Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

November 2, 2005 - All Souls Day

November 3rd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 5 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries for November 3rd are Glorious.


Please pray for Rita's Mom really hard.


Pray for Jim who had heart surgery.


Pray for Andrew who has cancer.


Pray for urgent intention and all involved.





July 17, 1994

Would Christ Act As I Am Acting

Messenger:  I see You Jesus. Through the passion, scourged, I see You hanging on the cross, I see You taken down from the cross. I see Your flesh, You gave Your all for us.

    Nothing covering Your skin and they beat Your very own flesh. They whipped You -- nothing was between You and the whipping.

    You want my all, no coverings to cover me, to give myself totally and unreservedly to You.

    This is Your act of love for us,
    This should be my act of love for You.

Looking at Your bare body during the passion reminds me how much You dearly love us. There is nothing You hold back, there is nothing You use to separate Yourself from us.

You give us Yourself in the Eucharist. You hold nothing back. You give us You.

Oh, how I love You my precious Savior.

    This is how close He is to us. He is not afraid to get close, He gives Himself. What an act of love. What do I cover myself with to keep me from loving as He asks me to? 

    We are called to model ourselves after Christ. I think of Christ and how He was. Total peace, always. Peace to His death on the cross. He did not talk about anyone. He always was loving and giving of Himself in service.

If I am to try to act like Christ, I must meditate on how He was.

Being a Christian is to be Christ-like.

Would Christ act as I am acting? I preach the gospel in my very being. I preach His word by how I am. I must be rooted in Him and His love so that I act as He wants me to act. I still will fall short. But I must try to be likened to Christ in all things.



July 17, 1994

Spirit, Open Me To The Love Of God Within Me

Jesus speaks: You were born to new life in Me.

Messenger: How do you see me? Do you see the Christ that is alive in me? Do you know I am a Christian, Christ-like, by how I act? Do you know I am a Christian by how I love?

Do I love you? Do I complain and not even know it? Do I see myself for the way I am or am I blind and never see at all?

Spirit, open me to the love of God within me. Give me vision into the God that dwells within me. Let me see how I can be more like Christ.

Jesus speaks: The more you realize the indwelling of God within you, the more you will be rooted in My peace. Peace comes from knowing God and His love. No matter what occurs around you, remain at peace. This only comes from God.

Messenger: I see constantly how far I am from Him. My son wanted my keys and wanted them now. I must remain in peace.

His will is for me to be with my son at church and to write this letter. I must constantly act as He would have me act.

I see now how He outpours His love to me in others and how I in my willfulness wanted the love given as I wanted it.

How am I when I am in your presence? Am I loving you, my brother, do I receive so much love and don’t even notice because I want it my way?

God in His goodness is sending me such love constantly. It is outpoured to me, and I am so blind I do not see.

Jesus speaks: Pray children, you are children who need to be taught. You are human, to think you are perfect is to be blind. Work against your faults and grow in union with Me. Pray for vision, pray to the Spirit. Open yourself to the new life that I give you as you grow in love with God.

Your life in God is ever evolving. It does not remain the same. You are to grow in your likeness to Me. Pray for vision, pray to see. You may wander the same valley for so many years and never find your way. You need the vision of God to see your way. Pray for His light to shine in your hearts. Pray to see, where you were blind, you now see.

When the Spirit dwells within you, you grow in vibrancy. With the descent of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles were fearless - they were on fire.

Messenger: When Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit, she spoke in a loud voice, the Magnificat.

When the Spirit is enkindled in our hearts, we will shout out with a loud cry the Good News, that Jesus is Lord, He loves us, He is in our midst this very day and we are His chosen ones.

We are called to spread the Good News.

The Lady is calling. She is calling you now.

May we be on fire with His love.



July 18, 1994  4:10

Stay Close to Me, Love Me

Messenger:  My Savior, I will let go and trust.

Jesus speaks:   Trust Me now. Live only to love, when you are attacked by satan, let go.

    Have only love toward every man, if you go from Me satan will work on your mind. Stay close to Me and never wander from your love of Me.

    I am your God, you shall not have any gods before Me. I AM JESUS LET GO!

Messenger:  I am attached to the car because I can't find the key and I want so terribly to get to Church in the morning.

That is so precious to me to go to Church. I love the morning, I love to go in front of the tabernacle, I love to be with You Jesus.

I want to go to Mass.

Jesus I trust in You, Jesus I give You myself Jesus, I am Yours.

This is not mine, this is not yours, this is the message, this is the good news. My heart jumps to speak His name. He is my Savior. He is God. He is my love. I LOVE GOD.

    I love You, I love You, I love You.



July 19, 1994

This Is My Body Given Up for You

Jesus speaks:  I give you My Body, sweet one, flesh and all, I give you Myself, do you see now, do you see the blood in My veins I pour out to you. This is My true blood given up for you. I shed this blood, I give you My blood this very day.

Do you see how I give Myself to you in My entirety -- My very flesh, My very blood, I give it to you.

Messenger:  I feel Him and hear Him say this so to us. His words are clear and direct, pleading to tell all of this wondrous mystery and what they truly share here with Him.

Jesus speaks:  I am the bread of life, He Who comes to Me will have eternal life and the bread I give is Myself.


Messenger:  Jesus gives us His FLESH. THIS IS THE ACT OF TOTAL GIVING giving your very own flesh and blood.

Like the little innocent lamb led to the slaughter, He is total surrender, He let them do as they did to Him and He could have stopped it.

Think of what others do to me, do I accept my silence in suffering and love of Him.

Jesus speaks:  This is My Body given up for you...




July 20, 1994

5:00 a.m.

