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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

February 27, 1999

A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.

Jesus speaks: Every day during Lent I request each writing begin with this prayer and it is prayed before you read every daily message.

(Originally requested in February 24, 1999 message.)

February 27, 1999

Communication and Relationships

Jesus speaks: I speak to you of communication. Satan will work in communication to divide husbands, friends and people in the Movement. I say this: no man is an island. But I have called each to private time for prayer and silence during the day. If you do not take the time alone in prayer with your God, you will not be able to hear when I speak to you in your heart. I do not wish to say that when you hear voices inside, it is always God. Many, many are led astray by the sounds they hear within. I speak in your heart when you are in a mode of love and connection to Me. You must be very leery of the voices you hear in the head. People need periods of silence.

I speak of communication of the one who wishes to control. If you are living to serve Me and spread My Kingdom, do not selfishly act so you can appear to have a better idea or seem to do something better than someone else. All are acting according to the Father's will. All act with one another for a common goal promoting My Kingdom. You are all working as a fine working watch. Every part is working in harmony with the other parts. Together all parts make the clock work and give the accurate time. You are as a symphony orchestra, all playing your part in the piece. The Father is the Divine Planner. He composed the music to be played. The one who conducts is always in connection with the plan of the composer. He does not do his own will nor do the players play different notes. They surrender to the plan and all work in loving harmony. How would it be if one played "Mary had a little Lamb" and another played, "Holy God, We Praise Thy Name"? Both are very nice compositions, but together they do not mix. What if every player in the symphony had a different composition and played whatever he wished? What if they all had the same composition, but just changed notes when they wished?

You are playing My Father's symphony. You are the creatures, He is the Creator. You will play beautiful music, if you study and surrender to His plan.

My Father is the vine grower. He prunes away any barren branch that does not bear fruit. You are a fruitful garden of My Father. You must be willing to work together and surrender to His plan.

Some will come to you -- your children, your friends. They will pour out their hearts to you and tell you their struggles within. Be on guard not to be as a friend that seizes the opportunity to take advantage of one who shares his heart. Some are ready to make themselves the superior, they think they know it all. A wounded soul comes, opens his heart and the other, being very deeply rooted in his head, offers a solution or points out the weakness of the already wounded person. In effect he claims to know more than the wounded one and gives advice. When one comes with a wounded heart, you must match the heart-felt emotion with heart-felt response. You will have tremendous problems in mutual relationships when one shares feelings from the heart and the other comes back with a superior response from the head. A person crying, a person hurting, does not need to know how you "know it all" and have you point out his weakness. A person coming in a position of needing a friend with an ear, one to understand his feelings, will learn that heart-felt communication begins with the sharing of heart-felt feelings. With parents and children there must be heart-felt understanding before advice is given. There must be love. Always love. Some people treat everyone who talks to them as a child and see themselves as knowing everything. In many relationships there is a struggle between who is higher and who is inferior. Some people derive satisfaction in always being the knowledgeable one and subjecting the other to a position of needing their help. There are many dysfunctional ways of relating with others. A priest is in a position to give advice, a teacher must discipline, a parent must direct children. All must be accomplished in love. All must realize that it is necessary to try to understand persons' feelings when they are speaking deeply from the heart. This has been a major problem in many relationships.

For example, a wife is explaining her feelings, a husband tells her she was always that way and she should do this to solve her problem. Then he gives a suggestion so that the problem will be fixed.

All problems are not fixed overnight. In a mutual relationship, giving a quick solution, pointing out someone's weakness, will tear the relationship apart. Having all the solutions is playing God.

There is a word in which one communicates, there is a loving response.

There should always be that desire to work in harmony for the great good.

There are many sick relationships. Some play the victim, the other, the rescuer. There is power in being the one who knows, that is, power over the one who is to be instructed.

There can be this sick way of relating in any relationship. Is it God's will that the person is in authority over the other? If it is God's will the person is in authority, he must realize he has power, has authority, from God. He is not the "top dog" and the other is inferior. Authority is a gift from God. One who is in authority acts in God's name in love. Many people assume authority that is not theirs. Girlfriends who are weak in their own ways of relating may assume power over another by making themselves needed. One has a problem, opens her heart and complains. The other becomes the rescuer. The rescuer assumes a position of power. It feels good and the person thinks she does not have to deal with her own weaknesses. She is always in control. The person underneath can become very weak and dependent on the other. The rescuer needs the weakness of the one under her to be able to feel good, for she will not look at her own problems.

