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June 15, 2008

June 16th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for June 16th are Glorious.



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Given June 18, 2006

The Feast of the Precious Body and Blood of Jesus



Messenger:        We just don't have all the answers.

                            God has given to us the ability to know and
                                to love.

                            Things that are real inside of me that
                                I know with my brain, we speak of our
                                heart - we love with.

                            But really the "matter" that composes my
                                heart is not love, nor the "matter" of
                                my brain my knowing.

                            There is the element of mystery

                                the reaching into someplace out there
                                    and bringing in an answer, sort of
                                    like one trying to bring in a radio
                                    station, but at the other end is the
                                    radio station is something that comes in
                                    when I pick up the frequency on the radio
                                    and it can come in crystal clear.

                            Well today I reach into my mind, my heart to
                                find a deep answer about God, about
                                love, about my being, about the future,
                                about something to have the answer

                            I go before the Divine, Almighty God truly present
                                in His Divinity and humanity in the Eucharist
                                and I know He fills me more and more with
                                His life and my knowing and loving capacity
                                and insight to understand more deeply
                                into the hidden mysteries is elevated by
                                my sharing in His gifts given to me through
                                baptism. My life in Him is so real to
                                me, the inspiration He gives me, the
                                deeper knowledge of understanding a
                                hidden mystery is real.

                                I know going to the Eucharist fills me
                            ever deeper with His grace, His life and I
                            know more deeply things about Him.

                                Don't fault me to try to explain the ineffable,
                            but my soul cries to reach ever deeper into
                            these hidden mysteries and to know Him more
                            and more and more deeply.

                                When a child reaches into a bag, it may
                            contain a toy or not. It is one way or the other

                                When I go before Him in the Blessed Sacrament,
                            receive Him in the Holy Eucharist I can reach into
                            the hidden mysteries and my Divine Bridegroom is
                            the initiator that floods me with deeper knowledge
                            of Him or may not reveal anything about a
                            hidden mystery to me, but it isn't like the
                            cut and dry situation of a kid reaching in the
                            bag or not and pulling out a toy.

                                I know this I long for God's holy presence
                            in the Eucharist and being with Him fills
                            me so deeply that when I receive Him in
                            communion I scarce can breathe.

                            Song:  I Love You Jesus


Messenger:            Jesus gave me that song, long ago 1994 and told
                            me He liked us singing it like a love song
                            to Him.

                                I also got this prayer right on Ash Wednesday
                            when He began giving me the Spouse of the
                            Lamb entries.


A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

     Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.


Messenger:            You know I pushed some children on the swing
                            and they keep saying — "higher, higher" and you
                            may think like I do — they are going to get
                            too high and go over the top or something, but they
                            keep shouting — "higher, higher'.

                                God has filled me with such an ecstasy that
                            I know so deeply during that experience, I know
                            clearly insight into Him — It is a oneness —
                            I know, I see clearly about Him -- I have had
                            all kinds of insights, messages, visions, but
                            when He really gives me something like at
                            Mass, a deep insight, a rapture, it is a oneness
                            of knowing Him — seeing Him with such a clear
                            vision and what I know is a oneness
                            in knowing Him, it is to such an intensity —
                            it isn't like one little thing I know, it is
                            rapture in knowing God and although when it
                            is over — the intenseness of knowing God at that
                            moment is so deep when He chooses to touch my
                            soul — He is doing it and it is by His action and
                            the knowledge is in knowing God — the mystery
                            of God — it is immeasurable — Like the December 15, 1995
                            rapture, where He took me to this deep chamber of His
                            Heart, the red room, but in it was such knowledge
                            of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and it was one,
                            dynamic, filled with the encounter of
                            knowing Father, Son and Holy Spirit in God — one God —
                            it was with deep consideration I tried to explain
                            it — 2 and 3 days later, in that rapture to explain
                            such knowledge of the Trinity and the oneness
                            of God — the power of the intense union with
                            God so I wrote


December 17, 1995

Excerpt from the Mass Book


    I long to unite in the deepest union with Him in the Eucharist. I long for the Mass. I long for Thee, oh God. My every moment, I join as I did to You December 15 under the cross, where I felt Your presence. You whisked me away, and I was totally absorbed in that moment of celestial union with You. For that time, I existed only in You, in the deepest union, and I was in this moment existing in You. The earth stopped, and I touched the heavens, all my bodily cares were existent in You. I existed in Your Divinity, my being was in You. There was no desire or wish or wanting, for in that moment, I had all I wanted in You. I was satisfied and wanted nothing but to remain in that embrace. You were the Being, and my being existed in You, but I was only as I was in You - merged in You, knowing and being in Your Divinity and being so full as to feel complete in myself.

    You are so enormous, and You surrounded me in a burning embrace, the presence of red fire. I was not little, or "nothing", but existed in this enormous power and being so complete!

    I touched eternity, and in that embrace, I knew all the waiting was worth the glory. You enveloped my being, and I was truly merged in the Divine Presence. I was merged in Your being. I existed IN You, with You, in the highest union with You, although I knew I was still distinct from You.

    I was fused and absorbed in You, feeling complete and satisfied. To describe this union is far beyond any work of my pen and paper. I pray for the reader of this page to receive the grace to share this experience with Him, I will now live for this union-to be forever merged In Him, to be One in Him, to reach higher perfection as I exist in Him, for He takes the lowly and gives to them a sharing in Himself. He merges with us and we exist in Him. The word "in" - I could write pages about. I long for the deepest union with Him, where I am swept up in the heavenly embrace of the Divine God, and I am IN Him.

    This is heaven on earth: to be merged as one with Divinity, although remaining distinct from God, to take our feeble hearts, our lowly status and to unite ourselves with the Divine, Almighty, powerful God and in this union to be meshed with Him, that His power dominates and our humanity reaches its heights of fulfillment in this union, in this oneness with Him.

    The word I have looked for is "oneness." I understand some of the meaning of the words "One in Him." Oneness is the word to describe this union of our humanity with His Divinity. The depth to which we could meditate on oneness with God is incomprehensible. In that moment, the earth stood still, and He, my Divine Lover, the Bridegroom of my soul, took me to Himself, and I knew the embrace of the Divine God.

    Nothing on the face of this earth can describe our union with Divinity. Oh, good God, that creatures are so ungrateful regarding Your divine love. I am so sorry. Let me help make reparation to Your adorable Heart. Please unite with me now that I may more deeply love Thee.

    Oh, Divine Lover of my soul, let me help make reparation to Your adorable Heart for the neglect and indifference against You.

Song from Jesus: I come to you with greatest love. I am your loving Savior. I am your God. I died for you. I come to you this day.

    He allowed me to experience such pain in my heart - wanting Him so badly, so many times-and then on Dec. 15, 1995 - He gave Himself to me in the deepest union.

    Nothing satisfies the soul but Him. He wants the nuns and priests to love Him. He chose them to spread His love.

    Souls are hungry. They will only be fed with His burning love. Priests need to talk about Jesus' love for us from the pulpit. Priests need hearts burning for love of Jesus. This will feed the hungry souls - lip service love doesn't do it.

    He is alive today. He is a Person. He wants us to love Him.

end of December 17, 1995 Mass Book entry 


December 18, 1995

Excerpt from the Mass Book


    The place Jesus took me was into the deepest recesses of His Heart. I was enveloped in His burning love. It was a red room with heat and an intense glow. I was swept away in this embrace, and I only existed in Him. The power of the Almighty God enveloped me, and I only existed in Him. There was no fear, for I was existent in this Almighty Being. My heart was wrapped in the eternal embrace of this Supreme Being. The security, the power I know was His deep presence in which I existed.

    I knew the room was red and warm. I knew His immenseness, but I felt my own completeness in Him. I did not feel little, as a speck, but elevated and empowered for I existed then in Him in a most special way.

    I was overtaken by the love of God. The fire of the Holy Spirit filled me. I was absorbed by the love of the Father, and I existed IN Him and in the deepest recesses of the Heart of Jesus. Our heaven on earth is these inner chambers of His magnificent Heart - the Heart of the Almighty God, with all the power, with omnipotence, with the fire of the love of God. He took me to the deepest chamber of this fiery Heart, and in that moment, I touched eternity, for I knew what it was to be enveloped in the deep furnace of His love. I now want to exist in this chamber of His Heart, swept away in His burning love, absorbed in my every cell with His love.

    We do not understand the fire of His love. We do not understand what it is to be absorbed by love itself. He took me to the inner, deepest chamber of His Heart, and I felt the heat and knew the presence of love itself, and there was no fear, only a feeling of completeness, omnipotence, all-embracing, penetrating love - a power indescribable in words, a saturation of my being in the presence of God, and I was as I was created to be - living in Him!

    This is how I will forever live my life, saturated with His divine life and love deep within this inner chamber of His burning Heart, living in Him as He possesses my being, and I operate with His power in me.

    Little creatures though we are, we are His, His power, His life, flowing through us. In Him, we are as the Father intended: one in Him, each one of us, dwelling in this fiery furnace of His love. With our fears quieted and our hearts empowered by His life, we live forever in Him - in the Heart of Jesus.

    Let no man separate what God has joined together. I am wed in the deepest love with my beloved Spouse, wed to the Heart of Jesus. As I am, I am one in Him. I live and I breathe in Him. He, Who is love, He Who is our all, He Who is mighty and without limits, He Who is, He Who is God and as I live, He lives in me in this world.

    I am wed to Him, and I shall not fear for He is God - one, complete, loving, God. Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee. As I live, I live in Your most adorable Heart, the furnace of God's love!

end of December 18, 1995 writing


Messenger:         But I know it today for it was imprinted on
                            my soul this knowledge of my beloved God —
                            not to the intensity ever as when I experienced
                            it, but He gave me this and it changed me,
                            it is recorded in me, He planted knowledge of
                            Himself on my soul, knowledge of knowing God,
                            knowledge of the Trinity, knowledge of God's oneness
                            with Mary and all the saints — ONENESS — IN HIM —

                                When God acts on my soul, I know forever, dates
                            times, knowledge, love in Him, God's
                            infinite love, knowledge of deeper life in Him
                            as He saturates my soul with His grace and fills
                            me with the knowledge of that experience.

                                It was with this special gift I received almost
                            every day as I wrote Mass Book I — my physical
                            was almost non-existent, it seemed to me, and yet I forced myself
                            to write about Him and the experience for He reminded
                             me the Mass Book I was a gift for His precious
                            souls and my experience was to write about Him
                            and share my experience so souls would more
                            deeply know Him — love Him the
                            way He desired as their Divine Lover — the Bridegroom
                            of their soul.

Jesus speaks:         Oh My precious souls, reach for the heights for
                            you barely scratch the surface of knowing how
                            precious it is to know deeper life in Me.
                            A little pond was very shallow and as the years
                            went by it grew and grew and finally, it, in time
                            became a big lake.

                                I saturate you with My grace and I fill you with
                            My love when you come to Me in the Eucharist.
                            The marriage of the Lamb to My beloved — Oh come
                            to Me and do not hold back — go to the Eucharist and
                            let Me fill you as you have never known before —
                            sit and be with Me. Cherish My gift, long to know
                            Me more deeply — to be so one with God —

                                Higher, higher, like a child on the swing
                            knowing the joy of the ride, I place you in My
                            hot air balloon and sail you by the fire of My love
                            to be embraced ever deeper by your Divine God.

                                This is reality and you reach into the dirt
                            many times to try to fill that which your soul
                            craves. You were created to be satisfied
                            by Me, to know deeply the love of the Divine
                           God — to reach the highest heights here
                            below and one day to be wrapped in the
                            Divine embrace to have the fullness
                            of life in heaven and to know love — the love I your
                            Divine God want to outpour to you for all
                            eternity and to know the embrace of love —
                            you will be full — you will know the fullness
                            of life forever —

                                Oh reach and reach and never be so closed to
                            live with such limited vision, I am the way,
                            the truth and the life! This is reality —
                            I impart to you knowledge of Myself and I
                            fill you with My life when you come to
                            Me — I am truly present in My Divinity and
                            humanity in the Eucharist and it is there I
                            outpour My abundant grace to you.

                                Come to Me, My little one and taste at the
                            springs I outpour to you — open your heart and
                            let Me fill your soul - so one day - you will
                            taste the rapture of the beatific vision forever.

Messenger:             So there is greater depth to this interior life here
                            below. My mom died when I was 5, June 19, 1952,
                            and I knew she did not
                            die, but went to heaven. I knew the reality of heaven.
                            In the death, there is the resurrection. In the suffering
                            we can be given greater insights that teach us about
                            His life.

                                God created us and put us here to learn, we may think it
                            is for earthly pleasures but we must realize that our 
                            greater joy here is found in seeking Him, to know Him, 
                            to love Him and to help others to know Him and love Him 
                            and get to heaven.

                                I can scarcely write as I desire to express my joy
                            for this Feast of His Body and Blood. The Eucharist
                            is my treasure and God so very real, I am ever
                            reaching for this greater insight into knowing Him
                            and being saturated with His life, but the knowledge
                            I know is not like a book knowledge but of a
                            deep relationship — a oneness in my soul to know
                            Him, to serve Him and to love Him. To say yes to Him, to
                            become more dependent on Him, to beg Him to help
                            me because I cannot stand the loss of a precious

                                As we become more one in Him and we pray for the
                            priests, the Church and the world - pray these prayers
                            in the prayer manual — we become more one in
                            Him, He takes us deeper in His Heart as He
                            promised Fr. Carter


July 31, 1994

Words of Jesus to Members of
Shepherds of Christ Associates:

"My beloved priest-companion, I intend to use the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the movement, Shepherds of Christ Associates, in a powerful way for the renewal of My Church and the world.

"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

"I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)


Messenger:             We love souls, we pray
                            at Mass begging for grace for souls, wanting
                            the people of the earth to know and love the
                            Eucharist as we do and beg God to help us spread
                            this knowledge — His love letters, the Blue Books —
                            but the Priestly Newsletter can reach billions of
                            souls with this great gift God gives to us in
                             loving us so intimately. The message of His
                            burning love, the reality of this, the love of
                            the Father and the Holy Spirit - the gift of the
                            Mass, the sacredness of the priesthood. How
                            honored a man is to be called a priest by

                                You can help me on this Feast of the Precious
                            Body and Blood of Jesus, pray for this Ministry God
                            has given to us, pray the Shepherds of Christ
                            Prayers, begging for grace for holy priests, priests
                            reading the Newsletter. Say the morning offering.
                            Every day we live as baptized Catholics is
                            an important day to live — to stay united
                            to the Masses going on around the world —
                            of being consecrated in our hearts to the
                            pure and holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary to make
                            a more pure offering of our lives — united
                            with Jesus — offering our lives as a
                            sacrifice (an offering) in love to the Father
                            in the Holy Spirit — united to the Masses
                            going on around the world and with the angels
                            and saints and Mary praying through their powerful
                            intercession we can help to bring down
                            great grace for conversion of the souls needing
                            greater holiness and growing in deeper love of
                            God — knowing God in general, for all the
                            needs of all people.

                                We as baptized Catholics are the body
                            of Christ — our lives are important — our
                            intentions important — our dedication to
                            Jesus, the Sacred Heart — important
                            and Mary the Immaculate Heart important,

                            We are one body —


Excerpt from Response in Christ by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J.

Relationship with Members of the Church

e) Relationship with Members of the Church

There is but one true Church of Christ. Yet this one Church has three different states of existence. There is the pilgrim Church, the Church of this world, composed of members who have received the grace of Christ and strive for its development. They have not yet obtained the goal of their efforts, as have the members of the heavenly Church, who enjoy God in eternal happiness. The Church suffering is an intermediate state of existence necessary for those who had not achieved the required purification as members of the pilgrim Church. Although there are these three phases of the Church’s existence, there is a profound union existing between all the members. All these members possess the same basic life of grace in Christ, and this common life establishes the most intimate bonds of love. In our preceding chapter, we discussed the pilgrim Church. Let us now consider the Church suffering and the heavenly Church.