Title: Though The Earth Be Shaken, I Will Sustain You


  Dear sweet one, do not worry for I am with you and you are My child. Though the earth be shaken and the sun not give its light, the heavens fall from the sky, you shall be steadfast in My love. You will progress steadfastly in the love of God.

    I am your God. You shall not have any gods before Me and the powers of heaven and earth will not fall in on you for you are shielded by the hand of God. It is in your union with Me that you will be drawn ever closer to the Father.

    The might in the heavens and the earth will not come against you for you are held by the power of God and His Might is your shield. Amen, Amen, I say unto you, not one letter of the law will ever be broken or cast aside. My words are truth, indeed. They are precepts to be studied and fixed to your minds. You are but a bubbling brook. You are filled with God and He dwells within your very soul. Come and let Me make a home in your heart. Let Me dwell there. My life I have given for you. You will not be shaken for you realize the power of My Might.

    I am your God. I am Almighty. I am to be honored and blessed from all generations and My hand is the hand of God, one, living and true. 

R.  If the world falls around me, I will be untouched, for I am living for the love of God.

Jesus:  Though heaven and earth pass away, not one letter of the law will pass away. Let your lights shine so all may see your good works and praise your Father Who is in heaven. For the weak are made strong in Me! My power is the power. You are My chosen one. I am writing to you. Do not worry for these creatures, worry that you do not conform to the will of the Father, for He is mighty and He is ready to be praised. He is your God. You are His people. He loves you with an endless love. Let not your hearts be troubled. In Him you have found your peace.

    Amen, Amen, I say to you, not one letter of the law will ever be broken or cast aside. My words are truth indeed, they are precepts to be studied and fixed to your minds. You are but a bubbling brook. You will be filled with God and He dwells within your very soul.

    Come and let Me make a home in your heart. My life I have given for you. All power is Mine.

    I am your God. I am Almighty. I am to be honored and blessed from all generations and My hand is the hand of God, one, living and true.

    Though heaven and earth pass away, not one letter of the law will pass away. Let your lights shine so all may see your good works and praise your Father, who is in heaven. For the weak are made strong. You are made strong in Me. My power is the power.

    You are My chosen one. I am writing to you, do not worry for these creatures. Worry that you do not conform to the Will of the Father, for He is mighty and He is ready to be praised. He is your God. You are His people. He loves you with an endless love. Let not your hearts be troubled. In Him, you have found your peace!



July 21, 1994

4:45 a.m.

Title:  Live to Love


    Dear Rita, do not be afraid, but be comforted for I am truly with you. When you feel afraid, run to My waiting arms. I will tuck you securely in My Sacred Heart and you will never be afraid.

    It is in coming to Me you find such peace. Do not get angered at your brother. Love always as I have loved you. Do not get angered, pray for the person, they are in need of many prayers as are you.

    Live in love. Time is too short to hate. Play with your children, sweet one. Be attentive to their needs. Love each child and care for them.

    I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. I am your precious Savior. Just let go and accomplish your tasks. No time to waste. My time is so important. Live for Me. Pray for holiness. Are you being holy?



July 21, 1994

His Precious Hands and Feet

Messenger: How did it feel to have the nails pounded into Your precious hands, to be bound and a nail pounded into the other hand and then to have both hands nailed down and have them nail the nails through both feet?

Oh, my Jesus, was this done for all the sins of our hands and feet? We use our hands for food, drink, to use telephones and videos, and many things we handle lead to sin.

Oh, Jesus, were Your feet nailed for all the places we walked that led us into sin? Our feet can lead us to You or lead us away from You.

What pain You experienced all the way through inside Your body! How does deep pain feel?

This is how Your Heart and Mary's heart were wounded, with deep pain, clear through, so deep. Who can express the anguish You felt for all the souls that would be lost, despite Your love? It hurts to see those we love suffer, but to see souls condemned to eternal fire!

You saw so much, my precious Jesus. Thank You for becoming a man and suffering for me. Thank You for the gift of redemption with its new life.

Oh, Savior, I love You with the most longing heart. I want You so much more. I want to be closer to You. Help me to grow in my love for You.

Mary, place me in the innermost recesses of His most Sacred Heart. I love you so much!

(Vision: Before Mass I saw a bright light, so bright, eyes were closed, but a big light - so big and bright, like a ball of fire! I had been praying to the Father and opened my eyes and saw the tabernacle in the chapel. I smelled a very sweet smell. I heard, "Jesus is Center, God is Father, Holy Spirit helps us to know God.")

Jesus speaks: My little loved one, do you worry for this life? Be not afraid. I care for the lilies of the field.

Your life is so important to Me. Put your cares aside and come and love Me. If I suffered such brutality with the wounds, do you not think I would care for you?

Oh, little one, I care and love you minute-by-minute. Do not fear, for I never abandon you. I am forever with you guarding you. You are so precious to Me.

Come to My Heart and live in Me. Dwell inside My Heart. I am in you, you are in Me. We are One in the Father Who sent Me.

The ball of fire is to show you My might. Do not ever worry. I am with you. I love you!



July 21, 1994 - 4:00 AM

Do You Know How Close I Am To You

Jesus speaks: Dear child, do you know I am this close to you? You suffer such fear, for you have fallen into another trap Satan has set. When will you learn that his whole purpose is to discredit you and get you bowed down? He is a master of deceit. He knows what will get to you.

You are suffering for souls, offer up your torments. Your life is given to Me. You will suffer. I ask you to comply to the will of the Father. Act for love of Me. I suffered for you, My beloved. I ask you to suffer for Me in love.

What are you doing? Do you know I have wrapped you in a blanket and am now holding you tightly in My arms? I am so full of love for you.

Relinquish your anger at any person. Live to love. Do not fear when you act for Me.

