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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

June 19, 2002

June 20th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 6Period I.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for June 20th is Glorious.


A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb,
the Bridegroom of the Soul

    Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.


               Pray for 5 urgent intentions.

               Pray for a particular bishop and cardinal.

               Pray for the pope.
               Pray for the Bishops gathering.
               We desperately need funds.
                Please pray for this.

June 19, 2002  

Messenger:    Father in the name of Your Son Jesus, in the
                            Holy Spirit we pray from the depth of our
                            hearts for the Reign of the Sacred Heart of
                            Jesus and the triumph of Mary's heart in
                            the hearts of her children.

                        Oh Father we unite to the Holy Sacrifice of the
                            Mass and pray so deeply for this.

                        Oh Father never before have I realized the power
                            of these prayers.

                        Oh Father, I believe,
                            through the intercession of Our Lady of
                            Clearwater and
                            the intercession of Fr. Edward Carter, S.J.
                                I pray.

                        Oh the Society of Jesus,
                            oh pray with us so deeply my beloved
                            Jesuits for the Reign of the Sacred Heart
                            and triumph of Mary's heart.

                        I see how so many do not believe in Jesus
                            or even recognize Him as the Son
                            of God.

                        I want to quote from 1 John Chapter 1 and Chapter 2,
                            Chapter 4, and Chapter 5. 


1 John Chapter 1


The Incarnate Word
and sharing with the Father and the Son

Something which has existed
   since the beginning,
which we have heard,
which we have seen with our own eyes,
which we have watched
and touched with our own hands,
the Word of life-
this is our theme.
That life was made visible;
we saw it and are giving our testimony,
declaring to you the eternal life,
which was present to the Father
and has been revealed to us.
We are declaring to you
what we have seen and heard,
so that you too may share our life.
Our life is shared with the Father
and with his Son Jesus Christ.
We are writing this to you
   so that our joy may be complete.


This is what we have heard from him and are declaring to you:
God is light,
    and there is no darkness in him at all.
If we say that we share in God’s life
while we are living in darkness,
we are lying,
    because we are not living the truth.
But if we live in light,
as he is in light,
we have a share in another’s life,
and the blood of Jesus, his Son,
cleanses us from all sin.

First condition: to break with sin

If we say, ‘We have no sin,’
we are deceiving ourselves,
and truth has no place in us;
if we acknowledge our sins,
he is trustworthy and upright,
so that he will forgive our sins
and will cleanse us from all evil.
If we say, ‘We have never sinned,’
we make him a liar,
and his word has no place in us.


1 John Chapter 2

My children, I am writing this
    to prevent you from sinning;
but if anyone does sin,
we have an advocate with the Father,
Jesus Christ, the upright.
He is the sacrifice to expiate our sins,
and not only ours,
but also those of the whole world.

Second condition: 
to keep the commandments, 
especially that of love

In this way we know
that we have come to know him, 
if we keep his commandments.
Whoever says, ‘I know him’
without keeping his commandments, 
is a liar,
and truth has no place in him.
But anyone who does keep his word, 
in such a one
   God’s love truly reaches its perfection.
This is the proof 
that we are in God.
Whoever claims
    to remain in him
must act as he acted.
My dear friends,
this is not a new commandment 
   I am writing for you,
but an old commandment
that you have had from the beginning;
the old commandment
   is the message you have heard.
Yet in another way, I am writing 
    a new commandment for you
—and this is true for you,
    just as much as for him—
for darkness is passing away
and the true light is already shining.
Whoever claims to be in light
but hates his brother
is still in darkness.
Anyone who loves his brother
    remains in light
 and there is in him
    nothing to make him fall away.
But whoever hates his brother
    is in darkness
and is walking about in darkness
not knowing where he is going,
because darkness has blinded him.

Third condition: 
detachment from the world

I am writing to you, children, 
because your sins have been forgiven 
    through his name. 
I am writing to you, fathers, 
because you have come to know 
    the One who has existed 
        since the beginning. 
I am writing to you, young people, 
because you have overcome the Evil One. 
I have written to you, children, 
because you have come to know 
    the Father. 
I have written to you, parents, 
because you have come to know 
    the One who has existed 
        since the beginning. 
I have written to you, young people, 
because you are strong, 
and God’s word remains in you, 
and you have overcome the Evil One. 
Do not love the world 
or what is in the world. 
If anyone does love the world, 
the love of the Father 
    finds no place in him, 
because everything there is 
    in the world—
disordered bodily desires, 
disordered desires of the eyes, 
pride in possession—
is not from the Father 
but is from the world.
And the world, 
    with all its disordered desires, 
is passing away. 
But whoever does the will of God 
remains for ever.