The members of the Church suffering are those who have departed from this life in an incomplete state of Christian development. Their development is incomplete in the sense that grace has not fully taken possession of them, and, as a result, they are yet closed in upon themselves to a greater or lesser degree. They as yet cannot open themselves out in complete love to the Triune God in the beatific vision. They must undergo a further purification, a purification which could have been achieved upon earth with merit. Now the purification must be achieved with no merit attached. The pain of this purification is mixed with the certain expectation of achieving the vision of God. We can hasten the advent of this vision for this people by the offering of prayers and other good works. Scripture itself refers to our action on behalf of those in purgatory in Chapter 12 of the Second Book of Maccabees beginning with verse 38.

The members of the heavenly Church are those in whom the life of grace has taken full possession and has reached its completion in the life of glory. Faith now is unnecessary, as the light of glory gives the human intellect a new strength and capacity for seeing God face-to-face. While the Christian was a wayfarer, he received the imprint of the indwelling Trinity as he shared in God’s own life. Now in heaven that grace-life and possession of God reaches its completion—the absolute completion is not achieved, however, until the resurrection of the body. The divine persons give Themselves to the beatified in a profound union far surpassing that of the indwelling of the Trinity experienced here below.

This life of heaven is still the Christ-life, for just as we possess a share in Trinitarian life here below as mediated by Christ, and exercise this grace-life as structured by Him, so also in heaven is the mediation of Christ present. In the words of Rahner, "One always sees the Father through Jesus. Just as immediately as this, for the directness of the vision of God is not a denial of the mediatorship of Christ as man."14 And not only does the humanity of Christ unite the blessed to God, but also, in some way, to the whole of creation. This is merely a completion of what is begun here below, namely, the union with Christ in His humanity establishing the Christian in a special relationship with God, with other men, and with the whole of creation. We have a glimpse, therefore, of the fullness of life which members of the heavenly Church possess.

The heavenly Church, as St. Thomas says, is the true Church.15 The Church of this earth and the Church of purgatory are, each in its own way, reaching out in loving hope for the heavenly Jerusalem. Vatican II puts it very simply: "The Church, to which we are called in Christ Jesus, and in which we acquire sanctity through the grace of God, will attain her full perfection only in the glory of heaven."16

The members of the heavenly Church can help us in living our life of grace until we too share its fullness with them. Their power of intercession on our behalf is but another ramification of the communal aspect of Christianity. We are meant to help others grow in Christ. We, in turn, are intended by God to receive aid from others—yes, from members of the heavenly Church, as well as from those with whom we dwell here below.

Not only can we be aided by the saints’ intercession, but the example of the canonized saints can also be of great value to us. They have concretely proved that full holiness is possible. Such an inspiration is of real worth when we are tempted to think that Christian sanctity in its higher degrees is impossible of attainment. Moreover, the canonized saints, in their diversity, teach us that there are many authentic versions of Christian holiness. They can be innovators in showing us that there are numerous possibilities in assimilating the mystery of Christ, although the basic assimilation remains the same for all Christians of all times. In the opinion of Rahner this is one of the chief roles the canonized saints exert in the life of the Church.17



16. Second Vatican Council, Constitution on the Church, No. 48.
17. Cf. Karl Rahner, Op. cit., pp. 100-101.



Excerpt from Response to God's Love, by Father Edward Carter, S.J.

                                 1  The Mystery of Christ and
            Christian Existence

   ...In reference to Christianity, God himself is the ultimate mystery. Radically, God is completely other and transcendent, hidden from man in his inner life, unless he chooses to reveal himself. Let us briefly look at this inner life of God.

    The Father, in a perfect act of self-expression, in a perfect act of knowing, generates his son. The Son, the Word, is, then, the immanent expression of God's fullness, the reflection of the Father. Likewise, from all eternity, the Father and the Son bring forth the Holy Spirit in a perfect act of loving.

    At the destined moment in human history, God's self-expression, the Word, immersed himself into man's world. God's inner self-expression now had also become God's outer self-expression. Consequently, the mystery of God becomes the mystery of Christ. In Christ, God tells us about himself, about his inner life, about his plan of creation and redemption. He tells us how Father, Son, and Holy Spirit desire to dwell within us in the most intimate fashion, how they wish to share with us their own life through grace. All this he has accomplished and does accomplish through Christ. St. Paul tells us: "I became a minister of this Church through the commission God gave me to preach among you his word in its fullness, that mystery hidden from ages and generations past but now revealed to his holy ones. God has willed to make known to them the glory beyond price which this mystery brings to the Gentiles—the mystery of Christ in you, your hope of glory. This is the Christ we proclaim while we admonish all men and teach them in the full measure of wisdom, hoping to make every man complete in Christ" (Col 1:25-28).


Messenger:         It is our response to God's love  —

                            He loved us first —


John 3: 16

For this is how God loved the world: 
he gave his only Son, 
so that everyone who believes in him 
    may not perish 
but may have eternal life.


A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

     Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.


Messenger:         Our life is not dry, sterile and inactive —
                                our life is a journey - every moment
                                growing in that relationship with God —
                                as He lives and dwells in us and spreads
                                His light to the world through our lives —

                            I love baptism —

                                I love it — the gift God gives us in elevating
                                    our human nature to sharing in
                                    His life.

                                God elevates our knowing and loving capacity.

                                Then He feeds us with His Word and the

                            In 1991 before I received God's Blue Book
                                for 6 weeks before I got messages —
                                all I heard was feed the hungry —
                                day and night —

                            God speaks plainly —
                                There is all this dysfunction because
                                    people are hungry.
                                They are searching for that which will
                                    satisfy their hungry souls —
                                Only God can satisfy the hungry souls.



Messenger:         It was sometime between Ascension
                                Thursday and Pentecost
                                May, 1998
                                and I had the following vision
                                a golden door —

                            I wrote


Messenger: Some time between Ascension Thursday, May 21, 1998 and Pentecost, May 31, 1998.

goldlamb.gif (63854 bytes)I saw a vision of an open door, the light within it resembled the light of the vision of March 26, 1996 that can be found in the Apostles Manual (p. 34-36).

The open door was glistening with this reflective golden color mirror-like light. I cannot describe, as I could not describe concerning the 3 main visions, the first being March 26, 1996.

The closest light I can describe to this is the sun reflecting on the water at Tom's Farm but this too leaves an emptiness to its description.

There was a little white sheep at the bottom of the open, glistening door and the little sheep hobbled over a small threshold and went in.

The door was rounded on the top, no corners, like a semi-circle on the top, and the wall surrounding this door was black. The light I describe was within this door and peered out to me in the vision.

I heard our Lord over and over again cry out during this period, "Come out of your tombs, dead, dead, dead, you are dead."

I heard the words similar to the message of May 21, 1998.

I was walled in on all sides – BARS – a prison of my own making. I turned and there was a wall missing and I gaily walked into the free night and the sun followed me as I walked.

I hear Jesus speak: "I am the gateway that leads to freedom."

I know the sea of glass from the vision of March 26, 1996. I know the open door from the vision.

I know the Power, I know the Intimate Burning Heart of Jesus in the Mass.

end of May 21, 1998 message


Messenger:         March 26, 1996
                                This was the first of 3 great visions I had
                                9 months before Mary appeared in
                                Clearwater —


March 26, 1996

Very carefully discerned by Fr. Carter

Messenger:  I came to All Saints Church before a beautiful Monstrance of gold that contained Our beloved Savior. He was adorned in light, the altar beneath shone with the brightest light and the cross behind was entirely silhouetted with the same celestial light. I was overwhelmed with the presence of God and cried deeply from the awe of it all.

    To be so aware of the Almighty God truly present in His splendor and glory—to know the presence of God, to see the glistening of the gold and the light and reflection of the cross behind Him—my beauteous love—words do not exist to describe the rapture of a heavenly embrace! I cry because of the immense awe within my being to know Him. God truly present in His majesty and glory and oh, God, I behold the presence of a heavenly court. You opened wide the heavens and lifted up the veil and I knew You in Your splendor and glory. I behold God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." He is the Almighty God. He shows us the celestial lights with which He will light this earth. Many must surrender their hearts to His Heart and Mary's heart. It is in surrendering, the Spirit will move in the hearts of men and the light of God will shine on the darkened earth. Not with a light that you comprehend, but a light that is divinely granted—a light beyond all lights, a vision beyond all visions. It takes the surrender of minds and hearts to God. The Spirit cannot move in us when we are in control. Surrender and give Him our heart and He will make us fishers of men.

    We are His apostles in the Shepherds of Christ Movement. He is sending us out into the world to light the hearts with His burning love. We are chosen by Him and He is giving us abundant graces to grow in our union with Him. He will light this world with His burning love. Our hearts must be open. We must surrender and let go and reach beyond the senses, reach with our hearts. Pray for faith, pray for the vision of God.

Note:  I cried all through this writing, having the presence of God and being in great ecstasy to behold Him. May God touch your heart and may His Spirit move within you. May you be filled with the grace of God to surrender and let Him accomplish a great work within you.

    And I was filled on high with His miraculous light and He reached down and spoke within me. I was filled as never before and knew the presence of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Note:  As I finished, the bells at All Saints Church rang at 9:00 A.M. As I began to experience the immense splendor, the bells of 8:00 rang. Words do not express anything that I saw or experienced or know from this ecstasy. This was the greatest and the first of three visions, which defined clearly to me our role in the Shepherds of Christ Movement. Jesus defines clearly the role of Fr. Carter in this great mission given to him by the Father.

For Fr. Carter from Jesus:

Jesus speaks:  To him who has eyes to see, they will see - not with earthly vision, but with the eyes of faith, and to him who has ears to hear, he will hear with the fluttering of the Spirit moving within him.

    I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I am the Almighty God. I say to the rocks to fall and they fall and to the grass, grow, and it grows, and to the sun, shine, and it shines. I give to you My love in these letters. Filled with My love, you will conquer this earth, not with weapons and powder or force, but with fires of My love. The fire will wipe out the hatred in the cold hearts and the earth will be covered with My celestial light. The earth will rock and I will appear in the heavens adorned in power and glory and the contrite hearts will be saved. I came to separate the sheep from the goats, the light from the darkness. I come and no one pays Me heed.

    To you, My beloved son, Father Carter, I have sent you on a mission to spread this fire that will cover this earth. The hearts of men will turn from their sick and desolate ways to hearts gentle as a little lamb.

    There will be one flock and one Shepherd and My staff will rule over all. Hearts consecrated to Our Hearts will lead the light across the earth. This light will be a light of intense brightness, brighter and hotter than any light from a flame. It will be the fire of God's love. The Spirit will move in the hearts of all consecrated to My Heart, and you will know how fire truly spreads, for the love of God is a fire. It is vibrant. It is encompassing. It is smoldering, burning deep within and speedily spreading on the outside. No fire on this earth can ever describe the burning embers that burn from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. No fire burns like the fires coming from My Heart and hearts filled with the love from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    I have written your name, Fr. Carter, in My Heart, never ever to be blotted out and this earth will be renewed with the fire of God's love through you. You are My beloved priest-son, forever, according to the order of Melchizedek. Most holy and most sacred are your hands that consecrate the Host and write My precious newsletter for My beloved priest-sons. You are never unguarded. You are held within the deepest chamber of My Heart, and you will spread My love to the priest-sons of this earth.

    I am Jesus. You will spread My love to all souls on this earth. I love you with the tenderest burning love. I am Jesus, your beloved Savior.

end of March 26, 1996 message


Messenger:         On March 26, 2002 I received this letter
                                from Pope John Paul II concerning his
                                reception of the Priestly Newsletter Book II.





                                                                        March 26, 2002

                                                                        From the Vatican

                    Dear Mr. Weickert, 

                         The Holy Father has asked me to thank you for the book which
                    you sent to him at the request of the Reverend Edward J. Carter, S.J. He
                    very much appreciates the sentiments which prompted this presentation.

                         His Holiness will remember Father Carter in his prayers.
                    Invoking upon him joy and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ, he cordially
                    imparts his Apostolic Blessing.

                                                                        Sincerely yours,

                                                                        Monsignor Pedro López Quintana




Messenger:         March 26, 1994 was the first time
                                I talked to Fr. Carter at length

                            A sea of glass

                            The lights of heaven

                            Mary as she appeared

                            A vision of a golden transparent veil at
                                the altar where Mass was being
                                said or the Eucharist exposed —

                            The vision:

                            The see-through host that comes out
                                from the real host when the
                                priest raises the host —

                            So much power —

                                God is all Powerful and
                                He loves us so much
                                Help Me Reach the Souls —

                                This is for those who are hungry.


John 21: 15-19

When they had eaten, Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon son of John, do you love me more than these others do?’ He answered, ‘Yes, Lord, you know I love you.’ Jesus said to him, ‘Feed my lambs.’ A second time he said to him, ‘Simon son of John, do you love me?’ He replied, ‘Yes, Lord, you know I love you.’ Jesus said to him, ‘Look after my sheep.’ Then he said to him a third time, ‘Simon son of John, do you love me?’ Peter was hurt that he asked him a third time, ‘Do you love me?’ and said, ‘Lord, you know everything; you know I love you.’ Jesus said to him, ‘Feed my sheep.




Messenger:        My dear people,

                                Today is a special gift to us all
                            because God loves us so much. I prayed
                            at Mass with all my heart that we could
                            tell the world how wonderful the Eucharist
                            is. I begged God to help me spread the knowledge
                            of His undaunted love He wants all to know
                            about as He writes in the Blue Books.

                                How deeply He loves the souls, so much
                            He remains with us this day truly present in the
                             Eucharist and gives us His Body and Blood to eat.

                                Life is not life if it is not rooted in Him.
                            I beg you to help me to spread the knowledge
                            of God's gift given to us in the Eucharist.

                            I love this Feast so much and I treasure
                            being with Him before the exposed Eucharist
                            and the tabernacle.

                                So very much grace is outpoured when
                            we come to Mass and sit before Him
                            in front of the tabernacle or monstrance. He
                            is Jesus, truly present, in His Divinity
                            and humanity — no less present than
                            when He walked the earth. He remains
                            with us this day in greatest love —
                            whether I am in Cincinnati, Florida or China
                            or other places — I can go to Mass and
                            go before the tabernacle and Jesus is
                            truly present in the consecrated host.

                                My heart swells with love for this
                            great gift and our hearts should swell
                            in thanksgiving to our God for the
                            gift of the priest.

                            Song:  A Priest is a Gift from God


                                Versatile — we should be versatile being
                            wherever God wants us doing His will
                            wherever He calls us. I pray to have the
                            courage to answer His call and spread
                            the Blue Book letters of His love — the
                            Mighty Medicine is the Eucharist —
                            Jesus tells us over and over again in His
                            love letters how deeply He loves us —
                            His letters to fill our hungry souls.


To The Reader

Jesus wants to share His love with you. He comes in these letters to tell you how you can be in intimate union with Him.

All of us possess everything we need to have an intimate union with Him. He has written to me since October of 1991. For at least a year I sat in front of the tabernacle and begged him to talk to me. I wanted words. I prayed to the Holy Spirit and begged and begged Him to baptize me. After a long and seemingly endless search, trying to hear God, He told me to "feed the hungry." For six weeks this was all I heard. I thought maybe I wasn't feeding my children well or eating well enough myself. What a long wait for three words! At long last one day, as I was writing to Jesus, I received a letter back. He told me, "I am Jesus, Son of the Living God." I did not want to write this but it kept coming-and so many other messages. I knew nothing of anyone getting messages. I wrote them, reluctantly, and hid my notebooks. The letters kept coming-a lot in the night-and I would be awakened by long letters which I felt compelled to get up and write down. I read these letters privately and my life began to change. I felt a new life within me.