Messenger: Jesus said, when I went to Communion: "Do not be hard on yourself." Jesus said, "Be gentle with yourself."

Jesus speaks: Be gentle on yourself, sweet one, be gentle. I have chosen you for this work because you are willing to suffer for Me. I love you dearly. In every trial, it is a rose, given to you, My sweet one. This is a rose I give to you. I know every act ever done to you and I know your anguish. This anguish I ask you to suffer with joy, joy because you love Me. Be alone with Me. Meditate on how they hollered slanders at Me and I remained silent. In a jeering crowd of people, they hollered every insult and injury at Me, then they spit on Me and laughed at Me. I was attacked by so many. Satan works in secret. I gave My all. Everything should be in the open. I love you so dearly. I am protecting you.

"You will know they are My disciples by how they love one another."



July 23, 1994

After Communion

Title:  We are One in Him

Jesus:   Dear little one, do you not know I give you just as you need? Do you not know you are constantly growing deeper in your love for Me? What on the face of the earth can compare with your union with Me? I become even more present to you in every moment of your waking days. You long to be so closely united to Me. This is the heartache, to only have this limited union with Me.

  I love you, dear one, and nothing here is even a taste of the glories to come. In your closest union with Me, it is only a foreshadowing of all that is to come.

  I love you to long for Me and want Me so much! My Heart is a burning flame, an endless fire, that does not ever falter, a roaring flame for love of you. My Heart is on Fire, My sweet one. Focus on this burning flame that burns for you and you alone.

  R.  (Vision of His bare back)  Your bare back, I have seen for days, Jesus. This has kept me in such union with You!  I see Your back, willing to be scourged. I see Your bare body given to Your Mother under the cross. I see You hanging bare on the cross and feel so close to You, so intimate with You. You held nothing back. The nails penetrated the interior of Your body. The gashes, the nails in Your feet! You gave all the blood in Your veins, You gave this for ardent love of me. You are my beautiful Savior. You gave this love for each individual brother. They are so dear to You. You are love, Jesus. The Father gives us such love that He sent His only Son into the world to save us from our sins and make us heirs of heaven!

Jesus:  This is My life given up for you. This is My Body, My very own flesh, the very Blood in My veins, given up for love of you.

R.  Such closeness I feel to know Jesus loved us and loves us this much. In meditating on His passion, I realize His great love for me.

Jesus:  My little one, I am your precious One. I am in you and you are in Me. The Father sent Me. This is the union I call you to, such oneness, such intimate union in Our Hearts. 

  My Mother is forever placing you in the innermost recesses of My Heart. The Holy Spirit is the fire of the love of God. Such union fused together securely by the fire of the Spirit!

  Meditate on union with Me. Come close to Me through Mary's sinless heart. Be united to God - all three Persons. Focus on the indwelling of God within your very breast. God is alive within your heart. Such fullness in your chest to realize this presence within you!

  This is what protects you from the world. The more you realize the immenseness of God's love within your breast, your union with God, the less anything on the outside can penetrate your spirit. You are burning with My love. Let the love of God radiate from your being, be forever fixed on this intimate union you share in God.

  I never abandon you. I lead you to the courts of heaven where we will forever be united in such love. 

R.  The love of God within, the love of God outside us, the love of God in our brothers, the love of God poured out to us in the Eucharist!

Jesus:  I give you exactly what you need. It is in acceptance of all I send you, you grow in your relationship with Me.

  Do not look to your brothers and wish you have what they have. You have what you need. I pour My love out to you in the exact proportions needed. There is so much love in those who surround you. Do not in your willfulness wish for that which you are not receiving.

  See all the gifts and love I send you this very day and praise your heavenly Father and thank Him for these gifts.

You, My child, are so abundantly blessed. Praise and thank God, the giver of all, for the great gifts given to you. Do not be willful and wish for that which you do not have. Know that He gives you according to your needs and be grateful for the gifts you are given.

  Praise God and Thank Him. You are so favored, My precious child. You are guarded by My very own hands.

  Look to the heavens and count the stars and thank Him who gives you such good things.

R.  He suffered for me. To think He suffered for me! He is God. He suffered for each of us. In focusing on how He suffered for me and would do it this very day, I am in awe of Him. He walked the walk to Calvary. He was beaten. He was bloodied. He did this because He loved me. He was crucified so I can get to heaven and be with God and Mary and the Saints forever. He did this for ME!

  Do I ask, Lord, do You love me? I cry and complain and do not meditate on how He gave His all for me and would do it today. He is this personal with each of us.

  Mary is my mother. She mothers me as she mothered her Son. She was given to me under the cross. God loves us so much. Mary loves us so much. I accept this on faith. I am so blessed to have this love and Mary as my mother.

Mary is your mother too, which unites us so closely.

  Intimacy can only be achieved in dealing with Christ as you would with a lover. He loves me. God loves me. I achieve union within, but He loves you so we achieve union In Him and we personally unite with Him. We unite with each other because we are one in Him. He can unite with us individually and unite with all of us as one. This is a mystery, but I know it in my heart. I am so united to you because we are one in Him!

  The more I understand the love between God and me, the more I understand His love for you. I will love you better if I love Him. I realize better how much He loves you. How can I not love you when He loves you so much. We are one in Him! This is a mystery and not easily explained.

  My love for you is deepened by understanding my own unique relationship with Him, because as He loves me, He loves you and we are brothers. We are sons and daughters of the Father. If He loves you, I must love you because I am one with Him. You are one with Him and we are one in Him together.

  The more I realize your oneness with God, the more I must treat you with love because He loves you so much. I don't want to ever offend Him or you, you are His love.

  I realize this, then I feel so wretched for I see how far short I am of loving this way.



