Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

January 30, 2006

January 31st Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for January 31st are Joyful.



Come on February 5th


Sidney Rosary is on the

Feast of St. John Bosco

January 31, 2006 6:20pm.


Retreat in China  

February 10 - 13


Day of prayer February 14

Sidney Rosary at 6:20p.m.

A Healing Rosary

Valentine's Day February 14



January 30, 2006




From God's Blue Book 6


January 30, 1995 - Monday 5:45am

Messenger:  I cannot do what He asks if I am not willing to suffer. I must give my all to Him.

    I did not want to get up. I tried to stay in bed. He told me that this teaching would be lost forever if I did not get up. He was calling and He wanted me to get up.

    How short is our life. We see all the problems, we live each little incident day after day. It looks so big, but it is so small compared to all eternity. It is such a minute thing to think of getting up to be alone with Jesus when compared to all the hours of my life, but to Jesus it is important, He is always first.

    I had a dream, I was arguing with my mother about food. I had just done 7 hours of adoration, then I went up into my old room at home and I had the baby Jesus with me. He was my child. The room was freshly painted and they had draped it with plastic tarps. Jesus reached into a hole in one of the tarps and pulled out a set of plastic baby keys. He said "keys."

    I held Jesus so sweetly and treated Him with such love. I then realized how Jesus is in my child and how I have such a responsibility to treat my child with such love and care as I would have treated Jesus. The Father is calling me to quit worrying about myself and what I am receiving here and see Jesus in my children, in my husband in every person to see Jesus, to treat them with the same gentleness I would if I was caring for the child Jesus.

    He reached into the tarp and pulled up the keys. It is so simple, we make it all so complicated. To see Jesus in every person is the key. We don't want to be this serving, this yielding, we think of ourselves first, as I wanted so bad to sleep. I still want to sleep and Jesus is giving me this profound lesson. I see ever so clearer Jesus in my child. The Father willed that I be his mother, He wills that I act like Mary as my model. To see the child Jesus in my child.

    I am so far from being as God calls me to be. I worry about what others think and I do not treat my children with top priority. They come first, as if I was raising the child Jesus. Jesus is in our brothers, in our children. I must honor God. See God in the creatures He created. Heaven is a reward promised to those who love and serve the Lord. I love and serve God in seeing Him in others. He is calling me to be as He would be to this world. I can only with His grace, act more like Him. Loving my brother with the love I would give to the child Jesus is a start to seeing Jesus in my brothers.

    He is calling me to make a general confession. Yesterday morning, He wanted me to stay home and look at my past life. I realized the overwhelming power of the priest to forgive sins. I want to be in heaven forever, I want to be ever pure, I see my sins of the past, I do not want to share them with Fr. Carter, but he is my confessor and spiritual director — I see Jesus in him. I want to be close to Jesus, I want an ever closer union with Jesus. Close is never close enough for me. I see the times I sinned as choosing sin over Him, as darkness in my life, as struggling until He reached down, He forgave me from my sins. It is through His Power I am made clean. He gives this power to the priest. I opened a book last night and it said, go to confession.

    I do not have to impress anyone, I am not perfect, I am a sinner. I long with all my heart to be forgiven for all my sins, what power that He gives to man. He has given us every opportunity to be ever closer to Him. What a good God He is. He, in all His goodness, gives us the sacrament of penance and baptism and the Eucharist, this is indeed a gift of His Divine love. They pierced His side and what came forth was blood and water, from His side. What a good God, that He gives to us the sacraments of the Church. We are the body of Christ. He is the head. He gives us visible signs of His love in the sacraments, we are cleaned, we are nurtured through the Eucharist. He outpours His grace to us through the Church.

    Thank you Jesus for the sacrament of Baptism which gives us a special sharing in Your life, thank You for the sacrament of Penance that cleans us of our sins, thank You for the sacrament of the Eucharist, where by You feed us with Your Body and Blood, thank You for the sacrament of Confirmation, which sends Your Spirit to make us Your soldiers, thank You for the sacrament of Matrimony which unite man and woman, thank You for the sacrament of Holy Orders that gives us Your precious priests to carry on Your special work. Thank You for the sacrament of the sick. Oh God, You are good to us.