He taught me of His fervent love and how truly present He was. He taught me how precious I was to Him. Over and over again He would call me His precious child and tell me how He loved me, how He clothed me with dignity and honor. He told me over and over how He was right by my side always. He is teaching me to give up all fear and to trust in Him. He is teaching me to let go of myself and let Him run my life. I am trying every day to do His will.

He is also telling you in your heart all you need to know. He has all the answers for you there in your heart. You must be silent and go to Him so you can hear His words for you.

Sit in front of the tabernacle and be with Him. Sit and be open and just be with Him. Read these letters there. These are Jesus' love letters to you. Sit in front of the tabernacle and let Him talk to you. Sit silent awhile. Read these letters part of the time. Open any page and He will talk to you. Do not read this like a book, cover to cover. Just open to a page and read that page. That is the way He speaks to you.

  From God's Blue Book I


John 10: 11-15

I am the good shepherd:
the good shepherd lays down his life
   for his sheep.
The hired man,
   since he is not the shepherd
and the sheep do not belong to him,
abandons the sheep
as soon as he sees a wolf coming,
   and runs away,
and then the wolf attacks
   and scatters the sheep;
he runs away
   because he is only a hired man
and has no concern for the sheep.
I am the good shepherd;
I know my own
and my own know me,
just as the Father knows me
and I know the Father;
and I lay down my life for my sheep.


Messenger:        I love this scripture I include here —
                                It makes my heart burn —

                                God can give us all the grace to love
                                    the Word of God —
                                    to let it penetrate our soul
                                    as a two-edge sword —

                            Fr. Carter did a Priestly Newsletter once on the
                                Bread of Life —

                                The Bread of Life is the Word and
                            the Eucharist — Listen to the
                            richness of this scripture — let our
                            hearts burn with love


Shepherds of Christ Priestly Newsletter

January/February 1997

Christ and the World

    In laying down his life for His sheep, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, has established a new world order. Indeed, Christ is King of the universe, and all creation possesses its true meaning only in Him. St. Paul tells us:

"He is the image of the unseen God
and the first-born of all creation,
for in him were created
all things in heaven and on earth:
everything visible and everything invisible,
Thrones, Dominations, Sovereignties, Powers-
all things were created through him and for him.
Before anything was created, he existed,
and he holds all things in unity.
Now the Church is his body,
he is its head.
As he is the Beginning,
he was first to be born from the dead,
so that he should be first in every way;
because God wanted all perfection
to be found in him
and all things to be reconciled through him and for him,
everything in heaven and everything on earth,
when he made peace
by his death on the cross." (Col 1:15-20)

    Because the world belongs to Christ, we must love the world, the world as created and redeemed by God. We, who proclaim to be followers of Christ, must tirelessly labor so that the Christic image of the world may more and more manifest itself.
Vatican II reminds us that we have an awesome responsibility regarding the world. The Council tells us that Christ in His paschal mystery has entered into the world's history, has taken this history to Himself, and has summarized it: "For God's Word, through whom all things were made, was Himself made flesh and dwelt on the earth of men. Thus He entered the world's history as a perfect man, taking that history into Himself and summarizing it. He Himself revealed to us that 'God is love' (1 Jn 4:8).

    "At the same time He taught us that the new command of love is the basic law of human perfection and hence of the world's transformation.

    "To those, therefore, who believe in divine love, He gives assurance that the way of love lies open to all men and that the effort to establish a universal brotherhood is not a hopeless one. He cautions them at the same time that this love is not something to be reserved for important matters, but must be pursued chiefly in the ordinary circumstances of life.

    "Undergoing death itself for all of us sinners, He taught us by example that we too must shoulder that cross which the world and the flesh inflect upon those who search after peace and justice. Appointed Lord by His resurrection and given plenary power in heaven and on earth, Christ is now at work in the hearts of men through the energy of His Spirit. He arouses not only a desire for the age to come, but, by that very fact, He animates, purifies, and strengthens those noble longings by which the human family strives to make its life more human and to render the whole earth submissive to the goal.

    "Now, the gifts of the Spirit are diverse. He calls some to give clear witness to the desire for a heavenly home and to keep that desire green among the human family. He summons others to dedicate themselves to the earthly service of men and to make ready the material of the celestial realm by this ministry of theirs. Yet He frees all of them so that by putting aside love of self and bringing all earthly resources into the service of human life they can devote themselves to that future when humanity itself will become an offering accepted by God.

    "The Lord left behind a pledge of this hope and strength for life's journey in that sacrament of faith where natural elements refined by man are changed into His glorified Body and Blood, providing a meal of brotherly solidarity and a foretaste of the heavenly banquet."2

    As we labor with Christ in helping to bring the work of creation and redemption to completion, we should not become discouraged by the fact that mankind and the temporal order seem to be less Christian than they were previously. We should not be disheartened in our efforts for Christ because of the possibility that official Christianity might become less influential in today's world.

    Although we see these and other signs that seem to portend increasingly difficult times for Christianity, let us not become discouraged. We must realize that there is an external and obvious manifestation of Christianity in the world, and there is a hidden or anonymous dimension. Men and women who are not publicly professed Christians can be coming closer to Christ without actually realizing it. In fact, the entire temporal order can progress in its Christianization process in a very quiet and hidden way, so quiet and so hidden that even we Christians can hardly recognize what is actually happening.

    There is only one world order, and it has been established in Christ. Every person is offered salvation, but this is Christic grace, Christic salvation. The entire temporal order comes under this Christic influence. If there is to be the authentic progress of this temporal order, it must be a progress in Christ. The Christic influence, then, reaches out and touches every human person, every authentic, human value. Regardless of how many persons realize what is happening in Christ to themselves and to the entire world order, it is definitely happening. Consequently, our Christ-oriented efforts for the human family are really effective, even though they are so hidden and mysterious at times.

    We each contribute to the shaping of a better world according to a variety of circumstances. The young, for example, contribute their enthusiasm. The elderly contribute their mellowed wisdom. The conservatives contribute their concern for timeless values. The progressives contribute their penchant for change and adaptation to contemporary exigencies. Some work within the confines of a clean and quiet office. Others work amid circumstances charged with potential explosiveness. Some perform while receiving the attention of the public eye. Others perform in hidden ordinariness. Some must fight the boredom that routine work tends to generate. Others must maintain high-level awareness amid the dangers of high-risk occupations. Whatever the task and its circumstances might be, however, the imperative is the same for all of us, namely, to be where God wants us to be striving to do His will in all things out of love for God and neighbor. Only in this way can we contribute to the growth of the world order in Christ.


Messenger:        In this same Priestly Newsletter January/February 1997
                                Fr. Carter gave the following thoughts
                                on the Eucharist


Shepherds of Christ Priestly Newsletter

January/February 1997

Thoughts on the Eucharist

  • In his recent book, Gift and Mystery, Pope John Paul II speaks of the Eucharist and the priest: "In the Eucharist, the Son, who is of one being with the Father...offers himself in sacrifice to the Father for humanity and for all creation. In the Eucharist Christ gives back to the Father everything that has come from him. Thus there is brought about a profound mystery of justice on the part of the creature toward the Creator. Man needs to honor his Creator by offering to him, in an act of thanksgiving and praise, all that he has received. Man must never lose sight of the debt, which he alone, among all other earthly realities, is capable of acknowledging and paying back as the one creature made in God's own image and likeness. At the same time, given his creaturely limitations and sinful condition, man would be incapable of making this act of justice toward the Creator, had not Christ himself, the Son who is of one being with the Father and also true man, first given us the Eucharist.

        "The priesthood, in its deepest reality, is the priesthood of Christ. It is Christ who offers himself, his Body and Blood, in sacrifice to God the Father, and by this sacrifice makes righteous in the Father's eyes all mankind and, indirectly, all creation.The priest, in his daily celebration of the Eucharist, goes to the very heart of this mystery. For this reason the celebration of the Eucharist must be the most important moment of the priest's day, the center of his life."4

  • Our personal relationship with Christ is characterized by the realization of the great, personal love of His Heart for each of us and of our need to love Him in return. The chief source for growth in the personal relationship with Jesus is the Eucharist. The Catechism tells us: "The Eucharist is 'the source and summit of the Christian life.' The other sacraments, and indeed all ecclesiastical ministries and work of the apostolate, are bound up with the Eucharist and are oriented toward it. For in the blessed Eucharist is contained the whole good of the Church, namely Christ himself, Our Pasch."5

  • Ignio Giordani offers us insightful thoughts concerning Catherine of Siena, saint and doctor of the Church. These thoughts center on the Eucharist: "All the strivings of theologians and diplomats and preachers and missionaries are to no avail if they do not lead to love. By loving, one gives the life of God to the loved one. As St. John of the Cross will say: 'Where you do not find love, implant love and you will find love!'

        "And Christ said to Catherine: 'He who knows himself to be loved cannot do otherwise than love; in loving he will put on the spirit of Christ crucified, and in the tempestuous sea of many troubles he will find himself at peace.'"6

        Elsewhere, Giordani observes: "Man is like a candle to be lighted-to be lighted in God. The combustible material is love. As the heavenly Father will say to Catherine: 'Your material is love because I have created you for love; hence without love you cannot live! Without love one must die; a lamp without oil goes out.

        "'This light is lighted day by day above all at the flame of the Eucharist, sacrament of love.' 'The soul,' Jesus will say on another occasion to Catherine, 'receiving this Sacrament lives in me and I in it.'"7

  • The Catechism emphasizes how all participate in the Eucharistic Sacrifice. As priests we have the privilege and the responsibility to instruct the people regarding this truth: "All gather together, Christians come together in one place for the Eucharistic assembly. At its head is Christ Himself, the principal agent of the Eucharist. He is high priest of the New Covenant; it is He Himself who presides invisibly over every Eucharistic celebration.

    "It is in representing Him that the bishop or priest acting in the person of Christ the head (in persona Christi capitis) presides over the assembly, speaks after the readings, receives the offerings, and says the Eucharistic Prayer. All have their own active parts to play in the celebration, each in his own way: readers, those who bring up the offerings, those who give communion, and the whole people whose 'Amen' manifests their participation."8

  • St. Peter Julian Eymard observes: "It is true also that the world does all in its power to prevent us from loving Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament with a real and practical love, to prevent us from visiting Him, and to cripple the effects of this love.
        "The world engrosses the attention of souls; it finds and enslaves them with external occupations in order to deter them from dwelling too long on the love of Jesus.

        "It even fights directly against this practical love and represents it as optional, as practicable at most only in a convent.

        "And the devil wages incessant warfare on our love for Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

        "He knows that Jesus is there, living and substantially present; that by Himself he is drawing souls and taking direct possession of them.

        The devil tries to efface the thought of the Eucharist in us, and the good impression made by it; for in his mind, that should decide the issue of the struggle.

        "And yet God is all love.
        "This gentle Savior pleads with us from the Host: 'Love Me as I have loved you; abide in My love! I came to cast the fire of love on the earth, and My most ardent desire is that it should set your hearts on fire.'"9

  • Rita Ring writes: "Jesus gives and gives and gives and we treat him 'nonchalantly'. He gives us love, but we must give ourselves to Him to have union with Him. He wants us to be one with Him.
    "We must relish the great gifts He gives to us-the greatest gift being the gift of Himself. We should anticipate the great gift of receiving Him in the Holy Eucharist with such eagerness in our hearts.
    "When we awake at night, we must think of Him and how we will receive Him the next day. We long to go to Communion to receive Him. We love Jesus in the Eucharist so much. A King comes to us. He enters our body and unites with our soul. He is the King of the kingdom of heaven-He is our Lover, He is the Almighty God, a Divine Person, and He comes to us. He wants us to come to Him with such longing. He wants us to think of Him all day. He wants us to long for Him."10


Messenger:        Fr. Carter further says


Shepherds of Christ Priestly Newsletter

January/February 1997

St. John Vianney and Priestly Prayer

    The Curé of Ars, St. John Vianney, has some very direct words for us priests concerning prayer: "What keeps us priests back from the attainment of holiness is lack of consideration. It displeases us to withdraw our minds from outside things. We have need of intimate reflection, continuous prayer and intimate union with God."11


Messenger:        At the same time Fr. Carter wrote this
                                Newsletter I wrote in the Apostles'
                                Manual these things


February 23, 1997
Rita Ring

When I go to Mass I offer a sacrifice. God wants our all. He wants to be first in our life. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son.

Gen. 22:1-2, 9-13, 15-18:

It happened some time later that God put Abraham to the test. "Abraham, Abraham!" he called. "Here I am," he replied. God said, "Take your son, your only son, your beloved Isaac, and go to the land of Moriah, where you are to offer him as a burnt offering on one of the mountains which I shall point out to you.

When they arrived at the place which God had indicated to him, Abraham built an altar there, and arranged the wood. Then he bound his son and put him on the altar on top of the wood. Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to kill his son.

But the angel of Yahweh called to him from heaven. "Abraham, Abraham!" he said. "Here I am," he replied. Do not raise your hand against the boy," the angel said. "Do not harm him, for now I know you fear God. You have not refused me your own beloved son." Then looking up, Abraham saw a ram caught by its horns in a bush. Abraham took the ram and offered it as a burnt offering in place of his son.

The angel of Yahweh called Abraham a second time from heaven. "I swear by my own self, Yahweh declares, that because you have done this, because you have not refused me your own beloved son, I will shower blessings on you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars of heaven and the grains of sand on the seashore. Your descendants will gain possession of the gates of their enemies. All nations on earth will bless themselves by your descendants, because you have obeyed my command.

The Father gave His Son for us. This is how great the Father's love is for us.

When we go to the altar many times we are suffering. We want something really bad, but we know we love God the most. What the Father asks for us is to offer that which we are so attached to as a sacrifice, united to the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. If we offer this sacrifice to Him, the Father will pour out blessings that will be divine blessings, greater than anything we could have here on earth.

The Mass is the perfect sacrifice we offer to the Father, in which God pours out His blessings and we are one with Him and with all others in a profound expression of love. God shares His divine love with us and we partake in an intense way in His divine loving capacity. In order to become one in Him and to feel His love like this, we must surrender ourselves and be open.

He told Abraham to offer his son. God gave him his son back. He wanted Abraham to love God above all things and people.

Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice to the Father. This is the most pleasing sacrifice to the Father. If He gave His Son Who died for love of us, will He deny us when we unite our petitions with Jesus and offer these at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

He took them to the highest mountain and He was transfigured before them in the greatest light.

Mark 9:2-10:

Six days later, Jesus took with him Peter and James and John and led them up a high mountain on their own by themselves. There in their presence he was transfigured: his clothes became brilliantly white, whiter than any earthly bleacher could make them. Elijah appeared to them with Moses; and they were talking to Jesus. Then Peter spoke to Jesus, "Rabbi," he said, "it is wonderful for us to be here; so let us make three shelters, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah." He did not know what to say; they were so frightened. And a cloud came, covering them in shadow; and from the cloud there came a voice, "This is my Son, the Beloved. Listen to him." Then suddenly, when they looked round, they saw no one with them any more but only Jesus.

As they were coming down from the mountain he warned them to tell no one what they had seen, until after the Son of man had risen from the dead. They observed the warning faithfully, though among themselves they discussed what 'rising from the dead' could mean.

We go to the altar of sacrifice. The mountain to come, in which so many graces will flow, is the altar of sacrifice where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered through the hands of consecrated priests.

We hear the Father say, "This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, listen to Him." He is speaking to us. He is the Word. He is speaking in these messages. He is unveiling the Scriptures and speaking to us in plain talk. This is a great gift He is giving to us.