July 23, 1994

Title: I am Jesus


R.  Love for you, my special, loving Savior! You are the sweetest, the kindest, the most wonderful Savior and I love You with all of my heart.


  I am Jesus. I am Son of the Living God. I truly come to you, My sweet one. I give you My love. I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. I am He whose bootstraps you are unworthy to tie and I come to you with such ardent love. Your life is to be lived for Me and Me alone. Do not worry about anything, for I am guarding you.



Sunday, July 24, 1994

After Communion

R.  I am filled with the immensity of God's love, the unity of being one with Jesus, but one with the Father and Holy Spirit and Mary. It is hard to explain, to feel such intimacy with Jesus, a oneness with all three Persons. A closeness to Mary. It is in feeling this closeness with Jesus that I am one with the Father and Holy Spirit, I love each Person. My soul craves greater union with God!


  I am the Alpha, I am the Omega, I am He Who ardently loves you and wants such union with you. Pray to the Father and Son and Holy Spirit, to be closely united to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Meditate on this union with each Person of the Trinity. You, My child are so loved.

R.  The Father so loved Mary, He chose her among all women to be the Mother of His Son. Jesus loves His Mother so much and wants us to love His Mother. Mary is the spouse of the Holy Spirit. Mary will lead us to closer union with God.

Speaking to Jesus:  When I think of You and the nail prints in Your hands and feet and the piercing thorns in Your head, I am overwhelmed with such joy because You loved us this much. Your side was lanced, Your Heart pierced. What flows to us in the Church is Your grace. You give us the hope of salvation. I love You so, my beautiful Savior. I love You with all my heart. Mary lead us to closer union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Mary is our spiritual Mother. As Jesus was formed in the womb of Mary through the Holy Spirit, may we be formed more and more in her heart, through the Holy Spirit. May this transformation in her heart make us more like her Son Jesus and lead us to the Father.

Jesus:  I am Jesus, My beloved ones. You were created in such love by the Father. You were created in His own image and likeness. Model your lives after the lives of Jesus and Mary. Meditate on the rosary. Pray to the Spirit to carry out this transformation in the heart of My beloved Mother. The more you become likened to God, the more you will be filled with His love. To know God is to love, for He is love. Pray for this transformation in Mary's Immaculate Heart.



July 25, 1994

After Communion

R.  My dear dear Lord,

  I long to be with You, so close. I miss the tender moments. I do not get to be with You and this morning am overwhelmed with sadness, instead of joy to be with You! I want to spend my hours with You and when I do not, I miss that time so! I squandered my time. I talk on the phone or go out some nights and miss my morning prayers with You. I want to be with You for hours in front of the tabernacle. I miss You and love You so much, to tears!

  I long so for You. I want greater union with You. I thirst after knowledge of You. I long to be with You. You are my all, Lord. I long so to be with You in front of the tabernacle.

  I am sad for all the hours I missed today and yesterday. I miss my intimacy with You. I miss You. Nothing else can be likened to being with You. I love You so! Now I know the sorrow of my heart, the joy to behold You now, bitter sweetness, sorrow and joy, love and pain, You are my all!

  During Mass I wanted to cry. I could hear Jesus say, "this is My Body, My flesh, this is My Blood." I saw the little lamb led to the slaughter. I look at the crucifix and I realize His immense love. It saddens me so to know many who do not know this love and how He loves them so. It is painful to know this and watch people miss His beautiful love.

  The readings were exciting. I love to hear His words. It just excites me to hear the readings, the psalm and the gospel. I wanted to cry today because I love Him so and He is truly here. This is no myth. The readings at Mass are alive in my life today.

  The Mass is so beautiful. I love it more every day. What a gift to go to Mass. Oh, Father, how little I am, but I give myself in my entirety to You. The more I know You, the more I want to get lost in Jesus, to be hid away in His tender Heart. I love You so, my precious Savior!



July 25, 1994

Title:  My Beating Heart

Messenger: I went to the altar at the Center. My heart felt like it would beat out of my chest and I knew that this was of God. Jesus said: "My dear daughter, My Heart beats as one with yours." Then He told me to sing Like a Shepherd three times, and the picture was lighting up.
(The picture of the Sacred Heart was illuminated.)

Jesus speaks: My dear child,
Do you realize how much you must ponder My love for you? My Passion is the key for you to understand this love. Pray for the gift to realize this love. I would die for you this very day. For you, My sweet one. Think, "Jesus and Mary love me this much." This will increase your closeness to Me. It is in this personal love I pour out to you that we will be ever closer. My Heart is ever beating for you in such oneness.

I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am your Jesus. I love you with this love. Meditate on My Passion and see how I loved you.

I am your most loving Jesus, tenderest of all hearts and I am in your midst this very day.



July 26, 1994

Title:  Believe that My Mother Mary and I Love You!


     My dear sweet one, I am the Son of God. You know I am longing for your time spent with Me. You awake and you wish to continue sleeping. Do you ever want to get up? You need to go to bed at night, do not get on the phone, do not talk to people - just come to Me and be with Me.

     I am the Alpha and the Omega. Satan is trying to block your union with Me with many distractions.

R.  I can't believe Mary or Jesus would love me.

    I can't believe that Jesus truly loves me so much that He died for me. I can't believe that the same Mary that bore Christ and stood beneath the cross at His death is ever by my side and loving me as such a loving mother!


     My dear child, I have come to you with such tenderness and love this morning to tell you of my great love as your loving mother. Believe all I say to you. I love you as the most dear mother.

     Love can only exist if you trust. You must realize your own preciousness and know I never leave you. I am guarding your very way. Trust in my Son Jesus. He truly laid down His life for love of you and would die for you this very day.

     Love is given to you, my child. Look to the uniqueness of this love poured out to you. Pray to the Holy Spirit for the gift of understanding to understand all I am teaching you here.

