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February 26, 2008

February 27th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for February 27th are Joyful.


4 Year Anniversary

of when Mary's image head was broken.

March 1, 2008

Rita will be there at 6:20pm

for a special prayer service.

Now you can have a piece of that glass in the Fatima Statue.

Come and get the statue on the special Anniversary.


Retreat in Florida

March 2nd - 5th

Every night at 6:20 there will be a special rosary

in the new prayer room.






This was received 10 Years Ago on Ash Wednesday.


A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

Oh Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.




Rita received this rosary on Ash Wednesday in Florida.

It was transcribed from a tape as it was received orally.


February 6, 2008

Sorrowful Mysteries

Mary: I stood beneath the cross of my Son, and my heart was in such anguish, for my little ones that would be lost forever. I am Mary your Mother, and I ask you, please my children, to help me, to reach the little ones, with the consecration to my heart, and to the Heart of Jesus. I love you so much.


The Agony of Our Lord in the Garden

1. Jesus: And I sweat blood in the garden for My precious souls, I sweat blood for you, My precious ones. For I saw before Me all the souls that would be lost despite My suffering, and I cry to you today, to listen. For it is in how you are in your hearts, that will make the difference, in how you teach the others about My light and My love. But the devil will say to you, "Oh it doesn't matter - it doesn't matter, you can do it your way." Straddle the fence between the worldly and what God really wants.

    And I speak to you and I say - My precious ones, I am Jesus, the New Adam and I came to this earth, for love of My precious souls. And today I am calling out to you, for these same souls, to be My light in the market place, to be more holy in your lives, that you will speak My message of truth and love in the world, in which satan has deceived so many. Your life is so short, so short indeed. Focus on the words that I speak to you, for I am Jesus, the Son of God.

2. R. Oh night richly blessed! The gift that God has given to us, the gift of our beloved Savior, the gift of Jesus at the last supper, the gift of Jesus through the Passion, the gift of Jesus, the Son of God, the gift of Jesus truly present in the Holy Eucharist, that feeds us with His Body and Blood. How can I even speak of this? Oh my beloved Jesus! Words do not say, what I know beneath the words and the writings that You have given to me.

    And yet You have called each and every one of us, to be Christ for one another, to spend our times living in union with each other, to work on our imperfections, as You have called us this Lent, to not tell ourselves, that we are already perfect and deceive ourselves, when we all need Your precious grace, to enlighten us, to see what we must do to grow in greater holiness, and to not give into the tendencies of our wounded human nature, of jealousy and anger and pride, and envy - blocking the will of the Father.

    Oh Jesus, you were sent by the Father, to deliver this message to the world at this time, and the writings in the Blue Books — the writings, that are the letters of Your love. How truly, Jesus, I know that You are present in the Blessed Sacrament. I have tasted Your sweetness. I have known Your love. I have kissed the gift that You have given to me, with a heart that is quenched, that was thirsty and longing, and yet dear God, it is like an empty well, for it is never satisfied. It is always yearning for more, seeking more insight into the mystery, feeling as a clogged vessel, wanting more, to the point of pain, of knowing about You, the Divine Almighty God. Oh, endless search for knowledge! God, You, are with us, now.

    Oh God, impart to me, more and more, wisdom of Your sweetness and Your love, of the reality and the Plan of the Father. Help us all to put this newsletter out, which is very difficult, that the cardinals and the archbishops and the bishops will respond more and more, as they have, in all the letters and the 159 from the Vatican, just in the past year and one half. And yet, people do not realize how this is the instrument that is doing what Mary asked for at the beginning of the century, at Fatima, to spread the consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary's Immaculate Heart, that the hierarchy consecrate their dioceses.

    With every cell in my body, I will do the work You have called me to, for the sake of souls that Mary has revealed to me, are being lost, and how precious it is indeed, if one soul is lost. How can you have the Mother of God reveal this to you, time and time again, and not answer that call of Our Lady, the Mother of Love, of the souls Jesus died for, sweat His Blood for, in the garden. Oh precious God, help us, in all that You have asked us to do.