We are transformed in the Mass. We unite with the greatest sacrifice offered in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We have the most perfect sacrifice to offer to the Father when we offer this sacrifice. He gives us great blessings. We die to ourselves, we become white.

We must unite all of our sacrifices to this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being said all over the world. This is the greatest way to magnify all of our offerings - by uniting everything we do as an offering, a sacrifice to the Father in union with His Son.


February 27, 1997
Rita Ring
After the Death, There is the Resurrection

My love affair is with You, my crucified Lord. I kiss Your cross and caress You tenderly. I smoother You with kisses and I know Your love.

This is love - to kiss the cross of Christ. I cursed the darkness and the light came across the sky, ever so gently as if it grew in intensity to a bright brilliant shade of glistening light. And in this I beheld my Beloved. I saw His glory in the wonders of the earth and I embraced Him, the divine, all-powerful, all Almighty Lord!

He took away those things I was attached to. I held on with a gripping hand. Oh, I cried out in pain and I heard the words in my heart: beyond the surrender is the real gift.

Is it not after the death there is the resurrection, after the dying, there is the glory?

Oh, my Divine Lord, I feel as if my eyes have crusted over. I laid down on the floor and pounded my fists to the earth. I did not see the miracle in the grass that touched my hand. I did not see the power and the might behind the work of endless beauty. A blade of grass, you say? Oh, yes indeed, for it lives and is not life the real miracle? For I am not a rock, but a living creature, created in the image and likeness of God and oh, you say, how much do you share in the life of the Divine Being? And I say, "I share through Baptism. He, God, gives me a sharing in His divine life!"

I pounded the earth and I cursed the darkness. I scoffed and I complained and beyond the horizon the sun slowly stole across the sky and the light appeared in glistening glory. The darkness was black and the night was cold. I heard the clamor of fear in my heart. I felt like screaming in that night and oh, I beheld the crucified Lord. He spoke no words to me, the Holy Spirit filled my heart with light and I saw the glory. I saw the resurrection, not with my earthly eyes, but with the awakening of a joyous heart within.

I saw the glorified wounds, the wounds once covered with blood, inflamed and red, gushing with deep, red blood. I saw the glistening wounds in the hands and feet and I knew behind His robe was the most tender of all wounds, the piercing wound to His side. It was there, the pierced wound of His most precious Heart. It was the wound of glory, from which His divine life would pour forth to a hungry Church. It would rain and fall as gently as the new fallen snow. It would go across the sky like the light and the souls would be transformed into the whitest light. The graced soul, oh, the glory of this soul, the soul that is filled with His divine life!

Oh, need I say more, my Lord? I see the life in a blade of grass. I see the tiniest potato bug with its dots and beauty and I behold the face of God. I behold life, His life, alive in us and in the world.

Well, the night was black, as black as black could be and the cold pierced my bones. I felt its chill go through my entire body and I wanted to scream and it happened--He gave me an outpouring of His life in my soul and my darkness was truly turned to light, another light, not the light of the eyes, a light of knowing God, the joy of beholding His heavenly embrace, the great illumination of another mystery. Oh, sweet gifts He gives when He gives me new knowledge of Himself. Sweet gifts He gives when, in an instant, I pray my rosary and the Holy Spirit fills my heart with lights and the mystery lights up and I know, I just know and I experience a great insight into God.

This is the reason for this letter, for I laid in my bed and I wanted to cry and I was deeply afraid for the devils pressed in as rocks poking at me and hurting my precious skin. I laid in bed and I went into the womb of my Mother and I asked for the Holy Spirit to flood me with His light and it came. I speak His words to you, they are the words He gives: death-resurrection, darkness-light, sorrow-joy, suffering and pain, but oh, the joy of His light, the joy of His glory, the sacrifice I offer to Him that He turns into blessings and I experience His glory. It is in the death there is the resurrection. It is in the anguishing days of lent we come to the glory of Easter.

So, my dear brothers, I walk the road to Calvary. I mount the cross and I die. I offer sacrifice and in the morning when the night is done I see the glory of the resurrection. I experience His joy in my heart.

So I went to bed and went into the womb of my Mother and the Holy Spirit flooded me with light and I united deeply to my precious Jesus on the cross. I knew Him and His love. I reminisced on all the places of deepest intimacy I had shared with Him and my heart burned. I wanted Him so close and I loved Him so much. I cried out, "I love You, I love You, I love You." In that moment I knew and wanted only Him. He had removed my bonds and set me free to be engulfed by His divine love. I then knew Him as never before, the most Holy One, in this union with Jesus.

I felt my great love for God the Father. I have been experiencing my littleness as a child and knowing my Father, seeing myself real little and knowing my Father and wanting, as a little child, to please Him. Then tonight I realized more His Fatherly love. I see myself depending on Him, needing Him, crying to Him, loving Him and then I realized His power and might and love coming to me.

So I knew in an instant. He just gives you a light and you know, you experience--I knew, I experienced the Trinity. I loved Them, all three Persons, so much and I loved Them as one, my heart, being consumed with the presence of God and sharing the love of each Person--love beyond all love, and I stopped to be in this embrace, wanting it to never end, for in this embrace I felt peace, a peace I had not felt before, so different from the days that proceeded this moment, the days of suffering and trial.

I mounted the cross. I felt the nails press deeply into my hands and feet. I felt the crown of thorns on my head. I said to Him, "Oh, why, my God, if You love me, do You make it so hard?"

And then I saw Him on the cross. I saw His mouth with blood running from the corner of it. I saw the body of a man, close to death. I saw His wounds, blistery and red, pouring out His precious blood. I saw the hollowness of His cheeks and the exhaustion of a body ready to expire in death. I saw the anguishing Lord who came to show us His way. His way is death and resurrection. His way is pain and glory. His way is the way to eternal life.


Messenger:        I was also told to write a letter to Jesus
                                every day and this important talk
                                was given by Fr. Carter on
                                February 13, 1997 where 500-600
                                people gathered at the old seminary
                                for the rosary that I delivered live and
                                follows and was transcribed from
                                a tape and discerned very
                                carefully. Fr. Carter delivered the
                                rosary before the people.

                            Mary had just appeared in Clearwater
                                2 months before and Fr. Carter refers to this
                                in his talk  


shipped from the printers
December 17, 1996

Mary appeared
December 17, 1996


February 13, 1997

Talk given by Father Edward J. Carter, S.J.
Founder of Shepherds of Christ Ministries

Talk given February 13, 1997 National Conference of Shepherds of Christ, held at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, Norwood, Ohio.

    Before we begin the rosary, I’d like to say a few words about the great importance of these days on the 13th of each month. Before Our Lord asked me to begin the Shepherds of Christ Ministries, the 1st dimension of that ministries was given to me on May the 31st, 1994. But before Our Lord asked me to start the ministries, I had been given a great devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. And I knew that everything concerning recent Marian apparitions centered around the Fatima message. The Fatima message is key to the peace of the world, as Our Lady of Fatima has told us. So because I had been given a great devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, it was no surprise to me when Our Lord told me, and through me the whole Movement, the great connection that there would be between Shepherds of Christ Ministries and helping to bring the Fatima message to conclusion. I’ll expand more upon that in my talk this afternoon. But here and now I’d like to read just a part of the message I received on October the 13th, 1994, when Our Lord called the full Ministries into existence. It had begun May 31st , some five or six months previous to that. But really October the 13th, 1994, marks the real birth, the complete birth of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. And part of the message I received on that day reads as follows:

"I am giving you this message on this day, the 77th anniversary of the great apparition at Fatima, because of the close connection between the Shepherds of Christ Movement and the Fatima message. The Fatima message is centered in devotion to My Heart and My Mother’s Heart, especially in consecration to Our Hearts. Shepherds of Christ Ministries is also centered in devotion to Our Hearts. I will use Shepherds of Christ Ministries as a great instrument in helping to bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the Reign of My Sacred Heart. Today then, October the 13th, 1994, the 77th anniversary of the great apparition at Fatima, marks the birth of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. I pour forth the great love of My Sacred Heart to all. I am Jesus, the Chief Shepherd of the Flock."

    The calling of Our Lord to Shepherds of Christ to be present if possible at these meetings on the 13th of each month, and if they cannot be present physically, to be present in spirit with us then comes as no surprise. It’s merely another unfolding in the history of the Shepherds of Christ Movement and in the Fatima message.

    These 13th of the months meetings are extremely important. They are great instruments which Our Lord and Our Lady are using to help bring to completion the Fatima message, which will result in that great era of peace, which Our Lady of Fatima promised eventually would come to the world.

    So I ask you to take these meetings on the 13th of the month with the utmost seriousness, gratitude, thanksgiving, joy that Our Lord, for His own reasons has chosen Shepherds of Christ, the members thereof, the whole Ministries to play such a great part in the completion of the Fatima message. It comes as no surprise either that Our Lord gives special messages during the rosary on the meeting of the 13th, just as Our Lady of Fatima gave messages to the three visionaries at Fatima in 1917, from May through October. So at this stage of the Fatima message’s unfolding, it is no surprise that they continue, and in a new way and a new phase of the Fatima plan, give us these very special messages on the 13th. They are meant not only for us here present, they are meant for all members of the Movement, and eventually for the whole world. All these messages, all these rosaries on the 13th, eventually go onto our Internet with its world-wide audience.

    So please, be very grateful to God for the messages He gives us during the rosary. Not everything which Rita says is a message. I think you’ll be able to distinguish when she’s receiving a message from Our Lord or from Our Lady, and when she is speaking from her own heart. Sometimes the transition is very quick and you may miss it, but there are both ways in which meditations are given on the decades: in strict locutions or messages, and then from Rita’s meditations or reflections herself.

(After the Rosary)

    I wish to thank everybody who made the effort to be here with us, especially those people who had to travel from out of town. I’m sure the Lord has blessed you already and will continue to do so for your effort to be here. These are extremely important meetings on the 13th of the month. Our Lord has, Himself, instructed us in His great love and mercy for us and the whole world to have them. From these meetings, the messages of Our Lord, the previous message given at Fatima, go out to the whole world...

    I sort of left off when I introduced the rosary by reading the rest, or at least a good part of the rest, of that message which I, myself, received on October the 13th, 1994, when Our Lord called the full Shepherds of Christ Ministries into existence.

"My beloved priest-companion, today I come to you with another mission."

    He had already asked me on May the 31st of 1994 to start the priestly newsletter and then shortly after that to start the prayer chapters.

    "I’m asking you to establish Shepherds of Christ Ministries. At My request you have already begun the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the prayer chapters, Shepherds of Christ Associates...

    "I am giving you this message on this day, the 77th Anniversary of the Great Apparition at Fatima, because of the close connection between the Shepherds of Christ movement and the Fatima message. The Fatima message is centered in devotion to My Heart and My Mother’s Heart, especially in consecration to Our Hearts. Shepherds of Christ Ministries is also centered in devotion to Our Hearts. I will use Shepherds of Christ Ministries as a great instrument in helping to bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. When this occurs, My Church and the world will be experiencing the great era of peace promised by My Mother at Fatima.

    "Today, then, October 13, 1994, the 77th Anniversary of the Great Apparition at Fatima, marks the birth of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. I pour forth the great love of My Sacred Heart to all. I am Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock."

    So (this is) one of the most important messages given in the whole history of our Movement, and I think you can see why. Not only was Our Lord calling the Ministries into full bloom with this message, but He was making that great connection between Shepherds of Christ and the Fatima message.

    You see how He says that both the Fatima message and Shepherds of Christ is centered in devotion, and especially in consecration, to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

    So in my moments here before you this afternoon, I wish to speak a bit about this consecration.

    I’ll start off by reading a message of Our Lord and from "Tell My People" which deals with this consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

    "My beloved friend, tell My people that I desire all to consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart and to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Tell them not to just recite words in making the Act of Consecration, but to realize what they are saying. Consecration to Our Hearts means a total gift of self. That means handing over everything to Me and My Mother. Consecration means a willingness to surrender completely to Me. In Baptism, one is consecrated to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But how many fail to live out their consecration? I extend to all the invitation to renew this Baptismal consecration through consecration to My Heart and to My Mother’s Heart.

    "My beloved companion, I have taught you what this consecration means. I have given you great peace, joy and happiness because you have made this consecration. I have taught you that you are to renew this act of consecration each day. I constantly remind you that you are to pray each day for the grace to more and more live the consecration. I have taught you that your consecration to Me and My Mother means that you constantly surrender yourself to Us and to Our care. I have taught you that the more you surrender yourself to Me, the more I live in you, and through you and for you. I have taught you that My great love for you longs to draw you more deeply into My Heart. I have shown you that I wish your Mother Mary to place you there within My Heart, and that the more you dwell within her Heart, the more deeply she places you within My Heart. Dwelling within Our Hearts, the Holy Spirit fashions you more and more in My likeness. The Father thus looks upon you with greater favor and takes you more closely to Himself.

"Tell My people all these wondrous truths. I am Lord and Master and I desire all to listen to My words. (end of message)"

    And what beautiful words those are, which Christ gives all, to us all regarding the consecration to His Heart and Mary’s Heart.

    I want to - after that message of Jesus telling us what consecration involves, I wish to single out a few aspects of the consecration, what it includes. One aspect of our consecration and especially the consecration which Our Lord has given us for Shepherds of Christ, one aspect of our consecration to Their Hearts is to realize that we are apostles and that we are called to go out into the world as we have heard in the rosary today, and other times to be the apostles of His love, of His love and His Mother’s love, and thus to help bring about that great era of peace promised by Our Lord, Our Lady of Fatima in which love will just dominate. That’s what it means when Our Lady says, "In the end," she says, "my Immaculate Heart will triumph." And along with that triumph of her Immaculate Heart will occur the Reign of the Sacred Heart. The Reign of the Sacred Heart and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart simply is a reign of love, a triumph of love and in that era there will be a type of love existent in the hearts of the members of the human family never known before. We will all be so united in love to the Father and the Holy Spirit through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. And not only with Them, but with each other. What a glorious era we have to look forward to.

    We are apostles. More and more as the Movement has gone on, Jesus is letting us know that, yes, we are supposed to pray. This is one of our primary duties in the chapters and elsewhere, to pray for priests and all others. But more and more He is telling us that now is the time to start to more and more move out from our chapters and to be apostles of His love, to help spread the Movement, to help spread the consecrations in the schools through the consecration cards, the Rosary Aves, both of which have the Imprimatur of the Cincinnati Archdiocese, to help spread all our materials, all our books and all the various rosaries, the rosary tapes. And you are called to do that.

    In the beginning of the Movement, it was a relatively few people who were carrying the burden and carrying the Ministry on. We have entered a great new episode of the Movement, principally in that episode, principally centers itself around these meetings of the 13th. More and more people are realizing as they hear more and more the messages, more and more people in the Movement are hearing that Jesus is calling each one of us to be apostles of the Movement, to spread the Movement, to help implement the various ministries in all ways possible, to help spread the movement by starting new prayer chapters. Just think if we have something like, I guess, 2500-3000 members in the chapters and the Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Movement here in this country and throughout the world-most of those, thus far, in this country.

    But just think if each person would take it upon himself or herself to go all out to get one more new chapter formed. That’s not impossible, I don’t think that’s asking something heroic. That would double our chapters; that would double our prayer power. And so much of the Movement, the success of it, depends upon the prayer power coming out of the chapters and the Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Movement. So He’s calling all of us; and how admirably so many in the Movement are answering. I wish to single out-just because all of you know about the Florida apparition-four or five, six, I don’t know how many now of our members from Rita’s core group have gone down to the apparition site. One of our main members, Tom A., has a home there at St. Petersburg, and Clearwater is just a short distance from there. And they’ve been going down and staying in his house, and each day going over to the apparition site and handing out our materials, especially the rosary message tape, but other materials also. This is what Our Lord, Our Lady has asked us to do. And they’ve had phenomenal success. We can’t keep enough materials down there. They just, the people are just so eager for it. But this is what. . .and they do it on their own time, they drive down, some of them spend three or four days, some a week and they come back. But what a marvelous example of their answering the call to the apostleship to which Jesus calls them in the Movement. And they’re doing just a tremendous amount of good.