     In your heart, you will know a new love of Jesus and myself as you let yourself experience Our love, given to you.

     Center on the uniqueness of this love. It is in realizing this personal love you will be able to give His love to others.

     He loves you, so dearly. He would suffer every beating, every thorn, every laceration, every ugly word, His most bitter death, this very day for you and you alone.

      Meditate on His passion and know this is the love He has for you.

     My precious little one, thank you for responding to this call. I am calling you to wrap yourselves in the arms of my beloved Son and experience His love - His life, His flesh, His blood, given for you.

     I am your most loving mother, Mary.


     My dear child, do you realize how much you must ponder My love for you? My passion is the key for you to understanding this love. Pray for the gift to realize this love. I would die for you this very day. For you, My sweet one! Think: Jesus loves ME this much! This will increase your closeness to Me. It is in this personal love I pour out to you that we will be ever closer. My Heart is ever beating for you in such oneness. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am your Jesus. I love you with this love. Meditate on My passion and see how I loved you.

     I am your most loving Jesus, tenderest of all hearts and I am in your midst this very day.



July 26, 1994

Title:  He Is In Our Midst This Very Day

After Communion

R.  Do I realize how Jesus loves us? Do I realize how Jesus loves you? Do I think and ponder how Jesus loves me?

He is not far off, He is inside of me right now. He is truly present in His Divinity and Humanity, in the Eucharist, in the tabernacle. Do I realize that He is truly present to me in front of the tabernacle?

    We are so fortunate to be in the presence of God. We are so fortunate to have Him in a special way within ourselves when we are in the state of grace. We are indeed blessed, to be in your presence, Lord. God dwells within us. Do I realize this presence? How can I not love you when I realize He dwells within your very soul?

     Oh, my brother, I have so much to learn on this journey and how little I see! I am sorry for not seeing the God who created you, His special creation and He loves His creation!

I am sorry for not seeing the special creation of God the Father. I am created in such love by God the Father!

I am sorry for not realizing His special presence within me when I am in the state of grace. I am sorry for the moments lost when I did not recognize God's presence in my very own midst. Open my eyes, oh Spirit of God, to see You as You are present in me and my brothers. Help me to become more and more aware of Your existence surrounding me and within me. God is truly in our midst this very day. Jesus is in His humanity and divinity in the Holy Eucharist. What words can we say but that He, God, is alive in us!

    My personal journey to greater union with Him depends on my pondering how He loves me personally. The more I realize how He loves me, the more I realize how He loves you. I am one in Him. You are one in Him. How can I not love you if you are this close to Him?

    To love you, my brothers, I must busy myself about developing my personal love affair with God. The more I love Him, the more I love you. You are His creation, His child, His precious one, His beloved. I must see myself as His creation, His child, His precious one, His beloved.

    I must ponder this love poured out for me. This is the key to my loving. God first loved us and sent His only Son that we might have life. From His love given to me, I can love Him and you, but I must first realize and know His love. He first loved us! Open my heart, Lord, to know Your love for me so I can love You and others as You call me to.

    Mary, guide me to know the love of your Son. Spirit open my heart. Father, help me to see the love You pour out to me. Jesus, Jesus, my precious love, open my heart to the immense love of God and let me feel this love poured out in such abundance so I can love You more fully and love my brothers as You want me to.

Jesus:  Open your heart to the love I pour out to you every day in the Eucharist. I come to you, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. I give you, My child, Myself. This is love: to lay down your life for your friend. I give Myself to you this day in the Eucharist, in My Divinity and Humanity. I enter your heart. My child, My child, ponder this love that God comes to you, a mere mortal, because He loves you so much. This is the secret to your life, to ever ponder the love of God and His presence with you this very day.

R.  He is truly here. He is in our midst. He ardently loves us with a burning fire. He loves me personally. He loves you personally.

    This is the "Good News". Shout it from the housetops, raise the roof: Jesus is Lord and He Is With Us This Very Day with an unabiding Love, given for me, given for you!

    Mary is my most loving mother and she is ever by my side. I love You, Jesus and Mary. I love You Father and Holy Spirit. This is the Good news! Jesus Has Died and Has Risen to New Life and we are sharers in this New Life!

    Come one, come all to the altar of the Lord. Praise, Honor and Worship for God is truly present and He is worthy of all Honor and Praise.

Alleluia, Praise the Lord, Alleluia. Praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Love to our most wonderful Mother. We are the chosen ones. God has visited His people and is in our midst this very day!

  Do I think God really does love me?

  Jesus loves me so, He died for me, He gave His Blood for me!

  He dwells within me. I am a temple of the Holy Spirit.

  How do I treat this temple? Do I treat it with such honor because God is present there?

  I am the creation of the Father. He loves me. He loves what He creates.

  Do I realize He loved me first. God loved me before I was born! He sent His only Son to save me from my sins so I can be with Him forever in heaven.

  Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. 

  I consecrate myself to Your most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in total surrender to be the creation You want me to be.

  Thy Will Be Done...

  Father, my Father, You who dwell within my breast, I am Yours. God, take me, mold me into the image of Jesus, Your Son.

Song:  On Eagles Wings


Psalm 91: 1-2, 14-16

You who live in the secret place of Elyon,
spend your nights in the shelter of Shaddai,
saying to Yahweh, ‘My refuge, my fortress,
my God in whom I trust!’

‘Since he clings to me I rescue him,
I raise him high, since he acknowledges my name.
He calls to me and I answer him:
in distress I am at his side,
I rescue him and bring him honour.
I shall satisfy him with long life,
and grant him to see my salvation.’


Christ has risen to bring us new life! 