Once one has been in a rescuer-victim relationship, a person can be involved in one with anyone. The devil will work when one has a problem and opens up to another to create this imbalance of power which will make both function inappropriately.

Some people have a knack for snaring others with this weak tendency into their domain and dominating over them.

A real friend listens, loves, understands and genuinely wants the other to "bounce back" and be strengthened in the relationship.

There are many games people play in relationships that are tremendously sick. One may demand another comply to his desires and then when the other does not, he puts a guilt trip on the person he wishes to control. Mutual relationships are not controlling, even between men and women in marriages. The goal is always to operate in love according to the Father's will.

A friend is a friend, both are free in the relationship. This is a quote from Fr. Carter's book, Response to God's Love:

Excerpt from Response to God's Love
by Father Edward Carter, Pages 92-93.

"In dealing with others, we must strive to maintain the balance, so delicate at times, between independence from others and dependence on them."

"If, however, we must, on one hand, strive to maintain a sense of proper need for others, we must, on the other hand couple this with a thrust toward independence. To have an attitude of healthy dependence on others is a main ingredient for true personal growth; to maintain a morbid need for others, however, is a serious obstacle in becoming the persons we are destined to be. We should never become slavishly dependent on the company of others, their love, the attention they give us, the approval they give to us, our ideas or our work. It is, of course, always very pleasant to receive love, attention and approval; all this, however, must occur within the framework of God's will for us. We must constantly strive to lovingly do His will at all times and in all circumstances."

Excerpt from Response to God's Love
by Father Edward Carter, Pages 93-94.

"It is well to begin by observing a phenomenon of our culture concerning love. Many persons who choose marriage say they do so out of a desire to be loved. Notice, they say that they marry out of a desire to be loved, not to love. In fairness to these persons, perhaps we should presume that they realize they in turn must also offer love. Yet, is it not revealing that they explicitly mention as the reason for marrying a desire to be loved? Could there be a close correlation between this phenomenon and the extraordinary high divorce rate that prevails in our culture? If it is common that both partners enter marriage more from a need to receive love than from a desire to give it, do we have to look further for the reasons to explain why so many marriages are plagued with various degrees of unhappiness?"

"We should realize that all of us are in danger of falling into the above temptation. Whether we are married people, celibates in the priestly and religious life, or single persons in the world, all of us have to be aware lest we be more concerned with receiving love than in giving it. God wants us to receive love, and we have a need to receive love; however, we must not allow this legitimate desire to degenerate into a morbid preoccupation whereby we always enumerate all the different ways that others should be manifesting love toward us, while, at the same time, we ourselves might be guilty of neglecting numerous opportunities for loving them. If our main concern is to love others rather than to be loved by them, I think we will more often than not be surprised at the love others show us over a lifetime. Nonetheless, even in the event that we might feel slighted in this regard, our vocation as Christians is eminently clear: We ourselves must continue to love even when it is extremely difficult to do so, thus following the example of Jesus who loved even those who nailed Him to the cross."

Jesus speaks: In many relationships there is a struggle constantly to be ahead of the other, to be one controlling the other. In mutual loving relationships, all are loving according to God's will, not to control and manipulate the other, but to give love.

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


God's Blue Book II Cover

February 5, 1994

Messenger: Love is not selfish. It does not demand its own way. It lives for the good of the other.

Love is from God. Love has its source in God. If love in any way separates the two people from God, it is not love. If I love God and know His love, I can give His love to you.

Love comes from a place of strength. It has its origin in God. It is rooted in Him and is a natural expression of one's self because of the person's union with Him. Love is giving. Love is never selfish and demanding.

If I need you to love me, then I am asking you to feed the appetite in my soul. Only God can feed the soul. If you love me, I am very grateful to God for your love, but I do not need it. I am okay if you stop loving me. I may feel sorrow and pain, but I am okay because all love that feeds me comes from God and He never withdraws His love.

