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December 9, 2008

December 10th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for December 10th are Joyful.


Rita will do a retreat in China,

December 10, 11, 12, and 13th.



December 9, 2008


                    Obedience as we ask for in the
                Our Father —

                    Horses at the gate — that run to win —
                    not horses that don't run — they do not win — scamper

                    As we dwell in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
                we will live in oneness obeying the Father's will —
                Mary is the Queen of Peace — Mary under the cross —
                suffered, but was in perfect peace —
                Mary held Jesus' lifeless body in the Pieta — her
                    suffering great — in perfect peace

                Not saying words — I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love.
                meaning it — that we want to obey God
                We want to run the race — under God
                    doing it for God

                The devil presses on people to be aggressive for his evil
                    scam —
                    rush to do something evil


                My peace plan

                    (1) conversion

                    (2) giving your heart to Jesus' Heart and
                        My Immaculate Heart

                    (3) Pray the Rosary — meditating on
                            the life of Jesus and My Life —
                            Jesus is the New Adam
                            I am the New Eve —



                    (4) Praying for the priests, the Church
                            and the world

                    (5) Reparation to God
                        Reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

                        Prayer services 5th Clearwater
                                                13th China

                        Retreats in China and Clearwater

                    (6) First Saturday devotion

                    (7) Reception of the Sacraments and Adoration

                    (8) Being Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

                    (9) Living by the Word

                    (10) Prayers Jesus gave Fr. Carter

                    (11) Holy Spirit Novena

                    (12) Greater intimacy with God


                The Japanese that attacked at Pearl Harbor —
                    planned, practiced —
                    Where there was their will to conquer and
                        to disarm — to win over the United States

                    They were driven
                    They believed they could do it

                How are we in building the Father's

                How are we in helping to bring about
                    the Reign of the Sacred Heart and
                    Triumph of Mary's heart?

                How about fighting with me for
                    this era of peace Mary
                    promised at Fatima?

                Fighting and giving ourselves really to the
                    pure and sinless Hearts of New Adam and
                    New Eve.

                Where there is a will there is a way.

                Help us.

Mary by day
July 5, 2000

by night
July 5, 2000

                You may not do evil to
                bring good out of it —

                Pray to the Sacred Heart

                We may want to be good and pray
                    for the grace to be good —
                    go to confession — a good confession
                        and God gives us a grace

                    but the choice is there —

                Will I continue sinning out of
                    my past habits and desires

                Will I choose what God wants —

                God gives us grace

                God sends people to us, but
                    we say no many times to
                    God's grace


Deuteronomy 30: 19

I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse.
Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live,


                There are movie stars all over
                    the world who have
                    much beauty and talents and
                    fame, money, recognition,
                    but are so empty inside —

                What happens when we don't
                    live in our heart —
                    seeking the spiritual
                    things — the way God
                    intended —

                Another person can get a
                    tremendous grace and
                    cooperate with that grace
                    and their lives are changed —

                It is grace —

                God can give us grace to be good —
                    but we have a free


Deuteronomy 30: 19-20

Today, I call heaven and earth to witness against you: I am offering you life or death, blessing or curse. Choose life, then, so that you and your descendants may live, in the love of Yahweh your God, obeying his voice, holding fast to him; for in this your life consists, and on this depends the length of time that you stay in the country which Yahweh swore to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that he would give them.’


                Our Lord tells us many travel
                    a wide road,
                    but we must follow the
                    narrow gate —


Matthew 7: 13-14

‘Enter by the narrow gate, since the road that leads to destruction is wide and spacious, and many take it; but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it.


