Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

February 18, 2005

February 19th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 8 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for February 19th are Luminous.



February 18, 2005

Jesus speaks:        My people are thirsty for love.

                                Tell them about My religious orders --
                                    I want My little spouse to come
                                    to Me and give Me their lives to
                                    build the Kingdom and bring forth
                                    fruit for the Kingdom.

                                Children must be told --
                                    You must provide a place children deeply
                                        connected to Me can go and live
                                        a deeply committed life to My
                                        Mission and being the Spouse of Jesus.

                                Tell them about the Eucharist and
                                    what a gift they receive.
                                    Tell them I long to be their Spouse --
                                My religious orders are for now --
                                    loving Me -- bring forth fruit for the Kingdom
                                Living heroic lives is found in loving Me and doing
                                    what the King desires of you --

                                You are the children of God --
                                    you are to bring peace to the world
                                        through your prayers
                                    I give you My Movement
                                    I give you My Prayer Manual
                                        to pray for the priests, the Church and the world.

                                I want a church where the Virgin Mary
                                    building is.

                                I want the Spanish materials made

                                I have given to you the Shepherds of Christ
                                    Movement, and it can operate
                                    as a two legged table
                                    or it can be solidly built
                                    as I intended from the beginning
                                    to help renew the Church and the world.

                                Your priests have dwindled,
                                    most of your sisters gone --
                                    where can a young person
                                    in today's world go
                                    to live a holy life
                                    of spousalship
                                    with Me their God?

                                I want the Blue Books to be circulated.
                                    Letting them to fall into your graveyards
                                    is to hold them back
                                    for where I want the world to be.

                                I gave to you the Virgin Mary
                                    on the building in Clearwater.
                                    When Mary appeared at Falmouth
                                    the Blue Books were blocked,
                                    not given to My people.

                                She appeared there
                                    and people said
                                    "Isn't it nice Mary is appearing."

                                Mary appeared
                                    this whole century
                                    to lead to this Movement
                                    Shepherds of Christ.

                                I have given to you My love letters
                                    to lead you to the Eucharist
                                    and My ardent love.

                                Those spreading the Blue Books
                                    have suffered and most abandon
                                    their post,
                                    despite My continual cry
                                    to spread My letters of love.

                                What have the Blue Books done for you?

                                How would your life have been without
                                    these gifts given?

                                And yet, like many elder man and woman,
                                    they waste the last years
                                    whining, crying, ailing
                                    and fail to see the story
                                    given in the aging trees
                                    that even old trunks
                                    wither and die.

                                Now I tell you a story --
                                    a young man went to a seminary
                                    and the scandal in the news
                                    pressed on his mind
                                    until finally he left.
                                    He lacked vision.
                                    His decisions were influenced
                                    by the work of satan.
                                    He covered up the call of his heart,
                                    like one smothering a cell phone ringing.
                                    And it went off, the phone,
                                    it rang, and rang and rang
                                    and he covered it with pillows of
                                    thoughts and pleasures,
                                    rationalizing why this was not the life for him.

                                And when the bell in his gut
                                    continued to ring,
                                    one could hear the cry of Mary's children,
                                    not only those in this generation
                                    whose lives could be affected
                                    by the life of one priest,
                                    but the lives of their children
                                    and their children
                                    and so on, and so one,
                                    and so on, and so one.

                                Oh that there would be a quiet moment
                                    when I could speak to you
                                    to tell the world
                                    My message
                                    to unveil
                                    your problems in your lives.

                                Oh My children,
                                    many of you see as in a box.

                                You listen to the estate planners
                                    with such seriousness
                                    but you go from day to day
                                    and miss the big picture
                                    given to you in My Word.

                                Generations upon generations
                                    that I speak of in the Scriptures,
                                    the fact that so many souls
                                    have inhabited the earth.

                                Let's look at the sister
                                    who gives her life
                                    preserving the ancient tapestries of old.

                                Can you not see
                                    that you are not working
                                    to preserve My priesthood?

                                What do you want for your children
                                    with regard to My Church?

                                Maybe one priest for 10 churches.

