love affair. America, you have closed off your hearts. What once was a land of plenty with heart-felt love has turned into hardened hearts that kill babies and control the pregnancies with pills.

God is the Creator. God is in charge. God wants you to have children for the Kingdom. God is the Almighty, the One Who controls every breath that you take, but you smite Him and feel autonomous and in control of your paradise and your world.

But your world is not a paradise, it is full of wounded hearts and many that divorce over and over again, and I ask you, "Do you see? Or are you blind from birth?"

I speak of relationship. The all perfect God is perfect. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit communicate in perfect love. Each Person is all good, all loving, all trustworthy. God is Truth, God is the perfect Lover.

The more one is likened to Him, the more one has God-like qualities, the more he perfectly loves.

The more he deviates from God and the truth, the more he is an imperfect lover.

God is love. To be a great lover, you must be likened to, and rooted in Him.

And now a word on intimacy. In the Reign of the Sacred Heart the thoughts of all will be laid bare. You will open your hearts and share the most intimate love, sharing in great oneness.

The hearts must be healed from the wounds, for imperfect lovers continue to wound more and more hearts.

So you became close to another and the imperfections began to surface, and you left the other wounded because one wounded you, and so the heart was wounded so deeply the person vows to not open up again. So wanting love they engage in another relationship half closed or totally closed, engaging in intimate exchange physically and using the conversation learned from the first love affair in the second, leading the party into a love affair, but their hearts are not really in it. The love relationship is to help heal their own wounded heart, and while the other tries to engage in mutuality, it is to no avail, until finally with enormous pain, the wounded party must leave the relationship. They now become wounded and suffer in relationships afterward. Many close their hearts because the pain is so immense.

And so you have a company of wounded hearts, generation after generation, closing and failing to share feelings and the deep desires of the hearts. And you say, "God, why do You tell me this, to make me suffer more?"

I tell you that I am writing the book so that you will engage in love relationships according to the Father's will.

All must be healed of their wounds. All must pray to the Holy Spirit. All must consecrate their hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Giving your hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary will help to heal the wounds.

People must be willing to open their hearts and share their imperfections with one another and help each other heal.

It is understood in many circles today that you are to be perfect lovers when you engage in a relationship, and when imperfections surface, parties are off and running to a new partner.

Relationship is not sex. Relationship is love. I am teaching you My ways of loving in these letters and messages to you.

You must love properly according to the Father's will. You must lay your hearts bare in intimate relationships and help one another to learn to love more perfectly.

Relationships are hard. You must love the other so much that you wish to bear with one another's faults and help each other grow.

Love in a marriage is the two united as one. Love is a growing process, until the day you die. If people fail to recognize their wounds and imperfections in relationships, then the relationship will fail.

America, and My world, I write to you here of love. This is for My couples rosary tomorrow at Morrow. I wish the Catholic couples to be as strong pillars in the Church, bringing holy, happy, children to the family.

You must be docile, loving, ready to die to imperfections. You must beg God to heal you. Pray the rosary meditations I gave you yesterday, pray the Holy Spirit Novena daily in your family. Pray the rosary with one another and consecrate your hearts. America, the home of the heart is filled with warmth. It is in God you trust. I speak not only to America, I speak to My beloved world. Mary has appeared as Our Lady of Fatima in the Americas to mother her children there so that they would help lead the whole world to her Heart, but you have not responded. This has saddened My Heart. Your God has given you such a gift and an honor, and you do not recognize it.

Mary speaks: Oh my beloved children of the earth, please help me to reach my little ones. My children are dying and falling over in pain, and you comfort them with useless measures. You must comfort them with the burning fire coming from the Heart of my Son, Jesus.

We speak to you. This letter is given to you from Our Hearts.

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus Christ. I write from My Sacred Heart consumed with love for you. You must pray for healing at Mass, including the time after Communion. Beg at Mass for help. Oh I love you so. I remain with you today, the Lord of Hosts, truly present on My throne.

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