                When I am lethargic and don't
                    do what God wants of me — I
                    am making a choice

                God calls us and we are to
                    respond according to His
                    will in love —

                God gives us talents to build His
                    We are commissioned in
                    baptism to act as the
                    Father wants

                Jesus sweat blood so we would
                    be saved, but we must
                    live to love and serve Him and
                    follow His way —

                God has called us, given us talents
                    to help build His Kingdom

                We have just so many days here —

                To try others because we are to
                    do a certain act and not do
                    what is needed when it
                    is our job is not
                    right —

                It is choosing to not do what we
                    are supposed to

                Do we choose life or death —

                Do we give love to God by doing
                    the Father's will —

                Are we trying to do God's will —
                    willingly in the Spirit —
                    or are we sitting and doing nothing —
                        making people wait for us
                        who hold what they need
                        to do God's work —

                Satan wants the people to block
                    God's work —

                Satan is an abuser —
                    he tries and he tries and he tries
                        a soul and he wants them
                        to finally give in

                    But he doesn't give up —
                        he presses
                        on a person - provoking —
                        he will continue until
                        he can tempt them to sin —
                        if they will give in


                 People can act for satan —
                    instead of building God's
                    Kingdom — they are in
                    darkness and they provoke and provoke
                    another trying to be just —
                        the abuse cycle


                Living in the Spirit is not giving
                    into the devil —

                One is saturated more and more with
                    God's grace —

                The Father, Son and Holy Spirit live in
                    the baptized graced soul
                    most abundantly the more
                    they are filled with God's grace and
                    the Holy Spirit fills them —
                    the spirit of such a soul is
                    willing — cooperative — going
                    forth with enthusiasm to do
                    God's will —

                LIFE IN the SPIRIT

                Where as the soul choosing to
                    hurt others doing God's work —
                    can be passive-aggressive —
                    sitting on a pity pot after
                    their attack because they
                    feel bad for their evil actions —
                    expecting to suck the energy from
                        a holy soul

                A person acting for satan — is dark —
                    provoking, causing disharmony,
                    laughing at others suffering
                    for their evil, discord —

                They block the work others are
                    doing — they become more and
                    more enslaved to satan who
                    counsels them

                The baptized soul filled with light - is
                    filled when they go to the sacraments
                    The Holy Spirit moves in them
                    They are not willful seeking dominance
                        for themselves

                    They are focused on God's will and
                    They live in the Spirit of God
                    They are willing to serve
                    There is energy
                    There is love — vibrancy —

                    They live for God not selfish for

                The selfish person is trying to
                    prove — they are worth
                    admiring — they are to
                    be honored — respected —
                    they want the top seat for

                    they manipulate or try to
                        manipulate others doing
                        good to be dominant for
                        dominance sake —
                        a weakness from the garden

                The devil is counseling them —
                    to hold back needed materials
                        for control —

                    to get control with money
                    to keep secrets —

                God is calling us to be children
                    of the light building His

                Knowing the purity of the Hearts of
                    Jesus and Mary

                Living in Their pure and holy Hearts
                A willing spirit inside loving God —
                Obeying the commandments of God

                WILLING —

                LIFE IN the SPIRIT

                God wants harmony

                People who do unpredictable things
                    in an isolated manner and
                    in secret


                    work a path like this


                    But the act isn't enough —
                the devil then uses their actions
                if they continue to operate for
                him to cause confusion —
                    make those over them look weak
                    because they try to deal with
                    the misbehavior

                The devil wants confusion
                The devil attacks structure by
                    people he tries to use to
                    seek dominance for
                    dominance sake

                ie — God gave us the commandments
                        to obey —

                People can make fun of Jesus

                People can disobey the commandments
                    and they are relativists —
                    that means — this is my truth
                    and you have your truth and
                    that's okay

                That isn't okay

                Jesus is the way, the truth and the

                Did you notice - even with children —
                    if they were caught stealing
                    a cookie out of the cookie
                    jar — they can lie —
                    children must be taught to not lie —

                It doesn't feel good when you lie
                    to cover things up

                But after 40 years of lying our
                    conscience can become
                    uninformed consciences

                When we do something wrong —
                    the holy soul admits it —
                    they say they are sorry for
                    they want the truth in


John 16: 13-15

However, when the Spirit of truth comes
he will lead you to the complete truth,
   since he will not be speaking
of his own accord,
but will say only what he has been told;
and he will reveal to you
   the things to come.
He will glorify me,
since all he reveals to you
will be taken from what is mine.
Everything the Father has is mine;
that is why I said:
all he reveals to you
will be taken from what is mine.