Fourth condition: 
to be on guard against Antichrists

Children, this is the final hour; 
you have heard 
    that the Antichrist is coming, 
and now many Antichrists 
    have already come; 
from this we know 
    that it is the final hour. 
They have gone from among us, 
but they never really belonged to us; 
if they had belonged to us, 
    they would have stayed with us. 
But this was to prove 
that not one of them belonged to us. 
But you have been anointed 
    by the Holy One, 
and have all received knowledge.
I have written to you 
not because you are ignorant of the truth, 
but because you are well aware of it, 
and because no lie 
    can come from the truth. 
Who is the liar, 
if not one who claims 
    that Jesus is not the Christ? 
This is the Antichrist, 
who denies both the Father and the Son. 
Whoever denies the Son 
    cannot have the Father either; 
whoever acknowledges the Son 
    has the Father too.
Let what you heard in the beginning 
    remain in you; 
as long as 
    what you heard in the beginning 
        remains in you, 
you will remain in the Son 
and in the Father. 
And the promise he made you himself 
is eternal life. 
So much have I written to you 
about those 
    who are trying to lead you astray. 
But as for you, 
    the anointing you received from him 
remains in you, 
and you do not need anyone to teach you; 
since the anointing he gave you 
    teaches you everything, 
and since it is true, not false, 
remain in him just as he has taught you. 
Therefore remain in him now, children, 
so that when he appears 
    we may be fearless, 
and not shrink from him in shame 
at his coming.

1 John Chapter 4

Third condition:
to be on guard against Antichrists
and against the world

My dear friends,
not every spirit is to be trusted,
but test the spirits
   to see whether they are from God,
for many false prophets
   are at large in the world.
This is the proof of the spirit of God:
any spirit
   which acknowledges Jesus Christ,
      come in human nature,
is from God,
and no spirit
   which fails to acknowledge Jesus
is from God;
it is the spirit of Antichrist,
whose coming you have heard of;
he is already at large in the world.
Children, you are from God
and have overcome them,
because he who is in you
is greater than he who is in the world.
They are from the world,
and therefore the world
   inspires what they say,
and listens to them.
We are from God;
whoever recognises God listens to us;
anyone who is not from God
   refuses to listen to us.
This is how we can distinguish
the spirit of truth
   from the spirit of falsehood.


The source of love

My dear friends,
let us love one another,
since love is from God
and everyone who loves
    is a child of God and knows God.
Whoever fails to love does not know God,
because God is love.
This is the revelation
   of God’s love for us,
that God sent his only Son into the world
that we might have life through him.
Love consists in this:
it is not we who loved God,
but God loved us and sent his Son
to expiate our sins.
My dear friends,
if God loved us so much,
we too should love one another.
No one has ever seen God,
but as long as we love one another
God remains in us
and his love comes to its perfection in us.
This is the proof that we remain in him
and he in us,
that he has given us a share in his Spirit.
We ourselves have seen and testify
that the Father sent his Son
as Saviour of the world.
Anyone who acknowledges
    that Jesus is the Son of God,
God remains in him and he in God.
We have recognised for ourselves,
and put our faith in,
    the love God has for us.
God is love,
and whoever remains in love 
    remains in God 
and God in him.

Love comes to its perfection in us
when we can face
   the Day of Judgement fearlessly,
because even in this world
we have become as he is.
In love there is no room for fear,
but perfect love drives out fear,
because fear implies punishment
and no one who is afraid
   has come to perfection in love.
Let us love, then,
because he first loved us.
Anyone who says ‘I love God’
and hates his brother,
is a liar,
since whoever does not love the brother
   whom he can see
cannot love God whom he has not seen.
Indeed this is the commandment
   we have received from him,
that whoever loves God,
   must also love his brother.

1 John Chapter 5

Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ
is a child of God,
and whoever loves the father
loves the son.
In this way we know
    that we love God's children,
when we love God
    and keep his commandments.
This is what the love of God is:
keeping his commandments.
Nor are his commandments
because every child of God
overcomes the world.
And this is the victory
    that has overcome the world -
our faith.

The source of faith

Who can overcome the world
but the one who believes
    that Jesus is the Son of God?
He it is who came by water and blood,
Jesus Christ,
not with water alone
but with water and blood,
and it is the Spirit that bears witness,
for the Spirit is Truth.
So there are three witnesses,
the Spirit, water and blood;
and the three of them coincide.
If we accept
     the testimony of human witnesses,
God’s testimony is greater,
for this is God’s testimony
which he gave about his Son.
Whoever believes in the Son of God
has this testimony within him,
and whoever does not believe
is making God a liar,
because he has not believed
the testimony
    God has given about his Son.
This is the testimony:
God has given us eternal life,
and this life is in his Son.
Whoever has the Son has life,
and whoever has not the Son of God
    has not life.
I have written this to you
who believe
    in the name of the Son of God
so that you may know
     that you have eternal life.