    And by the way when I’m talking and as long as I’m talking about Florida I might read you part of that message of Our Lady. You have read it, no doubt if you’d gotten a copy of the picture with the message on the back. But for my own purposes I want to read that here and now. So Mary tells us, this is the message which Rita received on December the 19th:

Mary speaks: My dear children, I give to you, my Son, Jesus, born in a stable in Bethlehem on Christmas morn’. He is the Almighty God the Light of the world.

    I appear to you, my children on a bank in Florida. You have made money your god! Do you know how cold are your hearts? You turn away from my Son, Jesus for your money. Your money is your god.

    I am Mary, your Mother. I do not appear as I once appeared to you.

    When Rita got that message and when she gave it to me, both of us for a number of days thought that her number of apparitions was simply decreasing, but we both came to the conclusion; well Rita came to the conclusion and I followed after her, in agreement with her conclusion, Mary says, "I do not appear as I once appeared to you." She was saying apparently that, "I’m appearing to you in this new way, where the whole world can see me."

    So many others’ apparition sites have had their believers of course, but many, many people throughout the world have doubted all this talk about the various apparition sites of Mary. She says, "I do not appear as I once appeared to you." She is appearing on a bank for the whole world to see.

Mary continues:

    "I am asking you today to circulate my message given on a tape on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12, 1996. Please circulate this tape now."

    That’s one of the main things our apostles down in Florida are doing, handing out the tapes with this message.

Mary continues:

    "Please circulate this tape now. Give it to as many people as you can. I am Mary, your Mother. Please circulate my Rosary Book."

    She’s referring to a book which Shepherds of Christ Publications came out right around Christmas time. Hopefully all of you have received it in the mail, Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, as given to Rita. Now here’s the point I want to make here and now. Notice how she links up the apparition site with the circulation of her Rosary Book, and we are circulating the book there. But to me, there’s a very great phenomenon connected with the colors on the window, bank windows and the Rosary Book. And Rita herself pointed this out to me. Now this cover on this book-it was designed by Hal K. weeks and even months before the apparition of Our Lady on the bank in Florida. When did you start to design that Hal? (question asked to Harold K.) Almost, two years ago. And the colors were already selected months ago, right? Well if you’ll take the picture of the bank of the apparition of the bank on Florida, and this Rosary Book, you will notice that the colors are the same. To me, that’s a miraculous confirmation of the fact that Our Lady is connecting the apparition site on the bank in Florida with the Shepherds of Christ Ministries in a special way with the rosaries. It’s just phenomenal. You can check the colors out one by one. They’re a little bit brighter on the book, but because of the photography involved I think you can see how they wouldn’t be quite as bright on this. But check out the colors. They’re the same on the Rosary Book and on this. And these colors, as I say, were picked by Hal months and months before the apparition. You can take it for what you want, but for me it’s a miraculous confirmation of this message, that Our Lady chose those same colors which are on the front of her Rosary Book, to show the same colors relative to her apparition there on the bank in Florida.

    Therefore, our Florida apostles are one of the many examples I could point out to you of how people in the Movement are more and more taking up the challenge, the invitation of Jesus and Mary to spread this Movement throughout the world. They have chosen the Shepherds of Christ Movement as a great instrument to help bring about the Fatima message. How privileged we are to be part of it, to be called to it. I believe, I’ve told you this before, at least some of you have heard me, I think this Movement is one of the greatest in the history of the Church. And I think history itself will bear that out. So how precious a gift each of us has been given by Our Lord in calling us to be members of this Movement.

    Therefore, a very important aspect of our consecration to Their Hearts is to be apostles, to help spread all the ministries. Another aspect of our consecration is the idea of union. I think we’re all very well aware how the consecration unites us to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and through Them to the Father and the Holy Spirit. But perhaps we don’t think often enough of that how it unites us with one another, in the Movement, in the Church, throughout the whole world. You cannot grow in union with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Mary, without growing in union with all your neighbors. And this is the tough part. It’s relatively easy to love Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Mary, isn’t it? Three Persons in One God infinitely perfect and Mary a human person, perfect, free from all sin. It’s easy to love the Triune Persons and Mary, relatively speaking. But it’s not all that easy to love each other all the time, isn’t it? And yet that’s what Jesus calls us to. Jesus literally died for each and every person. And no matter how unattractive a person is in their behavior, Jesus still died for that person. If He loved that person enough to die for that person, then certainly we have to love them, him or her, and especially within the Movement. Satan is violently attacking us, he will always try to cause division in the Movement. But if we are going to be examples - and we are called to that, to be examples to the whole Church and the whole world of what it’s going to be like in the new era, when we all exist in such great loving union with each other in Christ. We are the forerunners of that. We’re helping to prepare the way for that for the whole Church, for the whole world. Not only us, but we have been given a special mission for that. So we have to be united in love with each other, if we have differences, we work them out in love and in peace. We work them out in love and in peace. In one of the Blue Books, Jesus says, "The glass is either half-empty or it’s half-full." I look at my neighbor, whether he or she is in the Movement or outside of it. I can either look at the half-empty part of the glass or the half-full part. I can either look at that person’s faults and concentrate on them, or I can concentrate on the great goodness which is inherently theirs. If they are in the state of sanctifying grace, their soul is magnificently beautiful, despite the blemishes of their failings of their sins. When I look at a person, do I look at the half-empty part or the half-full part?

    Everyday I ask you to pray for a growing unity in the Movement. What Our Lord has allowed us to accomplish so far in less than three years is just miraculous, I think it’s just miraculous. The sign becomes ever and ever greater that He started this Movement, not me. I was just the instrument which He chose to head it up. He has given me so many beautiful people to help me do the Movement and that includes all of you. He has given you so many beautiful companions in the Movement. Let us concentrate on that part of it. This is the only way we’re going to be models to the rest of the Church and the world, of the profound union that Our Lord calls us to, not only with Himself, but with each other.

    Strength for all this, day after day, it’s not easy to live this way, is it? But as I said in my homily, the great strength we have for that is the Eucharist. The power of the Eucharist is much greater than your faults or my faults or the faults of others in the Movement that surround you, or the faults of others in your parish, or the rest of the Church and the world. He can give you the strength to arise above your own faults and the faults of others around you, and march forward in the most positive way towards this great new era. Oh what a gift the Eucharist is.

    St. Julian Eymard, the founder of the Blessed Sacrament Fathers, who gave us such beautiful writings on the Eucharist, in one of his writings on the Eucharist he says:

    "It is true also that the world does all in its power to prevent us from loving Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament with a real and practical love, to prevent us from visiting Him and cripple the effects of His love. This world engrosses the attention of souls; it finds and enslaves them with external occupations in order to deter them from dwelling too long on the love of Jesus. It even fights directly against this practical love and represents it as optional, as practicable at most only in a convent. And the devil wages incessant warfare on our love for Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament. He knows that Jesus is there, living and substantially present; that by Himself He is drawing souls and taking direct possession of them. The devil tries to efface the thought of the Eucharist in us, and the good impression made by it; for in his mind, that should decide the issue of the struggle." (That is if we give in to Jesus’ desire to possess us in the Eucharist.) "And yet God is all love. This gentle Savior pleads with us from the Host: "Love Me as I have loved you; abide in My love! I came to cast the fire of love on the earth, and My most ardent desire is that it should set your hearts on fire." 1

1St. Peter Eymard, "The Most Blessed Sacrament Is Not Loved!," as in The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom, Fr. John Hardon, S.J., ed.; Ignatius Press, p. 384.

    Union amongst ourselves through our union with Jesus and Mary and Father and Holy Spirit. Each of you is so precious to Jesus. He has given each of you a very, very, very special gift, precious gift, in calling you to be involved in this Movement. Very early on in the Movement, it was July 31st of 1994, on the Feast of St. Ignatius, He often gives me very important messages on key feasts, and the Feast of St. Ignatius is a feast for Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits. And He told me in that message that He would give great, great, great graces to those who join the Movement, and hope I’m sure, all of you who have been in the Movement have experienced those great graces. In appreciation for the great graces Jesus has given you in the Movement, I ask you, with great joy and a great sense of responsibility and a great sense of privilege, to do what you can to implement the ministries of the Movement. No one else can do your role, can carry out your part. You are preciously unique, no one exists like you now, no one ever has, no one ever will. It’s you alone who can give Jesus the opportunity to do what He wants through your humanity to help spread the Movement. To the extent that you answer Jesus and give yourselves to Him, and work as time and energy permits, as your other duties permit to help spread the ministries, to that extent you give Him an opportunity which no one else can give Him, and to the extent that you hold back, to this extent He loses this opportunity which no one else can give Him.

    A precious Savior who has done so much to each of us. Certainly He deserves our full loving response. As I kneel before the crucifix each day, either before a actual crucifix or one in my mind, let us ask ourselves those questions posed to us by Ignatius Loyola, "What have I done for Christ?" "What am I now doing for Christ?" "What ought I to do for Christ?"

end of February 13, 1997 talk by Fr. Carter


Rosaries from the
Hearts of Jesus and Mary

This rosary was received on Thursday, February the 13th, 1997 at an International Shepherds of Christ Associates Meeting at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. The rosary was led by Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J., spiritual director of Shepherds of Christ Ministries. The meditations and messages were given to Rita Ring during the rosary. This rosary was received live and transcribed from the recording. This live recording can be obtained by writing Shepherds of Christ Publications. All of these meditations have been discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.


The Agony in the Garden

  1. Jesus speaks:
    I have promised to be with you in a special way, My beloved ones. I am Jesus. I am with you this day, this special time to deliver to you messages that will help to bring about the completion of the Fatima messages. Mary appeared at Fatima from May the 13th until October the 13th of 1917. I am Jesus. Beginning October the 13th of 1996, the Fatima message will unfold through these messages that I deliver to you on the 13th. I am Jesus. These are My messages that I am giving to you, My apostles, that I have called here, to help bring about the completion of the Fatima message. My Heart will reign, My Sacred Heart will reign in the hearts of men and from the tabernacle. Many people will love, love God with the deepest burning love. You, My beloved ones, I have called you to come this day to be My apostles to go into the world, to carry out My burning love to the souls that are suffering and in pain. Will you answer this call? You are here because I have called you. You are the apostles. You are the messengers. I am giving to you the messages to help bring about the reign of My Sacred Heart. I am Jesus. I have spoken. My Father has spoken from this church. He has delivered to you two messages that you must read in the Apostles Manual. The Apostles Manual is given to you to study that you will know what I am asking. I am asking you to go out and to carry My love letters to this world. It is through these love letters that many will know My burning love. Men will love God in a way that they have not loved God before, with a deep, burning love. It is through these letters they will know the most intimate secrets of My Heart. I love you with such love, My beloved ones. Open your heart now and listen to the messages that I deliver to you, My apostles.

  2. Jesus has asked that I read the following message from the third Blue Book on June the 12th, 1994 entitled "The Carpenter". "You are he who goes to a carpenter to learn to make a cabinet. You know nothing. You do not have any idea of what you are to do. The carpenter knows exactly. He has a procedure whereby his plan will be accomplished. Every detail must be observed. He is the Master. You do not have the talent. You need talent to do woodwork. If you were given the talent and the directions, you could accomplish this task with such beauty. I am the carpenter. You are he who needs to be taught. You lack the talent. You need the gifts of the Spirit to accomplish My task! You come to Me in total ignorance. You are open, the Spirit fills you with the gifts. You have everything you need to do My work. The Father created you to accomplish His tasks. You are perfect. You must come open. You must know the plan. The plan is His will for you. If you do not follow the plan, the cabinet will not be built correctly. I am the Master. I guide you. I love you. I give you all you need. I walk you through every move. If you try on your own, you have a problem. You know not the way to build cabinets. You know not the way to Me on your own. You must come to Me to be taught. To go it alone is to your own detriment. Oh, little one, it is so simple. You, and your will, want to work your own plans. You know not how to do it. Only I can teach you what you need to know. Oh, please come to Me. I have all you need. The Spirit fills you with the gifts to know, love and serve God. To go it alone is like trying to build the cabinet with no knowledge of woodworking. Oh, little ones, I love you. Come to Me. Let Me teach you. The will of the Father is the happiness of your life. I am Jesus Christ, Son of God. I am God. I, God, long to be with you and to teach you. Go not off on your own. Come to Me. I love you so!"1

  3. Song: "Oh the rosary, the rosary..."

  4. And the Father told me on January the 5th of 1995 that the Father's plan will unfold despite all the willfulness of all those involved. He gave to us two messages in January of 1997, the messages from the Father. Mary appeared everyday for fourteen months and she gave messages and she cried out. People did not listen to the pleadings of their Mother. Jesus has given to us these messages to bring about the reign of His Sacred Heart. Mary appeared on the 5th of every month for two years and four months. And Jesus on the 5th of December appeared instead of Mary, dying on the cross with His mouth moving. And He said that people were not hearing Him. Then He began to deliver very strong messages starting December the 19th. I received these strong messages. Every night He would wake me and give me very strong messages. In January the Father began to speak, on the 5th of the month neither Jesus nor Mary appeared. On the 5th of February, I was sick and could not go to the rosary and receive this message. The messages in the Apostles Manual, these are His messages for you. For in these live rosaries, Jesus is delivering the messages to help bring about the completion of the Fatima message. He speaks in the message and He says that when you listen to the live tapes in a candlelight setting, when you pray the rosary fervently that He will be there and His Mother will be there in a special way and grant to you special graces. And all those present will receive special graces to be drawn ever closer to His Heart and the heart of His Mother. They appeared, both Jesus and Mary, over and over again. Now the Father has spoken. He is calling you the apostles to go out to carry the tapes and the live rosaries to your individual chapters, not in the churches but in private homes, in private settings where you can play these live rosaries where the people there can participate in the rosary and Jesus and Mary will be there with you. They will give you special graces to draw you ever closer to Their Hearts. And you will receive the graces He says that He has given when He was there and delivered the rosaries. This is His calling. These rosaries and messages will spread throughout the world and people will know the special grace when they pray this rosary in candlelight as Mary has requested. You are the apostles. You will carry Their messages to the far ends of the earth. And the world will know the fire of His love. For this is a new era, it is a new way. It will be a new earth in which men will love God with this great intimacy as never before and He is revealing in these messages, the intimate secrets into His Heart. He is longing for our love. Look at Him now in the tabernacle. See Jesus. Know that He is with us. Hear Him crying out to you, "Oh, come to Me and tell Me of your love. I am a Person and I am longing for you to tell Me how much you love Me. I am Jesus." This will be the era of great love. When we love one another as the Father intended and we love God with our whole heart, our whole soul, and our whole being and there will not be bumping of heads on this earth, but the Sacred Heart of Jesus will reign in all hearts and the Sacred Heart of Jesus will reign from His throne, the tabernacle, in all churches. And the earth will be lighted with the burning fire of His love.

  5. And so how do we feel now? Are we persecuted? As Father said in his homily, we are suffering. But there will be the new life and there will be this new earth and we will fervently love God with the deepest love. See Jesus in the garden. I know how it has felt many times to hear Jesus call out from the tabernacle, "Come to Me. I long for that soul that loves Me so dearly, for that soul that comes to Me and just outpours their love to Me." See Jesus in the garden and see the sweat come from His brow on the ground. For His greatest agony was not the agony of knowing that He would suffer, of knowing the wounds, His greatest agony was for the neglect, for the indifference, for the hatred, for what is inside of the hearts of men when He is love and He longs for love and He wants us to love one another. The greatest agony was the agony within His most Sacred Heart filled with divine love.

