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March 7, 2008

March 8th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 6 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for March 8th are Glorious.


Retreat in China

March 10th - 13th

Mass times

March 10th - 11:00am

March 11th - 11:00am

March 12th - 11:00am

March 13th - 12:00pm



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Transcribed from a tape

as it was delivered live.


Beginning of Retreat in Florida


March 2, 2008

Afternoon Rosary


From a Talk Rita did before the Rosary

R. ... The way that will really get us into deeper intimacy with Him is in letting go — letting Jesus do the dance. We say, "Okay, Jesus, I'll let You do the dance. Come on, let's go out and dance." And then guess what we do? Just think of Jesus as this beautiful Bridegroom, all dressed up, ready to lead us in this smooth little dance, across the dance floor, and then all of a sudden, our old self comes back, and then we just start stepping on His feet. Jesus says, "Hey, what's going on here?" You say, "Well Jesus, I let You have it for like 2 seconds. Now it's time for me to step on Your toes, too." Or maybe we let Jesus drive our car, and He's sitting there and He's driving along, and everything is perfect, and we're in the passenger seat, and then all of a sudden, we start grabbing the wheel, "Here Jesus, let me help You." What happens when the passenger starts grabbing the wheel of the driver? How many times do we do that to Jesus?

Song: We Will Rise Again

R. "But I want that Jesus. I want it my way."

Song: We Will Rise Again

R. "I want to worry! I got up this morning, that's how I usually do my day!" To open up the Blue Book and He says, "Let go of your fear, dear. Be transformed from fear to fearlessness." You say, "Well, those are nice words, Jesus." And then you go out and then it's like the old tapes start playing, "But Jesus, this is me." He says, "I know! I'm trying to stretch you in a new direction. You hold on, and hold on, and you worry, and you won't let go, and you are just so vulnerable. You may not be able to have your next breath. Let me breathe on you. Let me fill you with My life. Let Me give you My special grace in the Eucharist. Let Me love you as no person could ever love you. The reason for which you were created, is to have this love your soul craves and yet you go down, and you go down the road, and look at all the flowers, and you keep picking them." You say, "Maybe this one will do it. Maybe that one will do it. Maybe this one will do it." And Jesus, the Divine Almighty, Bridegroom is there saying, "Come on sweet one, let's dance." You say, "Okay, Jesus," take His arms, start to lead, and step on His feet. And Jesus' halo is shaking back and forth, when you get done with Him.

Song: We Will Rise Again  -  Sing!

R. How are we going to rise again? We are going to do the dance with Jesus. We're going to let Jesus have the lead. We are not going to step on His toes, shake His halo, we are just going to say, "Come on Jesus! You lead the dance." We are going to get in His car, and we're not going to grab the wheel. The person that really has a problem is the one that reaches over, and puts their foot on the gas. Do we do that sometimes to Jesus? Faster Jesus, faster! Faster! Faster! He's says "the timing — it's the wrong timing — not now. You have to suffer. Your whole life is death - resurrection. Suffering and rising in greater life in Him. And you say, "Faster, Jesus, faster. You just are not making it too good here." He says, "Well, if you do it now, you're going to be doing the whole complete wrong thing. Their attitude is not open like it should be. You need to pray for the grace, You need to pray for the timing. You need to do it the right way." ...


Joyful Mysteries

R. Whenever I do a retreat, there's 4 days, and Jesus told me to do, the Joyful, the first day - the Light, the second day - the Sorrowful, the third day - and then the Glorious, on the fourth day. So today is March 2nd, and this retreat will end on the 5th, after the 5th prayer service at night, and so I want to meditate on the Joyful Mysteries.


    Rita Stated After This Rosary

R. So Mary and Jesus appeared here. Jesus really appeared in such beauty when He was talking, and He stayed there. And then Mary appeared with such beauty that I can't describe it. But it's a great gift that God has given to us to be in this building. She was so beautiful, that's all I can say and she prayed with us. We have to stay united in our hearts, praying for the things in this rosary. And this should be on the internet in a couple of days, and then you can hear what was said. This was the afternoon rosary. We'll do another rosary tonight. I'll be back here at 6:20. This is a retreat with Mary and Jesus, that's what it is.


The Annunciation

Sing: The Angel Gabriel

1. R. What a gift that God has given to us! Mary Immaculate conceived without sin, without any of these things, like we have, from our wounded human nature - anger, and envy and jealousy and lust, and seeking dominance for dominance sake, and blaming one another. Mary's heart - pure love. When we say the Litany to Mary, we honor her, in her Motherhood, in her Virginity, in her Queenship and all of her titles. As we go through this rosary, let us think of the sinlessness of Mary, and what a gift Mary is to the human race, that God allowed Mary to be our Mother.

    And let us be sensitive to why God has called us here, to this building, to spread to the children of the earth, the great gift of the love of God, to a world that is hungry, that is in pain and suffering, that has been taught through others, that have been selfish and possessive and jealous and all the things, because of their wounded human nature and sin in the world. Let us pray to God that the purity of the heart of Mary, will be seen with wider vision in this Sunday where the blind man was the Gospel. And that we will be able to help to bring to completion, the mission that Mary began at Fatima, in spreading the consecration from the little ones to the elderly, to the priests to the dioceses, to the people of the earth. Mary Immaculate, you indeed, are a gift from God.

2. R. Singular Vessel of Devotion

3. R. Mystical Rose

4. R. Tower of David

5. R. Mary is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Dear Holy Spirit, work in the heart of Mary, and all of us, during this retreat and all of us that are here, so that we will do God's will with love, that we will be able to discern properly, what God's will is for us. And we will not give into the devil or our own thoughts, telling ourselves its okay for certain things, just because we want to, and we know God is telling us to do something different. Dear Holy Spirit, in the days that are left during Lent, help us to grow in this greater spiritual life in You.

6. R. I just love the Litanies so much. I think that this is a great gift, and whenever we pray the Litany, and it's in the Shepherds of Christ prayers, that the Holy Spirit is giving us tremendous, tremendous grace, to have this wisdom. Wisdom is imparted to us in our soul, as the Holy Spirit counsels us and gives us greater gifts. I love this — it's Mother of Divine grace — isn't that beautiful — Mother of Divine grace, Mother of His life.

7. R. It's so honoring to honor Mary, when we sing - Mother undefiled — God the Father likes us to recognize the gift that Mary is. For it is in recognizing the gift that Mary is, that we see and recognize our own sinfulness, our evil tendencies. And when we recognize Mary as undefiled, God the Father is pleased.

8. R. Mother most pure, Mother most chaste.

9. R. Oh Holy Spirit, impart to us Your wisdom and Your light. Help us to see with eyes that are open, to see deeper insight into the hidden mysteries. Help our hearts to be quieted, as we feast at the table of the Lord, and we taste the pleasures, that You give to us there, the gift of life,  streams of running water.

10. R. Like a hungry, thirsty deer, we are thirsting for this abundant grace, to be outpoured within our soul - thirsting like a parched dessert, begging God to quench this thirst. For it is in this, that we do not get caught up in these little incidental things, that make us, sometimes, almost crazy worrying about details, and stepping on Jesus' toes while we are doing it. When He's saying, "I called you to the dance, take My hand and let us glide across the floor in love." And you say, "No Jesus, I have an agenda. I have to do this. I have to do that." He says, "You have to let go."


The rest will follow tomorrow.






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