Shepherds of Christ Daily Writing        

September 16, 2017

September 17th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is 
Day 3 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries 
for September 17th


Please pray for Dan.

Please pray for Monsignor.

Please pray for Dennis serving our country.

Please pray Fr. Joe's book & cover & all involved.

Please pray for Regina's sister-in-law who
died and their whole family


Prayer for Grace for our Country

Dear Father united to Jesus in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacrifice of Calvary sacramentally made present, celebrated around the world, in the Holy Spirit. We offer up all we do united to the Mass. We unite in one mind and one heart as members of the mystical body of Christ, with Christ our head in the pure and holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, through the powerful intercession of Mary with all the angels and saints and souls in purgatory, and we beg for the saving grace, for our country, the United States. Please help us. We further pray for unity to always do the will of God in love. We spread the Blood of Jesus on the leaders and people of the United States and cast the devil into hell. We consecrate our country to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart and all our dioceses, and beg for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God help us. We pray for our families, the priests, the Church and the world. In the Name of Jesus please hear us, we pray. We pray for our new president as he takes office. We pray that we are united as one nation under God to work together in love as God wants.



                September 16, 2017


                R. We are preparing to send out
                Cycle B – the new homily book.
                Please pray for this and send
                donations if possible. We
                do this totally by donations.

                    We send it to all active priests
                in the United States and hierarchy
                with the prayer for the country
                and the Shepherds of Christ prayers
                Jesus gave Fr. Carter.









                R. An excerpt from Fr. Joe's new book.

1st Sunday of Advent

    Isaiah 63: 16-17, 19; 64: 2-7

After all, you are our Father. 
If Abraham will not own us, 
if Israel will not acknowledge us, 
you, Yahweh, are our Father, 
‘Our Redeemer’ is your name from of old. 
Why, Yahweh, do you let us wander 
    from your ways 
and let our hearts grow too hard 
    to fear you? 
Return, for the sake of your servants, 
the tribes of your heritage.
We have long been like those 
    you do not rule, 
people who do not bear your name. 

Oh, that you would tear the heavens open 
    and come down
—in your presence 
    the mountains would quake,

at the unexpected miracles you would do. 
(Oh, that you would come down, 
in your presence 
    the mountains would quake!) 
Never has anyone heard, 
no ear has heard, no eye has seen 
any god but you act like this 
for the sake of those who trust him. 
You come to meet those 
who are happy to act uprightly; 
keeping your ways reminds them of you. 
Yes, you have been angry 
    and we have been sinners; 
now we persist in your ways 
    and we shall be saved. 
We have all been like unclean things 
and our upright deeds like filthy rags. 
We wither, all of us, like leaves, 
and all our misdeeds 
    carry us off like the wind. 
There is no one to invoke your name, 
to rouse himself to hold fast to you, 
for you have hidden your face from us 
and given us up 
    to the power of our misdeeds. 
And yet, Yahweh, you are our Father; 
we the clay and you our potter, 
all of us are the work of your hands.


1st Sunday of Advent

November 30, 2014

INTRODUCTION (Isaiah 63, 16b-17. 19b; 64, 2-7) A true prophet has an ability to see and know God more profoundly than anyone else can. In our first reading taken from Isaiah, the prophet recognized that when the Babylonians invaded and destroyed Israel, it was a disaster that the leaders of God’s people brought upon themselves for having ignored the guidance God had tried to give them. After 50 years of captivity, the Persians, who conquered the Babylonians, allowed the Jews to return to their homeland, Israel. The job of rebuilding what had been destroyed 50 years earlier was enormous. With this background, we hear the prophet lament how God’s people are now suffering and, in the name of God’s wayward people, the prophet prays for their heavenly Father to forgive them and help them. Just notice some of these beautiful expressions in the prayer: “Oh that you would rend the heavens (tear them open) and come down. Would that you might meet us doing right...Behold, you are angry, and we are sinful...our guilt carries us away...Yet, you are our father, we are the work of your hands.”


The Our Father

    Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


                R. God is a Supreme Being –

                God the Father sent His only Son –

                Jesus teaches us about God –

                God wants us to be united –
                    We see ourselves as a family
                        in the Church.

                    The Church is the Body of Christ.

                There is unity and love –
                    going out of ourselves and
                    being connected with others –

                Abraham set out to do as God
                asked. They suffered on the journey
                God gave to Abraham, but Abraham
                did not give up – Abraham
                had faith – Abraham trusted
                God –

                Abraham's response was wholehearted.
                Abraham was obedient right away
                when God asked him and Abraham
                gave generously.

                God calls us to say "yes" to what He
                asks us to do.

                We see Jesus answered the call
                of the Father to His death on
                the cross

                    Mary said "yes" to God. Mary did
                the will of God. Yesterday we celebrated
                the Sorrowful Mother. Mary suffered,
                but she did what God called her
                to do in love. She didn't disobey God,
                ever. She didn't act nasty – she is
                the perfect handmaid of the Lord.
                Mary and Jesus are models in
                their lives for us.

                    Religious should be special
                examples to the Church of
                Christian holiness – so people
                see the image of God in them.

                    Religious are given a special
                calling to show others how to
                be like Jesus, to show others
                obedience to God's will in obeying
                their superiors and they should
                be examples of the Love of the Two
                Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

                    We are on this earth such a
                short time and God has a plan
                to help build His Kingdom by our
                yes to God's plan. God's plan
                for salvation is unfolding in
                our lives. We are to help in the
                work of redemption. We belong
                to God. He is the Creator – we are
                His creatures. We are to give
                witness to others of how we
                are holy. We are to be witnesses
                of deep faith, like Abraham.

                God loves us and has commanded
                us to love Him with our whole heart,
                our whole soul and our whole being
                and to love our neighbor as ourselves.
                We were baptized into Christ. We
                are commissioned in baptism to
                go out and spread the Good News.
                It is our baptism covenant with
                God. We are to live in faith,
                being disciplined, living in sacrifice
                and service.

                The angel of Portugal told the Fatima
                children to sacrifice. Sacrifice
                means we do God's will for us
                in love. We are good. We control
                ourselves out of love of God.

                    In Blue Book I Jesus gave me a
                message He is a Personal God.


He Is A Personal God, A Real Person! 

November 19, 1993

Jesus: I come with My grace to penetrate your soul. You open your heart and I enter in. My Blood washes you clean. I dwell in your heart. I am truly present there. Amen, Amen, I say to you, unless you eat this Body and drink this Blood, you shall not have life in you. You speak from Me. What flows from your mouth is the result of My presence within you. I am He Who writes these letters. You are only My servant. I use you. I give you honor because I come to you, but it is I Who do this writing. Your hand is My hand. I am using you in this work. I want all My letters published in a book-not a few. They were written as words for all to hear. With such material, many will turn their hearts to Me. I became real to you as you read My letters. I am a real person and I want to be known as I am, Son of God, loving and true. I want to be known on a personal basis to all My children. You are only being used. I am writing to My people. You cannot stop the hand of God. You are My candidates to execute this work. I want My letters out and soon. I do not want you to waste any more time. You both have nothing to do with this. You are My servants. This is My task. I want it accomplished. Many hearts will know Me in a new way from these letters.

