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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

May  9, 2006

May 10th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period I.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for May 10th are Glorious.


Retreat in China, Indiana

Exposed Eucharist

May 10th - 13th


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May 12 - Mass at 1:00pm

May 13 - Mass at 12:00pm


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May 9, 2006

Messenger:    Doing God's will is our focus!
                     Doing God's will in love!
                     In the ordinary things!
                     When we have to speak out to
                     address the truth we should do it
                     if it is God's will.

                     As a superior we must instruct
                          as God wishes us to, but always
                          living to please God in love is
                          our purpose, for His honor and
                          glory, but religious, children, etc.
                          should be obedient to superiors.                   

                     Some things cannot be addressed, they
                          must be left to prayer.
                     Prayer is the key — always praying
                     for help with those we work with, live
                     with, along with ourselves to not
                     give into satan to try to block
                     God's work through us —

                     We are all imperfect — we need God's
                            grace —
                            God's grace can change hearts —

                      God lets us know about St. Monica
                            and St. Augustine to help us
                            to pray and be patient —

                      The lives of the saints teach us
                            profound truths to holiness.

                      We don't need a doctor's degree to
                            know how precious the Eucharist

                       God gives us His Body and Blood —
                            His Flesh to eat.


John 6: 35-59

Jesus answered them:

I am the bread of life.
No one who comes to me will ever hunger;
no one who believes in me will ever thirst.
But, as I have told you,
you can see me and still you do not believe.
Everyone whom the Father gives me
   will come to me;
I will certainly not reject
anyone who comes to me,
because I have come from heaven,
not to do my own will,
but to do the will of him who sent me.
Now the will of him who sent me
is that I should lose nothing
of all that he has given to me,
but that I should raise it up
   on the last day.
It is my Father's will
that whoever sees the Son
   and believes in him
should have eternal life,
and that I should raise that person up
   on the last day.

    Meanwhile the Jews were complaining to each other about him, because he had said, 'I am the bread that has come down from heaven.' They were saying, 'Surely this is Jesus son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know. How can he now say, "I have come down from heaven?" ' Jesus said in reply to them, 'Stop complaining to each other.

'No one can come to me
unless drawn by the Father who sent me,
and I will raise that person up
   on the last day.
It is written in the prophets:
They will all be taught by God;
everyone who has listened to the Father,
and learnt from him,
comes to me.
Not that anybody has seen the Father,
except him who has his being from God:
he has seen the Father.
In all truth I tell you,
everyone who believes has eternal life.
I am the bread of life.
Your fathers ate manna in the desert
and they are dead;
but this is the bread
   which comes down from heaven,
so that a person may eat it and not die.
I am the living bread
   which has come down from heaven.
Anyone who eats this bread
   will live for ever;
and the bread that I shall give
is my flesh, for the life of the world.'

    Then the Jews started arguing among themselves, 'How can this man give us his flesh to eat?' Jesus replied to them:

In all truth I tell you,
if you do not eat
   the flesh of the Son of man
and drink his blood,
you have no life in you.
Anyone who does eat my flesh
   and drink my blood
has eternal life,
and I shall raise that person up
   on the last day.
For my flesh is real food
and my blood is real drink.
Whoever eats my flesh
   and drinks my blood
lives in me
and I live in that person.
As the living Father sent me
and I draw life from the Father,
so whoever eats me
   will also draw life from me.
This is the bread
   which has come down from heaven;
it is not like the bread our ancestors ate:
they are dead,
but anyone who eats this bread
   will live for ever.

This is what he taught at Capernaum in the synagogue.


May 9, 2006 message continues

Messenger:        We pray for grace for ourselves to be
                              the way Jesus wants us to be —
                              to not block His work —
                              to not give into jealousy, lust,
                              lethargy, anger —

 7 Capital Sins
      Pride, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth

                              We see, we as baptized Catholics
                            are commissioned in baptism to
                            go out and spread the Good News —
                            to love our brothers —
                            to act in love.

