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November 30, 2006

December 1st Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period  II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for December 1st are Glorious.


Rita Ring will do the prayers live

on the radio at 6:20pm

December 1, 2006

Please tune in!


The Third Newsletter is in-process for Christmas. Pray for this!

November 30, 2006


Messenger:               I went on a journey and I went on a
                            single laned highway
— it was close to the river,
                            windy and trees lined the windy way.

                                It began to rain and I love rain, so I
                            was content even though it now began to
                            grow dark and the road was hilly
—  I could
                            see lights of the cars up ahead and a police
                            car lit like a Christmas tree made a
                            swift pass by me on the road.

                                Then all the cars before me stopped and like they
                            were being guided turned around on this hilly,
                            windy road and went back one by one from
                            where they came.

                                I saw an officer of some sort now come
                            out with some flairs and put them almost
                            in front of me
— Next an ambulance zoomed by
                            and ahead was a big wreck across the road —
                            The rain came down softly on my stopped
                            window and it was almost dark now, but
                            the lights from the accident were so disruptive
                            looking — as I gazed at gentle drops of rain
                            on my window, I saw a horror of how
                            the wreck was really a bad one and the lights
                            from the service vehicles screamed out for
                            me to pray for those involved — pray deeply,
                            I looked in my rear view mirror and it seemed
                            the cars behind me were also directed to make
                            a u-turn and even though this was a state
                            route, after one hour of waiting — it seemed
                            the traffic behind me never built up — for
                            everyone by some direction — except me — turned
                            and got out of there.

                                At long last the vehicles involved, ambulance
                            moved from the wreck, tow trucks etc. A car
                            once nice was now so disfigured it looked
                            as if the whole front of the car had collapsed
                            like an accordion and I prayed more for
                            those in the wreck.

                                I never left the scene of the accident, the
                            night was pitch black now, but on the hilly
                            road and very windy
— someone driving to
                            some destiny met a great obstacle that could
                            have taken their life, definitely changed it.

                                I was traveling the same road, almost at
                            the same time, going a moderate speed and
                            my car was untouched and so was I.

                                I really prayed and knew how God had
                            spared me
— for a few moments before I could
                            have been in that wreck.

                                I love silence so much in this noisy world
                            it almost seems to me that silence has a
                            noise and yet it has no noise, but has
                            such a presence to help me connect so
                            deeply inside.

                                When  winter comes in Cincinnati it can be
                            so very cold, I may not want to go out sometimes
                            and yet I still do, when summer comes in
                            Florida, and I am here, it may be so hot, I may
                            not want to go out sometimes and I do.

                                I cannot control the elements, I cannot
                            control the light of day and the dark of night

                            God has rendered so many days to me — like
                            candles on a birthday cake, one, two, three,
                            how many days and years.

                                God created me and allowed me to grow in
                            my mother's womb, but five years after I
                            was born, my mom died and I was here

                            completely whole, but I had to do without
                            my natural mother my life long — so it was really
                            easy for me to know my spiritual mother —
                            the Blessed Mother —

                                There are others whose parents were taken
                            away when they were very young.

                                Jesus only lived 33 years as a man and
                            look at all He accomplished.

                                Our days are given to us as gifts from
— to grow in greater perfection likened
                            to Him and to love and serve Him and build
                            His Kingdom. Every moment, every day has its
                            beauty in His plan.

                                At the destined moment I was born on this
                            earth and I am alive because God wants me
                            here to do something
— it may be to pray right
                            now, to clean later, to help others, to spread
                            His work, but we are always working against
                            a force that does not want us here doing God's

                                One minute it may be raining and the sun
                            shining the next. You say
— how come
                            a hurricane today and tomorrow little babies
                            who never even know the wrath of the weather
                            can build little sand castles where the winds
                            and water ruined homes yesterday not far

                                To those who comprehend, the wrath of God for
                            this generation is being held back and His love
                            for the ones spreading His work is in the mercy
                            He is granting to the human race.

                                My prayers for the priests, the Church and the
                            world can help change things. Your prayers
                            with me can make a difference.

                                A storm came up and wiped out a whole
                            little village and another somewhere in the
                            world was experiencing a tremendous harvest.

                                Why when the rain comes does it water the
                            earth and make the flowers grow and at
                            the same time
waters can cause such
                            destruction like Noah's flood.

                                I feel like the child writing for my God asking
— oh why daddy is the grass so green
                            and what makes the stars shine and the little
                            seeds I planted soon grow to a beautiful
                            plant — Oh why daddy — do I breathe so smooth
                            today and tomorrow I could get a lung problem
                            so bad, I could die and daddy says —
                                quietly —

                                Oh My child, the very hairs of your head are numbered.
                                Count the stars in the sky if you want to try,
                                    but sweet little one
— the capabilities of
                                    the human mind and your reason is

                                I am the ultimate mystery and yet I impart
                                    to you such a treasure to share in
                                    My life in you through baptism
— that
                                    your knowing and loving capacity is elevated
                                    and you think you are autonomous —
                                    some of you —

                                    Oh you think you know so much and
                                    Child in this vast universe
— you know so
                                             very little.

                                    It is by your wounded nature — you reach
                                        for higher knowledge, insight into
                                        the mysteries — then become pompous
                                        thinking you know it all.