I have spoken to Rita with all the love I have for each of My children. I am this personal with every soul. If they come to Me they will know this. They need to read and study these letters. Your job is to get them published. I want Rita to talk to her brothers. This will be accomplished in time. The proof of this is in the contents of these letters. No person could have the insight but Me alone. I am commanding you to do this work. Do not tarry.

Do not fear. I go before you and I make ready the path. You will not falter on your way. The road will open as it should. Any obstacles I will remove from your path. It will be transacted as I have planned and you will know this by the love with which it happens.

I am Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. I live in this world in the hearts of all. I want all to know how alive I truly am. I never go from My people's side. I am vigilant and always there. It is they who move from Me. I want them to be drawn closer to My Sacred Heart, closer and closer through the content of these letters. I am alive. I am here. I am your love. I want all to know this message of love. It is not up to you to question My ways. My ways I make known to you for I want to save every last soul. You will be a big part in helping Me do this with many souls. They are thirsty. They will drink. I love you both very much and appreciate your trust and faith in Me. My ways, I have made clear. Do not tarry. I work before you. I do the work. You will know it is Me because of its ease. If a door shuts, it is not the way I want to go. All doors are open doors in My plan. It is easy to follow.

I love you and I am truly Jesus, Son of the Living God. Your work I bless and I go with you on your way. I am as present here as I was on My death on the cross. You will not fear. You will be fearless and without worry. Be steadfast in delivering these messages to your brothers. It is their souls that are at stake. The world preaches so many awful messages. These are so powerful and will reach men's hearts. I am a personal God. I am a God of love. I am a person Who wants to love My people in a personal way. I will give them these messages through you.

R. He has a plan to do His work. You don't ask why. You just do as He wants. He acts through you to minister to whom He wants, maybe only one person. You don't ask if what you did was good or not because He is doing it.

I became selfless and I surrender. The more I spoon out of me, the more He possesses me and it is He Who acts in me. If I did it, it would surely flop. If He does it, it will never flop.

It is for His honor and glory that I act. It has nothing to do with self-promotion. To be persecuted or glorified focuses on self. We must become selfless. We must act and empty ourselves. Don't ever ask if it was good or bad. We didn't do it. We are His servants.

Jesus: I am in you in this. I am working in you. I am giving you wisdom and insights to deliver My messages. I want you to speak. This has nothing to do with you. I use you. I have primed you to trust in Me and not ask any questions. It is for Jesus you act. This is your main concern: you must become selfless-totally. Drop your selves. Die to your self. Be of Me.

It is not you who act, but I Who act in you. Be selfless, child. You don't understand but when you question you are not selfless in your soul. I have planted these messages. It has nothing to do with you. I use your hand and write My words. You are a servant, My Servant. You are honored by Me that I use you, but I am He Who is acting!

Be selfless and unquestioning. Be as a baby at the breast. You wait and I do all things. Wait, baby. Wait on Me. I will use you. Be open, unattached and selfless. Be totally submissive. Do not fret or fume or worry. Let go and I will do all I need to. Just be willing. I have been teaching you about My will daily. You have studied under Jesus Christ. I would think you know some things about Me. I am the teacher. You are My people. Your life I use to teach you lessons. Your trials teach you profound truths. What gems those little trials are, gems of great knowledge from Me. Every day unfolds and you are taught by Me. You are My pupil. I am your teacher. Teach your brothers how to be My pupils in their lives.

I am the teacher of all truth. My teachings are truths of the soul. I am the greatest teacher. My school is run on My love. It is always good for you. Take your tests and receive a golden reward. Graduation is into My Sacred Heart, into the kingdom of God. I love you so!

end of excerpt


                R. In today's world people can
                treat others like objects instead
                of being connected and loving
                and united to others
                as a family as God wants.

                    There is sexual promiscuity where
                people can not even look in the face
                of another and have sex.

                    The killing of babies, acting
                as if their little lives don't count.

                    God wants relationships of love –
                giving to others – If a person
                becomes hard-hearted they can
                be so frozen in their hearts,
                there is not relationship - connection
                with others. When they look at
                others they can see them as objects –
                a means to an end – even abuse
                them acting out their own evil

                    Man was created in the
                image of God. We have dignity –
                God gives us dignity – we are
                wonderfully made – God wants
                us to be united in our hearts
                in love. God commands us to
                love – Love and Relationship
                go together.

                    The devil wants people to see
                others as enemies. A person
                can live their whole life
                practicing being jealous and
                envious of others instead of
                seeing their brothers through
                God's eyes and loving their brothers
                as God commands us to do.
                A person has a free will to live
                a disciplined life as God calls
                us to do or try to force their
                undisciplined, rebellious, unloving,
                behavior on others.

                    Heaven is a reward promised
                to those who love and serve the Lord.
                To go to heaven we must be
                absolutely pure and holy –

                    Jacob too was chosen by God. These
                are figures we study and know how
                important was their lives.



21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Joshua 24: 1-2a, 15-17, 18b

    Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel together at Shechem; he then summoned all the elders of Israel, its leaders, judges and officials, and they presented themselves in God’s presence. Joshua then said to all the people:

   ‘Yahweh, the God of Israel, says this, “From time immemorial, your ancestors, Terah, father of Abraham and Nahor, lived beyond the River, and served other gods. But if serving Yahweh seems a bad thing to you, today you must make up your minds whom you do mean to serve, whether the gods whom your ancestors served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose country you are now living. As regards my family and me, we shall serve Yahweh.’ The people replied, ‘Far be it from us to desert Yahweh and to serve other gods! Yahweh our God was the one who brought us and our ancestors here from Egypt, from the place of slave–labour, who worked those great wonders before our eyes and who kept us safe all along the way we travelled and among all the peoples through whom we passed. We too shall serve Yahweh, for he is our God.’


21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 23, 2015

INTRODUCTION – (Joshua 24,1-2a,15-17,18b; Ephesians 5,21-32; John 6,60-69) Shortly after Moses led God’s people to the Promised Land, Moses died and Joshua took over the position Moses had held. In our reading today, Joshua gathered God’s people together to renew their covenant with Yahweh. They enthusiastically chose to commit themselves to follow God faithfully. History has shown that later generations did not remain so faithful or so enthusiastic. The enthusiasm of God’s people in today’s first reading is contrasted with the unenthusiastic response of many who had been following Jesus until he taught them that he was the bread of life. They started walking away thinking he was talking nonsense. To their credit, the apostles, who did not understand Jesus any better than the crowd, stayed with Jesus for they had accepted that Jesus was the Holy One of God. Today’s Letter to the Ephesians, the second reading, encourages married couples to live a life of mutual love and such love will bring them supreme joy.


