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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

May 16, 2006

May 17th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 2 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for May 17th are Sorrowful.


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May 16, 2006



May 16, 1998 - Prayer to the Father

My Father,

        With my whole heart I desire to consecrate the whole world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I wish with my whole being for the salvation of souls and that man live according to Thy Holy Will. I pray my Father that we may be one in You and Your Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit that we may intercede to You for this cause.

        It is this burning desire within my soul to spread the consecration to the far ends of the earth, that the cries of Your children are cries of glory and honor and adoration, praising God as their God.

        My Father, at this moment a soul hangs on the edge of death. For all eternity they will go to a place. It is not the plot of this soul as it trods this barren land to decide on the edge of death. You created us that we would grow in our oneness with God, that we would mature more and more in our image and likeness to God.

        And so My Father, I pray with every cell in my body for this earth. In the name of Your Son Jesus I consecrate all the souls of this earth to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Holy Spirit in union with the Holy sacrifice of the Mass with all the angels and saints and the souls in Purgatory.

        I beg You Father for mercy.
        I beg You Father for assistance.
        I beg You Father to help us to spread this consecration to the far ends of the earth.

        Please help us. We are helpless little ones coming in the heart of our Mother, bleeding from our wounds and our sins.

        Your Son, Jesus Christ, shed the last drop of His Blood for the salvation of mankind. We wish to unite in this sacrifice, sacramentally made present in the Mass all over the world at every moment. Help us to make reparation to You for the sins of men.

        Please my Father, help us. Held in the heart of Mary and the Heart of Jesus we come as the children of Eve to beg for the Reign of the Sacred Heart and the Triumph of Mary's heart. Look upon our love, Your shepherds in the Shepherds of Christ, our sacrifices and devotion to You Our Beloved Father. Come by the means of the Holy Spirit and sanctify us and make us whole, that we are one in Your Son Jesus, praying to You, Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus in the Holy Spirit united with all the angels and saints, in the heart of Mary. We beg for help for special intentions concerning the Movement. We beg for help to reach the Churches to give these prayers of Jesus to them, to reach the schools and the family. Help we cry as poor banished children of Eve. Help us Father to do this work the Good Shepherd has entrusted to us. Help us to be one in You that we act as intercessors to help this world to be turned to God as their God, loving, honoring and adoring Him as the Lord of Host is truly present on His throne.

        We are Your children Father, we implore You to answer our prayer.
        We love You, we worship You, we adore You, we thank you and we sing from the bottom of our hearts, Holy God we Praise Your Name. Alleluia

end of prayer to the Father


May 16, 2006 message continues

Messenger:           Did you ever go back to your old
                        homestead and see that it was hoed under
                        and the memories, great ones you may
                        have had with others you loved — felt as
                        if they were hoed in the dirt and a little
                        pain shot across your heart.

                            A little pain, a big pain, God
                        gives us tremendous faculties to know,
                        and remember and love, but in baptism He
                        elevates our knowing and loving capacity.

                            Think of pondering the mystery of the
                        Trinity the gift God gives us in sharing
                        this special insight into His love and
                        insight into the mystery.

                            When I go to the Eucharist Jesus gives
                        me Himself I receive His Body and His Blood
                        I know my heart is changed when I go to

                            I seek Him — I love Him, I want
                        all on this earth to know this most
                        precious gift God gives us in the sacraments.

                            I went to confession yesterday and the
                        priest forgave all my sins and all the sins
                        of my past life, I love confession so much
                        I love the Mass and the penitential right.

                            I want so much to help souls here
                        below, Mary's children, I love them and
                        I long to be with God someday in heaven
                        I don't want to interfere with this I
                        want the deepest union with God forever and
                        ever that means it never ends forever
                        forever but my love for God and souls keeps
                        me doing all I can to serve God here
                        doing all for His honor and glory.

                            We may have something to do and be carrying
                        a tremendous cross during a birth of a baby,
                        graduation, Christmas and yet something
                        may happen that gives us moments alone
                        with Jesus to hear Him speak to us
                        in the turmoil.

                            He says I am love why do anything
                        if it is not done in love to build up
                        My Kingdom.

