Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

May 5, 2005

May 6th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
for May 6th are Glorious.


May 5, 2005

Messenger:       Is there not the place in our busy world,
                        God to truly be alone with You and to hear
                        Your words in my heart.

                        Oh Jesus, I long for You and I long for
                        the Mass and the Eucharist and my union
                        with the Father and Holy Spirit.

                            I know Mary ever greater as my
                        mother and I thank you for your gifts
                        to all of us.

                            Mary told me how she remains
                        with us in a special way at Clearwater
                        but she appeared to lead us to her Son's
                        Movement Shepherds of Christ and to tell the world
                        what He has told me to say.

                         I want to tell the world like I did when
                        she appeared every day telling me to get
                        the rosaries to the children in the
                        schools, but until John the President
                        came I could not make any headway
                        at all with the messages of Mary to
                        get the rosary meditations and consecration
                        cards and rosary and scapulars in the

                            I am a messenger and Jesus and
                        Mary sent me to deliver this message
                        to you today. Please help us do
                        whatever you can to get the messages
                        the Newsletter to the Priests, the
                        Prayer Chapters begun the
                        Rosaries to the schools and the
                        Blue Books about Jesus and His
                        love in the Eucharist to the

Jesus speaks:       The Newsletter is written with
                        so many writings of the Holy
                        Father and Mary and the Eucharist
                        centered in consecration.

                            On this Ascension Thursday
                        May 5, 2005, 5, 5, 05,
                        this night is a special night
                        I have called and My Mother has
                        called for fervent prayer.

Excerpt from May 5, 2001 message

Messenger:    This date in 1995 we received an important message

                        May 5, 1995. It was about consecration.

                        We used it in the consecration booklet
                            for home consecrations.

                        Envision the Sacred Heart before you
                            delivering this message.


10 Years ago today


May 5, 1995

Consecrate Your Churches, Home, and Workplace to Our Hearts

Jesus speaks: I want you to consecrate the human race to Sacred Heart of Jesus. I want to be enthroned in all homes, churches, and businesses.

June is the month of the Sacred Heart. I want to be king and center of all hearts. I will keep My promises given to St. Margaret Mary of Alacoque. I promise all this from My most Sacred Heart. Consecrate your chapter to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Consecrate the church or room in which you hold your meeting.

Today is First Friday. I want you to circulate the message I gave to you on consecrating your homes to My Sacred Heart. Make booklets available for people to be able to consecrate their homes and businesses easily. Use the message I gave to you when you consecrated your home.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus will reign and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. Consecrate all homes and businesses to Our Two Hearts. Tell all to have displayed and honored, pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. May and June are the months of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Tell all to consecrate their homes to Our Two Hearts. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On this day, the 5th of May, 1995, First Friday, I request that you spend the next two months encouraging all to do this consecration.

Gather your friends and say the prayers I have instructed you to say. Sing "To Jesus Heart All Burning" and "Immaculate Mary." May these Two Hearts of love give all members of the human race peace, joy and love in their hearts.

R. Jesus said He desires to be honored by men in the Blessed Sacrament.

Jesus speaks: Circulate the Blue Book messages. They promote this devotion. How My Heart is filled with happiness by the souls who come to the tabernacle and sit with Me. I am Jesus Christ, I wait and long and thirst for My precious souls to come. The souls of men have turned cold. I want souls to come to daily communion and be with Me in front of the tabernacle.

Men's hearts have turned cold. They do not know what love really means. I want hearts that are filled with fire for love of God. Men's hearts have turned to stone.

You are to promote devotion to My most Sacred Heart. I want hearts that burn with love for My Heart. It is through Me that you will know the Father's love. I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life.

Offer a holy hour for the indifference, ingratitude, and sacrileges committed against Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the Sacrament of His greatest love.

R. He promises great graces to those who give reparation to His Sacred Heart and who tell others about offering reparation to Him.

end of May 5, 1995



Excerpt from March 30, 2001 message

Messenger:    I remember an experience I had May 25, 1995. It was
                          Ascension Thursday and it is published in the
                          Apostles' Manual, the internet and in the 17th

             I went to Mass at Father Carter's and I was given
                 deep insight into the Mystery of Christ. I knew
                 Him so intimately. I saw Him ascend into
                 heaven. He kept going upward. I knew Him
                 in a deep way. I knew Him as a
                 baby, in His death, in His resurrection
                 and ascension, in my relationship with
                 Him then in His Eucharistic Presence,
                         I was just so one with Christ.