                                I have sent these messages for 11 years
                                    to tell you what to do
                                    and no one can help Me.

                                My Mother appeared on the building
                                    for 7 years on the building in Florida
                                    and you can not even help
                                    preserve the land and building
                                    God the Father has chosen for
                                    this mission.

                                My face is there and I appear
                                    and there are two people on Ash Wednesday to help.

                               (And how many people paid attention to the Superbowl.)

                                Do you know what a graph is?

                                Do you watch the priests --
                                    the statistics show
                                    you have a deep, negative slope.

                                A church full of thousands of people
                                    on Sunday
                                    and Masses are cancelled because
                                    of the Super bowl.

                                Listen to Me America.

                                When a church has an enrollment
                                    like your churches
                                    and one priest is ordained
                                    to the priesthood in 10 to 15 years
                                    in that parish -
                                    you are doing something big
                                    that is not even going to keep
                                    that parish going.

                                Using the prayers I have given
                                    will make a difference,
                                    but you will not listen to Me.

                                What treasure do you want
                                    to leave your children?

                                You give them designer shoes
                                    and golden beankies,
                                    yet you fail to listen to Me at
                                    the end of the century
                                    when I give to you My prayers,
                                    proof in the building,
                                    My Blue Books,
                                    Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart,
                                    and majorly the Priestly Newsletter
                                    to send to My priests
                                    and these prayer chapters 
                                    to pray for the priests, the Church and the world.

                                And you fail to see the importance
                                     of the Espanic community in the Church.

                                You worry about preserving your bags of money
                                    but fail to see the significance
                                    of your priests, the Church, and the world.

                                Prayers available in the various languages
                                    with the Imprimatur must be made available
                                    to these communities.

                                The Spanish materials must be
                                    published and circulated
                                    on the Mass, the Blue Books,
                                    the Priestly Newsletter Book 2,
                                    the home consecration,
                                    the school rosary program,
                                    the other rosary meditations
                                    need to be available and
                                    readily spoken of.

                                This is an all out call
                                    to the apostles to pray,
                                    to follow their vocation,
                                    to not give into satan.

                                Did you ever see a stuffed bag -
                                    if you push on one side, 
                                    it goes out on the other.

                                You are one body.

                                When the people in China fail to pray 
                                    with the whole Movement in mind, 
                                    or give into satan, 
                                    it affects those answering the phones in Morrow 
                                    and those talking to the people in Florida.

                                I beg you to not take this mission lightly. 

                                I beg the associates to listen to their call 
                                    to pray and to help in support of the Newsletter. 

                                You have been so blessed, 
                                    but many of you are as blind as the people 
                                    that ignore the image. 

                                My Blue Books are crucial 
                                    and all the aspects of the ministry, 
                                    but you focus on yourself. 
                                    You act snarly 
                                    and you fail to do the work 
                                    you could do 
                                    because of your self focus.

                                A little boy went out and started looking at the ground. 
                                    There is lots of life on the ground. 
                                    He saw all the ants and their houses. 
                                    He studied them. 
                                    Soon his mother came from the house 
                                    and asked why he did not clean up the mess 
                                    from all of his friends. 
                                    She was upset because her bridge club 
                                    was coming in a few minutes. 
                                    He had not done a thing. 

                                You focus on your fat cells, 
                                    your grains, 
                                    your vitamins, 
                                    your hair, 
                                    your brown spots, 
                                    your energy, 
                                    your relationship with everyone. 

                                You rehearse and wonder why it went the way it did. 

                                These may be good things when necessary, 
                                    but obsession and paralyzing yourself with them 
                                    so you do little work is no help at all.

                                Mary Lou sat on a cool spring day. 
                                    The sun was shining through the green trees. 
                                    She decided to read a book. 
                                    Inside her 3 and 4 year old children 
                                    were playing with pointy objects. 
                                    Her job was to mother her children. 
                                    It was God's will.

                                Your job is to help promote My kingdom - 
                                    to help in the work of salvation, 
                                    to carry out the mission I began, 
                                    to use your talents for this.





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