                            Yes Jesus calls us to answer Him, to
                        carry the cross, to pay the price and to
                        say "yes" if we must suffer doing His

                            Jesus obeyed His Father to His death
                        on the cross.

                            What is God saying in all this turmoil?

                            Satan is strong and we must pray!

                            We must love!!

                            We must obey His commandments and live
                                by His Word.

                            We must fight the fight for the sake of

                            We must model our lives after the
                                New Adam and the New Eve
                                not giving into tendencies that are
                                weaknesses of the flesh
                                anger, jealousy, envy, lust, gluttony,

                            God calls us to be His soldiers and He gives us
                                Himself in the Blessed Sacrament and
                                He outpours His grace

                            Why do we do anything at all if it is
                                not out of love
                                to be likened to God is to love
                                He is love if we are like Him
                                we must love

                                God is love
                                Jesus is the New Adam
                                Mary the New Eve

                            God created this vast universe
                                the smallest blade of grass
                                the baby in the womb
                                my teeth, my hair, my body

                            If I can see the vastness of the ocean
                                the fields and mountains so beautiful —
                                the sky above
                                the beauty of a single flower
                                the timer ticking in all of us

                            Can I not know more the Might of God

                            He created us because He loves us

                            He did not have to
                            He wants us to love Him
                            He wants us to know His love
                            Deep intimate love

                            That is why Jesus and Mary appear in
                                In the garden — Adam and Eve sinned

                            We must consecrate our Hearts to the
                                New Adam and New Eve

                            Jesus is God He does God's will
                            Mary is sinless — always complying to the
                                will of the Father.


                            See Jesus hang on the tree.








May 16, 2006 message continues

Messenger:       God gave us the garden in Clearwater

                            Grace is outpoured in our Church.



February 18, 1995

Transcribed from a live tape as Mary and Jesus appeared
at the Holy Spirit Center (the old seminary) at 6:30 

Sorrowful Mysteries 

The Agony in the Garden

1.  R.  Do we realize the sufferings that Jesus and Mary suffered because they love us so much.

2.  R.  Mary knew throughout Jesus' life the immense sufferings He would have to undergo and she carried this sword in her Heart wherever she went whenever she looked at the child Jesus.

3.  R.  Where was Mary when Jesus was in the Garden? Surely she knew that His hour had come. Surely she was so connected with Him in her Heart that she knew He was undergoing terrific suffering!

4.  R.  In compliance to the Father's Will, Jesus agreed to everything He was about to undergo.

Matthew 26: 39

And going on a little further he fell on his face and prayed. ‘My Father,’ he said, ‘if it is possible, let this cup pass me by. Nevertheless, let it be as you, not I, would have it.’

5.  R.  How many times in the lives of Jesus and Mary have they shown us the way to comply to the Father's Will. All through Mary's life she trusted and followed the Father's Will. She did exactly what she was to do. Jesus, to His death, complied to the Will of the Father!

6.  R.  Be with Jesus in the Garden! Hear the sounds of the night! See Him as He kneels in anguish and He sees before Him all the hearts that He dearly loves. He knows how He will be rejected and treated with such indifference, even hatred by so many souls that He would give His life for.

7.  Jesus:  Do you not have one hour to give to Me?

8.  R.  Jesus saw before Him this present age —  all the hearts, the hardened hearts of men who think so much of pleasing themselves, that have turned cold, that have gone away from the human concern of man and focused on details and hatred. Jesus saw these hearts that were so hardened, the hearts that He loved and would give His life for.

9.  R.  Jesus sends us as soldiers into the world to spread the love of His Sacred Heart in the highways and byways. Let the love of Jesus come from our very being. This is what He calls us to: love of God and love of one another.

10.  R.  How can we, His special chosen ones who know the love of this Divine God, fold our arms across in front of our chest and hold back when He asks us to march into the world with fearlessness and spread His Gospel, the message that He came and gave His life for!

Song between decades:  A Song from Jesus



Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar

1.  R.  Jesus was led away. He was beaten. His hair was pulled and He was tied mercilessly to the pillar!

2.  R.  Jesus' flesh was torn. His blood ran from His body and they stood with hatred in their hearts, with their angry faces, and they beat the Son of God!

