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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

July 3, 2006

July 4th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 5 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for July 4th are Sorrowful


Please come to the 5th

in Clearwater, Florida!

July 5th is an important date!



July 3, 2006

Messenger:        Trees do bend though straight and tall —

                         Sing:  Hosea

Jesus speaks:    Sing, Sing, Sing My children, let your joy resound
                            to the ends of the earth.

Messenger:           I have trouble remembering details, sometimes
                        names, etc., I want to remember, but I know
                        all the details of those things where God acted on
                        my soul.

                            Sometimes people look similar, those
                        related and unrelated. Mannerisms may be the same,
                        like my children do some things in a way I
                        do them.

                            Our life here is to be more like Our Heavenly
                        Father, we were created in the image and
                        likeness of Jesus.

                            Fear enveloped my soul and I looked into
                        the eyes and face of Jesus and He quieted my fear
                        and I set my gaze on  Jesus.



July 3, 2006 message continues

Messenger:        So what does it all mean —

                            Jesus wants us to be happy, to be a light,
                        to love —

                            So how do we look at love —
                                Love is not a word synonymous with sex
                                Love is being like Jesus.
                                Jesus is God.
                                God is love.

                        In our lives we must discern — there is such
                            a wide spectrum of things for us to do,
                            but God does have a plan for us.

                        God wants us doing His will —
                        God created us to love and to serve Him.
                        God fashioned us and gave us talents to
                            accomplish His work.

                        I know that to do this I must abandon my
                            will and give myself to Him striving
                            to live in His will. In this lies my joy.

                        The world may set before us a lot of choices
                            of things we can do, but God has a
                            Plan for us. He wants us to serve Him — He
                            has called us to a certain vocation.

                            In one message I received it talked about how
                        it may feel to be in New York if God wants us
                        in California. It feels like putting on our
                        pants for a shirt, that doesn't feel too good.

                            I asked myself why I was doing what I
                        am doing today. I know God has picked
                        me to do this mission and He has allowed me
                        to be tested and tried and has also given me
                        great gifts to know and love Him more and know
                        and love others deeper.

                            He did not want me to decide to do what
                        one person may think I should do. He has a
                        Plan and He knows what will bring me greatest
                        peace and happiness — that is serving Him the way
                        He wants.

                            Jealousy is an issue many times. Some one
                        wants to possess us and tell us how to be
                        their private servant. God wants us to serve
                        Him to be a light and to reach the whole
                        world. God wants each one of us to make Him
                        #1 in our lives.

                            We are always seeking greater love, hungering for
                        the all perfect God and we will not find it in
                        any person here below, any profession, any
                        thing here below — we are always hungering,
                        searching, wanting more, wanting to be filled
                        by Him.

                        Song:  God's Love



July 3, 2006 message continues

Messenger:        Trees do bend though straight and tall.

                         Jesus would call me from my bed to write
                    His letters of love in God's Blue Book. In the
                    middle of the night — I had no preconceived
                    thoughts, I was called from the bed, half-asleep
                    to write as He wanted me to write. I would
                    go to bed anxious to hear from Him and some
                    nights it was hard to jump up when He called
                    me, but I did it most of the time immediately
                    and wrote His letters of love.

                        So if God tells us in the Blue Books of His on-fire
                    love, why do we not believe Him. He calls us to
                    realize that He loves us so very deeply and
                    He will give us the grace to grow in a deep
                    union with Him, if we are faithful and
                    let Him operate in us as He so chooses. He is
                    the bridegroom of our soul, He is the initiator,
                    we are the soul waiting His favor.

                        The devil is real. The devil's grip is paralyzing
                    and crippling to grip the chosen soul and get
                    them focused on themselves, filled with damaging
                    fears, lusting after pleasures, giving into —
                    whatever the devil can use to entice us from
                    our mark.

                        Anger can be a very bad enemy. Even
                    hidden anger. Feelings of disappointment,
                    frustration, etc. are not evil, but when
                    we seek revenge, aim to hurt
                    — we have opened a door to anger and satan.
                    Recognizing the truth and not lying to
                    ourselves, discerning God's will is essential —
                    without a get even angry attitude.

                        I realized all day I put up with unloving ways
                    many times and I may act unloving and not compassionate
                    to others so they think, but in all I must
                    sacrifice and learn to love despite hurtful
                    remarks and even persecution because God calls
                    me to be a light —

                        But some persecution by others, in front of
                    others may lead to a situation where I may
                    feel like Christ condemned to the cross
                    before the angry crowd.

                        We are called to be loving, to be a
                    light, to forgive, to make peace, we will
                    fail sometimes and we may think certain
                    others fail a lot, but it teaches us patience,
                    love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness —
                    always modeling our ways after Jesus.

                        What can happen after days of love and caring
                    one particular surprise can really be a
                    "hum-dinger" and we have to deal with
                    the problem to get a productive solution.
                    Having problems does not make us bad,
                    how we act is what determines our
                    holiness, the sin we may commit.

                        God lets us suffer — God may give us
                    tremendous gifts — there is this bitter-sweet
                    moments of life — looking at the top of the
                    mountain climbing up the side of the
                    mountain — being pulled down by a lot
                    of people afraid and hanging on from below.
                    When the mountain top is so inviting — so
                    beautiful, so real, so close, can we give
                    into anger that can let the string of
                    fearful people, pull us down the hill —
                    I think not — NO — we can't if
                    we seek real happiness in Him.