19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

1 Kings 19: 4-8

He himself went on into the desert, a day’s journey, and sitting under a furze bush wished he were dead. ‘Yahweh,’ he said, ‘I have had enough. Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.’ Then he lay down and went to sleep. Then all of a sudden an angel touched him and said, ‘Get up and eat.’ He looked round, and there at his head was a scone baked on hot stones, and a jar of water. He ate and drank and then lay down again. But the angel of Yahweh came back a second time and touched him and said, ‘Get up and eat, or the journey will be too long for you.’ So he got up and ate and drank, and strengthened by that food he walked for forty days and forty nights until he reached Horeb, God’s mountain.


19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 9, 2015

INTRODUCTION – (I Kings 19,4-8; Ephesians 4,30; John 6, 41-51) Jezebel was an evil queen who reigned in Israel eight hundred fifty years before Christ. One of her many goals in life was to eliminate faith and worship of Yahweh, the God of Israel. At the same time in Israel, there also lived the prophet Elijah who was dedicated to serving Yahweh. Naturally, these two would collide. Just previous to today’s first reading from the Book of Kings, Elijah had worked a powerful miracle on Mt. Carmel, a place now known as Haifa, which dramatically demonstrated in the presence of the King, 450 of the pagan priests, and all the people of Israel, that Yahweh was truly God and that the gods Jezebel promoted were nonexistent. Jezebel, instead of being converted, became a sore loser. She sent her army after Elijah to kill him. Elijah quickly got out of town. He ran to the desert in southern Judea and this is where we meet him in today’s first reading. He is hungry, tired, deeply depressed and hoping to die. However, God did not desert his faithful prophet. Instead, God sent Elijah to the same mountain in Sinai where God had given Moses the 10 Commandments, that is, to Mt. Sinai, aka Mt. Horeb. This passage has been chosen because it speaks of a special food God gave Elijah, a food that sustained him in his journey to Mt. Horeb for 40 days and 40 nights. The passage connects with the gospel where Jesus tells us he is the bread that will strengthen us on our journey through life and into eternal life.


16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jeremiah 23: 1-6

‘Disaster for the shepherds who lose and scatter the sheep of my pasture, Yahweh declares. This, therefore, is what Yahweh, God of Israel, says about the shepherds who shepherd my people, "You have scattered my flock, you have driven them away and have not taken care of them. Right, I shall take care of you for your misdeeds, Yahweh declares! But the remnant of my flock I myself shall gather from all the countries where I have driven them, and bring them back to their folds; they will be fruitful and increase in numbers. For them I shall raise up shepherds to shepherd them and pasture them. No fear, no terror for them any more; not one shall be lost, Yahweh declares!

   Look, the days are coming,
      Yahweh declares,
   when I shall raise an upright Branch
      for David;
   he will reign as king and be wise, 
   doing what is just and upright
      in the country. 
In his days Judah will triumph
   and Israel live in safety.
  And this is the name he will be called,
  ‘Yahweh–is–our–Saving–Justice.’ "


16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 19, 2015

INTRODUCTION – (Jeremiah, 23, 1-6; Ephesians, 2, 13-18; Mark 6, 30-34) Our first reading comes from Jeremiah the prophet who lived during the years of the Babylonian conquest and exile of Israel, about 600 years before Christ. In this passage, Jeremiah is speaking to the Jewish kings and leaders of his day. He refers to them as shepherds, an image that goes back to around the time of Abraham hundreds of years before Jeremiah. Jeremiah denounces the Jewish kings and leaders as useless and evil shepherds who cared only about themselves. It was their failure to guide God’s people in God’s ways that led to the Babylonian exile and the destruction of many people, the nation, and the Temple. In today’s passage, God promises he himself would make sure that good shepherds would take over and caring for his people. However, God’s promise that “the days are coming” took a long time to come; not just the 50 years of exile in Babylon, but 600 years before the king would arrive who would govern wisely and who would save Judah. We hear about this king in today’s gospel, a good shepherd who guides hundreds and thousands of people who flock to him looking for wisdom and guidance. Notice


14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ezekiel 2: 2-5

As he said these words the spirit came into me and put me on my feet, and I heard him speaking to me. He said, 'Son of man, I am sending you to the Israelites, to the rebels who have rebelled against me. They and their ancestors have been in revolt against me up to the present day. Because they are stubborn and obstinate children, I am sending you to them, to say, "Lord Yahweh says this." Whether they listen or not, this tribe of rebels will know there is a prophet among them.


14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 5, 2015

INTRODUCTION – (Ezekiel 2, 2-5; II Cor. 12, 7-10; Mark 6, 1-6) Sometimes prophets predicted the future, but most of the time their task was to remind God's people of how God wanted them to live. Their efforts were not always appreciated by the people who heard the message. The prophet Ezekiel lived about 600 years before Christ. He had to warn the people of the national disaster that was headed their way if they did not change their ways. In the beginning of his book, he describes, as much as it is possible, a vision of God in heaven. He was so overwhelmed he fell flat onto the ground. This is where our first reading comes in. God got him back on his feet and commissioned him to be a prophet. God cautions Ezekiel that as a prophet he would not have an easy job of it. The passage prepares us for the gospel that tells of Jesus, the greatest prophet of all, who was rejected by his own people when he came to preach in his hometown of Nazareth.


5th Sunday of Lent

Jeremiah 31: 31-34

‘Look, the days are coming, Yahweh declares, when I shall make a new covenant with the House of Israel (and the House of Judah), but not like the covenant I made with their ancestors the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of Egypt, a covenant which they broke, even though I was their Master, Yahweh declares. No, this is the covenant I shall make with the House of Israel when those days have come, Yahweh declares. Within them I shall plant my Law, writing it on their hearts. Then I shall be their God and they will be my people. There will be no further need for everyone to teach neighbour or brother, saying, "Learn to know Yahweh!" No, they will all know me, from the least to the greatest, Yahweh declares, since I shall forgive their guilt and never more call their sin to mind.’