3.  R.  Jesus always complied to the Father's Will. As He stood at the pillar, He thought of us and how He loved us so dearly. He was comforted by the love that we give to Him this day. It is hard to be a Christian in this world. He calls us to love. He shows us the way. He wants us to trust in Him, to turn our lives totally over to Him. When we have wronged Him and have talked about our brothers, wrongfully He wants us to come and tell Him that we are sorry and try again. For He truly loves each one of us and He wants to lead us to a pure heart. For it is only a pure heart, a heart of love, that can unite closely to His Most Sacred Heart.

4.  Jesus:  I call out to you, My children, to clean your hearts of all the debris. To let go of all  hatred and anger. To come to Me in total trust. For I will give you all you need. You must trust. You must have faith. You cannot do this on your own. You need to let go in total surrender and let me operate from your being. Rid yourself of anger and division toward your brother and come to Me and give Me your heart!

5.  Jesus:  Satan will keep you locked in a heart that is troubled. Come to Me and you will be set free. You will not labor. You will not be burdened. For it is in My Heart that you will find peace, joy and happiness.

6.  Song:  Come unto Me all who are weary.

7.  Jesus:  I call you into the world as lights that shine in the darkness. Rid your hearts of anything that is not pure. Open your hearts. Do not listen to satan who tries to divide you. Come to Me and I will teach you all that you need to know.

8.  Jesus:  They tore My flesh! They beat My body! But I loved those who persecuted Me. I came to show you the way. You must trust. As I knew the Father's love, you, too, the more you unite with Me, will know His immense love for you. It is this love that led Me through the Passion.

9.  Jesus:  Do not let satan talk in your heads. When you have wronged Me, say you are sorry and let it go. Do not let him continue to talk in your heads and make you feel guilty. For I truly come to share Myself with you. You must focus on Me and My ways always! Always love! And when you have wronged any man, say you are sorry and love again.

10.  Jesus:  See Me scourged at the pillar! This is the love that I have for each of you!

Jesus:  They take My Passion and death so lightly. It is in studying this Passion that you will realize more and more the immensity of My love. For I truly love you. Your hearts are hungry and always searching for love. I am ever with you, ever present and by your side waiting to be so united in love with you.

Song between decades:  A Song from Jesus



Jesus is Crowned with a Crown of Thorns

1.  Jesus:  Judas could not say he was sorry. Judas did what he did and the worst is how it ended for him. The devil wants you caught in a trap that will keep you forever in his clutches. You must say you are sorry and love again.

2.  Jesus:  They did not see the majesty of the Almighty God when they crowned Me with thorns, when they spit on Me! But I am the Divine God! See the creation of the Father. Always look for the light. For it is in realizing this light that you will give them the love that I want to give them through you.

3.  Jesus:  Pray to the Spirit to see beyond the visible. Pray for faith. What you see is not My world. What you see is this world. You must look beyond. Your hearts must be connected to My vision. You must open up your eyes and pray to the Spirit to help you see ever so clearly those things that I want to show  you.

4.  Jesus:  Blind men! Blind men! They beat My body! The pounded on the thorns on My head! They spit on Me and mocked Me! They did not know that what they did was to persecute the Son of God!

5.  Jesus:  What you do to the least of your brethren, you do unto Me!

6.  Jesus:   For all those that you have wronged, say you are sorry and move on. For you are truly My lights that will light up the dark night. You are not perfect. You are to be My soldiers to spread My love into this world. You make mistakes. I forgive you. You must light up the world with My love!

7.  Jesus:  I love you so dearly that I withstood all this treatment for love of you. Do you realize that I am talking to you and that I truly love you, that your souls that crave such love can only be fed by My love? You wander,  you roam, you look and I am waiting with a Heart that is burning and on fire for love of you. Come into My Heart and find rest for your soul!

8.  Song:  A Song From Jesus

9.  Jesus:  Do you know that My Mother is forever by your side? As she stood by Me on Calvary she stands by you with such love. Do you tell her how you love her? Do you thank her for all that she has done for you? She is My Mother!

