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All tapes are sent out free of charge with a suggested donation price of $2.00 each, which includes shipping and handling. For oversees orders, please email for shipping costs. Check out samples from the tapes by visiting our audio page! All live Rosary tapes have messages from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary given through Rita Ring. The messages are discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J.. These tapes are for the whole world!

#A. Live Rosary from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Oct. 13, 1996

#B. Live Rosary from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Nov. 13, 1996

#C. Live Rosary from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Dec. 13, 1996

#D. Mary's Message - Dec. 12, 1996

#1. Love Songs and Messages from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Oct. 1, 1995

This is a tape from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. This is the message in which Jesus says He wants us to be so close to Him. He is longing and waiting for our love. On this tape are His love songs to us. Also, Mary is calling out to reach her little children who are suffering so in this world. The songs include: 1) A Song From Jesus, 2) I Love You Jesus, and 3) Little Child. There is a special message from Mary on Sept. 5, 1995.

#2. Shepherds of Christ Associates Spirituality Handbook and Prayer Manual

This is a tape in which Fr. Carter reads the Spirituality Handbook and Prayer Manual. The Shepherds of Christ Movement is a powerful instrument of Jesus for the renewal of the Church and the world. Father Carter is the author of 14 books on spirituality and the Shepherds of Christ priestly newsletter. Through the inspiration of Jesus and his life's work, Fr. Carter wrote the inspired spirituality section of the handbook. This gifted work comes alive as he reads these words. The tape also includes Fr. Carter leading the prayers from the manual, prayers which Jesus wishes us to pray daily.

#3. The Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the Shepherds of Christ,
a talk given by Fr. Carter at St. Ignatius, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Father Carter talks about the Two Hearts and the Shepherds of Christ Movement. He also talks about the connection between the movement and Fatima.

#4. The Joyful Mysteries, February 1, 1995

(Temporarily not available) Messages and meditations for this rosary were received from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

#5. The Sorrowful Mysteries, March 17, 1995

(Temporarily not available) Messages were received in the Sorrowful Mother Chapel at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, Norwood, Ohio before the exposed Eucharist. This was the first message received from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary before the exposed Eucharist in that Chapel. This rosary, received at noon on Friday was one of the many very tender rosaries received at this time on Fridays. Jesus requested we pray the rosary at noon on Friday. He gave us special rosaries of His tender love at this time.

#6. The Sorrowful Mysteries, July 11, 1995

This rosary was received during a Shepherds of Christ Associates meeting on July 11, 1995. We are struggling in the world today to be His strong soldiers and carry His love to the world. Satan is pressing on us as we struggle. It is in meditating on His Passion and focusing on His love that we will withstand the everyday trials. This rosary is an excellent help for today's world.

#7. The Glorious Mysteries, February 22, 1995

(Temporarily not available) This rosary from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary celebrates the glorious events of the lives of Jesus and Mary. We are commissioned in Baptism to carry out His life, death and resurrection in our lives. The Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles and transformed them from fear to fearlessness. We must pray to the Holy Spirit to transform us that we will be strong soldiers in this world today.

#8. "Tell My People" read by Fr. Carter

These messages received by Father Carter come alive as he reads them. Messages received from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary cover all aspects of the spiritual life. They are so beautiful when Fr. Carter reads them as they were told to him by Jesus and Mary.

#9. Songs and Messages from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Oct. 24, 1995

With tender messages from Jesus to us about His burning love, this tape includes Jesus' special love songs about His Sacred heart, given by Jesus to us. Jesus speaks about consecrating our homes to His Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Mary calls us to go to the tender Heart of her Son Jesus.

#10. The Sorrowful Mysteries, July 28, 1995

This rosary is lead by Fr. Carter. This is another tender rosary received from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The messages, given from Jesus, are very touching, helping us deal with our struggles in our life today. Messages in one section of this rosary address the Mass.

#11. The Glorious Mysteries, a rosary from Jesus and Mary about children, July 15, 1995

This rosary is a special rosary from Jesus and Mary about the children. Jesus and Mary are calling us to reach our beloved children. This rosary has urgent messages concerning the children.

#12. The Joyful Children's Mysteries and Prayer Manual

Several children recite all the prayers in the Shepherds of Christ Associates Prayer Manual. The rosary is prayed with meditations received on December 25, 1994. The youth take turns praying the prayers. This is a very good tool for children interested in starting a Junior Shepherds of Christ Chapter or for existing prayer chapters. Children can pray these prayers daily with this tape.

#13. "Choose Life", Messages from God's Blue Book

This tape contains messages from Jesus and selected Christian hymns. They are a call to wake up before it is too late. Several messages are read from God's Blue Book, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. There is also a message from Mary given during a rosary.

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