Song: Night Is Over

Song: New Life

The Lady is Calling, She is Calling us Now.

Note:  I was filled up with such sorrow and crying, unexplained, all the way home from church.

  This is a fact, Christ is truly present and in our midst this very day.

  Souls will be lost. We are being called to spread His love. We are being called by Our Lady.

  What is more important? (I was filled up with such intense sorrow could hardly drive.)

  This is reality. All this about Jesus, God and Mary is real. His life and death were real. The Mass is real. He is truly present in the Eucharist and the tabernacle. This is reality. This is true today. [The tears were as always, unexplained after Communion, sitting before the tabernacle as I experience such sadness for the blindness of men to not even know Him. She is calling us now! Mary allows me to experience her sadness.

(Before the tabernacle I had a vision of Our Lady holding Jesus' body after He was taken down from the cross.

On the bus when I was in Medugorje, a priest recited the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary..on Mt. Krucivec (Medugorje) - nails in Jesus' hands..also the priest did the stations of the cross, he also talked about Mary and how she suffered.) I have experiences, deep crying, experiencing the sufferings of Jesus and Mary. The veil is lifted and I am so close to the other side. I experience such joy to be so close to Them.]

  Mary held the lifeless body of Jesus under the cross. We have Christ inside of our body when we receive the Eucharist. He is no less present in us than He was in Mary's womb.

Jesus:  I come to you in such a special way and many do not even know what a treasure they possess. This is My Body you receive. This is My Blood you receive. I come inside of you to be so closely united to you.

  Do you see the love I want to share with you. I give you the sacrament of My greatest love. I come to dwell, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, within your very breast! 

  I am love. I give My love to you in this most sacred mystery. I am so full of love for you, My sweet ones.

R.  Mary held the Son of God within her body. She felt His life within her body and she knew that life was God's own Son. The baby she carried would save the whole world. Jesus is a Divine Person with two natures - a human nature and a Divine nature. Jesus was a little baby formed in the womb of His sweet Mother Mary.

  What an honor for Mary that the child Jesus was formed in her body. Mary was so joined to Jesus from His beginning of life on earth. He was formed from her body. Mary was there at His death and received His lifeless body, taken down from the cross. As she delivered His tender body at birth, she held His battered, bruised body after His death on the cross. Such anguish for her tender heart - this is her beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!



July 28, 1994

Title:  Study His Passion

R.  Think of how we ponder and look at our wounds. Oh, a splinter in my finger! Look what they did to our Savior during the scourging: raw flesh, unexamined. Such harsh treatment to our Savior God! Does my brother hurt my feelings with a word? What a baby I am to hold on to it forever and months later to still be harboring the hurt!

    Christ showed us the way, He was brutally beaten and not a whimper. He was led away, His head and eyes cast low, His crown of thorns penetrating His head, with the trickling of blood surrounding His face and head. He went as the innocent lamb, led to the slaughter. He showed us the way to accept our crosses. He carried His, even when He fell under it. He did not throw it back or try to relieve Himself, He collapsed under it, still holding on.

     How do I carry my cross? Do I complain and try to alleviate the pain by giving it to you, do I try to get out of it completely, or do I realize that He is allowing me to experience this and accept it as He did?

    He left with each of us the story of His passion. It is in meditating on this I learn about my beloved Master, and how to be more like Him. Study His passion and death. No one gave Him bandages for His wounds. I am receiving the fruits for meditating on His wounds. One wound, what a story, what a lesson for my life: He was battered from head to toe, not to mention the mental suffering, the heartache. So much to meditate on, to learn more about my precious lover. This is His love given for us, each wound graciously accepted out of such love for me.

     No little love does He have that He, my precious Savior, my most ardent lover, suffered every wound, every slander, every heartache, everything done to Him to His death on the cross for love of ME!

    How does He love me? He loves me this way: He loves me in His aching shoulder. He loves me as He carried His cross. He loves me so much He carried the cross until He literally collapsed under its weight. His love is undying. His love is enduring. His love is the love of God, beyond all human comprehension. His love is. He showed us during His life and resurrection His undying love. His life, given for love of me!

Jesus:  To My very death, I loved you, My sweet and faithful child. This is not a myth, this is reality. Tell them. Tell them all, for love of them I died so they would rise to new life and be forever with Me in heaven!

    The battle is done, the victory is won. Your life lived for love of Me gives you pass into My kingdom. Spread the good news. Shout it from the rooftops. Hold not back one word from your lips that Jesus is Lord and He is truly risen!  You will rise to new life if you love and serve the Lord. It is in your preaching of this Gospel, you will help others to go to heaven. By My death and resurrection, you will live forever.

    I am the Good Shepherd. I know mine and mine know Me. Follow Me. Meditate on My ways. My ways are the ways to peace and love in your hearts. My ways are the ways that lead to everlasting life.

    It is in meditating on My passion you realize more fully My immense love given for you. I Love You, Child, to My Very Own Death! Ponder My life, My ways, pray the rosary, meditate on My passion, My life given for love of you!



July 28, 1994 - Pounding Heart

Messenger: To embrace you, my Lord! I want to be united as one in my soul. I want to be united as one in my heart. My heart beats with ardent love for my Savior. Such an honor! I cannot even fathom my heart being united to Yours. If You would but tuck me in a little part, a little pocket, and let me be there, let me hear the beating of Your most tender Heart. Let me feel the warmth of Your love, poured out for me!

Jesus speaks: Oh, my precious one, do you know this is reality? The reality of My Heart and that of My Mother’s joined to your heart in such union? This is reality. My Heart beats as one with you in such love!

Meditate on the abyss of My most Sacred Heart, it is a mighty furnace burning with such a roaring fire for love of you. Think of this union. My Heart gives the fire that burns in the hearts of those who open themselves up to Me. It is this fire that burns with love in your eyes, that is emitted from you when you are with others.