                            If someone squeezes us what comes
                                out — when we are tired and
                                hungry — frustrated, etc. —

                            To me I want joy to know God
                                feeds me with His flesh and
                                His Blood —
                                I love the Eucharist so, so much.
                                I love the priest and the Church.

                                Peace of mind comes in letting
                            go of anger, of forgiving, of loving,
                            of praying to be like Jesus, of
                            surrendering asking for His help
                            in everything.

                                We are NEVER Alone.

                                Today I went over a glass bottle
                            in the middle of the road — I could
                            see somebody else hurt their tire —
                            I knew it was God's will on this
                            side street to pick it up — it was
                            love for my brother —

                                God wants this love. Sometimes we
                            must speak and do hard things, sometimes
                            we must be quiet and pray — what is
                            God's timing, what is His will for me —
                            God help me to pray for those I work
                            with — pray for all to live their vocation
                            being like You in love.

                                I always want to be focused on building
                            the Kingdom, helping souls — I
                            must pray for this grace, it takes
                            God's grace to be holy.

                                When I pray for the darkness of the world
                             I know His grace can change hearts
                             headed for doom.

                                God is Mighty and we as baptized
                            Catholics must answer the call
                            of our baptism. We must unite
                            as a body praying for grace and
                            mercy from God — live deeper
                            our participation in the Masses
                            going on around the world.

                                I am here in Cincinnati — at this time
                            11:30 A.M. there are many Masses
                            being celebrated around the world —
                            I am united as a member of the
                            body of Christ, I want to more
                            deeply participate in these Masses
                            in my heart for the sake of souls —
                            the souls Jesus died for —

                                I cannot be an inactive
                            little participant — I am a
                            baptized Catholic —  I love
                            God so much — when I go to Mass
                            Jesus feeds me with His flesh
                            and His Blood — That makes my
                            heart burn —

                                I know I am so precious
                            to Him.

                                The more I know Him, the more
                            I want to love as He acts in me
                            in this world, but it is tough —
                            sometimes — I must do God's will
                            always — in tough and easy things —
                            His will is what I must do in

                                The people God has called in
                            the Shepherds of Christ are so important to
                            Him. It is a vocation to be deeply
                            united to Him — to know His love —
                            to love more deeply —

                            Baptism gives us a special sharing
                            in His life —

                                Our knowing and loving capacity
                            are elevated —

                                We love others more deeply —
                            the more saturated we are with
                            His grace — His life —

                                We live life more fully —
                                Our joy is ever deeper —

                                He feeds this life with
                                    His flesh and His Blood —

                            God comes to me — He loves me so
                                much — I am precious
                                to Him — So precious He died
                                for me —

                                I want others to know the
                            joy God gives to us in the

                                Joy is in the Savior.

                            Let the Song from Jesus go
                                all over to the world —

                            Let the Song from Jesus
                                resound in the hills —
                                in the Churches —



May 9, 2006 message continues

Messenger:        Let the Song
                            God's Love be ever in our



May 9, 2006 message continues

Messenger:      Where would the world be without
                            God's love radiating from
                            our hearts —

                        We need to work on loving Him
                            and others more deeply —

                         How can we say we are Christ-like
                            and not be loving
                            God is love —
                            He gave Himself to His death
                                on the cross —

                        The devil wants us to be selfish and
                            self focused.

                        Jesus wants joy —

                        To know God is to love —

                        God is love —      

                         We are sinful in our ways of
                            dealing with each other many
                            times, selfish, jealous,
                            lacking respect and love —
                            seeing the gift of the other
                            person —
                            telling them we appreciate
                                and love them —

                          God is love and
                             in Him there is no darkness
                                 at all —


July 5, 2003 during prayer service


July 5, 2003 during prayer service


July 5, 2003 during prayer service



Retreat begins

                            May 10 — before the
                            exposed Eucharist

                            Tune in on radio —

                            pray, listen and sing —


Messenger:        We are so blessed to have

                                the Eucharist

                                the priests

                                the Church

                                all the sacraments.


                                God thank You

                                You are precious to us.

                                Thank You God!


    Pray for urgent intentions.




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