5th Sunday of Lent

March 22, 2015

INTRODUCTION – (Jeremiah 31,31-35; Hebrews 5,7-9; John 12,20-33) The prophet Jeremiah lived 600 years before Christ. He was sent by God on a mission of mercy to warn God’s people that they were living on the edge of a catastrophe. If they didn’t start following God’s ways, the Babylonians would invade their land and destroy them. Centuries of wanton idolatry, social injustice and even human sacrifice had seriously weakened the moral fiber of God’s people. God was telling them through the prophet Jeremiah how they could avoid disaster. Of course, they ignored Jeremiah and persecuted him for his message. Today’s first reading comes shortly before the Babylonian invasion. Centuries earlier, God had made a covenant with his people through Moses and the people continually violated it. In spite of their unfaithfulness, God still loved his people and he promised he would make a new covenant with them as the former one did not work out so well. Six hundred years later, Jesus used these words, “new covenant” when he gave the cup of his blood to his disciples at the Last Supper. We renew that covenant with him each time we come to Mass.


                R. We are chosen by God in baptism.
                We can answer God's call or rebel
                against God and serve satan –

                    Do you see salvation history?
                When the people disobeyed God
                in the Old Testament bad things happened
                and then they made a mess
                and were conquered and had
                to turn back to God because
                they were in dire misery
                rebelling against God. Why
                didn't they obey God –

                    They were filled with pride and
                wanted to do their own will –
                They didn't want anyone telling
                them what to do.

                    We have received a mission
                in our lives – we live the life,
                death and resurrection of Jesus in our
                lives. We have a duty to do what
                God calls us to. There are
                consequences when we disobey

                    We see Joseph (son of Jacob)
                how he loved and served God
                despite what his brothers did to him.

                    God's providence is at work in
                Joseph's life and it is at work
                in our lives. Joseph had so
                many trials. Joseph was sold
                as a slave.

                    The Old Testament prefigures the New
                Testament. We know Joseph was sold as
                a slave and Judas betrayed
                Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

                    God formed His people and
                they had to obey Him or they
                suffered tremendously. God
                is so good to us, why would we
                not learn this story of rebellion
                and its consequences from
                salvation history.

                    Abraham had a covenant with
                God. Today God gives us baptism –
                God gives us a sharing in His life.

                    A covenant is a sacred relationship
                with God. Our lives are to be
                lived in relationship with God
                and others.

Matthew 22: 34-40 

‘Master, which is the greatest commandment of the Law?’ Jesus said to him, ‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second resembles it: You must love your neighbour as yourself.  On these two commandments hang the whole Law, and the Prophets too.’


                R. We are not independent here –
                the devil wants people to live
                independently –

                    We are dependent on God –
                He is above – we are under Him –
                We are to obey God.

                    God calls us to obey Him – We
                have a free will – we can disobey
                and reject God and sin against
                God and others. Why does
                someone choose to be unfaithful
                to God – raise themselves above
                God and authority in pride?
                They have misery and darkness
                if they do. Darkness inside
                can grow deeper and deeper
                and a person can become
                more and more blinded by
                the darkness – distorted thinking.

                    God wants to forgive our sins,
                but we must admit we are
                sinners, ask for forgiveness and
                with a firm purpose of amendment
                turn away from the sin.

                    God loves us – God forgives even
                the greatest sin and grants mercy
                but we must repent.

                    What is worse than sin, Bishop
                Sheen says, is the sinner who
                denies their sin and stores up guilt.
                Sin offends God. Sin is being
                unloving and God created us to love.

                    God wants an intimate loving
                relationship with us, but we
                must work to stay in an
                intimate loving relationship
                and pray for grace to be faithful
                to God and obey Him.

                    God promises to those who
                love and serve Him they
                will gain eternal life.
                God keeps His promise –
                Do we trust Him? Would
                we allow someone we trust
                and God has given us as
                a spiritual leader to help us
                grow in holiness?

                Abraham had to trust God –
                Joseph had to trust God –
                We are to trust God –
                God is true to His Word –

                How is it when somebody
                    lies and you can never
                    trust them to do what
                    is their duty and
                    responsibility and then
                    they use their job
                    to hold back and hurt
                    the people they are to
                    protect –

                    One of the sorrows in life is when
                a person is to be an adult or
                older sibling and they sexually
                abuse the child that looks up
                to them that is to protect them –

                    So a person can secure a place
                of authority – if they are not
                healed and have been sexually
                abused and keep acting out
                on people who need their
                trust to pay their bills and
                protect their homes and
                what they need and
                the unhealed person who
                gains authority and is to
                be trustworthy and protect
                others – keeps constantly
                pulling tricks with what
                is needed for the life of
                those they are to protect
                and have a DUTY to serve.

                    God asked Abraham to
                go into uncharted lands
                and to trust Him –
                God is faithful to His promise –
                God expects us to be trust-
                worthy and faithful
                to our duty and our jobs when
                given authority over others –
                authority is power given
                to someone to serve

                    Fr. Mike told me, a person,
                who is untrustworthy and
                acting out can use power
                to hurt others and they
                need to be healed.

                    God wants us to give
                our wills to Him – to
                sacrifice our wills to Him.

                    Abraham shows us faith
                    Abraham shows us obedience
                    Abraham trusted God –

                    People are to be faithful
                and trustworthy when they
                are leaders –

                    Abraham showed God
                he was willing to sacrifice
                his son.

                    How are you in practicing
                obedience to superiors and to
                God. We need to practice obedience –

                ...Thy will be done on earth
                as it is in heaven –
                We have to let Go to God if
                we want Him to help us –
                We can't hold on and do
                our own will or have
                one foot on and one foot
                off –
                We have to let go to God –
                God wants us to sacrifice
                our will –

                The story of Abraham teaches
                    us this!

                    Jesus died on the cross, obeying
                the will of His Father –

                    When we know God wants
                one thing and we want
                something else – we have
                to give our will and heart
                to God – this is sacrificing
                our will to God –

From the Apostles Manual

February 23, 1997
Rita Ring


When I go to Mass I offer a sacrifice. God wants our all. He wants to be first in our life. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son.

Gen. 22:1-2, 9-13, 15-18:

It happened some time later that God put Abraham to the test. "Abraham, Abraham!" he called. "Here I am," he replied. God said, "Take your son, your only son, your beloved Isaac, and go to the land of Moriah, where you are to offer him as a burnt offering on one of the mountains which I shall point out to you.

When they arrived at the place which God had indicated to him, Abraham built an altar there, and arranged the wood. Then he bound his son and put him on the altar on top of the wood. Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to kill his son.

But the angel of Yahweh called to him from heaven. "Abraham, Abraham!" he said. "Here I am," he replied. Do not raise your hand against the boy," the angel said. "Do not harm him, for now I know you fear God. You have not refused me your own beloved son." Then looking up, Abraham saw a ram caught by its horns in a bush. Abraham took the ram and offered it as a burnt offering in place of his son.