Prayer for sinners

Our fearlessness towards him
    consists in this,
that if we ask anything
     in accordance with his will
he hears us.
And if we know
     that he listens to whatever we ask him,
we know that we already possess
     whatever we have asked of him.
If anyone sees his brother commit a sin
that is not a deadly sin,
he has only to pray,
    and God will give life to this brother
—provided that it is not a deadly sin.
There is sin that leads to death
and I am not saying
    you must pray about that.
Every kind of wickedness is sin,
but not all sin leads to death.

 Summary of the letter

We are well aware
    that no one who is a child of God sins,
because he who was born from God
    protects him,
and the Evil One has no hold over him.
We are well aware that we are from God,
and the whole world
    is in the power of the Evil One.
We are well aware also
     that the Son of God has come,
and has given us understanding
so that we may know
     the One who is true.
We are in the One who is true
as we are in his Son, Jesus Christ.
He is the true God
and this is eternal life.
Children, be on your guard
    against false gods.

June 19, 2002 message continues

Messenger:    I want you to think of every word, read the words
                            over and over again.

                        Jesus Christ came to redeem the human race.

                        Jesus Christ is Savior.

                        Here is the song He gave to us.


June 19, 2002 message continues

Messenger:    The Word of God is so important.

                        The devil has tried to block the
                            importance of the Word of God.

                        I must state clearly the scripture

                        Jesus said: I am the Way; I am Truth and Life... (John 14: 6)

                        Jesus is the truth.

                        So much can happen from praying
                            in Jesus' name.

                        Teach your children about Jesus.

                        Teach your children to pray to have an
                            intimate relationship with the Persons
                            of the Trinity.

                        When Jesus gave the Blue Book messages—

                            He gave them so people would get

                            a deeper personal relationship

                            with Him.

                        Jesus is a Divine Person.

                        Jesus is the one promised.

                        Jesus was crucified———

                        Jesus rose from the dead.

                        Jesus changed water into wine.

                        Jesus walked on the water.

                        Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead.

                        Jesus is the New Adam.

                        Mary is the New Eve.

                        Jesus is the Son of God.

                        I know that the Mass is so powerful.

                        I know that in the Mass Jesus
                            is the chief priest and

                        I know the Mass is the sacrifice
                            of Calvary sacramentally
                            made present.

                        Oh the Mass is so powerful.

                        Oh the Mass is a pleasing sacrifice
                            offered to the Father.

                        Oh my fellow ones—read your Bibles,

                            pray for grace to comprehend.

                        My beloved ones, help me spread the

                            Blue Books, it is so important—

                            Jesus is truly present in the


                        We pray this prayer hourly!


Novena to the Infant of Prague (to be prayed hourly if possible)

       O Jesus, who said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you," through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted. (for the Shepherds of Christ intentions and all your private intentions)

       O Jesus, who said, "All that you ask of the Father in My Name He will grant you," through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Your Father in Your Name that my prayer be granted. (for the Shepherds of Christ intentions and all your private intentions)

       O Jesus, who said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word shall not pass," through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted. (for the Shepherds of Christ intentions and all your private intentions)


May 25, 1995

Messenger:  Prayer is a lifting up of our minds and hearts to God. Who am I that I can change any event that is occurring in the lives of another, that I can affect the outcome of any event? I am a child of my Father. My Father is the Almighty God. How I love my dear Father. He is God and He has created me in His own image and likeness. My beloved, dear Father, how I love You that You give me such gifts - that You allow me to share in Your life!

    You are the Father of Jesus and You are My Father. Thank You, My Father, for all Your gifts and for Your life. Who am I that I can affect the life of any person?

    I am a child of God. I call on my dear Father and He loves me so, He listens to me. I lift my heart to You, my dear beloved Father and You listen to little me and You care for me so much. I call upon God and the Almighty God cares for me with such love that He listens.

Jesus speaks:  Such truths have been given to you from My Father because of His great love for you. You are far more precious than the finest pearls, My beloved child. The Father so loved you He gave His Son so that you would have life. He gave His Son as a sacrifice for you. The Father gives to you His life through Jesus, His Son. You partake in His divine life.

    I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. My life I give to you, I live in your being, My beloved, I impart to you My divine life.

    How many turn their backs on the great gift of this life given from the Father. To know this life and to know all those who have rejected this great gift!

    I am the Almighty God, My power is endless. The power and might you felt within yourself is only a small sampling of My immense power.

    I am God and I am allowing you to experience what you are experiencing to spread My love to others. Your immense understanding into these mysteries will help you speak and write them for others.

    I have chosen you as an instrument to touch many hearts and bring them to My divine love. Great gifts and understandings into these mysteries I am giving to you. You will lead many priests to the love of God.

    I am alive. I am God. I long to be loved by man and many have turned their backs on Me and forgotten Me. You must tell them all I am allowing you to experience, these sufferings and understandings into My deep love.

