Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

August 24, 2002

August 25th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 9 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for August 25th is Glorious.


We  desperately need
funds for bills for running
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Please if you can help us.

Pray for the Cardinals, Bishops and the Pope, pray hourly.

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August 24, 2002

Messenger:        Thank God for the legs we stand on

                                and the air we breathe for

                                our children that love us (in their own way, sometimes)

                                and have given us such joy.






August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        Thank God for the flowers and our

                                homes and for life, to be able

                                to live here to learn to love so

                                we can be with You God in a deeper

                                union forever in heaven.

                            Thank You God for our boats and

                                cars and all the talents You

                                have given us.

                            Thank You for our eyes that see and open

                                and shut and our ears that hear

                                and our nose that can smell.

                            Thank you for our mouth that can

                                talk and taste and receive

                                You in the Holy Eucharist.

                            Thank you for birds that sing and

                                green leaves in the spring



                                colored ones in the fall.



                            Thank for mountains and waters



                                for the sun and the skies



                                oh so many things I can never stop

                                thanking You for the bright and 

                                beautiful day,



                                the hearts that love so deeply

                                and our beloved Church 

                                and the world.



August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:            Thank You God for priests!!

                                Thank You for the Eucharist!!




August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        Where do I stop in this vast universe

                                praising You and thanking You,

                                but Oh my God, Thank You

                                for Giving Yourself to us and

                                dwelling in us and thank

                                You for Your love.

                            Thank You Jesus for Your burning

                                Heart of Love.



August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        Thank You for our spiritual Mother

                                Mary and her Immaculate




August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        Thank You God for all things bright

                                and beautiful.

                            Thank You for life.

                            Thank You for what You give us
                                that draws us closer to You.

                            I like to go to the Eucharist

                                and pray in my bed at night

                                and feel Your presence with me.

                            Thank You God for Your love.

                                I love You!!

                                I love You so much!!                         



August 24, 2002

Messenger:        Suffering is a form of the cross.

                            In every day life some may be given
                                tremendous sufferings.

                            Many saints realized that in the deepest
                                suffering they were drawn
                                closer to God.

                            Things in our lives may help us to get
                                closer to Jesus.

                            Children come and they leave home
                                and things are never as they
                                were before.




August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        The people we love the most sometimes
                                die and although we still
                                feel a deep connection to them -
                                we no longer get to be with
                                them here on this earth to
                                talk to them and share
                                time with them here below.

                            It is indeed a wise man that sees the value
                                of suffering.

                            Realizing truly that God never leaves us - 
                                is a great comfort.

                            Being united deeply to God and the angels
                                and saints may seem the 
                                way we can deeply share
                                our love with someone.

                            Love is truly a mystery.

                            In our relationships it may feel like
                                a game of give and take

                            We can never possess another person, it
                                is detrimental to our own
                                happiness if we are overly possessive
                                of another person, it hinders our focus
                                on God, the one we must love
                                more purely and deeply.

                            We all must strive to love exactly
                                as God desires us to love each

                            Sharing ourselves physically with others
                                in a certain way may be 
                                against God's will.

                            Sharing ourselves deeply spiritually
                                according to God's will can
                                be most rewarding.

                            The focus is always the goodness of the
                                Divine God and His desire to
                                give Himself to us and for us
                                to love Him before all other
                                persons, places and things
                                and to love others according
                                to God's holy will.

                            More pure love deepens our love
                                of God and all others and
                                helps us understand what
                                oneness is all about.



August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        We may think we have choices in
                                doing many things and then
                                God can allow us to suffer by
                                physical handicaps that 
                                limit our once available choices.

                            Surrendering to His will can be very painful
                                (but it gives us peace.)

                            Accepting the suffering in things we cannot
                                change can help to bring down
                                great grace.

                            If parents offered up all their suffering
                                raising children - for the children,
                                it could help them tremendously
                                by bringing down great grace.

                            Every day is like opening a new box.

                                 Some of the things inside might be
                                like yesterday's box or the day
                                before, but suffering can
                                almost feel unbearable if
                                we do not know Jesus. We 
                                cannot predict what's in the
                                box completely. Fr. Carter put this
                                in his homilies and writings.


Excerpt from Father Carter's Newsletter

2000 - Issue 3

Here are words from St. Claude La Columbière, one of the great apostles of devotion to the Heart of Christ. Speaking to Jesus, Claude says:

You share my burdens,
You take them upon yourself.
You listen to me fondly when I tell you my troubles.
You never fail to lighten them.
I find You at all times and in all places.
You never leave me.
I will always find You wherever I go.

Old age or misfortune will not cause You to abandon me.
You will never be closer to me than
When all seems to go against me.
No matter how miserable I may be,
You will never cease to be my friend.