                When people do bad acts — they
                    are seldom finished —
                    many then go for weeks, years
                    months — punishing others
                    to prove what they did
                    was wrong — was right —
                    (a wrong act is wrong) 

                That is what the devil wants —
                    He wants to wreck marriages —
                    He wants to wreck institutions
                    He wants people to give up their
                        vocation —
                    because they want to be
                    right when they sin —
                    and they then hurt others more with
                    lies and punishment

                The devil wants this punishment
                    for those telling the truth
                    and living in the truth —
                    so he presses on people
                    who sin (because they
                    do not choose life) then
                    he gets them to try to punish
                    the just man for their
                    wicked deeds

                A person sinning is sinning —
                Provoking others
                Holding back needed information
                Controlling for a person not in

                Is how the devil works in
                    marriages, churches,
                    schools, institutions —
                    wherever there is to be

                The devil can attack using the
                    weakness of a wounded human
                    nature — and the person gives in
                    to their weak human nature
                    because of seeking dominance for
                    dominance sake, jealousy,
                    anger, envy, lust, slothfulness
                    gluttony —

                    We are to be pure like Mary
                and Jesus — the New Adam and
                the New Eve

                    Jesus is the way, the truth
                and the life

                    An uninformed conscience
                comes from choosing evil — it
                becomes easier to do evil
                acts —

                    Vices are habits

                    We must pray for virtues of
                prudence, temperance, justice,
                fortitude —

                these act as a unit —

                We beg God for the grace to see
                    so we do not give into vices —

                We go to the Eucharist
                We do adoration
                We go to confession

                When we go to the sacraments worthily
                    we are filled with His life
                    in us

                We live a grace filled life

                Life in the Spirit


                We are struggling to become more
                    like God
                    old habits
                    weakness of will

                We seek to be more and more in the image and
                    likeness of God

                We live a deeper life of consecration —
                    We go to the Immaculate Heart
                        of Mary, and we know the
                        Holy Spirit forms us
                        more and more in the image
                        and likeness of God

                as children of light —

                not darkness we come forth

                Mary appeared in Clearwater —
                    sparkling like the sun —
                    to spread this Consecration to
                    her heart and the Heart of
                    her Son Jesus so we would come
                    forth children of light -
                    likened more and more to Jesus

                    She was covered with light
                in Clearwater



                    She appeared to remind us of
                our covenant with God


Genesis 9: 12-17

    ‘And this’, God said, ‘is the sign of the covenant which I now make between myself and you and every living creature with you for all ages to come: I now set my bow in the clouds and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. When I gather the clouds over the earth and the bow appears in the clouds, I shall recall the covenant between myself and you and every living creature, in a word all living things, and never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all living things. When the bow is in the clouds I shall see it and call to mind the eternal covenant between God and every living creature on earth, that is, all living things.’ 

    ‘That’, God told Noah, ‘is the sign of the covenant I have established between myself and all living things on earth.’


                Fr. Carter got this message


Excerpt from Tell My People

The Holy Spirit

Jesus: "My beloved friend, tell My people to pray daily to the Holy Spirit. They are to pray for an increase in His gifts. My people must realize that the Holy Spirit comes to transform them. The Spirit desires to transform you more and more according to My image. Those who are docile to His touch become increasingly shaped in My likeness. He performs this marvel within Mary's Immaculate Heart. The more one dwells in My Mother's Heart, the more active are the workings of the Spirit. The Spirit leads Mary to place you within My own Heart. In both Our Hearts, then, your transformation continues. The more you are formed after My own Heart, the more I lead you to the bosom of My Father. Tell My people all this. Tell them to pray daily for a greater appreciation of these wondrous gifts. I am Lord and Master. All who come to My Heart will be on fire to receive the gifts of the Spirit in ever greater measure! I love and bless My people!"