10.  Jesus:  Mary is your mother! Mary wants to guide you ever closer to Me. It is through her most tender and pure Heart that you will be led to deepest intimacy with Me. Go to your Mother! As I was born of the Virgin Mary and I grew, you are born in baptism and your Mother helps you grow in your spiritual life to a closer union with Me. Let go to your Mother Mary. She is your Spiritual Mother. She will lead you on the path to a deeper spiritual life.

Song between decades: 



Jesus Carries His Cross up Calvary

1.  Jesus:  When you are filled with fear you have taken your focus off of Me. You must let go of yourself. You must pray more to the Spirit to transform you from fear to fearlessness, to be led to My Most loving Heart, to be formed in the Heart of Mary into My image and thereby led closer to the Father. I knew the Father's love. As I carried My cross, I knew His love. It is in knowing His love that you will be able to have so much peace, happiness and joy.

2.  Jesus:  I carried My cross on My back. I ask you to carry your crosses. I give you this burden and it is through your suffering that you will be drawn ever closer to My life. To give up your cross, you give up a great sharing in My life. Take your cross on your back and know that in suffering there is the resurrection, the resurrection to new life, life in Me! It is through much suffering that you will be drawn ever closer to My Most Sacred Heart!

3.  Jesus:  The lessons I teach you this day you will learn when you meditate on My Passion.

4.  Jesus:  They are lessons of My immense love. They are lessons of surrender. They are lessons of doing the Father's Will. They are lessons of carrying your burden and turning your focus always to Me. They are lessons that I teach you when you meditate on My rosary.

5.  R.  The rosary is the meditation of the lives of Jesus and Mary. It is in meditating on these mysteries that we learn more about the mysteries of Christ's life and we are drawn more and more to the Two Hearts that are so full of love for each one of us. Her Heart was pierced with a sword. His Heart was pierced with a lance. Out of greatest love for us, she comes to us this day and asks us to meditate more and more on the  Passion of her Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

6.  R.  And their eyes peered into one another's and in that look, Mary saw her Beloved Son, the child she had carried. She saw Him now with thorns on His head, with blood teeming down His body, with a cross on His back. Wounded! Covered with wounds! This is her Son! She saw Him! Mary could not lift a hand to help! He peered into her eyes and saw the Mother He loved, her face reddened, tears on her cheeks. He saw her Heart. He saw her internal suffering. She did not bear His wounds but she had suffered by watching her Son go through this agony.

7.  Jesus:  Open your hearts to Me! Let your hearts become supple. I am knocking on the door of your heart. I am begging for entry to come in. You must release all that is holding you back. I will never hurt you. I am your God and I died for you!

8.  R.  As Jesus carried His cross on His back, as He was truly present there, He is truly present in the Eucharist this day. He is waiting for us in His Divinity and humanity so that He can outpour His grace and His life that He wants to give us. He gives this life in such abundance in front of the Tabernacle. When we receive Him in the Eucharist, He is there in His Divinity and humanity. He outpours His life in greatest proportions in the Eucharist and in front of the Tabernacle and He waits and longs for us to come and to be with Him!

9.  Jesus:  Can you not watch one hour?

10.  R.  Do you not realize that Jesus Christ Who carried His cross on His back, that Jesus Christ Who is the Son of God, waits for you with such burning love to come and be with Him in the tabernacle? Do you not realize that when you receive Him in Communion, that this is God!

Song between decades:  A Song From Jesus


Jesus is Crucified and Dies on the Cross

1.  Song:  See the Eyes that Look at Mary

2.  R.  Think of what it is like to have pain, to have a pain in your eye or your hand and how focused you are on this pain. See Jesus covered with wounds on every part of His body, streaming with blood. Think of the sight of your own blood but see Jesus with all the blood that is both dried up and running on His body. See Him as He hangs, humped over on the cross. So weak. His life gone from His body. This is the love that He has for each of us. Why do we hold back when He gave so much of Himself to prove His love for us. Why do we not trust and have faith? Why when we go to communion and we realize the immensity of His presence in the special moments that He gives to us — that feeling that we receive when the Son of God gives Himself to us — why do we need more proof.

Song:  Look Beyond.