             I reach for words to describe a mystical experience
                 I had. It is implanted on my soul not
                 in words, but in knowledge of Him, having deep
                 insight into the mystery of Christ,
                 of knowing Him in such an intimate way.


  May 25, 2005 will be 10 Years since I received this message

May 25, 1995 which was Ascension Thursday


May 25, 1995
(Apostles Manual pg. 418 - 421)

I Am Alive!

Messenger:  Prayer is a lifting up of our minds and hearts to God. Who am I that I can change any event that is occurring in the lives of another, that I can affect the outcome of any event? I am a child of my Father. My Father is the Almighty God. How I love my dear Father. He is God and He has created me in His own image and likeness. My beloved, dear Father, how I love You that You give me such gifts - that You allow me to share in Your life!

You are the Father of Jesus and You are My Father. Thank You, My Father, for all Your gifts and for Your life. Who am I that I can affect the life of any person?

I am a child of God. I call on my dear Father and He loves me so, He listens to me. I lift my heart to You, my dear beloved Father and You listen to little me and You care for me so much. I call upon God and the Almighty God cares for me with such love that He listens.

Jesus speaks: Such truths have been given to you from My Father because of His great love for you. You are far more precious than the finest pearls, My beloved child. The Father so loved you He gave His Son so that you would have life. He gave His Son as a sacrifice for you. The Father gives to you His life through Jesus, His Son. You partake in His divine life.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. My life I give to you, I live in your being, My beloved, I impart to you My divine life.

How many turn their backs on the great gift of this life given from the Father. To know this life and to know all those who have rejected this great gift!

I am the Almighty God, My power is endless. The power and might you felt within yourself is only a small sampling of My immense power.

I am God and I am allowing you to experience what you are experiencing to spread My love to others. Your immense understanding into these mysteries will help you speak and write them for others.

I have chosen you as an instrument to touch many hearts and bring them to My divine love. Great gifts and understandings into these mysteries I am giving to you. You will lead many priests to the love of God.

I am alive. I am God. I long to be loved by man and many have turned their backs on Me and forgotten Me. You must tell them all I am allowing you to experience, these sufferings and understandings into My deep love.

This is the beginning of many days when I will allow you to experience the rejection I felt from those I loved. Your heart is in immense pain for the souls who reject Me despite My love for them.

I beg you to speak and write. Make reparation for souls that have forgotten My love. Spread the love of My Sacred Heart and My Mother's heart, throughout the world.

I love, I love, I love My beloved souls. I beg you to tell them. I beg Fr. Carter to tell every soul on this earth of My love. You will continue to suffer such pain and anguish in your heart. Suffer in silence for souls. I love so deeply and am so gravely offended!

I am Jesus, My dear, little child. I am alive and in this world. I live in the hearts of men, I live in the consecrated Host, I am forgotten and ignored and treated with such dishonor.

Speak for Me, I beg you to spread this love throughout this earth. I am sending you as missionaries into this world.

On this Ascension Thursday, I have given you great sufferings and great joy. I have allowed you to experience the highest ecstasies in My love and plunge you into deep pain in your heart for those who reject Me.

You, I send as missionaries to carry out the work I have begun. Be fearless and pray to the Spirit. This day I am giving you abundant graces to speak, and through this speaking, others are sent into this world as My apostles.

It is through the Shepherds of Christ Movement My love will be spread. Circulate My messages and rosary meditations. The love of the two Hearts will be known throughout this world through these messages and rosary meditations.

You will be fearless, everyone I send to you is a messenger to carry out My love. Circulate these letters with FIRE for I am delivering them to you in FIRE.

I am Jesus Christ, the Living God. I am allowing you to experience My life, alive in you and giving you these emotions to spread My love.

On this Ascension Thursday, I beg you to carry out the message to this world. Live My life in your life, every moment My life living within you.