Reflection: The Holy Spirit is given to us to fashion us ever more according to the likeness of Jesus. And the more we are like Jesus, the more Jesus leads us to the Father. Do we, each day, pray to the Holy Spirit to be more open to His transforming influence? Do we strive each day to grow in union with Mary? The greater our union with our Mother, the spouse of the Holy Spirit, the greater is the transforming action of the Holy Spirit within us.

end of excerpt


July 31, 1994

Words of Jesus to Members
of Shepherds of Christ Associates:

    "My beloved priest-companion, I intend to use the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the movement, Shepherds of Christ Associates, in a powerful way for the renewal of My Church and the world.

    "I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

    "I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)


                    Do you say the words of the
                consecration to the 2 Hearts —

                You must live it —

                    Mary said at Fatima


                            Do we talk about it and
                                don't change

                    Consecration to the 2 Hearts
                        means doing the will of
                        the Father
                        WILLINGLY IN
                        serving God

                Look at Mary



                Look at China


                There is peace in the pieta
                    resignation to God's will —

                How do we give into satan —
                    pressing down —

                We must have faith and love doing
                    God's will — struggle in peace —

                We want to be better —

                We want the Holy Spirit to help
                    us to be willing in serving
                    God as Mary was under
                    the cross —
                    holding Jesus under the cross

                We know the prayer
                    the Our Father

The Our Father

    Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


                God is our Father

                We want His will to be done
                    on earth as it is in heaven

                We are the adopted sons of
                    God, but we say

                Our Father —

                God's name is sacred —

                Look how we act today

                Jesus is truly present in the

                Jesus is truly present in China, Indiana
                    in our Church





December 5, 2008



Transcribed from a tape

Recorded live



from the Clearwater building while Jesus and Mary appeared.


Joyful Mysteries


Sing: Blessed are they. Rejoice and be glad, rejoice and be glad.

R. Can we rejoice and be glad? What lets you rejoice and be glad?

Mary says Rejoice and be glad! My children, rejoice and rejoice — for your God has found favor with you, and given to you the great gifts of His most precious love. And yet you look all over for so many things, that are the very things that are leading you away from what God the Father wants you to have. Let go, my people, my children, favored of the Father, let go, and let His love permeate your heart and soul.

R. For faith, for hope and charity.


The Annunciation

1. Jesus: I appear to you as My Most Loving Jesus, that you will see the light, and that you will tell the world, that in the darkness that I am here, and that you are not to fear. For many are called and few are chosen, and yet they are living in such agony, because they reach for those things that are not the Father's will, for the Plan is the Father's, and you were created in My image and likeness. Reach My children, for the light, reach for the light of life. Come to My Most Sacred Heart, and know the fire of My love. Be Not Afraid - for I am with you always.

2. R. One little light in the darkness, then there are two and three, two little lights in the darkness

Jesus: I have called you to come to Me as a body, to know My love, to spread this love to the world. For the more I outpour My grace to you, the more I have given to you this commission to be My instrument in a world that is saddened, for it is searching for things that will not make them happy. And to you that I have revealed the great secrets of My Heart — go out, I tell you, go out — without fear and trepidation, go out and reach My chosen ones, for I am in love with you this moment in this day.

R. And He's appearing in magnificent light.

3. Jesus: And so you say to Me — "Well Jesus, I would rather do it this way", and you know in your heart I'm telling to do it that way. And then you keep playing with the idea, but this would be the fun way, and that way is not as fun. And I say to you, "Well do it My way, because when you do it My way, I can work in that, and lead others to Me." And yet so many will choose the selfish way, the way that they want, and they will drive off the connections that can lead more souls to My Heart.

4. R. And the angel appeared to Mary, and asked her to be the Mother of God. Oh Blessed Mother, Mother of the Divine Almighty Savior, that God from His precious gift given to the world, that we do not understand the magnificence of such a calling. Beg God to give the grace that people will see what a gift you are, our heavenly Mother, a gift to the human race, a gift of purity, a gift of you, Mary, conceived without original sin, a gift in which we can know more how God wants us to be as human creatures, living more pure lives.