3.  R.  And He says over and over again: "I give you Myself!" "I give you Myself!" Realize the real presence of God — that where Jesus is so is the Father and the Holy Spirit. We receive God inside of us! It is in our blindness that we are not realizing the great gift that we are being given. Dear Holy Spirit, outpour your grace to us. Help us to see more and more with the vision of God. Help us to realize His true presence, to receive the Eucharist, and realize that, that is the same Jesus Christ that hung on the cross for three hours and He comes to be in such union with us. Jesus wants intimacy with us. He wants to be joined in such oneness with us. But we cannot even fathom. Jesus is the author of love. God is love.

4.  R.  Jesus cries out for an intimate love relationship with us. He wants us to open up our hearts and to pray for the grace to be filled with His life, the grace that He pours out abundantly in the Eucharist and in front of the Tabernacle that we may be drawn ever closer to this burning Heart of endless love!

5.  R.  This love is not a little lip service love. It is the love that Jesus had when He hung on the cross for three agonizing hours and gave His flesh and His blood for us. This is the love He has — that He gave Himself, His all, stretched His arms, gave all of His blood, gave the last beat of His heart. He gives Himself to us this day and we take this gift so lightly. It is in our blindness that we do not realize that this is such a great gift Jesus Christ, the Son of God, gives Himself to us to be one with us in communion.

6.  R.  The Church is the Body of Christ and we are its members.  When we receive communion, we are receiving the Body of Christ.

Song:  One Bread, One Body

7.  R.  We pray for the Church. We pray for the priests, the priests that Jesus and Mary so dearly love, the priests that are so specially anointed by God.

8.  Song:  Take and Eat

9.  R.  See Him hang against the darkened sky. See Him humped over as He hung lifeless. His life is ended. Death has no power over Jesus Christ. For as His enemies are happy that they could lock Him in a tomb. He rose triumphant on the third day.

10.  Song:  Night is Over

Song after last decade:  A Song from Jesus

Jesus:  Reach out! Reach out! Go out into the world! Shine as lights in the darkness! I call you as My special chosen ones to answer this call for you are truly chosen and I send you into this world as My warriors to spread My light in the dark corners. Will you answer this call? Open wide your arms. Open up your hearts. Speak to every man that you meet. Do not hold back this great news that you have — the great gifts that you have been given. My chosen ones.

Mary:  Such gifts you have to come to My House and you hold back my messages from the souls that are hurting. Think of the souls that will be condemned to eternal damnation despite the sufferings of my beloved Son. I send you out into the world as lights that shine in the darkness. Let your light shine to this dark world. Let the love of My Son radiate from your being. As I call you this day, will you answer me? Will you be the light that shines in the dark night?  Can my Son count on you to spread the messages of His love throughout this world? As He died on the cross and gave His blood for each and every soul, will you spread this message of love to the world today. I am your Mother and thank you for responding to my call.

Song:  O Holy Dwelling Place 

February 5, 2001

 Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

1.  The Prophecy of Simeon.  And a sword, too, shall pierce your Heart, O Mary!

2.  The Flight into Egypt. And a sword, too, shall pierce your Heart, O Mary!

3.  The Loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple.  And a sword, too, shall pierce your Heart, O Mary!

4.  Jesus and Mary meet on the way to the Cross.  And a sword, too, shall pierce your Heart, O Mary!

5.  Jesus Dies on the Cross.  And a sword, too, shall pierce your Heart, O Mary!

6.  Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross and Laid in Mary's Arms.  Mary receives the lifeless body of her Beloved son in her arms: Jesus, the child Jesus! Think of her holding the child Jesus horizontally in her arms! Think of the child Jesus born in the town of Bethlehem in a crib and see Him as He hangs on the cross! Think of her holding the child Jesus in her arms and then  holding His lifeless body in the same position, covered with wounds, covered with blood,  dead! This is the love that Mary has for us. And a sword, too, shall pierce your Heart, O Mary!

7.  The Burial of Jesus.  Jesus was locked in the tomb and Mary weeps bitterly outside: The cold reality to know that He was dead.


This rosary was prayed before the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows. Rita, Cathy, Joe, Keith and Marty were present.

Mary appeared in the brightest light throughout the entire rosary. Her face was "real" and she moved her face. The more we talked about her appearing, the brighter she became.



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