Your oneness with Me is of importance to your life on this earth and the life hereafter. Strive for deepest union with Me in the burning furnace of My Heart. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, ablaze with love on fire for you. Be so intimate with Me, My precious child. This intimacy I crave with every soul. Speak of My Heart ablaze for love of each soul. I want their love. Tell them I wait for them with such yearning!

Messenger: I saw a heart that looked like it was a furnace inside. It was bright yellow, white in the center. I am experiencing pounding in my heart.

His Heart is truly beating for love of us. I felt my heart beating so hard in my chest. I knew it was from Him. Hearts don’t do what the mind is doing. This morning my heart was pounding, heart racing, I got this letter:

Jesus speaks: This is My love for you. The pounding in your heart is from Me. Every second My Heart is beating with  intense love of you. Even when you forget about Me, I am loving you with My intense love. I love you with a beating Heart, on fire for love of you. When you are lonely think of My Heart beating so strongly for love of you.



July 28, 1994 - Jesus Loves You this Day

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus, child. I love you this way, no matter where you go. Pray the rosary and be with your children. It is My love you must pour out to others. My Heart beats like this for love of all. Respect your brothers and love them as My Father's dear creation, as the temple of the Lord, of My love. They are your brothers. Love them, sweet one, love all for Me. You are My Heart beating in this cold world.

Messenger: How can I leave You after this?

Jesus speaks: I don't leave you. I go with you as you love and serve your Lord. You must share My love with all. You are My temple in this world. Love your brothers for Me.



July 28, 1994 - 4:30am  - Reach Out With the Hands of Love

Messenger: To love You this way! Jesus wants me to realize the dignity that He bestows on me. "With dignity and honor, I have clothed you, My sweet one."

Jesus speaks: Reach out with the hands of love. Be heart-centered, filled deep within with My most ardent love. You will love others proportionate to your love affair with Me. From the depth of My Heart I cry unto you to realize this love that is outpoured to you. You are My beloved. You are My sweet and faithful one. You, I ask to come and be in love with Me. Pray from your heart. Be in love with Me.

Messenger: He would do what He did because He knew the love of the Father. All love that comes through Jesus comes from the Father. He loved when they hated because He knew the Father's love. When the world is cold, jump into His Heart. He puts us in a little pocket. Little lambs, caressed by His Heart!



July 29, 1994 - Stay Ever Pure in My Heart

Messenger: Jesus told me He could withstand His bitter Passion because He knew the Father's love for Him. All love that comes through Jesus comes from the Father. He loved when they hated Him because He knew the Father's love.

When the world is cold, I run to His Heart and tuck myself inside His Heart. It is for You I live, Lord. Give me the courage and Your love to love when I would rather not. You are my Savior. I am Your servant. I want to do the will of the Father. Help me to realize more and more the Father's love for me. He loved me first to create me. I am the creation of God the Father.

Let me forever hold in my heart the vision of Jesus caressing the little lambs with such love. I want to be a little lamb caressed and held close to the Heart of the Good Shepherd!

Creatures are imperfect, I am imperfect, my brothers are imperfect. I cannot demand perfection of myself or others.

I must love myself and others despite my faults.

The Lord will be my Shepherd, nothing more shall I want.

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus, the Son of God. I am He Who loves you, My little one. Forever focus on My love. Do not be troubled. My Heart is the tenderest of all hearts. I am as gentle in heart as I was as a tender baby in Mary's arms. My Heart is tender and loving and pure. Come to Me, My beloved one. I caress you close to My Heart and you are never afraid, for I love you with strength and gentleness.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God.

I live in you, dear one. Stay ever pure in My love. Come and meditate with Me. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am your love. Come to Me, My precious child.

Messenger: I have immense heartache when I do not get to be with Him in front of the tabernacle.

Jesus speaks: When you love Me more than you love yourself, you will find a way to come to Me in adoration.

Messenger: He told me to ask the priest for a key to the church. I didn't want to.

I want to hug others for Jesus. I see Jesus in them. He loves each person so much.

Satan always works hard on Fridays between 12 and 3:00.



July 30, 1994 - My Life Is Your Life to Follow

Jesus speaks: Come unto Me all who are weary and find rest for your soul. Be an empty vessel so My love can flow through you as an open pipe. You must rid yourself of all guilt imposed on you by the devil. Pray for humility to know the truth and deal with the truth. Forget your failings after you have confessed them. I am the Good Shepherd, I know Mine and they follow Me. My life is your model to follow, study Me and My ways and pray to Me constantly.

I am the Good Shepherd, I tend to My sheep. You are guarded. I go with you and give you all you need.

Do not stray, stay close to Me and follow Me. Do not look to the world. Keep your focus on Me.

Oh, I love you with the tenderest of all hearts. Oh, I am your most precious Jesus. Meditate on My life in the rosary, all 15 decades. Live My life and that of My Mother in your actions.

Messenger: I feel their oneness in heart. I feel this unity so strong today. To be with Him is to be united to my Mother. I am not dealing with Him alone. She is there, united to Him.

Jesus speaks: I am the Good Shepherd, I know Mine and they follow Me. Open your heart to My ways, not what you think is the way, but what My ways are for you this day.

Your children need your attentiveness. You want to please them and let them do their thing. You obey Me, they obey you. You need time alone with them every day. You need to play with them everyday. Treasure our moments together and being with your children.

I am Jesus, your ardent lover. I love you when you are doing all things. You must be with them and realize how close I am when you are doing the will of the Father.