    This is the beginning of many days when I will allow you to experience the rejection I felt from those I loved. Your heart is in immense pain for the souls who reject Me despite My love for them.

    I beg you to speak and write. Make reparation for souls that have forgotten My love. Spread the love of My Sacred Heart and My Mother's heart, throughout the world.

    I love, I love, I love My beloved souls. I beg you to tell them. I beg Fr. Carter to tell every soul on this earth of My love. You will continue to suffer such pain and anguish in your heart. Suffer in silence for souls. I love so deeply and am so gravely offended!

    I am Jesus, My dear, little child. I am alive and in this world. I live in the hearts of men, I live in the consecrated Host, I am forgotten and ignored and treated with such dishonor.

    Speak for Me, I beg you to spread this love throughout this earth. I am sending you as missionaries into this world.

    On this Ascension Thursday, I have given you great sufferings and great joy. I have allowed you to experience the highest ecstasies in My love and plunge you into deep pain in your heart for those who reject Me.

    You, I send as missionaries to carry out the work I have begun. Be fearless and pray to the Spirit. This day I am giving you abundant graces to speak, and through this speaking, others are sent into this world as My apostles.

    It is through the Shepherds of Christ Movement My love will be spread. Circulate My messages and rosary meditations. The love of the two Hearts will be known throughout this world through these messages and rosary meditations.

    You will be fearless, everyone I send to you is a messenger to carry out My love. Circulate these letters with FIRE for I am delivering them to you in FIRE.

    I am Jesus Christ, the Living God. I am allowing you to experience My life, alive in you and giving you these emotions to spread My love.

    On this Ascension Thursday, I beg you to carry out the message to this world. Live My life in your life, every moment My life living within you.

    I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life. I have commissioned you to go out and to carry this message - the message of My immense love for ALL mankind, including My burning love for My priests and religious. Souls will turn their hearts to Me from these letters. This is the mighty medicine to turn a sick, cold world to hearts filled with the love of God.

    Prayer, My beloved ones, is the lifting up of your minds and hearts to God. When you intercede to Me through My Mother's heart, I will pour out My greatest mercy.

    I will not refuse hearts begging for grace for their loved ones. Pray from your whole being. Let My life live in you.

    You can pray and ask God to send help. You do not know the power of a heartfelt prayer. I listen to your prayers. The Father and Holy Spirit are listening to your prayers. The more you unite with God, the greater you intercessory prayer. I am Jesus. I am alive this day. I ask you to spread My messages to the world. I am crying out in your heart on this Ascension Thursday. I ascended into heaven and I have left behind you to carry out what I began. I am with you. I am alive this day. I will unite with you and the earth will know the power of the Almighty God. I am Jesus Christ, Chief Shepherd of the flock. Lead My little ones home - home to the burning embers of My Most Sacred Heart, through My Mother's heart.

Messenger:  I cried so hard, I have never been so immersed in heartache. I heard Him shout, "I Am Alive, I Am Alive." I cried so hard, I could hardly write.

    I know Him. He is alive in my being. My soul is filled with His love. I live the life of Jesus and Mary in my life. I love His life, her life - their presence forever with me. From this great gift, these rosary meditations, His life has become one with mine. I feel His life in the Mass. I hear Mary under the cross. I hear the cries for the souls going to hell for their willfulness and sins. I hear the laments of Jesus in the tabernacle - how He longs and thirsts for souls and is neglected and ignored. I hear Him tell of the sacrileges committed against the Holy Eucharist.

    I heard Him this day. I felt His presence and the presence of the Almighty God as He cries out, "I am alive, I am alive, I am alive."

    He is alive. We have the Mass. He gives us Himself in the Eucharist. Mary is appearing, we are given this rosary. We are sent as soldiers by Him in the Shepherds of Christ. We are thirsting for union with Him, sent by Him, apostles to go out to this world and spread His love, one with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, one with the Trinity. He will light this earth with hearts on fire for love of Him.

Jesus speaks:  I come to you with greatest love, I am your loving Savior, I am your God, I died for you, I come to you this day.

    The earth shakes and the Son of Man appears. He lives in the hearts of all. I want hearts on FIRE for love of Me. I want vibrancy and love from My beloved ones. Hold not back My love from this world.

Messenger:  I adore you, Oh Lord, I praise you, I worship you, I bless Him with my whole soul. My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and holy, holy is His name! Jesus wants souls that are holy, on fire with the love of Jesus. Make novenas to the Holy Spirit to have hearts on FIRE with the love of God. Sound the trumpet, sound the gong - Jesus LIVES - He lives this day! Alleluia.

    Sunday is a special day to praise Him, to love Him, to pray to Him - His day to be honored and worshipped in a special way. Pray from a pure and holy heart, a heart that sings for love of the Lord. Pray from your whole being.

end of May 25, 1995 message



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