The angel of Yahweh called Abraham a second time from heaven. "I swear by my own self, Yahweh declares, that because you have done this, because you have not refused me your own beloved son, I will shower blessings on you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars of heaven and the grains of sand on the seashore. Your descendants will gain possession of the gates of their enemies. All nations on earth will bless themselves by your descendants, because you have obeyed my command.

The Father gave His Son for us. This is how great the Father's love is for us.

When we go to the altar many times we are suffering. We want something really bad, but we know we love God the most. What the Father asks for us is to offer that which we are so attached to as a sacrifice, united to the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. If we offer this sacrifice to Him, the Father will pour out blessings that will be divine blessings, greater than anything we could have here on earth.

The Mass is the perfect sacrifice we offer to the Father, in which God pours out His blessings and we are one with Him and with all others in a profound expression of love. God shares His divine love with us and we partake in an intense way in His divine loving capacity. In order to become one in Him and to feel His love like this, we must surrender ourselves and be open.

He told Abraham to offer his son. God gave him his son back. He wanted Abraham to love God above all things and people.

Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice to the Father. This is the most pleasing sacrifice to the Father. If He gave His Son Who died for love of us, will He deny us when we unite our petitions with Jesus and offer these at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

He took them to the highest mountain and He was transfigured before them in the greatest light.

Mark 9:2-10:

Six days later, Jesus took with him Peter and James and John and led them up a high mountain on their own by themselves. There in their presence he was transfigured: his clothes became brilliantly white, whiter than any earthly bleacher could make them. Elijah appeared to them with Moses; and they were talking to Jesus. Then Peter spoke to Jesus, "Rabbi," he said, "it is wonderful for us to be here; so let us make three shelters, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah." He did not know what to say; they were so frightened. And a cloud came, covering them in shadow; and from the cloud there came a voice, "This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to him." Then suddenly, when they looked round, they saw no one with them any more but only Jesus.

As they were coming down from the mountain he warned them to tell no one what they had seen, until after the Son of man had risen from the dead. They observed the warning faithfully, though among themselves they discussed what 'rising from the dead' could mean.

We go to the altar of sacrifice. The mountain to come, in which so many graces will flow, is the altar of sacrifice where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered through the hands of consecrated priests.

We hear the Father say, "This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, listen to Him." He is speaking to us. He is the Word. He is speaking in these messages. He is unveiling the Scriptures and speaking to us in plain talk. This is a great gift He is giving to us.

We are transformed in the Mass. We unite with the greatest sacrifice offered in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We have the most perfect sacrifice to offer to the Father when we offer this sacrifice. He gives us great blessings. We die to ourselves, we become white.

We must unite all of our sacrifices to this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being said all over the world. This is the greatest way to magnify all of our offerings - by uniting everything we do as an offering, a sacrifice to the Father in union with His Son.

end of excerpt





                Given October 29, 2016

                R. Please spread blessed holy water
You can also mix Jesus and Mary water
                with your blessed Holy Water if you have it.)
                in your yard, around your house,
                in the state you live in.

                And ask God to bless your state
                Ask God to bless the United States

                Pray all prayers through the intercession of
                    Our Lady of CLEAR – WATER.

                Ask the Lady of CLEAR - WATER
                    to help with the blessed water.

                Mary has appeared to me for 22 years,
                    in Ohio and Florida.


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18 Blue Books

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Shepherds of Christ Book Store
Books written by the cofounder of Shepherds of Christ Ministries
Rita Ring
Mass Book
A Journey Into the Heart of Jesus - Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
$ 12.00

  Mass Book, by Rita Ring: Many of the entries in the Priestly Newsletter Volume II from a spiritual journal came from this book. These entries
  are to help people to be more deeply united to God in the Mass. This book is available in English and Spanish with the Church’s


Rosary Meditations for Parents and Children
From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
$ 10.00

  Rosary Meditations for Parents and Children, by Rita Ring, Short Meditations for both parents and children to be used when praying the
  rosary. These meditations will help all to know the lives of Jesus and Mary alive in their Hearts. Available in both English and Spanish with
  the Church’s

God's Blue Book I
Teachings to Lift You Up. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 4.00

God's Blue Book I by Rita Ring. Open Anywhere    This book will change your life. These are beautiful love letters to us from Jesus. A million books have been printed and circulated. Jesus loves us so much    He wants a personal relationship with us    He wants us to go to the Eucharist and be with Him before the tabernacle. $10

God's Blue Book II
The Fire of His Love. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S. J.
$ 4.00

God's Blue Book II by Rita Ring. Letters from Jesus about His on fire love    Jesus wants this great intimacy with us    On fire love    Personal love letters from Jesus about the love of His Heart    A book on surrender Fr. Carter said! $10

God's Blue Book III
Love God, Love One Another. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 3.00

God's Blue Book III by Rita Ring. Fr. Carter's favorite book    It is about loving and forgiving each other    Being pure in heart    A book for unity in family, community, in life!! $10

God's Blue Book 4
The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Author: Rita Ring
$ 5.00

God's Blue Book IV by Rita Ring. This book is about the love Jesus has for Mary and Mary has for Jesus and Jesus and Mary have for us    It is truly the Love of the Two Hearts. Mary appeared every day at the Holy Spirit Center    Fr. Carter was there. Mary's first apparition July 5, 1994. $5

God's Blue Book 5
So Deep Is the Love of His Heart. Author: Rita Ring.
$ 5.00

God's Blue Book V by Rita Ring. Jesus wants to be the bridegroom of our soul    He is our beloved    Jesus tells us about pure love    how we are to be pure of heart and love God and love others. It is a must, to hear about love from Jesus    Jesus is love    $5

God's Blue Book 6A
He Calls Us to Action Author: Rita Ring.
$ 5.00

God's Blue Book 6A by Rita Ring. Rosaries from Their Hearts during apparitions. Jesus and Mary appeared every day and I received rosaries from Them and They were transcribed from a tape. Also messages of love from Jesus on days of January, 1995    About Baptism    writings from Fr. Carter and the Scriptures. $10

God's Blue Book 6B
He Calls Us to Action - The Sixth Book, Part B Author: Rita Ring.
$ 5.00

God's Blue Book 6B by Rita Ring. Jesus and Mary appeared every day in February, 1995    So beautiful    transcribed from a tape    the Stations, 7 Sorrows, prayers in the Prayer Manual, the Holy Spirit Novena Book and the Song Book. Pure love    loving and forgiving    a book about Jesus' love, baptism, grace and Fr. Carter's Newsletter. $10