                        Let's look at the 1st commandments —
                        1)   I am the Lord thy God thou shalt not have
                                any Gods before Me.

                        1)   God is God — our name and fame, others
                                   can not be more important than

                                We have to learn this —
                                We have levels from our learning of making
                                    God first in our life —
                                    We progress deeper into this commitment.

                                    A person used to making their boy friend
                                        or girl friend a god will soon
                                        be disappointed —
                                        or they could make children, a
                                        job, food, drink a god.

                                    Disciplining ourselves doing God's will.

                               There is that tension in every relationship with
                                    others to get it to be as God wants.
                                    Parents and children —
                                    children can rebel against parents
                                        and be 14 — this is not God's will.

                                Some parents hold onto children —

                                Some Grandparents try to get a hold of
                                    grand children, when the parents
                                    and children would be better
                                    off left work things out.

                                Some people try to make unrelated others
                                    their children and then start with
                                    trying to work out their own unmet

                                There is a right way for relationships —
                                    — being loving
                                    — not being slavishly dependent —

                                God is love —

                                Abuses can make some people stiff —
                                    unnatural to healthy interaction —

                                Children can keep parents too far away
                                    from their grandchildren for
                                    selfish reasons.

                                So how is it — for we have all got the
                                    human weaknesses and the rules of our
                                    particular family whether good or bad —
                                    we have a life time to learn to love and
                                    have the relationships the way God
                                    desires to help us grow in deeper
                                    union with Him, advance in the
                                    spiritual life and grow in our loving,
                                    one, relationships with each other.

                                A parent may know how many times they
                                    would forgive and love their child,
                                    but in other intimate relationships
                                    be afraid to trust and be guilty of
                                    holding grudges, doing passive
                                    aggressive things and not forgiving
                                    which can block God's work.

                                The Our Father needs to be studied —
                                    word for word.

                                Trees do bend though straight and tall!!
                                Trees do bend though straight and tall!!


                                What about Mass — is there oneness at Mass
                                    oneness in uniting as the body of Christ
                                    praying united to the Mass all day — begging
                                    for grace.

                                We may try on an old pair of shoes and they hurt
                                    our foot —
                                    one year later we see the shoes in the closet
                                    put them on again and hurt our toe — right
                                    in the same place as before.

                                Relationships can be like this — a friend — we
                                    are so glad to see them — go out with them and
                                    the old memory of how they hurt our toe
                                    comes up again as they do the same
                                    things — the same way and rub the same
                                    part of our foot and we put them in the
                                    closet because we just don't want to
                                    throw them away, they are pretty shoes.

                                Are we pretty shoes that others put on until
                                    we rub a blister on them and then they
                                    have to put us down because their foot

                                If we have an open door we can speak from
                                    our heart of love and try to settle the
                                    problem rather than put the pretty
                                    shoes on the shelf.
                                    It's like saying — they didn't change
                                        a bit!!

                                Don't we see that love takes forgiveness,
                                    a desire to grow, letting go of anger,
                                    talking from the heart, trusting
                                    one another.

                                Never was there a real good intimate
                                    relationship without 1)  TRUST
                                                                 2)  COMMITMENT
                                                                 3)  LOVE
                                                                 4)  FORGIVENESS

                                 Abuse can lead others to put up walls of
                                    protection that inhibit intimacy
                                    in other future relationships.

                                People should always be growing to be
                                    more loving and always changing —
                                    more tolerant, more loving —
                                    more open, but not sacrificing
                                    moral values —
                                    rooted deeper in the commandments,
                                    the Word — growing to be more
                                    one with God —
                                    living in the oneness being
                                    more truthful, following a more steadfast path following Jesus and
                                    living always a deeper life
                                    in Him.


John 14: 6

Jesus said: 

I am the Way; I am Truth and Life. 
No one can come to the Father 
    except through me.


Messenger:       God intends us to work on our spiritual
                            life, that means not giving into
                            raging habits, responding to red
                            buttons where we act unholy because
                            of past hurts — enduring some things for unity,
                            but not carrying bitterness, unforgiveness, anger —

                            praying to the Holy Spirit to discern
                                what is best for us and to follow

                            Not being afraid to trust —

                        I remember God told me to trust Fr. Carter,
                            August 1994, that may sound funny
                            to you, but it was an act of
                            my will to trust him —
                            obey him as my spiritual director —
                            help him grow more loving as a priest
                                through these messages, but to
                                do it with God's grace.

                        The clouds hung in the sky and nobody it
                            appeared held them up — they
                            were just there —

                            We are not just here —
                            We are creatures of the creator and
                                there needs to be a oneness in
                                our lives to be one with
                                Him —

                            To live for the purpose He
                                created us for.

                            To live for His honor and glory

                            To learn to love God and others

                            That is my purpose.

                            A plane soon lands and
                                then it is on the ground.

                            We are only at rest in Him —
                                there is a tension — we have
                                not arrived.

                            WAITING — WAITING


                  LIVING Here as  a LIGHT

                  FILLED WITH JOY —

                  LIVING LIFE DEEPER


                  LIFE IN HIM (GOD)

                  HE MUST BE FIRST






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