5. Jesus: And when I walked the earth, I washed My hands. I am God, Creator of the water of this earth, and yet, you are so limited in your thinking, that you think that, the more that you work things out, you will arrive at a conclusion, that can be the conclusion that will touch many, when I have given to you My plan, that you will be able to help the priests, and the Church and the world. But you must surrender, surrender to the plan of the Father, surrender to the plan that Mary gave at Fatima. Pray the prayers that I have given to you, and encourage others to pray them. Grow more deeply in the spiritual life, that you will be great intercessors in this time of trouble in your land. I am your God and I love you with the greatest love.

R. Oh Jesus, how beautiful indeed You are. And I love You, my precious Jesus, I love You, love from the heart. I give you my will and my life. Oh Jesus, come into my heart, and let me know more and more, the preciousness of Your love. Live in me that I will be that person of peace, that will be Your instrument in the world, that will know Your power, that will surrender and not try to control, but to follow Your way, which is the way, the truth and the life. Precious God, impart to me this great grace, to be able to help to change the world, in more and more ways, in which they will know You. God help me to be strong, always, and walk in your light.

6. R. And the incarnation goes on in us, as we go to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Holy Spirit works bringing us forth children of light, more and more, in the image and likeness of Jesus. I want to shout and to sing, for I know that the power is in Him, but we must surrender and let Him do His work in us.

7. R. Surrender, surrender, surrender. Surrender to the will of God.

8. Hail Mary
9. Hail Mary
10. Hail Mary


The Visitation

Sing: Veni Sancte Spiritu

R. Dear Holy Spirit, fill me that I may be able to deliver the message that God desires, to be delivered this day.

1. R. Mary went with hast to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, who was with child. Mary gave to us, filled with the Holy Spirit, the beautiful Magnificat.

Sing: Holy is His Name

2. Sing: Ho-ly, Ho-ly, Ho-ly is His Name

3. R. And then John the Baptist was one crying in the desert, "Make ready a way for the Lord." Elizabeth brought forth her child, John the Baptist.

4. R. And I pray for the babies that are aborted, especially those today, that God will help that person to see that this is not the will of God, that this terrible atrocity will be stopped. Oh God hear us. How precious indeed, we know the womb of the Virgin Mary was, and the womb of Elizabeth that once was considered barren. And so as we look at so many things, and even the way that the earth is today, God teaches us in the barren women of the bible, how despite their barrenness He brought great fruit to the land. For in God all things are possible.

5. Mary: Don't be afraid my children, for Jesus is with you, and He is with you in the Eucharist. Tell the people of this world about the Church and about the Holy Eucharist, tell them about baptism and spread the Blue Books — the Blue Book 6 that tells them so much about baptism. Rejoice my children, for God is with you, and listen to the message that I gave to you at Fatima, and give to you today. For it is in hope that you will help many souls, but in scampering around in darkness, in mulling over the events that are dark, how will you touch the souls that are crying to be feed, and wanting to know, what is given to you in the Blue Books of God's love? Oh precious little children of mine, Jesus has given to you great favors here. Thank Him and help others to know of the gifts given. I am Mary your Mother, and I thank you for responding to my request.

6. Mary: Now I want you to let go, and surrender to Jesus now. To not be afraid, but to trust in Him, to say, "Jesus, Jesus - Most Sacred Heart I trust in you. Now I give this problem and that problem, and the world situation to you, and I want to help make reparation to your Heart, and the heart of your Mother for the offenses against Them."

Jesus: I am with you - Jesus cries out - I am with you this day. Do not run or feel abandoned. It is the devil that works more and more, in your minds, telling you many things, that are not true. Do not listen to his fallacious reasoning. Let your hearts be filled with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, that you will be an instrument of joy and peace and love in the world. I am with you - He cries again - I am with you this day.