3. Jesus: And so I speak to you, My precious Rita, to tell them - to tell them how I sweat Blood for My precious souls. And I appear in this building, that they will know, that this building is a light, to the souls that come here, that are thirsty and want to be quenched, by knowing more and more, the gifts given in the Church and the Eucharist, the gift of Baptism. I give to you My letters of love, to tell them how I long for them to come, and to be with Me before the Blessed Sacrament, to go to daily Mass, to drink at the fountain of My life, to pray for the Church and Your beloved priests and the world. For I love them so, I died for them.

4. R. And He sweat His precious Blood in the garden, for He saw before Him, all the souls, and He saw the souls, too, that would be lost, despite His suffering. And His greatest suffering, was not, knowing the wounds of the Passion, but the wounds of His Heart, for the souls that He loved, that would be lost forever, despite His suffering and death. Agony of agonies, to know that one soul that you love, so deeply, would be lost forever. What is the price of that?

    That we spread the Blue Books, that we consecrate our hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and spread the newsletter to 80,000 priests every other month. What is the price of that? — as the archbishops and cardinals, have promised, when they've written back, to consecrate their dioceses, more and more, to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart. What is the price of one soul? But in reaching 80,000 priests and hierarchy, all over the whole entire earth — we have been given this instrument, to do what Our Lady asked us to do at Fatima. It is the more that the bishops consecrate their dioceses, and the priests their churches and the people their homes and themselves, to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart — they will have promises given to St. Margaret Mary - all the graces necessary in their state of live, peace where a picture of His Heart is displayed, priests able to touch the most harden hearts, our names written in the Heart of Jesus never to be blotted out.

    And what did Our Lady say at Fatima - but she said this - she said that the Sacred Heart of Jesus would Reign, her Immaculate Heart would Triumph, and there would be a certain era of peace. 90 years later, we have been able, to spread this newsletter successful with responses from the hierarchy, 8 inches high, centered in consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the Eucharist. We have been given this commission from Jesus, given to Fr. Carter 14 years ago.

    Today, Lord, I pray as we meditate on the Blood that You sweat in the garden, for the 5,800,000 Priestly Newsletters that are out there floating around, to the priests and hierarchy, that we circulated in 14 years, and I pray for the Mary Newsletter, with all of my heart and soul, that it will help to accomplish, what it was sent out for, that as priests and people and hierarchy give their hearts to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that the Holy Spirit will work in their heart and bring them forth, more and more, as children of light. As people pray the rosary, that the Holy Spirit will work in those mysteries, to help them to see more, how to be like our model — the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart.

    I deliver to you a message of hope, a message of joy and a message of truth, that Our Lady gave at Fatima, that the Sacred Heart of Jesus will Reign and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph, and there will be a certain era of peace. And at the end of century, 11 years ago, Mary appeared on this building, to help us to spread this newsletter and the prayer chapters all over the world, that the Church will be more holy, that the people's hearts will be more pure, as they give their hearts to Jesus and Mary, that the priests and hierarchy that will receive the letter, will hear the voice of the Good Shepherd as they have, and respond with this gift of truth, in the tainted world with greater strength, the vision of the Father, the message of truth, the greatness of Our beloved Church. God help us and hear our prayer. Amen.

5. Jesus: Don't be afraid. Be empowered. For I am with you, and I will help you in your endeavors. And I will magnify, as I have in the past, the little efforts that you have put forth, in helping to spread My instrument to My priests and hierarchy.

R. Oh Jesus, the struggle may seem uphill, and yet with the struggle, comes the great gift of choosing You and Your mission, ever stronger, of saying, "God, with every cell in my body, I believe, that this instrument can help to do what Mary asked for at Fatima, and help to bring to completion the mission she began. Hear us and help us, Our Lady of Fatima in the Americas, we answer your cry for your children, for we do not want them to be lost. The thought of one being lost is such pain and suffering.

And Mary says: And my Son, Jesus sweat blood in the garden for these little ones, sweat blood for the ones that He knew would be lost forever, despite His suffering.

6. R. Let me crawl into Your Heart, Jesus, and feel the fire of Your love. Holy Spirit, empower us, that we may know the love of God, and that we will be focused on You, and what you want of us, to help renew the Church and the world, to help to bring greater oneness to the members of the body of Christ, that as they live more holy lives, as they live lives filled with Your abundant grace, more fully, they will be stronger in this world, they will help the other ones to know the love of God.

