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February 21, 2008

February 22nd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 8 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for February 22nd are Glorious.


January 22, 2008

                    God is the ultimate mystery

                    Other and transcendent

                    unless He chooses to reveal Himself to us.

                The mystery of God is the gift of knowing
                    Him more intimately in our soul —
                    It is the need to let go and let God as
                        He reveals to me His truths —
                        knowledge of Himself

                    I am not sterile, dry, and inactive —
                        I am acted on by God —

                    I am a vessel waiting His favor —
                        I am not controlling Him —
                        It is God who leads the dance
                        It is God who is the initiator
                        It is God who is the bridegroom
                            of my soul
                        Oh God You are the initiator
                        I am the soul waiting your
                            favors —

                        I am the empty vessel

                        I have focused on perfection
                            not given into imperfections
                            as jealousy, pride, anger,
                            envy, seeking dominance for
                            dominance sake

                Where satan presses on in discord —
                    I am embraced in the pure and
                    holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary

                Why with dark shadows
                    around me — do I choose

                because it is light and love that
                makes me happy —
                It is for love I was created
                It is in heaven we love
                In heaven — we are full of grace

                A snow came over night and the roads
                    were blocked — so thick was
                    the white snow - that the
                    road was impassible

                Mary Lou looked out and she saw so
                    early — she could not move on
                    the road

                At 7:00 a snow plow came and
                    cleared the street —

                No matter how Mary Lou may have
                    attempted to leave — the snow
                    was impassible and she couldn't
                    go on the road.

                Mary Lou had to wait on the snow

                The Holy Spirit can come and
                    move the debris if we let Him —
                    If we are full of bad, hidden habits —
                    anger, bitterness, envy, lust,
                    jealousy, pride, seeking
                    dominance for dominance
                    sake and

                We try to think our way out of it —

                It may very well be like the cogged
                    street — impassible —
                    God gives us grace to love Him —
                    God gives us grace to forgive
                    God gives us grace to run on
                        the slipperiest slope and
                        not break a leg —
                        Controlling and trying to
                        force others to change around
                        us - when we are the ones who need to
                        change and be healed by God's grace
                        may be the only way to work
                        with others if we are the problem


                Invention — after World War II man
                    began more and more to see himself
                    as his own Master — secularism —
                    I can control anything — the mind
                    is my god — some very strongly

                Where men early in the century lived
                    focused on the Sacred Heart of Jesus —
                    displaying pictures of the Two Hearts —
                    more and more the pictures were
                    removed from many walls —
                    out of reach —
                    out of mind —

                Had God become more distant —
                God does not change

                Man had — many men focused on
                    themselves as god — called
                    secularism —

                I believe this is a chastisement since
                    we did not follow more
                    Mary's request of Fatima —

                The bridegroom comes —
                    the guests are focused on sports and

                The bridegroom is focused on the Plan
                    of the Father —
                    The Marriage at Cana

                    The gift of the Eucharist —
                    The bridegroom focuses on - love —
                    Love of God
                    Love of each other —

                This is the greatest commandment —
                God tells us to love with our whole
                    heart —
                    our whole soul —
                    our whole being and
                    love our neighbor as ourselves

                It is unacceptable in some circles to
                    talk about God —

                How could sinful man leave out God —
                    Without God in their minds — they
                        can do it their way —
                        they may reason
                        "Who is God anyway telling
                            me what to do — my parents
                            tried to do that — I fought
                            them until I moved out"

                        "Nobody tells me what to do —
                            even God"

                When others were living life in one
                    accord with God's rule — those with
                    an attitude as above (the quote above)
                    were being counseled by the
                    devil to disobey God's rule and
                    be very rebellious —

                I learned through 16 years of messages
                    how Powerful God is and when he
                    leads the dance — I can dance
                    the night away —

                A cookie jar, can be like the fruit
                    tree in the garden — if mom says —
                    Joie stay out of the cookie
                    jar —

                How many stories about Adam and
                    Eve do we need — if we realize
                    the justice of God and how the
                    whole human race suffered
                    for the sin of Adam and Eve —

                    I suffer today — I have a tainted
                human nature

                Never will I be happy giving into
                    anger and envy and pride — discord —

                Some say "Don't tell me nothing
                    God — I am autonomous — I don't
                    need directions from God — I am
                    an adult —"

                Leave me alone God —
                I don't need your way"

                    When Jesus appeared to me in the mural
                over the altar in China — light was on
                Him — like a bolt of lightening coming


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                First I saw this light as if it came
                    upon Him, His whole body shown
                    lighted — so brightly, but it was
                    as if a light came as a beam from
                    the direction shown — from

                LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT

                Jesus spoke through me then —

                Then the blackest, black around
                    the left arch particularly the
                    left side

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                In the moments of seeing the intensity
                    of the vision —
                    the message written on my soul
                        at that point

                "This is my beloved Son, in whom
                    I am well pleased, listen
                    to Him"

                When Jesus appeared December 5, 1996 on
                    the cross — the message
                    "I have been ignored"
                    "No one is listening"

                Jesus' mouth was moving at the point of death —

                God puts people in our lives today —
                    this time, this minute, this hour —
                    to help —

                He died for them
                He gave His life
                He shed His Blood —

                Now its our turn to be His instruments
                    January 22, 2008 and
                    we say
                    "Yes, Lord, I come to do your will"


                "No Lord I am angry —
                I have been wronged
                I want to be in that black part —
                I will be the block to the troubled

                When you taught me — I didn't
                    listen — I focused on myself —
                    I pressed on others for the devil
                    to see how I could block
                    their light

                I had my own agenda in the Church
                    you gave for this message — to press
                    down and hurt the ones praying —

                    God I am angry
                    I am selfish and
                    I am dark"

                And Jesus says —
                    How dark is hell?
                    How black?

                    Perpetual anger — you never
                        knew perpetual disharmony,
                        perpetual darkness —
                        fighting —
                        hatred —
                        never love

                Absence of any love
                Absence of goodness
                Absence of mercy
                FIRE of hell

                Jesus: Oh I am a just God —
                    I call for obedience
                    I command love
                    I give these retreats to empower
                        others to carry out My
                        work —

                    You fight Me

                R. So I know now the embrace of the
                Two Hearts — the fire of Jesus' love —
                the great love of the Sacred Heart and
                Immaculate Heart united

                    Love to set the whole world

                    Love to bring peace
                    Not the fallacious reasoning
                        satan uses

                The truth in our hearts from
                    the Holy Spirit impelling us to love.

                The sweetness of love —
                The kindness of love —
                Obeying the commandment to love —
                Being where God wants us
                    NOW — being instruments
                    of love — not darkness —
                    instruments for God

                LOVE — LOVE — LOVE

                My Movement exists to spread LOVE
                    I AM LOVE
                    think of the early plagues —
                    They wanted power for themselves
                        The desert can bring forth fruit —
                            You must believe






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