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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

March 6, 2005

March 7th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for March 7th are Sorrowful.










You Hold the Mighty Medicine

March 6, 1994

Jesus:  I am the Son of God. I have such longing for My beloved ones. Spread these messages. I grow tired of telling you, with such emotion--and who hears?

I am talking to you at this Center. I am talking to you! I am asking you to spread the message. You cannot wait. The souls of your brothers are thirsty for this ardent love. They roam this barren desert and find nowhere to lay their heads. If you speak this message, their souls will be fed.

You are the light set on a hill. Your fire will be that by which this world will be lighted. I am talking to you. No one is getting these messages to you. I, God, am speaking to you this very day. What will you do?

I want all to know of the fire of My love. I want their hearts to stir and come to Me with longing and devotion. You busy yourselves and the Son of God is speaking to you about His love.

I want to shake you to My ardent, urgent cry. They are so thirsty for this message. It is the appetite in their soul that craves this ardent union with Me. You possess that which they are craving.

The soul searches this barren desert, seeking as with no other appetite the love of God. You have the mighty medicine for the sickness the world is inflicting on My loved ones.

Who would keep medicine from the sick children? The children who come to you are diseased from this sick world. They are My army. They need their medicine. Every day the disease gets worse. They are coming to you for healing. You have the medicine. It is not lip service about My love. It is emotion that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, loves them so much as to write them letters of His love. It is emotion, love, heartfelt, longing, aching love!

Nothing feeds the starved soul but the love of Jesus. The world is so sick. Like ripples on a pond, one soul madly in love with My Sacred Heart is a powerhouse. One soul, fed by the love of the Sacred Heart, casts a mighty bright light, brighter than any other light because it is powered by God.

Light their hearts. Light the city. Shine on this hill. Send them into this world as the beacon lights in the darkest night. You are this city, set on the hill.

I am the Son of God. I come to you every day. I profess My longing, My loving. You tarry too much. You play a safe game. I am begging you to get My love letters to My beloved ones.

This world gets sicker by the minute. To live in this world is to be under constant attack. They need this ardent love of Mine to understand the attack. I am God. I come to you. I am talking to you. You are the receivers. You cannot wait for anyone's lead. No one can tell you what I, God, am telling you this very day.

While you wait, your children are getting sicker. These letters are for all, young and old alike. These letters are for priests and nuns. These letters speak to them wherever they are. This is the mighty medicine.

Too slow, I tell you! Some are dropping over from the disease. This is a sickness worse than any flu. It kills babies and loses men's souls. They are dying from this disease. The world is sending souls into hell. They are dying from the disease of this sick world. You hold the cure. You hold the key to turn men's hearts back to the love of God. You have hand-delivered letters from Jesus Christ and what do you do? I grow tired. I am upset. I am aching. I am begging you to listen. No one will knock on your door and say, "the time is right".

This is your act of faith. You know what one letter does to a person. You contain a book. When will you be ready? I grow tired. I am so upset. Soon is not soon enough. My children are dying from the disease. My babies are murdered. When will they know of My crying for their love?

I am the Son of God. I Am God! I come to you. I talk to you. If you believed I was talking to you, you would listen. I will not make this any clearer. It is your faith that will get you through. You must develop your faith in Me. To give you more signs than this is to make you weak. I have given you just what you need to get this job done.

Give My children their medicine. My church will be packed. People will stay when I, God, am in their breast after Communion. God is inside of you and you run from the church. Where do you go for your answers? Where do you go to be fed? "Give us this day our daily bread."

I, God, come to you in the Eucharist. I sit in your body and you do not relish these sacred moments. These are the most golden gems of your life when the Son of God comes to you and dwells in your breast.

I am alive. I am here with you. I am God. I have spoken again and do you hear? I am talking to you at the Center. This is My place to change this world. I am giving you all you need.

I love you. I am begging you. Jesus.

end of March 6, 1994  






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