  6. Song: "I come to you with greatest love..."
    Jesus speaks:
    You are My apostles that I am calling to go into this world. And I am giving to you a heart filled with love. As you come to Me, as you come and you adore the Almighty God and you pray before the tabernacle, I outpour to you the greatest grace and you will carry My love into this world. Many will know the burning fire of My love through you.

  7. Jesus wants intimacy with us. He wants communication with us. He gave a special message that is in the front of the book. The new messages are in the front of the book. Jesus wants this: for ten minutes everyday, He wants you to take a notebook, He said a red notebook for the fire of His love, and to write in that notebook everyday how you feel in your heart about your beloved Jesus. In this ten minutes that you write to Him, you will communicate to Him the desires in your heart, the troubles in your heart, the feelings that you have in your heart to the Almighty God, our Divine Lover. We will become intimate with Him as we write to Him in this love letter. And after the ten minutes of writing to Him, telling Him whatever is in our hearts, if it is love, if it is joy, we are sharing with Him intimately the depth of our heart. And then He has requested that you open the Blue Book messages which are His love letters to you and for ten minutes read love letters from Him. Read each word as if Jesus is speaking to you and hear His words of love as He outpours them to you. And after this for the following ten minutes to spend this time conversing with Jesus, being intimate with Jesus, sharing whatever is in your heart with His Heart. This tool that He has given to us will increase our intimacy with Him. How can we be intimate with Jesus if we do not really share the desires that are deep in our heart with Him? This is His tool. These are His love letters that He writes to you.

  8. Oh, my beloved Jesus, I love You so much. How many times I have come to this tabernacle and I have sat before the tabernacle and I felt your presence, the King on His throne, the Almighty God. And I have cried and cried and I have heard You call out to me and say, "I long for the soul that comes to Me and tells Me how much they love Me. I long for that soul. I want to hear the words of love from your lips. I want love from you. Bring Me souls. Bring Me souls for I long and I thirst for the precious souls that I love, that I gave My life for, that I suffered for, that I sweat blood for. I am God. I am love. And I long for love from My beloved souls, but how few come to Me and tell Me how they love Me."

  9. And so I know this Person, this Person, a Divine Person, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that came and gave Himself for love of me and gives Himself to me everyday in the Eucharist. He comes and He gives Himself to me. And I write these letters to Him and He becomes more and more alive in my heart, as I read the messages that He has delivered to me. These are His messages to bring about the reign of His Sacred Heart, where there will be such intimacy between God and man as there has never been before in the past. These are His letters given to bring about the completion of the Fatima message as Mary promised. The Sacred Heart of Jesus will reign and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. Mary appeared at Fatima. She told us her peace plan. Jesus gives to us this day the most intimate secrets into the love in His Heart.

  10. Mary appeared over and over and over again. She appeared at Fatima. She appeared here in the Cincinnati area and her call was to bring in the children, the children of light, that they would consecrate their hearts to her and that she would then take them to the Heart of her Son. The plan was to bring the children to her heart and then to lead them to these messages that would bring about the reign of His Sacred Heart. For they are Jesus' love letters, love letters that will help us to love Him with the greatest intimacy. But Satan blocked this plan. Mary called and the people came and Satan was strong for he did not want the reign of the Sacred Heart to come. So he blocked the messages that would lead people deeply into the Heart of Jesus. The Father has assured me and in these messages that His plan will unfold despite all of the tactics of Satan and anyone to try to block these messages. These are great revelations that He has given to us, that we will know Him in a most intimate way as we have never known God before.

The Scourging at the Pillar

  1. And so we must be protected against the wiles of the evil one for he aims to stop all messages that will take men deeply into the Heart of Christ. Mary called and the children came. And it is in consecrating our heart to Mary that we will be able to go deeply into the Heart of Christ.

  2. I sat in this chapel and received so many messages. There are so many stories given from the Father, from Jesus, and from Mary, that they have given to us to tell us about the Father's plan. I remember sitting in this chapel and I looked at the window where Jesus was being whipped at the pillar and I said to Jesus, I said, "Jesus, what were You thinking when You were being beaten?" And He said, "I was thinking of you sitting in the pew and telling Me of your love." For Jesus suffered such bitter persecution, such bitter wounds, but the love that we give to Him was sweetness during His bitter Passion. He was beaten, His flesh was torn, His Heart was broken, for He knew all the souls that would neglect Him, hate Him, and would be condemned to hell despite all that He did. But He also knew the great love that we give to Him and it was such sweetness to His Heart as He suffered during His Passion.

  3. And so the plan of the Father unfolds and He said how important this chapel is to His plan. We look at the mysteries of the rosary in the windows from the beginning, from the Annunciation all the way to when Mary is crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth. We walk these mysteries in the lives of Jesus and Mary and their lives live in us as we meditate on the mysteries of the rosary and as we read these meditations that He has given to us. It is in these meditations that His life lives in us in a special way. He is in my heart, and my soul, and my whole being from these revelations. This is what He wants. He wants to be so one with us that He lives in us, that every word of scripture vibrates within us as we hear the words. We know Him and we love Him in each word in scripture, in each word in the Mass. We cry. We fall to our face. We worship, we adore the Almighty God. If we could see at this very moment, if we could see with eyes unveiled, we could not even see because of the immensity of the power of the Almighty God. He is here. God. And He is on His throne in this room and He is longing for us to tell Him of our great love for Him. Oh, Jesus, how dearly I love you. And the great gift that we are here and that God is in this room with us. Who are we that the Almighty God is here in this room with us? Oh, what a gift He has given to us. I want to cherish and love Him with all my heart for He is all my heart craves. God is here.

  4. There is bitterness and there is sweetness. There is bitterness and there is sweetness. There was a time when I prayed in this chapel for years and then I was told to pray in a different place and there was bitterness. As I sat in the pew, I felt such sorrow within my heart because I had all these special rendezvous with my beautiful Jesus and Mary in this chapel, times that I met Him most intimately and I loved Him. And I did not want to leave and I went and prayed elsewhere. And He gave to me greater intimacies with Him. We are sitting here in the pew this day. We do not know what the future will hold. We only know that the Father's plan will unfold and that men will love God with greater and greater love. Jesus is here in the tabernacle with us today, the Almighty God. Do we treasure this within our heart? For tomorrow we may not have this great gift in the availability that we have it today. We do not know. Think of the great gifts that God has given to us in the Mass and in the Eucharist and how He is treated. I was sick and I could not go to Mass and I am writing the Mass Book. And in that book I recalled the most intimate times all through the Mass when I was so close to Jesus and He spoke to me and He told me of the great intimacy that He wants with us and that the Mass is the greatest love affair that there is, when He gives Himself to us and we give ourselves to Him. This is what the Mass is. It's a great love affair with Jesus. And so I could not go to Mass for a week and it was so hard as it was when I could not pray in this chapel for a while. It was hard but He was there in another tabernacle and He outpoured His great gifts. God is in this room at this moment in all His might and divinity. God is present. What a great gift He gives to us. He is outpouring His grace to us at this moment. We are being saturated with His divine life. He is outpouring His love. He wants us to open our heart and to tell Him, "Oh, Jesus, I love You." He is a Person and He is waiting for an intimate love. He is revealing to us the secrets of His Heart that we will more fervently love Him than any people before in history. He wants us to love Him, to love Him now.

  5. On March the 13th, I remember this as if it happened yesterday, in 1994, Jesus called out from the tabernacle. This was at St. Phillips and it was so strong. He says, "I died for you, sweet one." This is from the Blue Book Two, "I allow you to suffer. This is suffering. You are given this to know how I suffered. You I only give such little things. I suffered, sweet one. I suffered, bloodied, bruised and beaten. Blood rolled down My cheeks. My head was pierced with sharp thorns. They spat on Me. They whipped Me. They beat Me on My head, My precious head. They hit Me on My thorns and the pain was so intense--the piercing thorns! I was slapped hard by these senseless ones. Oh, such evil in the hearts of those who beat Me, the Son of God! My whole Body ached from head to toe. I suffered so, My child. You will never know how I suffered for love of you. I am God and I loved all My precious ones to My death--and they ignore Me! Oh, how I suffer from this wounded heart. They will never know what love I have to give them. They will never know how I, God, love them. They are so busy with their worldly lives!" And He was so emotional here, I cryed and my insides felt like I was torn within from what He hollered at me and it was this, "You must tell them how I wait for them. I wait. I want them to come and I will give them such love! Tell them, Rita, tell them! Your discontent is from what emotions I give you and you keep them inside. I want all to know Me and My love. I am crying out to you, little one. Tell them, tell them. Do not waste any time. I am crying out for you to spread this message. I want you to tell all of My love and how I am waiting. Emotion! Emotion! I am crying out to you in your heart! I long for their love. I died for them. How do I make them know if you, to whom I speak, hold back? I want you to get the messages out, child. I loved all My beloved ones to My death."2

  6. Song: "I come to you with greatest love..."

  7. Jesus speaks:
    And so, My soldiers of love, I call you this day to be the soldiers that will go into the dark night and will spread My love to My beloved ones. I give to you the letters of My love. I give to you this special gift, the gift of knowing Me in the most intimate way. You must come to Me everyday. You must spend an hour with Me everyday, if you can, before the tabernacle for it is there that I give you a great sharing in My life. But if you cannot, you must spend an hour alone with Me in your home everyday. In this hour I will tell you of My intimate love for you. Write to Me your letter. Read My letters to you. Spend this hour alone with Me and I will sort out in your mind all of the confusion. I will give you secrets into My Heart. I will call you to the deepest chamber of My Heart and I will give you great love. I am Jesus. You are My lovers that will carry My love to the world today. You must put aside all of the bitterness and hatred in your heart for a heart that is filled with anger cannot unite to My Heart. My way is love. You are My apostles of love. You must be loving in your heart.

  8. Look at Jesus tied to the pillar. See Him with the sores all over His body and His flesh is torn. Do you see Jesus there. This is how He loved us. He loved even those men that beat Him. My beloved Jesus, I know how it is today and how hard it is to love. I beg You for the grace that my heart may be more and more like Yours for I fall and I want to love like You. It is only through Your grace that I can be better.

  9. Jesus speaks:
    I am giving to you great grace in the Shepherds of Christ Movement to come ever closer to My Heart. I am asking you to spread the chapters to this world. I am asking you to pray the prayers, to consecrate your hearts all through the day, to say the Holy Spirit prayer and the consecration prayers that you will be joined in one mind and one heart for you are My shepherds that will go into the darkness and will help unite all of the people with the fire of My love.

  10. Hail Mary...

The Crowning With Thorns

  1. And the King will reign on His throne. All men will love God with a burning love. This great era will come soon. He is giving to us great grace at this moment that we will know Him more intimately, that we will be able to help carry out what the Father is asking us to do to bring about the reign of the Sacred Heart and the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart.

  2. So Mary appeared at Fatima and she told us what we must do. We must carry the consecration into this world, to the church, to the family, to the school. It is in giving our hearts to Mary that we become children of light, that the Holy Spirit works within our hearts to make us more and more like Jesus. And that when we go to the heart of Mary in her pure and Immaculate Heart, we can then go into the Heart of Christ and unite to Him.

  3. There will be this great era in which men will do what the Father wills them to do. There will be great love among men. We will live as the Father intended us to live. It is in the Shepherds of Christ Movement that He is calling us to be one in His Heart. And as we are one in His Heart and as we spread the consecrations, we lead the strayed ones home to His Heart.

  4. See the Heart of Jesus surrounded by a crown of thorns. See His head pierced with a crown of thorns. He is the King. He is the King of heaven and earth. He does not wear a crown of jewels but He wears a crown of thorns for He longs for love. He gave Himself for love of us. It is up to us to give ourselves to Him in love and to give ourselves to one another in love. His Heart is a heart of love. He wants us to be one with each other and to be one in Him.

  5. And so how is it that I can say, "I can love you, but not love you. And I can love you, and not love you" when the Heart of Jesus loves all souls. He gave His life for each and every soul. If I am divided in my heart toward any person, I am dividing myself from Jesus, for I will not be able to unite in the deepest union with Him when there is anger and bitterness and hatred in my heart. So we are hurting ourselves when we are hating and feeling angry in our heart towards others. His Heart is pure, His Heart is love. He gave Himself for each and every soul. He loved those that crowned Him with thorns, that tore His flesh. He walked with the wounds wide open on His body and He loved those men. He did not shout at them. He was not arrogant. He walked and He gave Himself for love of each and every soul.

  6. Jesus speaks:
    You are My soldiers of love. I am calling you to be the soldiers that will help bring about this great era.

  7. Hail Mary...

  8. And the soldiers walked across the earth. And you could tell that they were soldiers for Christ for they loved one another, they lived in harmony, they saw the problem, and they worked together to figure out the problem according to the Father's will for His honor and glory. The kingdom of God is at hand. We are the people that He is calling to help bring about this great era in which the King will reign on His throne. But we cannot be divided with each other. We must love and do the Father's will.

  9. Jesus speaks:
    I give to you these messages, My beloved ones, to bring about the reign of My Heart. They are the directions that I am giving to you. You will be My lights that will shine in the darkness. But you must surrender. You must do as the Father is asking you to do. You must come each day and spend this hour alone with Me.

  10. Jesus gave to me a message last week and He said that the bombs would fly around us. And He said only those that spent this hour would be the ones that would survive. For Satan is trying to stop us. He knows that we have been called, the apostles, to help bring about this era. We cannot do it on our own. It only is in holiness that we can do this. It is only by God's might that we can do this. If we do not spend the hour alone with God everyday, we will have a problem. So Jesus gave to us this special tool of writing these letters so that we will be more intimate with Him. In this time we will share the most intimate desires of our heart with Jesus. This is what He wants, intimacy with us.

The Carrying of the Cross

  1. Let us be there next to Mary as she walks and she sees her Son with a cross on His back. She sees Him covered with blood. He is not clothed in a golden robe. He is clothed in a cloak of dried blood and the cross bears heavy on His back. And they poke at Him and they laugh at Him and they scorn Him. Think of how we are and how we worry about what other people think of us. How we worry about how they are looking at us, what we are wearing. Was Jesus thinking about what people were thinking of Him when He walked with a cross on His back?

  2. His Heart was consumed with the greatest divine love. He was filled with such love for men. His greatest agony was not the poking, not the bleeding, not the torn flesh but His greatest agony was the rejection. Think of how it is in your life. Think of how it is when you feel rejected and you do not feel loved. How painful that is. Think of Jesus carrying the weight of the sins of men on His back, loving them with the most perfect love, and seeing before His eyes all of the men that would hate Him and ignore Him and not even have a thought of Him, that would go to the Holy Eucharist, that would come to the church and not even realize that He is there. Think of the people how many times they walk in front of the tabernacle and they do not even genuflect and recognize the Almighty God, the King of all kings, truly present. God, God is there as He is here.
    Song: "In this very room there's quite enough love for one like me..."
    Jesus, Lord Jesus, is in this very room. How are our hearts for our King? Is the King of all kings reigning in our hearts? Or are there places in our hearts where there are debris and bitterness where we love some and we hate others? How are our hearts? Oh, Jesus, King of all kings, give to us the grace to be more like You.

  3. I love Jesus so much and I want to be so one with Him, but it is so hard. I know that I must pray more and more. And He is showing to me more and more everyday that it is in this hour that I spend alone with Him that this is the true treasure after the Mass and the Holy Eucharist, that this is the treasure. That Satan attacks and he comes as a wolf in sheep's clothing, if I do not have this intimate time with Him everyday. Just as Jesus said, He said "If we do not spend time alone with Him that the devil will tear us to shreds because of the great mission that God has called us to in the Shepherds of Christ Movement." The plan of the Father will unfold. And it will unfold around us for this is Jesus' plan for the renewal of the Church and the world. You have been called, an apostle. I have been called, an apostle, and I must spend this time alone with Him everyday or Satan will cause us to act in ways that are not like God.