Jesus speaks: "Oh," you say, "this is the ideal." "No," I say, "this is love." Love rooted in Me gives. To My death on the cross I gave My love for you. I never demanded you give Me anything. You have a free will. Love is not force. I gave you the commandments to live by. Love God, love one another. You can choose to disregard the commands and love no man. Love does not demand its way. I give to you My love freely. You can accept My love or reject it. You were created with the purpose to know, love and serve God. If you follow other roads, your heart withers and dies. You have a free will to love or not to love, but, if you do not, you are going against the very reason for your being. To live in harmony with yourself and your soul you must love God and your brothers. If you do not love God first, and your brothers, you live a life of discord.

I make all things happen for him who loves and serves the Lord. I am He Who has all the power. I am the Master. You are My beautiful children. You I loved and still love this very day. I give freely My love to you. I wait in the tabernacle for you like an ardent lover. I loved you to My death. I give Myself to you in Communion. Do you know that I, God, give Myself, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, to you.

Meditate on My Passion. I am waiting for your love. I love you so much. I long for your love. I want to be with you. You are keeping us apart. You are the reason we are not sharing this intense love. I am always available. Where are you? What could be more important than your time spent alone with God. Seek Me and this union and you will have all you need.

I am Jesus. I am your love. I come to you with such love. Come, My beautiful ones, come and give Me your love.

You stay away and I lament your absence. I loved you to My death. I am the source of love. Come to Me and be filled.

Messenger: LOVE is as God wishes us to love, reflecting that most perfect love of the Persons of the Trinity. The Persons of the Trinity love One another in perfect Oneness.

Jesus speaks: Relationships in which parties are always competing for power and control are sick relationships.

All will learn in the Reign of the Sacred Heart to love most intimately according to the Father's will. All will love intimately in mutual love.

The old dysfunctional ways of relating must be changed. It must be that all are working to serve God.

1 Corinthians 13:3-7

Though I should give away to the poor all that I possess, and even give up my body to be burned--if I am without love, it will do me no good whatever.

Love is always patient and kind; love is never jealous; love is not boastful or conceited, it is never rude and never seeks its own advantage, it does not take offence or store up grievances. Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but finds its joy in the truth. It is always ready to make allowances, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes.

Jesus speaks: This is not to say that one serves all, all the time. Everyone must live according to God's will. To serve people outside the family supposedly in great love and spend all your time with them and neglect your family is not according to My Father's will.

Many times you must say "no" to those outside the family to do what God wills. Even though you say "no" to others who ask you to do something for them because God wants you to do something else, does not mean that you do not love them. You love all by doing what God wills you to do in that moment.


Matthew 5:48

Do not even the gentiles do as much? You must therefore be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.'

Messenger: Oh my God, my Spouse, I adore You and I love You. Father said in his homily we are to partake in God's life through the mediation of Jesus. I know how wonderful it is to receive Him in the Eucharist. I can't believe He comes to me. God, the Almighty God comes to me and I am a sinner. He showers me with His life and I feel His presence so strong within me. He is God, I am man and God comes to me and gives me Himself. Oh my God, as I lay in my bed this morning, I could feel that oneness of just being one with You as my Spouse. I could feel the presence of the Trinity living in me. I knew God and I wasn't alone. I live for that fullness of being possessed by God. I see this Lent as a journey in which He is giving all who ask and pray the prayers (Shepherds of Christ Payer Manual) and say the Spouse of the Lamb Prayer, a greater opportunity to be more perfected in our ways of loving as we live in Him, our beloved Spouse.

Jesus speaks: I am giving you great grace to know more fully your role as spouse of the Lamb. I give Myself to you and you exist in Me in oneness. I am God, you are man, you will become more perfected in your ways of loving the more you come to My banquet table. You are the spouse of the Lamb. Say the prayer all through the day and experience that existence of your being in Me. Experience the oneness between us. You experience more intimately the love of the Father and the Holy Spirit, the more you are one in Me. The Holy Spirit permeates your soul with His love. You are the spouse of the Lamb.

Question for married couples:

Q:  How do you feel being My spouse helps you to be a better spouse to your mate?

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