January 30, 2006 message continues


This is a profound message. Are you ready to look at your brother and really love them as you see Jesus in them? Know that we are to love them like we are loving Jesus. Are you ready to do this? To love and forgive, act in love, to learn the lesson from our mistakes and to move ahead in love. To build a stronger bridge, not to sit on a "pity-pot" and whine the day long, to say "yes" to love, to forgive, to say kindly what is really in your heart, know others can unite intimately.



Excerpt  from December 8, 2005 message

Mary speaks:    God the Father has asked you to come
                        on the 5ths to pray in reparation
                        for the 5 blasphemies against
                        me and in honor of the 5 wounds
                        of Christ. How it offends the
                        Most tender Sacred Heart of Jesus
                        that many do not come and pray and
                        sing as I have asked 10 years
                        ago after all the gifts given on the
                        5ths and you have seen.

                            How ungrateful many are and spread
                        their ingratitude after Jesus has
                        been so good to you — instead of telling
                        the people my message as God the
                        Father asked April 5, 1995 for this
                        public meeting every 5th, I am
                        ignored after all my signs I
                        have given and you who Jesus has
                        called is doing the work of blocking
                        the message to make reparation on
                        the 5ths for the 5 blasphemies
                        against my Immaculate Heart
                        and against me and failing to
                        honor the gifts given and in thanksgiving
                        for the 5 wounds Jesus suffered for
                        your sins. Can anyone reach you with
                        the seriousness of this message?

                            Children, my children, will be
                        lost because of their sinful ways —
                        Make reparation on the 5ths for the
                        great blasphemy of destroying my
                        image there. Can you not sing a song
                        of love to me, Mary your Mother,
                        when I have asked you?

                            I am blasphemed as the Mother
                        of God, in my Virginity, in the
                        Immaculate Conception, my
                        images are destroyed and mistreated
                        by many, I am mocked and my little
                        children taught to hate me by
                        adults and when God the Father
                        asks you to come and honor me and sing
                        to me on the 5ths and God has given
                        so many signs — you do not see the
                        importance because of your laziness
                        and pride.

                            I appear now on the building and
                        some still see me, to those who have
                        eyes of faith, I tell you, I have
                        never gone and you should sing about
                        my Immaculate Conception and
                        thank your Father in heaven.

                            Do not give into satan, pray
                        and sing on this 17th to help
                        make reparation for destroying
                        my image head in Clearwater.
                        This gift was given to you from the Father,
                        to help make reparation for the
                        offences against the Immaculate
                        Heart and Sacred Heart, to give
                        honor to me and to Jesus who are
                        there with you and to thank God
                        for the gifts given to you.

                            So many Mary sites have closed
                        because satan attacked the people
                        and they fought and did not do the
                        work God asked them to do. I am
                        Mary Immaculate, the devil wants
                        you to block my work. Where gifts
                        were given, my image was destroyed
                        by a sniper and you fail to see the
                        importance of making reparation
                        for such a catastrophe.

                            I beg you to look into your heart.
                        Let go of anger — to have anger in
                        your heart, to speak from anger
                        is to open a door to satan.

                            My heart is pure and loving, I
                        always did the will of God in love.
                        I am your model — do not give
                        into satan any longer — Stop it —
                        tell God you are sorry, help make
                        reparation to God the Father for the
                        injustice done to my image and for
                        the world ignoring my image in
                        Florida and not helping you spread

                            Be loving, tell the Good News —
                        tell the world of the love of Jesus,
                        spread my messages with love.
                        On the Feast of the Immaculate
                        Conception I ask you to help me —
                        tell your Father you are sorry,
                        beg for grace and pray as never
                        before and sing from my image
                        site in Florida. I am
                        there and tremendous graces of healing
                        are granted — gifts given to change
                        hearts, gifts for healing physically.

                            You give into satan — tell the
                        world about my site. Tell my
                        children how I love them so
                        very much. I appear because
                        I love my children so much.

End of excerpt  from December 8, 2005 message


January 30, 2006 message continues

Messenger:      Get rid of the garbage.
                        You will feel you have been set free.



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