  4. Hail Mary...

  5. "He put another parable before them, 'The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field. While everybody was asleep his enemy came, sowed darnel all among the wheat, and made off. When the new wheat sprouted and ripened, then the darnel appeared as well. The owner's laborers went to him and said, "Sir, was it not good seed that you sowed in your field? If so, where does the darnel come from?" He said to them, "Some enemy has done this." And the laborers said, "Do you want us to go and weed it out?" But he said, "No, because when you weed out the darnel you might pull up the wheat with it. Let them both grow till the harvest; and at harvest time I shall say to the reapers: First collect the darnel and tie it in bundles to be burnt, then gather the wheat into my barn."'" (Matt. 13: 24-30)3

  6. The Father gave me a very strong message in this chapel and He said that I should read the accounts of Noah. I have not been taught greatly in the Scriptures. I only know what Jesus has taught me and what I have read. I went and read the account of Noah and someone that was typing the rosary said, "Exactly what you said was in Matthew." And so I read this from Matthew 24:37-44. It says: "As it was in Noah's day, so will it be when the Son of man comes. For in those days before the Flood people were eating, drinking, taking wives, taking husbands, right up to the day Noah went into the ark, and they suspected nothing till the Flood came and swept them all away. This is what it will be like when the Son of man comes. Then of two men in the fields, one is taken, one is left; of two women grinding at the mill, one is taken, one is left. So stay awake, because you do not know the day when your master is coming. You may be quite sure of this, that if the householder had known at what time of the night the burglar would come, he would have stayed awake and would not have allowed anyone to break through the wall of his house. Therefore, you too must stand ready because the Son of man is coming at an hour you do not expect."4

  7. And Mary said, "The time is nigh that the children of light walk next to the children of darkness." And she called and she called and she called and men in their willfulness ignored her call. How do we think that the Father expected us to respond to the calling of our heavenly Mother. We are to obey our earthly mother but look at how we have disobeyed our heavenly Mother at Fatima.

  8. She appeared over and over and over again and she called to the children of light to come to her heart. And it was there that she would take them to these messages to lead men deeply into the Heart of her Son. But Satan blocked these messages. Mary appears now as she did not appear before. She appears on the building in Florida. On December the 19th, I got a very strong message from Jesus and Mary both of which are in the Apostles Manual. And Mary said, "I appear on a bank in Florida, my children, because you have made money your god." She said, "I do not appear as I once did." And then she told me to spread the tape, Mary's Message, which I was told to make on December the 12th. Mary appears on a building in Florida. She wants to lead men to these messages given by her Son that will help bring about the reign of His Sacred Heart.

  9. The time is nigh.

  10. The more that we spread the consecration, the more souls will be turned to children of light. Mary has told us at Fatima what we must do. Jesus is giving to us these messages to help bring about the completion of the Fatima message in which His Heart will reign and her heart will triumph.

Jesus Dies on the Cross

  1. In John 16: 23-28, it says, "When that day comes, you will not ask me any questions. In all truth I tell you, anything you ask from the Father he will grant in my name. Until now you have not asked anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and so your joy will be complete. I have been telling you these things in veiled language. The hour is coming when I shall no longer speak to you in veiled language but tell you about the Father in plain words. When that day comes you will ask in my name; and I do not say that I shall pray to the Father for you, because the Father himself loves you for loving me, and believing that I came from God. I came from the Father and have come into the world and now I am leaving the world to go to the Father."5

  2. Jesus has told me that He is giving His teachings to us in plain talk. He has given twenty books of messages since the end of 1993. As we read these messages we know Him more and more and He lives within our heart. Every word in the Scriptures penetrates our heart as a two-edged sword. The more that I read these messages, the more that every word comes alive to me in the Scriptures and in the Mass. He is unveiling the Scriptures in these messages and He is writing the messages of His love on our hearts in plain talk.

  3. Jesus appeared on December the 5th hanging on the cross for twenty minutes and His mouth moved and moved and moved and moved. And He looked as a man hanging on the cross dying and it was horrifying, after seeing Mary appear every single month for over two years and then seeing Jesus instead of Mary when I went there. This is from the Mass Book: "God wants union with us. He wants fire. Many try to love God with a cold heart. They tell Him words that they think they should say that are loving. When one loves, they do not need to be prompted to say words. From the depth of their being they cry out their words of love. It is a cry from within, from the fire within their chest, behind the words. The words are burning in their chest and must be released because of the fire behind them. We are as blind men. We do not see the great gifts that God gives to us. It is as if we stand by the shore of the sea and throw little words at Jesus. We must not be afraid to jump into the water and be completely immersed in His love. He was consumed with such love for us. He gave Himself to His death on the cross. There is a man on a cross and He tells us so many things. He does not have to speak. When we study Him on the cross, He speaks to us with His pierced hands, His head covered with blood, His body withered and beaten. He speaks to us of His undying love. Oh, beloved Savior, I am blind. I am selfish. I do not see the great reservoir of love that you give to Me. I see the man dying on the cross. How do I see Him?"

  4. I saw Jesus on the cross on December the 5th and He looked as a dying man on the cross. His body was that of a live man. And in all His agony, I saw His mouth move and move and move. For He has spoken over and over and over again of His love and we do not hear. He is asking you today to help to spread His letters of love into this world. It is through these revelations that He has given that He will greatly bring about the reign of His Sacred Heart. For men will intimately love God in a way that they have not loved God before. He has opened Himself up wide and revealed the deepest secrets into His most intimate love. And we have not treated this great gift with the gratitude that we should. He wants us to take these letters and to spread them to the souls that are hurting and in pain, that they will read His words of love and that He will reign as King in their hearts.

  5. And what is the mighty medicine for the sick world, for the world that is hurting, that longs for love, that has suffered so many abuses? What is the mighty medicine? It is the burning love of Jesus Christ. It must be in the hearts of men. As men give themselves in consecration to the heart of Mary and to the Heart of Jesus, the Sacred Heart of Jesus will reign in their hearts and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.

  6. There is a man hanging on the cross and He does not have to speak. If we study Him, we will see His undying, everlasting love.

  7. Jesus speaks:
    I have delivered to you this day this rosary, My beloved ones. I want your love. I want you to come to My Heart. I want you to give Me your heart, all through the day to tell Me, "Oh, Jesus, how I love you and I give myself to you." I will be King and Center of your heart when you come to Me and you spend time with Me after you have received Holy Communion, when you come to Me and you spend time before the tabernacle, when you spend intimate moments with Me in your room at home. I want intimacy with you. It takes time to be intimate. I am Jesus. I am the Almighty God. I have all that you need. You must come to Me and I will heal your wounds, I will love you and I will give you My divine love.

  8. And how do we feel when we go to the tabernacle? How do we feel when we go to the tabernacle or when we spend time alone with Him? He gives us great gifts, gifts of peace and joy in our heart. There is not another way. We must spend this time alone with Him or as He said in the message the bombs are going to fly around us. And if we do not have this intimate time with Him, Satan will tear us to shreds.

  9. We give our hearts to Mary and she takes us into the deepest chambers of the Heart of her Son.

  10. There is a man hanging on the cross. He gave Himself for love of us. He did not holler and scream. In His last dying words He gave us His Mother. We must give ourselves to our Mother Mary and give ourselves to Him.
    Jesus speaks:
    I am Jesus, My beloved ones. This is the message that I give to you on the 13th of February to help with the completion of the Fatima message. I am asking you to carry these rosaries and messages to the far corners of the earth for I give to you My love letters to bring about the reign of My Sacred Heart. You are the apostles that will help bring about the reign of the Sacred Heart. You are the messengers. I have called you. I have chosen you. You must do the Father's will. I am giving to you the directions in these messages that are needed to help bring about the reign of My Sacred Heart. The Shepherds of Christ Movement is major in bringing about the renewal of the church and the world. You have been called to this movement. Satan will try to lead you astray by doing other good works. He will cause division in your hearts. You must know that I, Jesus Christ, am calling you this day. You are a major part of the completion of the Fatima message. You are part of the Father's plan. You have been called to this chapel and great miracles will happen in your heart this day if you open your heart to Me. I love you. I am waiting for your most intimate love.

1. Rita Ring, God's Blue Book Vol. 3, Shepherds of Christ Publications p. 122.

2. Rita Ring, God's Blue Book Vol. 2, Shepherds of Christ Publications p. 159.
3. Scripture quotations are taken from The New Jerusalem Bible, Catholic Edition, Doubleday and Co.
4. Scripture quotations are taken from The New Jerusalem Bible, Catholic Edition, Doubleday and Co.
5. Scripture quotations are taken from The New Jerusalem Bible, Catholic Edition, Doubleday and Co.


Jesus: This is the picture I want in My messages. When you read these messages, look at My picture and know I love you. These messages are My words of love for each of you.



Focus Only on the Love of Jesus

February 20, 1994 6:30 a.m.

Jesus: You are My beloved child. I come with such strong and ardent love. Cast away Satan who is already working to give you doubt. You must remain constantly steadfast in Me. I am a rock. I am a fortress. I never wane or bend. I am the same this moment as always. Your thoughts of Me need to be this strong. I am the rock. You base all your faith, hope and love in Me. Your mind must be in a constant state of union with Me.

This is achieved by thinking of Me, My Love, My death, and how I loved you to My death. Satan wants you bowed down and focused on your imperfections. You are human. You are not perfect. If you have been thoughtless, self-centered, unkind, if you have any impurity, think about them and ask Me to take them away. Then forget them and move on, doing My work.

Do not dwell on how you should be perfect, that you are not and are disappointing to Me. That is Satan! You are not perfect. Admit it with humility. You are a creature that thinks of yourself. Selflessness is a constant struggle. Pray for strength and help to become selfless. This is how it is achieved. You do not do it. You pray and practice discipline in yourself. You are not perfect and I love you always. I love you in your faults, just as I love you when you are good. I love you unconditionally. It is pride to think you are perfect. You are not perfect. You are constantly struggling with the ego part of you. Pray to be absorbed in My heart. Pray for union with Me. Pray to die to yourself and remain only in My love.

Your actions must always be focused on your love for Me. Constantly tell yourself, "I act only for the love of Jesus. I do this for love of Jesus. I want to do God's will. I do not want to promote myself or feed myself. I do not want to give in to selfish interests, I want to act every moment only for the love of Jesus. I act for the glory of God. I pray for this, to be selfless in God."

I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. I am all there is. When you feed yourself, your glory lasts a moment. When you act for the love of Jesus, your love is given to your brothers and your actions are forever imprinted in the journal of heavenly treasures.

Do you act for love of Me and Me alone or does the devil tell you that you need recognition for yourself, that you need to be loved by all? I tell you to love God above all things. Do all for the glory of God and all falls into line.

Remain selfless and unattached to all things here. Do not be attached to anyone or anything. To do so takes you from Me. Your relationships should be out of love of Me. Love does not seek its own way. It loves the other for the love it can give them. You give My love to others. You should not, therefore, be attached to anyone. I am the beginning. I am the end. He who truly loves Me can let go of every single person or thing and still accept this as the will of God and not lose his peace.

Time is so short! Your practice of selflessness will help you for the days ahead. You must pray the Prayer for Union with Me.

I am so loving and so good to you! All I send you is from a good and loving God. Accept all you are given from Him Who loved you to His death.

I love you, child. Look how those in Medjugorje had to give up all their attachments. Some lost their children. They lost all their clothes and homes. They didn't have clothes to make themselves warm. They did not have food and went hungry! Oh, you don't even know what you are attached to! You think it is little things. It is big things: food, clothes, water, air, children, houses, cars, hot water, cold water--all your comforts. In one second they could be taken from you as they were taken from those in Bosnia. Are you this strong, that you would turn to love of Me rather than despair?

I ask you to give up little things, attachments-to-your-comfort things. You will know days of struggle and you will be put to many tests. All the struggles you suffer now will strengthen you for the tough road ahead.

Be unattached to any worldly possessions. Be unattached to people. Your top concern is your union with Me and Me alone. You love others only to bring them to Jesus, not to get things for yourself.

Do not give in to selfishness. Be totally selfless. Carry the little crosses I give you. They are nothing compared to what is to come. Comfort? Think of doing without water or electricity. Are you attached? Think of wanting food and not having any and watching your children suffer and being unable to give to them. You are so comfortable! You do not have any idea of what you possess. You are so attached and so self-centered. I say to you, die to yourself and to the little things you are so attached to. Give up that cup of tea you so ardently crave. This is to die to self. Do it with great love of Me. Do not share your sacrifice with others.

When your mind wants to worry and try to figure things out, give it up to Jesus and continue to do as I ask. Pray and play with your children. You do not need to talk so much. Give up the conversation which pads your ego and play cards with your children even when you want to do your own will. This is to die to oneself, to want so much to check it out, when I am making My way very clear. Check it out in silence with Him Who has all the answers. Why not go to God directly yourself?

These jobs I have given you require you to act only for love of Jesus. They require time with Me alone in front of the tabernacle. They require time alone with Me at home. Stop, go to a room, close the door and plug your phone into My Sacred Heart. This will create your dependency on Me. I know all things. I am almighty. I am all powerful. I am loving you every moment and everything you learn from Me is exactly right.

Practice this trust in Me. Trust is developed as a staircase to Me. You practice trust, then you turn the next one over and practice trust again, then you, when you are tempted to think and go to others, practice trust and, oh, how our union grows!

Pray the Prayer for Union with Me. Oh, I am your support. I am your love. I am the best friend. I have all the answers. I know you. I know your past, your future. I know your heart in ways that you do not know yourself.

Turn to Me and Me Alone. Give it all over. Refuse to worry. Refuse to give in to the ego. You need to focus on Me and My love. All things fall into line when you do this. I am God and I am working in your life. You mess it up. Quit working and let Me do as I want. You focus on My love and being My light in the dark world.

Satan wants you distracted. He wants you absorbed in everything else and not doing My job for you. Your job is love of God, love of others.

Practice letting go. Keep constant union with Me. Oh, how I love thee! If you could only comprehend, you would take your feeble hearts to Me! I am your all. I am your ardent lover. I have all the answers for your life. Oh, little one, I love--LOVE--you! Focus on Me. I can give you the love you are looking for. I can give you your answers. I can give you peace. You will never on this earth have what your soul craves, but you know that I am He Whom you seek. I am the God of your souls. No false gods give you any peace. Come to Me, My beloved. I want you to come to Me.


I love you. Jesus Christ.

end of February 20, 1994


Fr. Carter's Jesus


Messenger:        Jesus told us this image would
                                lead lots of priests to His Heart


Prayer for Union with Jesus

    Come to me, Lord, and possess my soul. Come into my heart and permeate my soul. Help me to sit in silence with You and let You work in my heart.

    I am Yours to possess. I am Yours to use. I want to be selfless and only exist in You. Help me to spoon out all that is me and be an empty vessel ready to be filled by You. Help me to die to myself and live only for You. Use me as You will. Let me never draw my attention back to myself. I only want to operate as You do, dwelling within me.

    I am Yours, Lord. I want to have my life in You. I want to do the will of the Father. Give me the strength to put aside the world and let You operate my very being. Help me to act as You desire. Strengthen me against the distractions of the devil to take me from Your work.

    When I worry, I have taken my focus off of You and placed it on myself. Help me not to give in to the promptings of others to change what in my heart You are making very clear to me. I worship You, I adore You and I love You. Come and dwell in me now.