7. Sing: Ho-ly, Ho-ly, Ho-ly is His Name

8. Sing: My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord

9. Hail Mary

10. Hail Mary



Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar

1. Jesus: And they tied Me to a Pillar, and they came at Me with their whips, and they tore My flesh, for you My precious one. I withstood this suffering for My precious souls. I withstood the suffering. And today, I have asked you to be a light in the marketplace, to be out there, to shed My light in the darkness and you say, "Oh it doesn't make any difference, Jesus, if I just don't act too nice today."

    And I say, "You are My light in the world and it does make a difference." It makes a difference when, you are holy. It makes a difference when you are true. It makes a difference when you love. It makes a difference when you do not give into the ways of the world, and that you stay strong in your Catholic Faith. It makes a difference to your family and the people that you touch.

    And I send them to you and they see you, people that you may think will never be changed and they watch you, and at a certain time, from your prayers, your love, the grace that you ask Me to give to them, their hearts are changed.

    I have given to you the statue, that you will pray the Shepherds of Christ prayers, before the statue, praying and honoring My Sacred Heart and My Mother's heart, praying for the priests and the Church and the world, and I will outpour great grace for healing in your families, and some physical healing. Forget yourselves, meditate on the prayers, when you pray. Speak to Me, to Your Heavenly Father and the Hoy Spirit. Ask the Mother of God, to be your Mother of love, always by your side, all through the day. Stay one with My Heart and the heart of My Mother. Do not go to church and then walk alone the rest of the day. Go to church, be empowered and carry with you, the gift you have been given.

R. And He appears now so beautiful. For He is speaking to us, calling to us, to touch the hearts of those people, that come into our lives, to not be selfish and thinking of ourselves, "Oh, all I have to do is worry about myself." But to really see through the eyes of Jesus, to know how tremendous it is, the more we go to the Eucharist and we are filled with His grace, how His life in us shines to others. If we saw our own graced soul, Fr. Carter said we would fall on our face. Today, will you be united with me in this mission?

    For I know that God is talking to me, these 16 years, that has led to the formation of this Movement. He has called the people. He has given the instructions. He has allowed Mary to appear on this building. He has formed the structure of the prayer chapters, the newsletter, the School Rosary Program, the messages that have been given to me. And it is in this unity in our lives, offered deeply united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, that we can do it, because He is behind us. But we must believe, that we are empowered, to move forth with the newsletters, with the prayer chapters, to pray for each other, to do all things, that we do, for the honor and glory of God, for in that lies our joy and our peace.

    Oh Jesus, You are so beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful, Beautiful. I know You didn't look like that when you were at the pillar and they were tearing the flesh on Your body. Can you imagine that, Jesus standing at the pillar, and they are just whipping Him and whipping Him. And then today, can you imagine what it would be like for somebody that doesn't pray, that would be out there in the world - how would that feel - to not pray. How would that feel to not pray the rosary or to not know Jesus and Mary so close to you, or that you are not thinking about the souls. Wouldn't that be awful? Wouldn't it just be awful to know that, God is calling you, and you just don't want to open your heart?

2. R. And it is the peace in our hearts, that we have, because we are so one with Jesus, because we know the Father's love. Because we know that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit live within our graced soul, that we are not alone. When we lay our head on our pillow, I know that. I lay in bed and I just really know, that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are within me, that Mary is with me. And I quiet any thoughts of satan to say "Oh you should be afraid, ba, bla, bla, bla."

    Because I am doing this for the souls, I'm doing this for my own holines, I'm doing it so that we can be this body of people that are united as a family, loving the souls Jesus shed His Blood for. That's what this mystery is about, is it not? Jesus at the pillar, with whips and His body is torn and Blood is going into the air. That's what this is about. He went through this, and today He is telling us to be holy, He's telling us to be one with Him during the day, to do our jobs, but to know the oneness, especially with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, all day.

3. R. If you saw Jesus, as I see Him now and you look into His eyes - what do you think Jesus would say? Would He say, "Decorate your house again." Would He say, "Indulge in the world." Would He say, "Focus on My love, Rita. Focus on how I am with you. Focus on doing the will of the Father, in all that you do." If you are with your children, your grandchildren, who ever it is that you are with, always doing the will of the Father. In that lies your peace.

