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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

December 6, 1998

Jesus speaks: The INTERIOR LIFE! I speak to you of the interior life. My life must live in you. I ask you to pray the Prayer for Union with Jesus.

How is your heart? Do you size up those around you, liking some and disliking others, etc., etc., measuring them, adding things up?

My child, I give you as you need. I give generously to all, but many reject the gifts I give to them. My world, do you want peace in your hearts? Then you must have hearts of love. What will make your heart a heart of love? As you give yourselve more and more to Me in consecration, your heart will be transformed into a heart of love. I am love, to dwell in My Heart is to be consumed with burning love. I am consumed with love for My precious souls. I am God, I am love.

And so how are you to be in your heart? If I live in you, if I possess a soul, then you are consumed with love for God and others. You may suffer battles with the evil one who wishes to cause you hardship and division, but I come with peace, love and joy in My Heart. All must take off the masks that they wear to look good to their brothers and be true to their hearts.

You are not perfect, you are human persons with a tainted human nature. You act imperfectly.

And so I say to you, "What qualities do you wish in an intimate friend?" You say, "I wish a friend that is loving and kind. I wish a friend that is trustworthy and open and truthful. One that is reliable. One that gives oneself in the relationship. I wish a friend that is generous and joyful. One that is comforting and understanding. A friend full of life. I wish a friend to be holy." And I say "You wish a friend that is most like Christ, most like the Almighty God."

What do you dislike in a friend? You answer, "One who is unloving and untrustworthy, one never wanting to share pleasures and fine things like a walk in the park, seeing the sun glistening on the water, experiencing the air of a bright sunny day; one who is untruthful, angry, bitter, selfish, jealous and suspicious, etc."

You are on a journey here below. Loving one another includes joining in relationships with one another. I will speak to you many times in these messages of the proper ways of loving and relating with one another.

The stiff and hard person, set in his ways, feeling he is perfect, will not grow properly in the ways of loving. You are to walk hand-in-hand in love, learning more and more how to love through trial and error and interaction with one another.

Walk with Me, talk with Me, share your heart with Me. I give you love. There must be the proper balance of loving God, one another and loving self. All work as one. The more you are possessed by Me, the more you will love appropriately. I am love. The person that feels he loves God, but is not in harmony with others, is majorly out of line. The person that focuses only on loving others and himself and leaves out God is not truly aware of the meaning of love. The person that sees himself as the goal, as number one, and allows others to help promote himself is truly not loving himself, for love of self is rooted in truth.

Every person must realize his preciousness to God. Every human is a tainted child of Eve, except the Virgin Mary who is a spotless virgin.

I speak to you of relationship and truth. I speak to you of life, for it is not life if it is not rooted in Me. I speak to you of the love I have for you, for I came, I gave Myself to you in holy love. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

You are on a journey to be possessed by God and His love for all eternity. You are learning. From those who went before you, you learned imperfect ways of loving. You must become more perfected in your ways of loving. I give you one another, that you will learn to love properly. There must be this time daily that you spend alone with your God, when you allow Me to act in your soul and communicate to you.

Because of the desire of the devil to cut you off from your hearts, he has waged a war to lure the children away from their hearts to pleasures in the outside world. He has led men to create noises and pleasures and distractions that keep a soul forever focused on the outside world. His method is to keep a person focused on his personal gain here below. His focus is to make a man competitive with his brothers, wishing to be better than them. His focus is not on loving harmony in which all recognize their uniqueness and gifts given from God and work with one another in loving harmony.

Your interior life is very important to peace and self fulfillment. In this interior life, souls filled with God's grace are connected to the source of life and love. They treasure the time when they reflect and are united in holy prayer with their God. There must be this time every day to connect to your hearts.

I recommend writing letters to Me and to your intimate friends, sharing your hearts. Writing helps the soul to express the loving feelings in the heart.

In the Reign of the Sacred Heart all will exist in loving union in their hearts. All will be one in intimate, harmonious love. When writing, you connect immediately with your heart. Satan attacks the mind, he uses fake logic to help you to sin. He uses distorted reasoning to lead you astray. You are to remain holy, rooted in your hearts, dwelling in Our pure and holy Hearts. Writing daily in a letter to Me for at least ten minutes and reading a Blue Book message will help you to stay rooted in love in your heart. The connection is between Our Hearts. You must write down all that you are angry with. You must pray for grace to forgive them. You must get in touch with your hearts. You must clean out the debris daily. The more you rid yourselves of imperfections in your hearts, the more you will love. Little children, do not hold grudges. Little children forgive, little children say they are sorry, little children are pure in heart. Many older people carry bags and bags of bitterness and unforgiven sins. Many do not admit to themselves how they have offended God and others. Writing from the heart will help you bring up the debris in your heart. Write Me a letter daily and watch your lives change. Lie in bed at night, examine your conscience. Tell those you have wronged you are sorry and go to Our Hearts and feel the peace of letting go of hate and anger, unforgiven sins of the past. Make every night when you are alone with Me a special time to be at peace in your heart. Live to do good. Pray to know the truth. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in your heart, making you holy. Make bedtime a great time of peace and relaxation for yourself, getting in touch with your God living in your heart. I am alive, I am alive, I am alive and I live in the hearts of men.

Messenger: A question for you from Jesus.

Q: Whom have I not forgiven in my life? Make a list and pray for grace to forgive.

Question for married couples and those in other intimate relationships:

Q: How do I feel in my heart when I am divided with you?

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