God's Blue Book 6C
He Calls Us to Action - The Sixth Book, Part C Author: Rita Ring.
$ 5.00
God's Blue Book 7
Intimacy with God by Rita Ring
$ 5.00
God's Blue Book 8
See thru the Eyes of Mary. Author: Rita Ring and Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 5.00
God's Blue Book 9
The Mass and the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
$ 5.00
God's Blue Book 10
God's Blue Book 10 - This is My Body
$ 5.00
God's Blue Book 11
God's Blue Book 11 - Showers of His Grace
$ 5.00
God's Blue Book 12
Solidarity In Chirst
$ 5.00
God's Blue Book 13
$ 5.00
God's Blue Book 14
God the Father Speaks After Clearwater
$ 5.00
God's Blue Book 15
$ 5.00
Blue Book 16
Mary Mother of the Eucharist
$ 5.00
Apostle's Manual
Shepherds of Christ Overview: Very carefully discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S. J.
$ 20.00

Apostles Manual. About the Movement — the structure of the Movement    All Ministries — from the time 3 months before Mary appeared in Clearwater and 3 months after. Rosaries of the 13ths, Fr. Carter's Newsletters. Messages from God the Father    Reaching the priests, the Church, the schools and the world. $20

Rosaries From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Volume I
Red Rosary Book - Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00

Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Book 1. Mary appeared in Clearwater December 17, 1996 in rainbow color and these rosaries left the printer the same day from Apparitions of Jesus and Mary    transcribed from a tape. $10

Blue Rosary Book
Rosaries From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Volume II
$ 12.00

Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Book 2. This is a book of so many rosaries — transcribed from a tape. So many beautiful rosaries.   pages  $12

Messages From Jesus
Messages From Jesus for the Ederly, Ill, and Homebound Given by Jesus to His Messenger - Author: Rita Ring Discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00

Messages for the Elderly, Ill and Homebound. This is a big book of loving messages for nursing home people and homebound from Jesus and Mary    Their lives are so important    united to the Mass offering up their suffering, their lives for the souls of this earth. $10

Short Rosary Meditations for the Ederly, Ill, and Homebound
From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary: Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
$ 10.00

Short Rosary Meditations for the Elderly, Ill and Homebound. This book is so important with pictures they can open it and lay it on their laps and pray the rosary. $10

Songs From Jesus
Given by Jesus to His Messenger Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 5.00

Songs from Jesus Songbook. These loving songs were given from Jesus. So beautiful    Love Songs from Jesus of His love — helping us have pure and loving hearts. $3

Daily Messages From Heaven
From the Florida Apparition Site Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00
Rosary Meditations for Little People and Elderly
Short Meditations for the Rosary
$ 3.00
Color the Lives of Jesus and Mary, Book 1
A Coloring Book with Short Meditations on the 15 mysteries of the rosary. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 5.00

Color the Lives of Jesus and Mary. Volumes 1 through 7. Coloring books and meditations for grade school children and others on the mysteries of the rosary — really good. $5 each.

Color the Lives of Jesus and Mary, Book 2
A Coloring Book with Short Meditations on the 15 mysteries of the rosary. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 5.00
Color the Lives of Jesus and Mary, Book 3
A Coloring Book with Short Meditations on the 15 mysteries of the rosary. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 5.00
Color the Lives of Jesus and Mary, Book 4
A Coloring Book with Short Meditations on the 15 mysteries of the rosary. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 5.00
Color the Lives of Jesus and Mary, Book 5
A Coloring Book with Short Meditations on the 15 mysteries of the rosary. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 5.00
Coloring the Lives of Jesus and Mary 6
Mysteries of Light
$ 5.00

Color the Lives of Jesus and Mary. Volumes 6 through 7. Coloring books and meditations for grade school children and others on the mysteries of the rosary — really good. $5 each.

Meditaciones del Rosario
para Pequenos y Ancianos
$ 10.00
Colorea 1
las vidas de Jesús y María (recibido el Imprimátur)
$ 5.00
Colorea 2
las vidas de Jesús y María (recibido el Imprimátur)
$ 5.00
Colorea 3
las vidas de Jesús y María (recibido el Imprimátur)
$ 5.00
Colorea 4
las vidas de Jesús y María (recibido el Imprimátur)
$ 5.00
Colorea 5
las vidas de Jesús y María (recibido el Imprimátur)
$ 5.00
Fr. Joe Robinson
Inspiring Homilist & Author
Fr. Joseph Robinson has dedicated his life to serving Christ and the Church for over 40 years.
Guiding Light - The Word Alive in Our Hearts
Inspiring Homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson
$ 10.00

Guiding Light — The Word Alive in Our Hearts. Cycle B   for 2017/2018 


Guiding Light - The Soul Who Could  
Inspiring Homilies by Fr. Joe Robinson
$ 10.00

Guiding Light — The Soul Who Could. Cycle A   for 2016/2017   


Guiding Light - Trust and Transform
Guiding Light - Trust and Transform  –
  Cycle C   for 2015/2016
$ 10.00
Guiding Light - By God Through Me
Guiding Light - By God Through Me, Cycle B for 2014/2015
$ 10.00
Guiding Light - Inspired To Be Genuine
Guiding Light - Inspired To Be Genuine, Cycle A for 2013/2014
$ 10.00
Guiding Light - Centered In Christ
Fr. Joe Robinson's latest homilies for Cycle C for 2012/2013.
$ 10.00
Guiding Light - Reflect on the Word
Inspiring Homilies Covering Cycle B of the Liturgical Year (2011/2012)
$ 10.00

Guiding Light homily series — Reflect on the Word — Cycle B     The Word leaves an impression on our souls. In my thoughts and reflections are born a more tangible understanding of these eternal concepts presented in the Gospels and the readings. Anyone can read a sentence, but not anyone can absorb it's true meaning. Truth, in this day and age, is almost a matter of opinion or individual entitlement. We believe that Christ's truth is our Roman Catholic Church. We, as priests, champion it's teachings; we are ambassadors for the Pope and Christ to those faces looking at us. We are the light by which our congregation reads to reflect upon real truth and we do it hand in hand. $15

Guiding Light - Steadfast to the Son
Inspiring Homilies Covering Cycle A of the Liturgical Year
$ 10.00

Guiding Light homily series — Steadfast to the Son — Cycle A    The sunflower is a great example of how we should be steadfastly guided by light. What a powerful thought that this exceptional plant is not stuck in one pose day in and day out, yet adaptable and magnetized to the sun. We feel the same about our Son. Our heads turns to face Christ as each day presents its challenges to find light. We join together like plants in a field and soak up the Son through the pulpit. We are a warm circle of strength using the wind of our breath to carry our priests' words, Christ's words, to new rich soil. $15

Guiding Light - Focusing on the Word
Inspiring Homilies Covering Cycle B of the Liturgical Year
$ 10.00

Guiding Light — Focusing on the Word — Cycle B    At times we may feel that our path to Christ is a bit "out of focus". Like the disciples in the Book of Mark, this ordinary life clouds our vision of Christ's Divinity. We may doubt the practicality or possibility of applying His teachings and example to our modern life. Cycle B's homilies are a "guiding light" to help us realize Jesus' Messianic greatness and His promise of better things to come. $15

Guiding Light - Feed My Soul
Inspiring Homilies Covering Cycle C of the Liturgical Year
$ 10.00

Guiding Light — Feed My Soul — Cycle C    In a world rapidly advancing and encouraging personal gain, we are faced with modern problems. There is a challenge to find time in our busy schedules for Sunday Mass or a family meal. We are able to research, shop, bank and even work without hearing one human voice. It is no wonder that we may often feel disconnected and famished at our week's end. In Fr. Joe's third book of homilies from Cycle C, we are reminded of the charity that Christ intended us to show each other. We have a calling to turn the other cheek and be the Good Samaritan to others. We are rewarded with the Father's kingdom and love when we are not worthy. We are not left alone or hungry. $15


Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.