4. R. And He finds a way, that's what's so tremendous, is He finds a way for all of us to serve Him. When He wants us to do something, He finds a way. When we pray to Him and we go to the Blessed Sacrament and He says, "I want you to come, and I want you to be with Me before the Blessed Sacrament." And we go before the Blessed Sacrament - He sorts out the fragmented pieces in our lives and He helps us to know His way. And sometimes suffering may last for a while, but eventually, He moves that in the direction of knowing, at the right time, what we are to do.

    In moving too fast, may give us temporary relief and a bigger problem, right? We sure don't want that. We want the best timing. We want the Father's will. We have to endure the sufferings sometimes, as we saw Jesus on the Pillar. He was tied to the Pillar for as long as He was suppose to be tied to the Pillar. We are asked to endure things, until the time is right. And jumping the gun, so to speak, can bring a big problem. If He's letting us endure something, and look into His bloodied face until the right time.

    And that is the lesson that He teaches us, through suffering, enduring and trusting, loving and having faith, doing all that we can. But sometimes we have to wait, staying rooted in His truth. Look at Jesus on the Pillar, see Him whipped for our sins. See Him enduring and think of how much we hate to wait, even on the phone. If we can't get everything, like a fast food restaurant, what do we do?

5. R. I like it when Jesus appears to me and He's covered in light. God is light and in Him there is no darkness. And as I see more His truths and He speaks to me, I see many times, when He appears to me, great light, reminding me of how, we are those lights out there, even when we're suffering. The thing that makes us, not so lighted, is when we're angry, selfish, jealous, possessive, — the things that come because of tendencies of our wounded human nature. But suffering and being pure, does not block the light of Christ coming forth from within us. Christ was filled with light at the Pillar - on the cross, when He appeared to me on the cross in China, full of light. Mary is full of light, when she appears.

    If our hearts are pure, even though we are suffering, enduring tremendous suffering, we are still His light. The thing that takes light away from us, is when we hold onto a stupor, of anger, bitterness, a grip that satan is trying to get us in, of unforgiveness. The tension is felt when we're in the room with others, when there could have been love, there's tension, there's division, because of our imperfections.

    In this Lent, we must focus on this, that if we want to be more united to Jesus, we have to let go of the imperfections of jealousy, pride, envy — those things that we think maybe we can hold on to, and then still call ourselves holy. But we won't be as close to Jesus, if we are going to hold on to division, bitterness, unforgiveness. And oh, the gift of intimacy with Him, is far more great, than any kind of mousy, old bitterness that we feel like holding on to, to prove that we are right.

6. R. Fr. Pasquini has taught me a lot in the Bible Studies, that's what I said, it's like he has the other half of the cookie. I learned a lot of things from those Bible Studies, and from talking to him at different times. But one of the things that he said in this newsletter, he has now on the Beatitudes and he put a lot of Pope Benedict's writings in there and meekness. You know how we say, Jesus, meek and humble of heart, and he said that people that aren't meek are combattal, so they just keep fighting and fighting and fighting, but eventually they wear themselves out from the argumentation.

    But when we talk about Jesus being meek, that means that we're doing the Father's will, we are not looking for a fight, for a fight. We are not in the habit of fighting, or trying to just argue to win an argument. Jesus' Heart is pure. In this Lent, these are the things, that we have to seek out, how many times we may be tempted to give in to an old habit of just argumentation to win the argument, rather than just trying to get along and promote greater knowledge with two heads and unity, rather than trying to get a little bit of dominance that is going to actually break the best solution.

7. R. The mission in the Shepherds of Christ is to help to bring peace to the world — Mary, Queen of Peace and her mission at Fatima — Mary, Queen of Peace in her mission here as Our Lady of Fatima in the Americas. Jesus, meek and tender of Heart, make our hearts likened to Thine, that we can lean heads in, and figure out the right solution, rather than just trying to get dominance, and not looking at the over all good of the big picture.

8. R. Jesus knew the big picture. He knew the Plan of the Father. He hung on the cross for 3 hours. He showed us what the Son of God came to show us — endurance, love, humility, meekness. Jesus, meek and tender of Heart, make our hearts, in this Lent, likened to Yours.

9. Hail Mary

10. Hail Mary



Sing: Ave Maria



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