I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life. I have commissioned you to go out and to carry this message - the message of My immense love for ALL mankind, including My burning love for My priests and religious. Souls will turn their hearts to Me from these letters. This is the mighty medicine to turn a sick, cold world to hearts filled with the love of God.

Prayer, My beloved ones, is the lifting up of your minds and hearts to God. When you intercede to Me through My Mother's heart, I will pour out My greatest mercy.

I will not refuse hearts begging for grace for their loved ones. Pray from your whole being. Let My life live in you.

You can pray and ask God to send help. You do not know the power of a heartfelt prayer. I listen to your prayers. The Father and Holy Spirit are listening to your prayers. The more you unite with God, the greater you intercessory prayer. I am Jesus. I am alive this day. I ask you to spread My messages to the world. I am crying out in your heart on this Ascension Thursday. I ascended into heaven and I have left behind you to carry out what I began. I am with you. I am alive this day. I will unite with you and the earth will know the power of the Almighty God. I am Jesus Christ, Chief Shepherd of the flock. Lead My little ones home - home to the burning embers of My Most Sacred Heart, through My Mother's heart.

Messenger: I cried so hard, I have never been so immersed in heartache. I heard Him shout, "I Am Alive, I Am Alive." I cried so hard, I could hardly write.

I know Him. He is alive in my being. My soul is filled with His love. I live the life of Jesus and Mary in my life. I love His life, her life - their presence forever with me. From this great gift, these rosary meditations, His life has become one with mine. I feel His life in the Mass. I hear Mary under the cross. I hear the cries for the souls going to hell for their willfulness and sins. I hear the laments of Jesus in the tabernacle - how He longs and thirsts for souls and is neglected and ignored. I hear Him tell of the sacrileges committed against the Holy Eucharist.

I heard Him this day. I felt His presence and the presence of the Almighty God as He cries out, "I am alive, I am alive, I am alive."

He is alive. We have the Mass. He gives us Himself in the Eucharist. Mary is appearing, we are given this rosary. We are sent as soldiers by Him in the Shepherds of Christ. We are thirsting for union with Him, sent by Him, apostles to go out to this world and spread His love, one with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, one with the Trinity. He will light this earth with hearts on fire for love of Him.

Jesus speaks: I come to you with greatest love, I am your loving Savior, I am your God, I died for you, I come to you this day.

The earth shakes and the Son of Man appears. He lives in the hearts of all. I want hearts on FIRE for love of Me. I want vibrancy and love from My beloved ones. Hold not back My love from this world.

Messenger: I adore you, Oh Lord, I praise you, I worship you, I bless Him with my whole soul. My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and holy, holy is His name! Jesus wants souls that are holy, on fire with the love of Jesus. Make novenas to the Holy Spirit to have hearts on FIRE with the love of God. Sound the trumpet, sound the gong - Jesus LIVES - He lives this day! Alleluia.

Sunday is a special day to praise Him, to love Him, to pray to Him - His day to be honored and worshipped in a special way. Pray from a pure and holy heart, a heart that sings for love of the Lord. Pray from your whole being.

end of May 25, 1995 message


May 5, 2005 message continues

Jesus speaks:   Pray with all your heart

                        I wish My Newsletter on Mary
                            and the Eucharist to reach
                            My priests by the Feast of
                            My Sacred Heart
                            June 3, 2005
                        and the Feast of My
                            Mother's Immaculate Heart
                            June 4, 2005.

                        I wish all to be given a disc
                            of May 5, 2001 and have
                            a picture taken today
                            before the live Nursing
                            Home, video May 5, 2003
                            These DVD's are to be available

                        I wish the consecration message
                            of May 5, 95 to be made

                        I wish the prayer service to be
                            in the store today and
                            pictures taken in the
                            new room.

                        My Mother is still with you.

                        Circulate this message

                        Come here and take the live
                            DVD's of Mary's appearance
                            with you and circulate to

                        Give wallet pictures of Mary's
                            image and My face

                        I want this prayer service to
                            be broadcast and all to

                        I am Jesus

                            My Mother has appeared and
                                now appears to you
                                in these materials.

                        Please help Me get My Newsletter
                            in the hands of My priests
                            by the Feast of My Sacred

                        Please tell all of the
                            Treasures in this gift
                            store and China

                            Treasures from the
                                Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

                        This is My gift to you.




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