Here are all the products in this category:

Books written by the founder of Shepherds of Christ Ministries

Response in Christ
Fr. Edward J. Carter gives to the modern Christian a message that will sustain him.
$ 10.00
Response to God's Love
...God Himself is the Ultimate Mystery
$ 10.00

Response to God’s Love by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J. In this book Fr. Carter speaks of God as the ultimate mystery. We can meditate on the interior life of the Trinity. Fr. Carter tells us about our uniqueness in the Father's Plan for us, how the individual Christian, the Church and the world are in the state of becoming. Imprimatur. $10

Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters 1
Selected Writings on Spirituality—for All People Editor: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
$ 10.00

Shepherds of Christ — Selected Writings on Spirituality for all People as Published in Shepherds of Christ Newsletter for Priests. Contains 12 issues of the newsletter from July/August 1994 to May/June 1996. $15

Spirituality Newsletters 2
Selected Writings on Spirituality — for All People Editor: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
$ 12.00

Shepherds of Christ — Volume 2: by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J. Contains issues 13—29 of the newsletter (September/October 1996 — Issue 5, 1999) $15

Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters 3
Selected Writings on Spirituality — for All People Editor: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00

Shepherds of Christ — Volume 3 by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J. Contains Newsletter Issues 1 through 4 of 2000 including Fr. Carter’s tremendous Overview of the Spiritual Life $10

Tell My People
Messages from Jesus and Mary Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimi Potest
$ 10.00

Tell My People. Messages from Jesus and Mary (As given to Fr. Edward Carter, S.J.)    One of Fr. Edward Carter, S.J.'s Synopsis of the Spiritual Life    From Jesus to Fr. Carter "On Holy Saturday, 1994, Jesus told me that on the following day, Easter, I would also begin to receive messages for others. Our Lord also told me that some of these were eventually to be published in a book  and here is that book." $10

Spirituality Handbook
Shepherds of Christ Associates Spirituality Handbook - A Way of Spiritual Life
Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimi Potest

$ 3.00

Spirituality Handbook. Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. did 3 synopsis of the spiritual life. The Spirituality Handbook, the Priestly Newsletter 20he Tell My People book. The way of spiritual life proposed to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates is centered in consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. All aspects of the spiritual life discussed below should be viewed as means to help members develop their lives in consecration to Christ, the Sacred Heart, and to Mary, the Immaculate Heart. $3

The Spirituality of Fatima
Fatima: The Setting, The Message, The Spirituality of Consecration
$ 5.00

The Spirituality of Fatima by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J. The Fatima apparitions and messages received official Church approval in 1930. In giving her official approval to the Fatima event, the Church tells us that what took place at Fatima involving the three young visionaries is worthy of our belief. $5

Shepherds of Christ 6:20 Prayers CD
Holy Spirit Novena, Associates Prayer Manual and the Rosary Led by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00
Priestly Newsletter 2000 Issue 1
Audio CD - Read by Father Edward J. Carter
$ 10.00

Priestly Newsletter — 2000 #1 — CD.Christ is Our Strength — Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. read it the year he died. It is so beautiful. "This brief passage contains one of the greatest lessons of the spiritual life. As we progress along our spiritual journey, we become increasingly aware of how weak we are in our—selves, but how strong we are in Christ. To experience our weakness involves suffering. The degree and kind of suffering can vary. The suffering can include the experience of the classical dark night of the spirit as described by St. John of the Cross. One of the main purposes of the dark night is to make a person keenly aware of his or her helplessness without God." quote by Fr. Carter from the newsletter $10


Shepherds of Christ Holy Spirit Novena
  Holy Spirit Novena by: Rita Ring
  $ 1.00
  plus postage

 Holy Spirit Novena Booklet. In four languages with the Imprimatur with 18 scripture readings for two complete novenas – this very powerful Holy Spirit Novena has prayers for prayers for Protection by the Blood of Jesus, Healing, Strength and Light, To Be One with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One with Jesus, To Dwell in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Prayer for the Holy Spirit and His Gifts, and the Word Alive in Our Hearts. All these prayers take about 10 minutes daily recited out loud. $1


  Shepherds of Christ Holy Spirit Novena CD
  Holy Spirit Novena Read by: Rita Ring
  $ 10.00 
plus postage

  Holy Spirit Novena CD. Prayers and scripture readings from the Holy Spirit Novena Booklet read by Rita Ring. $10

  Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual
  Shepherds of Christ Associates Prayers
  Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.

  $ .50 
plus postage

Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual. The Shepherds of Christ has prayer chapters all over the world praying for the priests, the Church and the world. These prayers that Father Carter compiled in the summer of 1994 began this worldwide network of prayer. Currently the prayers are in eight languages with the Church’s Imprimatur. We have prayed daily for the priests, the Church, and the world since 1994. Associates are called to join prayer Chapters and help us circulate the newsletter centered on spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart and helping to renew the Church through greater holiness. Please form a Prayer Chapter & order a Prayer Manual.