You tolerate my faults with admirable patience.
You are always ready to come to me, if I so desire it.

Jesus, may I die praising you!
May I die loving you!
May I die for the love of you.


12.    St. Claude de la Columbiere, as published by
        Apostleship of Prayer, Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus.


August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        My focus is always on Jesus.
                            If all the people and ones I love seem
                                to move away from me, I can
                                always rely on Jesus.

                            Jesus may allow this in our lives so we
                                get closer to Him.

                            "Sunrise, Sunset, swiftly flows the days."

                            See the sun come up.

                            See the sun go down.



August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        Pain is a real thing.

                            Letting go — can cause tremendous

                            Living with others that do not
                                talk to us can cause us
                                to feel deep pain.

                            What would Jesus do?

                            Does this mean we don't take care
                                of ourselves and are always
                                giving to others?

                            The person that loves God realizes that
                                they are expected by Him to care for themselves.

                            It is not God's will we give and give and
                                give and not take care of ourselves
                                physically or spiritually, yet God
                                can allow some to suffer tremendous burdens.
                                We must stay rooted in Jesus. We 
                                want to do God's will.

                            Jesus has told all Shepherds of Christ Apostles,
                                Servants and Handmaids to spend
                                an hour before the tabernacle
                                each day and to go to daily Mass.
                                In this time with Jesus, we can sort out
                                    things in our lives and 
                                    keep our focus on God.

                            I love this quote from Fr. Carter's
                                Response to God's Love.


Excerpt from Response to God's Love

    In the quiet of prayer, we have the opportunity to gather up what would otherwise become the fragmented, nonintegrated pieces of our lives. Prayer is meant to be a constructive and integrative force that will help us delineate more clearly our self-identity. Through the light of prayer, we see how the pieces fit together, how the mysterious self in its uniqueness is meant to give shape and meaning to all facets of our existence.

end of excerpt from Response to God's Love


August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        There can be great suffering in letting
                              go and accepting God's will in
                              the process.

                            It can be a very good lesson for all of us
                                to realize God has given many of 
                                us - special people to love and we
                                should appreciate their love and
                                give the love in return that He
                                desires of us.

                            Some people only want some person
                                to love that is not God's
                                will for them.

                            For example: A man or woman wanting another
                                                  person married to someone else.

                            God is with us and He is helping
                                us every moment of the day
                                grow in greater love - of Him 
                                and others - if we are open.

                            We have a lifetime to learn to love - 
                                Listen to the greatest commandment
                                God gives us.



Matthew 22: 34-40

The greatest commandment of all

But when the Pharisees heard that he had silenced the Sadducees they got together and, to put him to the test, one of them put a further question, ‘Master, which is the greatest commandment of the Law?’ Jesus said to him, ‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second resembles it: You must love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments hang the whole Law, and the Prophets too.’



August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        What good does it do us to gain lots of
                                money and never plant any seeds 
                                of love.

                            Children grow up and lots of things
                                are planted in their little hearts.

                            The children grow up so very quickly—

                            The answer to everything, all the 
                                time is to live to do God's
                                will and strive to know it,
                                praying fervently for this at
                                every moment.

                            What is God's will for me?





August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        Christ shows us Himself suffering.



August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        The pascal mystery is death-resurrection.

                            Sometimes we may suffer tremendous
                                pain, that God intends us to undergo - 
                                think of all the grace that can be
                                released by our suffering according to
                                God's will.


Excerpt from Response In Christ

by Father Edward J. Carter, S.J.

    The great tragedy about human suffering is not that there is so much of it, but that so much of it is wasted.

end of excerpt


August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        Oh God help us in the everyday suffering
                                to offer it up for the special people
                                in our lives and ourselves and others -
                                so that grace may be released, when
                                we suffer tremendously.


Luke 22: 42

Father,’ he said, ‘if you are willing, take this cup away from me. Nevertheless, let your will be done, not mine.’



Luke 23: 46

...‘Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.’...



Luke 23: 28

But Jesus turned to them and said, ‘Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep rather for yourselves and for your children.



Veronica wipes the face of Jesus


Face of Jesus
February 5, 2001

Face of Jesus
April 5, 2001


August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        God has given some saints tremendous

                            St. Rita had a thorn in her forehead -



August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        Like a welcome friend, a physical
                                ailment that we cannot alleviate
                                may be just the friend that
                                helps us identify more deeply with Jesus
                                in carrying the cross.



August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        Oh Jesus, I look into your eyes in

                                this picture and I see your

                                love for me and the souls of

                                the earth. Help us, oh my 

                                God, help us to endure the suffering

                                You send us - according to Your will.