                                    Little one, be as the baby at the breast
                                            the child suckling at the breast of their

                                            a child ready to learn

                                            a heart pure, loving and forgiving           

                                            not an old heart surrounded with the
                                                  wraps of anger and bitterness

                                                  memories of the faults of others —

                                   My Son's Heart carried the thorns of His Head
                                         knowing the rejection of this day and age and
                                         going to the cross as a lover — so purely
                                         wanting the souls with Him forever in heaven.

                                   What a reward — you can be with Me forever
                                            in heaven.
                                            ponder this My child —
                                            not the adverse ways of your friends —
                                            I open your heart and give you deep
                                                      insight into the hidden mysteries.


Jesus speaks:        How it wounds My Heart you think so little
                                of My letters of love given to you.

                            Oh open your eyes, caked with the crusts of
                                    deception and your mind wrapped in
                                    rags of anger, fear, jealousy, bitterness
                                    and wrath.

                            A lady was given a big beautiful gift — a big
                                bow and wrapped to perfection —
                                she was so focused on disappointing things
                                when so richly blessed —
                                she screamed with the gift in hand.

                            How this wounded My Heart in the garden
                                    to see you richly blessed, squander the
                                    treasures and be filled with such

                            Pray for vision
                            pray to the Holy Spirit to see —

                            An old man sat by a peer and wanted some fish
                                 he was so blinded he received fish, after fish,
                                 after fish and yet he went away grumbling —
                                 he wanted a certain fish —
                                 larger than his neighbor —
                                 bigger than the sea —

                                 He carried his fish with him grumbling
                                       he didn't even see the gift of gold
                                       he carried, for he wanted it
                                       his way,
                                       his kind of fish.

                                 When given lemons make lemonade
                                  Did you ever hear this —

                            You must open your heart to how I am
                                   working My plan in you and focus on
                                   what I am saying

                            So you will listen and respond to help
                                    accomplish the great work I have
                                    begun in you.

                            Sailors sail on the sea — the waves and wind are
                                       their friends.

                            You see a bump in the road and want to turn
— like the people of the accident —
                                    I sent My messenger to pray —
                                    to see how every moment has its value —
                                    it may not be the fish — you are looking for —

                                    but let Me ask you
                                    why are you so set in your ways anyway —

                                    Are not five little fish as tasty as
                                          one big one.

                                    It depends what your limited thoughts
                                          have told you and
                                          your blinded eyes

                            See through My eyes
                                   Work with My Plan

                                    Lean in together — hands on — in one
                                            accord —

                            More and more the devil blocks My work through
                                     willful hearts

                                     one plan —
                                     the plan of the Father.

                            A little girl was out on a cold night standing
                                  by a tree
— in the dark and the wind
                                  came and beat against her and she began to

                                  but right by her side was a lighted, welcoming
                                        home and she stood by the tree
                                        paralyzed, because she was afraid and
                                        blinded to the real opportunities.





November 30, 2006 message continues

Messenger:           And the day was gloomy, windy, rainy and guess
— I knew He would work in this for
                                        His purpose —
                                        I just need be open to His plan and
                                        my eyes open wide, not blinded —

                            A bird if chased may flap his wings and run

                            I am not a bird, I am the creation of My
                                    Divine God
— set on this earth with
                                    a calling — to help lead the souls
                                    home to the Heart of Jesus.

Jesus speaks:        Oh little strayed sheep

                            Come home to Me

                            Hear My Voice

                            And follow

John 10: 11 - 15

I am the good shepherd:
the good shepherd lays down his life
    for his sheep.
The hired man,
    since he is not the shepherd
and the sheep do not belong to him,
abandons the sheep
as soon as he sees a wolf coming,
    and runs away, 
and then the wolf attacks
    and scatters the sheep;
he runs away
    because he is only a hired man
and has no concern for the sheep.
I am the good shepherd;
I know my own
and my own know me,
just as the Father knows me
and I know the Father;
and I lay down my life for my sheep.


Ezekial 34: 11-12, 15-17

For the Lord Yahweh says this: Look, I myself shall take care of my flock and look after it. As a shepherd looks after his flock when he is with his scattered sheep, so shall I look after my sheep. I shall rescue them from wherever they have been scattered on the day of clouds and darkness. I myself shall pasture my sheep, I myself shall give them rest–declares the Lord Yahweh. I shall look for the lost one, bring back the stray, bandage the injured and make the sick strong. I shall watch over the fat and healthy. I shall be a true shepherd to them.

"As for you, my sheep, the Lord Yahweh says this: I shall judge between sheep and sheep, between rams and he–goats.


Psalm 23: 1-2, 2-3, 5-6

The good Shepherd

Psalm Of David

Yahweh is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
In grassy meadows he lets me lie.

By tranquil streams he leads me 
   to restore my spirit. 
He guides me in paths of saving justice 
   as befits his name. 

Even were I to walk in a ravine as dark as death 
I should fear no danger, for you are at my side. 
Your staff and your crook are there to soothe me. 

You prepare a table for me 
   under the eyes of my enemies; 
you anoint my head with oil; 
   my cup brims over. 

Kindness and faithful love pursue me 
   every day of my life. 
I make my home in the house of Yahweh
    for all time to come.



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