Fr. John J. Pasquini

Light, Happiness, & Peace
Journeying Through Traditional Catholic Spirituality Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00 plus postage

This book Light, Happiness and Peace is a journey into the spiritual life    an awakening of deeper life IN HIM. Here are some of the comments we received from bishops and cardinals about the book. Cardinal – Pontifical Council for Culture – Vatican City “I am sure that this book, Light, Happiness and Peace through a discussion on traditional Catholic Spirituality will contribute in bringing back prayer into the mainstream of life.” $10

In Imitation of Two Hearts
Prayers for Consolation, Renewal and Peace in Times of Suffering Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

In Imitation of Two Hearts — Prayers for Consolation, Renewal and Peace in Times of Suffering Fr. John J. Pasquini leads a suffering soul to the gentle Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In these most loving Hearts — the prayers by Fr. John Pasquini — help the person suffering to know more deeply the pascal mystery of death/resurrection. President of the Pontifical Council for Health $10

Authenticity — Prayers and Meditations Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

Authenticity, the Yellow Book of prayers by Fr. John Pasquini, can lead the soul into deeper intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, can lead to greater love of Mary which leads to the unitive life and greater holiness. The book of prayers Authenticity by Fr. John J. Pasquini is to help one grow ever deeper in the Unitive life. Apostolic Nuncio – Archbishop – Philippines “With Authenticity, much is gained in prayer, and much is accomplished through prayer. More especially if prayer is directed in behalf of the Church.” $10

Medicine of Immortality
Prayers and Meditations for Mass and Eucharistic Adoration Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

“In Medicine of Immortality, Father John Pasquini offers his readers the richness of Catholic devotional prayer, the wisdom of the Fathers and, most of all, the fruits of his own prayer and meditation before the Blessed Sacrament. I recommend this book to all who wish to grow in their love for the Lord, who sustains the life of His Church through the precious gift of His Body and Blood.” Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago $10

Ecce Fides
Pillar of Truth — Dedicated to defending Catholic beliefs through reason, Scripture, and the life of the Holy Spirit Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

Ecce Fides is a work dedicated to defending Catholic beliefs through reason, Scripture, and the life of the Holy Spirit. "It is important that we (as people of God) return to the source of life, our faith, which is usefully exposed in this volume, and take it out to our contemporaries, evangelizing them and their cultures and inculturating the Gospel." Cardinal – Pontifical Council for Culture – Vatican City $10


Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters
Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini

$ 35.00  plus postage

Shepherds of Christ, a book of Spirituality Newsletters, is a compilation of the first nine newsletters from Fr. John J. Pasquini begining in August 2006. The Newsletter has been circulated to the priests and hierarchy spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, promoting love for the Eucharist, greater love for the Church, the Priesthood, Mary and the Holy Spirit, the Mass, Prayer, and greater intimate relationship with God. $35

Statues/Religious Items




 Statues, Crucifixes, and Religious Artwork
These items are very special additions to your home or place of worship.




Special 12" Holy Family Statue with Glass
 Ivory gowns with gold trim.
$ 200.00
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Special 12" Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue with Glass
White or Ivory gown with gold trim.

$ 100.00
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Special 12" Sacred Heart or Immaculate Heart Statues with Glass
White gown with gold trim.
$ 100.00 each plus shipping


  Special 12" Sacred Heart or Immaculate Heart Statues with Glass
Ivory gown with gold trim.
  $ 100.00 each plus shipping

Special 11" Our Lady of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass
White or Ivory gown with gold trim.
$ 60.00 each plus shipping

Blue Crystal Rosary
  Rosary with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
  8mm - $ 40.00
plus shipping


  Red Crystal Rosary
  Rosary with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
  8mm - $ 40.00 plus shipping



  Clear Crystal Rosary
  Rosary with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
8mm - $ 40.00 plus shipping





Give the gift that keeps giving.


Blue Book 1 & 2 – $4.00 each plus postage



Blue Books 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6A, B, C, 3 – 
$3.00 each plus postage


Blue Books 4 & 5 –$2.00 each plus postage


Blue Books 14, 15 & 16 –$5.00 each plus postage


The more you use the Blue Books and
    become one with Jesus – more
    intimate with Jesus –
    the more your lives are a blessing and
    everything you do in life can help
    to bring down great grace for the world
    because of your being so
    one with Jesus.


Guiding Light Homily Book Series

Fr. Joe’s Books

Cycle A –
Steadfast to the Son

Cycle B –
Focusing on the Word

Cycle C

Feed My Soul

Cycle A
Inspired to be Genuine

4 for $20 plus postage of $6.95 


These books can be given to:

1) All Priests

       2) Good for Music Ministers
       3) Good for DRE's
       4) Good for Deacons
       5) Good for Principals of Schools
       6) Good for Teachers
       7) Good for Mom and Dads



                Given March 21, 2014

                R. Pray for These Things

                1) Pray for the Pope & hierarchy to help us start prayer chapters.
                2) Pray for Dan, Sally Jo, Richard, Carol, Margaret, Sue,
                    Jack, Jean, Amanda, Matthew, Special intentions.
3) Pray for the priests, the Church and the world!
                4) Pray for the spread of prayer chapters,
                    also for the spread of priests doing prayer chapters.
                5) Pray for the spread of Blue Books.
                6) People going to Florida and China.
                7) Vocations to all 7 categories.
                8) Pray for spread of Consecration and Rosary.
                9) Pray for pope helping us.
               10) Pray for Jeff - sales & health. Pray for Nick.
               11) Blue Book 17 and cover and all involved.
                    For our Publisher and all involved
               12) All intentions on my list, Jerry's list.
               13) Priests getting Fr. Joe's book.
               14) Pray for Fr. Joe's new book, cover & funds for printing & postage.
               15) Donors and members and their families.
               16) Healing of the Family tree.
               17) Dan & Melanie, Catherine & mom, Gary, Mary Jo,
                    Jim & statues, Fr. Ken, Monsignor, Kerry, Tom & wife.
               18) All who asked us to pray for them.
               19) All we promised to pray for.
               20) Rita, John, Doris, Sheila, Jerry, Regina, Sanja,
                    Betty, Sophie, Lisa, Eileen, Fr. Mike, Louie, Laverne,
                    2 Dons, Mary Ellen, Fr. Joe, all priests helping us,
                    Ed, Jimmy, Steve, a special couple
, Rosie & all involved.
               21) 2 babies and moms.
               22) Funds and insurance.
               23) Jerry's garage.
               24) In thanksgiving for gifts, graces, & blessings received.
               25) Spread the Blood of Jesus on all of us here.
               26) Consecrate all hearts.
               27) Cast the devil out of all of us here and all in Movement.



 The Wedding Rosary 

Crystal Image Rosary

$40 plus shipping


Original Image Rosary

8mm glass beads
in a matching gift box

$40 plus shipping



Give the gift that counts.

                Give to your priests Fr. Carter's Books plus postage.

Tell My People                    $5.00
Response to God's Love    $8.00
Response in Christ              $8.00



Old Mass Books with the Imprimatur 
$2.00 plus postage


New Mass Book with Imprimatur   
$8.00 plus postage


New Parents & Children's Book with the Imprimatur
$8.00 plus postage


Fr. Joe's Cycle A – Steadfast to the Sun – Starts in Advent
$5.00 plus postage

Give the gift that keeps on giving!

Give to your priest.

Fr. Carter's Priestly Newsletters Book II
$6.00 plus postage


Get a canvas print of Mary's image
with a sliver of glass and a little
bottle of Jesus and Mary water.
The glass will be fixed behind the
back of the picture.
$200.00 plus postage



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