R. We look at Elizabeth who was considered barren, who brought forth John the Baptist, the voice of one crying in the desert, "Make ready the way for the Lord." From the barren land, there is much fruit. Believe and pray. Be one with God that He will use you as instruments in this troubled world.

7. R. Mary, pray with us for the peace of the world, that grace will be given from God, as we give our hearts to you, Mary, as we give them to Jesus. Hear our prayer, help us and all the things in our hearts, for we believe Mary, we believe in the power of God. We believe that God the Father allowed you to appear in this building, that we would pray with you Mary, pray for the priests, and the Church and the world, and believe that God will hear that prayer.

8. Mary: I am Mary your Mother. And God is answering your prayers, my children, continue to pray and have faith and hope. Spread the message that Jesus has given to you, from this building, and from the Shepherds of Christ Movement. Do not be afraid, be empowered. Live as God wants you to. You are uniquely special to God.

9. Mary: Do not be afraid, my little ones, my precious children.

10. Mary: You will not be able to do what My Son Jesus, and I have asked you to do, if you are not filled with great faith, and if you do not believe. Pray for the grace to believe, that you will be able to help accomplish, much good work from this mission God has called you to.


The Birth of Jesus

1. Hail Mary

2. Jesus: And I come to you, My children, and in the dark night, there are many, many, many lights for you to look at, that are very beautiful and you say, "Oh look at the lights!" But you will never know the beauty of the light of My Most Sacred Heart, shining against the darkness. But you I have called to be instruments, to spread this love, to pray for this, to tell others how important it is to the peace of the world. Think of the lights this Christmas against the dark night, and to how this makes you happy. Think of how people's hearts will be happy when the light of My love is shining within them against the dark night.

3. Hail Mary
4. Hail Mary
5. Hail Mary
6. Hail Mary

7. R. We have a little church in China, and Fr. Carter would always say, "Well, its not very rich, Rita, it's like Bethlehem."

8. Hail Mary

9. Sing: Silent Night

10. Hail Mary


The Presentation

1. Hail Mary
2. Hail Mary
3. Hail Mary
4. Hail Mary
5. Hail Mary
6. Hail Mary
7. Hail Mary
8. Hail Mary
9. Hail Mary
10. Hail Mary


The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

1. Hail Mary

2. R. Daddy, daddy will you help me find this? Sure honey, I'll help you find it. Daddy, daddy will you help me find this?

God the Father: My precious child, I come to you and I speak to you. I am God the Father, and I tell you that I want you to look for the light, to look to be the instruments that I have created you to be in this world. That you will be the little children that are calling out, "Daddy, daddy help me to find what You want me to do for You, and help me to serve You with love and joy, and thank You for the vocation that You have given to me and all the gifts, that your hearts will be humble as little children, that you will not reach with a haughty heart seeking things that do not bring you happiness at all, but bring you sorrow and suffering, and showing to others your bad example, who could be persuaded to turn to the light, because I have gifted you in so many ways and blessed you. And I love you so deeply, My little ones let go to Me. I am God the Father. I come to you this day.

3. R. On January 21, 2008 I had a vision in China in the mural, and the black to the left side of the crucifix kept getting blacker, and as I looked at it, I couldn't believe that it got blacker and blacker and blacker, and yet it would just get blacker. And I thought, God, how is this happening, that this is getting blacker and blacker and blacker. And yet I saw Jesus, the Son of God, coming in more magnificent light on the cross. And I knew in my soul the words of the Father, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

   And I knew that to really live as a son of God — God is calling us to be more and more likened to Jesus, who is going out, who shows me himself lighted in the most magnificent light, that we do not even comprehend, for our minds are so limited, and we are not ready to know those things yet, that God will reveal to us in heaven. And yet we are so limited in our vision, and the more I have seen these visions, the more my heart is in such sorrow for I want to be able to reveal it. But it is in your praying for that grace, as you read those revelations that He has given, that we will be the ones that will help lift the souls, that are caught in the muck, that are looking for life, when life is found in Him.