I am with you when you play games. I am with you all day, very close, inside of your heart. My Heart beats as one with yours. You are My beating heart in this world. Spread My love to all. Your job is to love, to see My loved ones, to smile and be Me to those you touch. Love given to your brothers is of utmost importance.

I love you, I love through you. Ask yourself, how would Christ treat this person, beloved creation of My Father?

You are here to love God with your whole heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Doing My will is doing your duties. You love to pray, but you must take care of yourself and your family.

You are My hands. You are My Heart. You are Me to this world. I need you to interact with people, even though you would rather pray and be alone with Me. You are My body to this world. Act as I would act. Love for Me, My sweet one. You are My Heart beating in this cold world.

I am close to you at every moment, no matter what you are doing.

I am your precious Jesus, forever by your side and in your heart and ardently on fire for love of you. Love for Me! First and foremost - always love.



July 30, 1994

After Communion
St. Gertrude's Church

Title:  I Receive the Same Jesus That Died For Us

Messenger: I love Jesus so much. After Communion I wanted to be so close to Him and for Him not to leave. I was filled up with such longing, intense longing, wanting more.

Oh, how, sweet Jesus, do I ever tell You, God, that I love You? You are truly God and You come and dwell inside of me. I am filled with such emotion to realize You are here and to know Who You are.

I realized this is truly Jesus Who died on the cross and called out from the cross to His Father. This is He, inside of me. God inside of me! Filled with such emotion, wonder, excitement, longing for more knowledge of Him, to the point of tears, I could hardly stand it to realize this is truly the same Jesus Who was on the cross.

I felt the consecrated Host on my tongue and knew it was Jesus Who died on the cross. I could hardly stand it. I love You, Jesus, so much. I love You, I love You, I love You!

    My heart pants for love of God. He is truly God. Mary is so close to Him. I feel her union when I say His name.

    The more I pray the rosary, the more I see them so united. To be united to Jesus is to be united to Mary.

    This, I feel so intensely in my heart. I can’t even put it on paper. I love her so much that when I get near her statue I cry.

    She is truly calling us to her Son. To pray the rosary is to unite in a special way with Them. The rosary lives in my day, the mysteries of Their lives are in my thoughts. It is so wonderful to be united to Them in my life. I love Them so much.

    They are truly with us. Realizing this presence is drawing me ever closer to Them. I run to Them when I want to cry or express my joy, They are so real to me. They never ever leave. They love us so much. I love Them so much, my pen is unable to write even a minute amount of my heartfelt feelings.



July 31, 1994

After Communion 7:45 a.m.

Title: Do Not Judge, Love Your Brothers


Matthew 13: 24-43

He put another parable before them, ‘The kingdom of Heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field. While everybody was asleep his enemy came, sowed darnel all among the wheat, and made off. When the new wheat sprouted and ripened, then the darnel appeared as well. The owner’s labourers went to him and said, "Sir, was it not good seed that you sowed in your field? If so, where does the darnel come from?" He said to them, "Some enemy has done this." And the labourers said, "Do you want us to go and weed it out?" But he said, "No, because when you weed out the darnel you might pull up the wheat with it. Let them both grow till the harvest; and at harvest time I shall say to the reapers: First collect the darnel and tie it in bundles to be burnt, then gather the wheat into my barn." ’

He put another parable before them, ‘The kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all the seeds, but when it has grown it is the biggest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air can come and shelter in its branches.’

He told them another parable, ‘The kingdom of Heaven is like the yeast a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour till it was leavened all through.’

In all this Jesus spoke to the crowds in parables; indeed, he would never speak to them except in parables. This was to fulfil what was spoken by the prophet:    

I will speak to you in parables,
 unfold what has been hidden
 since the foundation of the world.

Then, leaving the crowds, he went to the house; and his disciples came to him and said, 'Explain to us the parable about the darnel in the field.' He said in reply, ' The sower of the good seed is the Son of man. The field is the world; the good seed is the subjects of the kingdom; the darnel, the subjects of the Evil One; the enemy who sowed it, the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; the reapers are the angels. Well then, just as the darnel is gathered up and burnt in the fire, so it will be at the end of time. The Son of man will send his angels and they will gather out of his kingdom all causes of falling and all who do evil, and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and grinding of teeth. The the upright will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Anyone who has ears should listen!


Jesus speaks: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. He who abides in Me will have the light of life. I love all My beloved children. It is not for you to judge, "you are more loved - they are less loved by Me." I love everyone unconditionally. I love them despite their faults. You have faults, yet I love you. Never look to your brother and judge where he is with Me. It is not your place to judge and to measure. It is your place to love. Love all, be a witness to Me in all that you do. The seed you plant may germinate into a mighty oak with My water and sunlight. I constantly provide in the lives of My beloved ones.

Child, I tell you, you must love. You cannot love God, Whom you do not see, if you fail to love those you see. Each child was uniquely created by the hand of the Father. You are loved more greatly than you could ever imagine! Focus on this love, not on your brother’s faults. The love of God is abundantly poured out to you in your life. Seek after this love and not your selfish pursuits. My love will sustain the lonely heart and it is ever available to you. Look not to the right nor to the left, look to your Heavenly Father above. He is ever with you and loving you.

I am Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. It is through Me you are saved. Come to Me all who labor and are heavily burdened and I will give you rest. Oh, blessed of My Father, need I say more? Love God and love one another. Do not judge. Do not measure. Do not criticize your beloved brothers. Love them despite all their faults. The Father loves you. You will know a treasure far greater than anything this world could give you. You are the beloved creation of My Father. See yourself and others as such. These words I have spoken to you that you will have peace and love in your hearts. Hold onto Me and you will not be led astray. I am your precious Jesus, Savior of the World. I love you with the love that bid Me lay down My Life for you. Heed My words that you will know peace, love and joy in your soul.



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