-God's Blue Book, January 17, 1994



Messenger:        The same day

                                January 17, 1994  3:40am
                            Jesus woke me and began giving me this writing —
                            when he started talking about the priest
                            I thought I could not write about
                            the priests — they were over me —
                            Jesus said "write" in the early
                            morning I sat in my study afraid
                            looking at Him as the Sacred
                            Heart and He said again
                            so I did as He said and wrote —
                                here is what He said —



Picture of the Sacred Heart of JesusI Want My Priests to Come Back

January 17, 1994 3:40 a.m.

Jesus: You know I am He Who lifts you up. In one second I can turn your feelings around and lift you up. Constantly pray to Me. You need Me through these times. Remember, I truly died for you on the cross. Remember, little one, I have chosen you to write to Me. Do you think I will ever abandon you? I am a God who truly loves His people. I love you with such ardent love. You must never doubt.

Look into My face and see My gentleness. I am the kindest of all hearts. I am He who knows how to love with such love. Become totally lost in My arms.

Do you think Satan will not taunt you? Put him behind you. You are being guarded by God and His heavenly court. Walk in My ways and the angels walk with you on your path. You are escorted on your way and you are never alone. You are guarded as a precious treasure that is being transported to another place.

You need to put all your cares in My hands. You are developing true trust when you let go and let Me take over. Keep trusting and silence the ugly prompting of Satan who wants you to worry about useless things. Quit worrying and pray and play with your children. I am telling you there is so much peace and grace gained by private prayer with them. I will tend to all the details of your life. Do not worry for one moment. Put your life in My hands. I am here, little one. Read this message and all of them over and over again.

You need to go to the Blue Book for your answers. Your answers are found there. I never leave your side. God is guarding you. Just continue to have a union with Me all through the day. All the prayer time alone with Me in one day is not enough. I want you in constant prayer.

Turn to Me and My Blue Book. This will help many priests to come back and sit before Me in private union with Me. When priests come back to the tabernacle, the flock will begin to be led back to His altar. Priests need to read these letters. They are the preachers. If they do not value their own relationship with Jesus, if they are being led away from Me with busyness, they will not preach the intimate love of Jesus. They are so busy, but it is like throwing out the baby with the bath water. I am the center and their relationship with Me is utmost.

The priests need these messages. They need to have an intimate, close union with Me. They should be preaching "time in front of the tabernacle." They should be preaching My intense love for My people and how I have so much to give. Some sermons are so complicated--yet nothing about union with Me in the Eucharist and in front of the tabernacle.

I want My priests to come back and pray before My tabernacle. I want them to read these messages and make Jesus the Center of their lives. When they are led back to Jesus, they will lead the flock home. Priests need adoration every day for at least an hour. I don't care how busy they are. None of it matters if they are not spending time in private prayer alone with Me. They need to come and get their supplies. They need to quit thinking they are doing it and turn back to turning their lives totally over to Me, to totally letting their burdens and busy lives off at the foot of My cross and letting Me lead the way.

There is not one priest who has so much to do that he cannot do private adoration daily. When the priest comes back to the power in the Eucharist and the tabernacle, the congregation will turn to God for their troubled hearts. Satan has led priests away from Jesus. They are so busy they cannot do all their work, but this must all take second place to praying silently before God and reading His words. These letters will help many priests to come back and be intimate with Jesus.

All the rituals, all the upkeep of the churches, all the little details, and the King of Glory sits alone! You have thrown out the baby with the bath water. You are missing the boat.

I want the priests to read this message. Where is the reverence after Communion and who has even heard it mentioned in the church? Private union with Jesus! What an honor! I have all you need. Come to Me and I will give you rest. I am all powerful. I have all the power. I am hyper--vigilant over your lives. I guard you. Quit trying to do it yourselves. Become selfless and let Me possess your souls.

Have the priests spread these messages. Read them in church. I want adoration of the Eucharist back. I want people to know I am God and I am coming to them in Holy Communion. I want the Blessed Sacrament exposed. I want My churches open. Union with Jesus, the love of Jesus, trust, faith, love for one another, love of God--I want all of these preached from the pulpit!

I am the Alpha and the Omega. I want My people to be led back to the center, which is Jesus. Pray for your priests. They are under attack. If Satan can wreck the family, the priests, the children, he has it made.

You are under attack, My beloved priests, and you, in your busyness, are being led away from your union with Jesus. Bring yourselves back to Me and let Me give you My love. I am indeed the bridegroom of your souls. I wait for My beloved ones at the altar. I long for private union with all My beloved ones.

Come to Me, all who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest. Come and be lifted up to heights you never dreamed possible. I am God. Put your lives in My hands. Let Me run your life. Quit running amok. You have lost your way and are running down the wrong road. Bring your lives back to Jesus in the tabernacle.

The world is getting farther from God every minute. Read the messages at prayer meetings. Spread them by word of mouth. The time you waste is valuable. These words are not meant to be saved. Spread them here by any means possible. I want them out, I tell you! If someone wants to read some messages, give them to them and let them read them at prayer meetings. There is no secret here. They are from Me and I want them out. I want you to speak. A lot of your discontent is in sitting around with all these messages and not spreading them. Tell your friends to speak. Speak My words here. You don't have to mention the source. Spread the messages. You are not what is important. The messages are. You will be exposed. Don't worry who knows, but don't spread your own story. Spread the messages. Like ripples on a pond, the love of God will be spread throughout the land. I have so much to give to My hurting ones. I am your God. I died for you out of deepest love. I have come in these messages to lead you back home.

Quit worrying of details. I am He Who runs the show. Pray for guidance every day. Spend one hour in front of the tabernacle. You cannot do in a million years what I can do in one moment. Quit relying on yourselves. You are only pushing buttons. When you are fixed in Me, the right door opens. When you go it alone, you have a hard road to walk. One hour in private adoration. Be silent or read the Blue Book. Your life will become uplifted by My teaching and you will sail a blue sky.

Spend time in silence and some in reading My words in front of Me. I am talking to you in these letters. What power, to read them in front of the tabernacle! You can't go it alone. You need My help. You need your supplies. But you must come and get them! You are following your tail around if you do it alone. I am He Who can do all this. When you realize My power in adoration, your lives will change. As long as you are too busy you will have a hard time. The soul craves this union with Me.

Lead the priests back to adoration and the people will follow. Our leaders have become too busy for adoration. This is the key, the key to unlock the doors to the world's problems. It is found in front of the tabernacle, at daily Mass and Communion. Do the priests ever preach any of this? You have forgotten your center, Jesus, in the Eucharist! All the power is found in Jesus. You have all that you need and you walk about and decorate My churches and clean every speck of dust and repair My pews and carpet My house and fix My organs but you walk about and miss the King of Glory who sits there all alone! Spread the messages on the tabernacle. I want them out! 


Messenger:        It was our first mailing they mailed
                                January 17, 1994 to all the Bishops in the
                                United States along with this message
                                December 27, 1993


Picture of the Sacred Heart of JesusThe Bridegroom Awaits

December 27, 1993 - 4:00a.m.

Jesus speaks: Dear child, the Son of Man waits and you sleep in the night. I wait for you and you sleep. You know I am waiting and you are dead in your bed. Awake, My little one, when I call. You must not give in to the desires of the body. I care for your needs. Your strength comes from Me. Jump from your bed, sound the trumpet and arise, for your Savior comes in the night to bring you a message for all His children. Ready yourself, for I do not like to wait. Get up and come, child. I am God.

I am He Who made the world, He Who makes the sun shine and the baby in the womb! You make Me wait while you sleep. Rise and run, for the Lord is at hand. God awaits you and beckons you to be attentive to your calling. Sound the trumpet! Arise in the night. I am He Who comes to you. You must harken to the call. Come pronto to My request and do not tarry. I wait and I wait and I eagerly want to talk to you.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Oh, child, I want these messages to reach the ends of this earth. I deliver each with such love. Will you deliver My messages to all My loved ones? They eagerly need to hear My words of love. They need to know how I feel about each one of them. They need to know that I am God. I love each child uniquely and My love is the love of God. What can you get on this earth that can compare to the love of God? You have a message declaring My love for each of My children. They are My love letters to them. Please see that they receive this letter. This is your top priority. It is a love letter to My beloved ones.

I am your Savior. I am not a myth. I am alive and I come to you. I wait in the tabernacle every day as a prisoner. Waiting and waiting in the tabernacle and who comes to be with Me? I await you, My children, to come and realize that God is in the tabernacle. I am Jesus, the Son of God, and I wait for you every day. Come to Me in your busy day. Come to Mass. Make ready your hearts and receive Me in Communion. I am there awaiting you as a groom awaiting his bride. I want to be with you, united in Holy Communion. I am truly present there, but which of you come? I wait for each of you. I am God. I can love you each so intently you do not understand. Your brother does not make up your love to Me. I wait, you little ones. Will you come and receive your love this day?

Ready your hearts and keep them holy. God will enter there. Prepare the way for Me. Do not sin. Do not lie to yourselves and tell yourself that some sins are of no account. Every sin is wrong. I tell you what is right and wrong in your hearts. You know the Ten Commandments. Satan tells you "but in this case, you are exempt", "this is out of date, you are allowed here." No, little ones, sin is sin and your heart knows what is wrong! Keep it pure. The more you lie to yourself about evil, the more right it becomes. Oh, how sad to numb your beautiful heart and accept the things of this world that are evil as okay. Evil is evil and you must guard against any evil the world tells you is okay.

I am the way, the truth and the life. When you abide in My ways, you possess the light of life. Do not be pulled into the world and its evil ways. Ready yourself for My love. I am as a bridegroom awaiting his bride. So pure, so white, so untainted she appears, just for her loved one. Her ways are gentle and kind and she is a picture of holiness, dressed in a white gown. Dress your soul in a white gown for Me. Keep your soul clothed in a cloth of dignity, a white cloth untainted by any sin, pure as the bride who meets her groom. Our meeting is with such love.

You enter My church, you walk My aisle. Your bridegroom awaits you in Communion. I am the bridegroom of your hearts. I come with such love to enter your soul. I am He Who walks with you to be united in Communion. I am Jesus. I am your true Love. I wait for you, My child. Please clean yourself up for My arrival! Think of My coming the day before and eagerly await our union. This is the greatest event of your life, union with God. Anticipate it with such eagerness, as the wedding of our hearts. I await you, little ones. I am God. What could this world ever give you that can be likened to God's entering your soul?

I am God and I come to you in Communion. Do you wait for Me, the bridegroom of your soul? Do you wait as one who is going to one's own wedding? This event far surpasses any wedding. It is you who are missing the significance here. I am here every Mass waiting, just for you. Get dressed, purify yourself, see the priest, go to confession, guard your tongue as the opening to your soul. I enter therein and you receive God, my child. Do you not comprehend this a little?

Read My words here. They are as real as the eyes you use to read them. It is you who blind yourself to all I have to give you. You do not reach with the things of the soul. You look for explanations in bodily things. To see the soul and the things of God you must reach with the eyes of God. You must be opened by the faith I eagerly want to give you. Beg to be open to Me so I can give you all you need to know Me. This world is blurring your Godly vision. It is hard to see through the mask of evil it has created. Every day the mask becomes more dense.

I am here, little one. You must die to this world to see Me. You don't need more of the world. You need less of the world. As the world decreases, your knowledge of Me increases. Take the mask off your face. Make your hearts pure. Pray to the Holy Spirit for His gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fear of God-all gifts that only He can give! Fill your hearts with the gifts of the Spirit. He will remove the blinders from your eyes and dwell in your soul. You will know a new life and I will become so much more alive to you. You, child, need the Spirit!

The way to God is through Jesus. You need the Spirit. You need the Father. You need all three. Pray to be made whole in the Holy Trinity. Pray for union with God. Pray for the things of the soul. When your soul is in order, all else falls into order. You needn't pray for things of the world. Pray to know Me more fully. Pray for unity with God. Pray for opening in your hearts. Pray for holiness. Pray for faith, hope, charity. Pray for knowledge of how to please God. These are the true treasures. All else is of no account. Don't recite prayers for worldly things. Pray for your union with God. This is what it is all about!

I am so eager to make Myself known to you. Our love affair awaits and it depends on you. I am here loving you. It is you who keep us apart. What could you find on this earth that could compare with a love affair with God, child? Your soul was created to know love and serve Me. It craves this union with Me. This appetite is stronger than any other you possess. You hold it back and make light of it because this world has taken God out. This world is messed up. I am God and you are a creature of God. You cannot take God from you or you remain only a creature. What dignity you sacrifice to remove God from yourself!

Prepare for the wedding of our souls. Your bridegroom awaits you. I am Jesus, Son of the one, true, God. I await your union with Me. Child, nothing you ever do on this earth can compare with Communion with God. If you do not behold this as something, you need to pray to know Me more. Go to the Spirit and beg Him for understanding and wisdom. Beg Him for all his gifts to enhance your knowledge of God. Beg the Spirit for His baptism. Let Him shower you with His life and you will become alive and on fire in your heart.

Your bridegroom awaits you. Prepare yourself for the wedding. Come, pure and white, and anticipate this union with eagerness. I love you so, My child. You will never find a speck on this earth that can compare with the love of God. Search, you feeble creature, for worldly satisfaction and you will never satisfy one little part of your soul. Your soul can only be satisfied by the love of God. It stalks your restless heart and is only satisfied in God. It craves God like an appetite except that it is much stronger. What is in your heart that is never satisfied by your worldly way? It is the soul that craves union with God. It constantly keeps you in a state of unrest, of searching, of seeking, of looking for more. The more is found in the Eucharist. It is the answer to the empty heart. It is the love you seek, but cannot find anywhere else. It is Jesus, child. It is your Bridegroom. Come and be in Communion with Him. He awaits you and bids you to come, pure in your heart, to the wedding-the wedding of your soul.

R. I felt as if there was so much I just did not understand and I was overwhelmed by the mystery of God. I opened the Blue Book to this:

Nov. 21, 1993:

Jesus speaks: Oh, what glories I have in store for you when you finally see it all, see all there is to Me! Little glimpses I will give you. These are special treats of My love, but you, in your earthly form, cannot even handle it. My power, My light, My fire would blow you off your feet and you would be out cold.

That is how I am at your side, with a power pack like this, and you worry about a power failure? Oh, how silly, when I am with you. Trust, trust. I am here.


Messenger:        The next mailing was the Priestly Newsletter
                               6 months later ——

                            Song:  Come Unto Me all Who are Weary



Picture of the Sacred Heart of JesusI Am Here in the Tabernacle

January 15, 1994 9:15 a.m.
St. Michael Church

Jesus: You come here and I am waiting. Let go of all distractions Satan busies your mind with. You have come to adore your King. Block out all and focus on the King of Glory.

I am Jesus. I am God. I am your all. I am God. Worship, honor, glory--all is My due. Blow the trumpets, sound the horns! There are others to walk about, but no thought, not even a prayer, for the King of Glory.

I am very sad and hurt by all who neglect Me and do not come to Me as I sit here. Where are they? I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. If for one instant I were to cease to think of them, they would cease to be, but they do not even realize Who I am. My heart is so sad. What do they think, for their busy lives? They are in the presence of a King and they don't even recognize Me!

It delights Me so that you have come to Me. I love you with such intense love and I want to give you so many gifts. Come and be with Me in silence. Sit and I will help you block out distractions. I am the King of Glory. I am God. If people come to My house here, it is not to pray, outside of Mass. They come to fix the church and miss the King of Glory. Blind! How blind they are!

Blessed be the name of God. At His Name every knee must bow. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God and have spoken to you, My child. Be with Me. Tell your friends to come and bang on the doors to My church. The priests lock Me up all day. Those who want to come cannot get in! Tell them to come and adore Me and open My doors.


                            Sing:  I Am the Bread of Life

                            Sing:  Oh Lord I am Not Worthy

                            Sing:  God's Love

    end of June 18, 2006



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