    Life is found when we go to the Eucharist, and He outpours His grace, when we live more abundantly, as God wants us to live in this life in Him. I cry within my soul for I know the message in those writings so deeply, and yet it is the mighty medicine, and yet it is the answer, and yet as we pray for the priests and the Church — the priests and the Church can help to heal this horrendous situation the world in is, and listening to the message of Our Lady of Fatima, and studying the messages that God has given to us in the Shepherds of Christ, in being a better bride of the bridegroom, in a world in which love is diminishing more and more, because of the divorces, because parents are not spending the time with their children.

    Children deserve to have that love, that their hearts are hearts of love. That they are not baby-sat by a T.V. that is hard and cold. God is here this day, outpouring His love, and telling the world of His love in those messages in the Blue Book. The world is hungry as I heard in 1991, for 6 weeks, "feed the hungry souls, feed them, feed them." Help me to spread the message of His love, given to us from His Sacred Heart, outpoured to us in the Eucharist, and in adoration that we will live in the light, that we will be children filled with His life, and so we can say with St. Paul " I have been crucified with Christ, but it is no longer I who live, but He who lives in me."

    Alleluia! Alleluia! The Lord is risen. "Come out of your tombs" He says, "I am alive! I am alive! I am alive!" What about this mystery? Meditate on the mystery - Jesus is Lost in the Temple, as Mary appeared over and over again to me at the old seminary, she told me of her children that were lost, and begged me to do as Jesus told me to reach them.

Jesus: Harken to My voice, My children, I am Jesus, your Savior. I died for the souls of this earth. Let go and let Me fill you with My grace that you will be empowered to be children of the light, to touch the hearts of many, to give them hope, where so many in the world have turned from life and are indeed hopeless. I am Jesus. I am with you today. Believe and trust in Me. Ask for healing in all the ways in which you need to be healed, and your family needs to be healed, pray for the healing of the world. Ask that My Blood is spread on the people of the earth and the Church. Pray for your priests, and the Church and the world. Believe! Believe!

    Do not give into satan, who says, "Oh you don't feel this way today, let's be - not following our vocation too good." I have asked you to respond willingly, that you will be children of the light, and carrying the strayed ones home to My Heart. Be empowered now. Know that I am filling you with My light and My grace, but you must open your heart, and let go of the animosity, and anger, envy, unforgiveness - and reach with a heart of love. Reach My child, and touch the stars, if you can. For I have given to you the gift to know Me, as I have never given before.

4. Sing: Do do do do etc.

R. And we walk the altar. Yes! We walk the altar in church, and we go the front of the church, and we receive the Divine Almighty God, who loves us so much, that He is with us this day, truly present, no less present than the day He walked the earth, and He gives Himself to us and He says to us —

Jesus: And what are you thinking about? All the irritable things that satan can plant in your head. You touch Me with cold hands and a cold heart, and I want you to love Me and say thanks, "Oh Jesus, I am in love with You!" And you are cold in your hearts, and hollow in your minds. Let go! Surrender to My on-fire love. Tell the people about the Blue Books. Let them know the Mighty Medicine is in the Eucharist. Amen.

R. Jesus is saying Amen. Amen! Thank You for the gifts given. Alleluia! We praise You. We love You. We adore You and we worship You — our Savior, beloved. Amen.

Hail Holy Queen

The Memorare


R. God help our country to be holy, please, that they will do the will of God. Stamp out this awful abortion, outpour Your grace and have mercy on us. God, we believe in You. Hear us! Help our priests. Help those called in the Shepherds of Christ, to not give into negative feelings, that satan will try to tempt them with, so that they will not do what You have called them to do. Help us to be empowered, to be as You want us to be in the world. Jesus hear us, we place our trust in Thee. We surrender our wills and our lives, and we want to be one in You at every moment, doing the will of the Father — in whatever it is that we do, that you have called us to, sleeping, eating, whatever it is — united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, that tremendous grace to be released to the world. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.




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