                            (This is not to say we are to endure a 
                                 sickness when we can be healed by
                                 going to the doctor. This is not to say  
                                we should not take medicine when we 
                                need it - this means we can offer up
                                every day ailments we cannot change
                                and we are forced to accept because
                                of age or some disability etc.)

grant me the Serenity 
to except the things 
I cannot change...
Courage to change 
the things I can
and Wisdom 
to know the difference.


From The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius,
Loyola University Press


    Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my entire will, all that I have and possess. Thou hast given all to me. To Thee, O Lord, I return it. All is Thine, dispose of it wholly according to Thy will. Give me Thy love and Thy grace, for this is sufficient for me.


August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        Sometimes we just have to live enduring

                                the moments of suffering

                                and identify with Jesus in 

                                that putting our hope and trust

                                in Him always.

                            God help us to do the right things

                                about our suffering.


Jesus endured the pain through His Passion -
and He is God.


                            March 1, 1995-

                                here is a rosary from the Red 
                                    Rosary book
during the
                                    6:30 prayers when Mary was
                                    appearing daily.
                            It was received in the Holy Spirit Center Chapel
                                at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center.


March 1, 1995
The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Agony in the Garden

  1. Jesus:  Surrender! Surrender to Me as I surrendered to the Father in the Garden. I said to My Father, "Nevertheless, let your will be done, not mine." (Lk 22:42) As you are in your hearts troubled and anxious, I am there ever present to comfort you, to give you My peace. Let go, let go, let go! I am forever with you at every second, at every moment. I do not go! I forever remain in your hearts. Let go! As you live, so do I live in you!
  2. Jesus:  I knelt in the Garden in such agony! I saw before Me all that I would undergo, all the beatings, all the scourging. I knew the Father's Will. I complied with the Father's Will as I ask you to surrender totally to Me. Let go! Focus on Me! Do not focus on those things that are parading in your mind, but release your mind to the mysteries of heaven, to My Passion and My death!
  3. Jesus:  And My faithful ones, who came to comfort Me-they slept!
  4. Jesus:  Indifference! Ingratitude! Neglect! I saw before Me all those who would neglect Me and treat Me with indifference. How My Heart ached with pain to see the souls that I loved so dearly filled with such nonsense!
  5. Jesus:  My Heart, an endless furnace of divine love, of divine life, beating and burning for love of precious souls and they do not see! They have closed their eyes and plugged up their ears and I wait and long to be ever close to them! Spread My love throughout this world. You will be met with resistance on all sides. But I beg you this day to listen to My cry. I cry out to you to stand firm. I am calling you to stand up against the world.
  6. Jesus:  As one crying in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord. I cry out to you to go to the highways and byways. Shout from the rooftops that I am Lord and that I am in your midst this day. Prepare Me a way, for I am coming!
  7. Jesus:  I saw before Me all the souls that would be lost to eternal damnation despite all My sufferings. I call out to you this day to harken to My pleading to be about this world spreading My love. There are souls that are at stake, depending upon what you do with your lives. Will you spread My love? Will you be My mouthpiece to this world? I call out to you. You must stand strong and pray to the Spirit for He transforms you from fear to fearlessness. You are My apostles to go into this world and spread the love of My Most Sacred Heart!
  8. Jesus:  As I knelt in the Garden, as I suffered so many agonies in My Heart, I was comforted by the love that you show to Me this day.
  9. Song: O Burning Heart, O Love divine! How sweet You are to me. I see the Host, I know You are here, to love and care for me.
  10. Jesus:  The world is blind and deaf! They have plugged up their ears and covered their eyes. You must go into this world. You must stand strong. You have a message of My love to give. I beg you to give this message to the world that is in much pain, that has covered its eyes and plugged up its ears. I beg you to spread this love in every corner of this world this day. You are apostles that I send into this world.

Song between decades: I come to you with greatest love. I am your loving Savior. I am your God. I died for you. I come to you this day.

Jesus Is Scourged at the Pillar

  1. Jesus:  The blood that I shed when I was scourged was blood red! My Heart, which beats out of endless love for you, is a Heart that is red, beating with a burning fire for love of you. I call out to you to draw yourselves ever closer to My Heart for I am waiting and longing and thirsting for your love. Let go of the little distractions you have this day that keep you from increased union with Me. Release yourself and be totally alone in deep union with Me. See only Me. Let go. Release yourselves! I am here with You!
  2. Jesus:  Totally focus on Me!
  3. Jesus:  Release yourself from all the distractions in your heart. Be alone in deep union with Me!
  4. Jesus:  Just as I shed My blood for you as they scourged Me, My Heart cries this day in endless love.
  5. Jesus:  See them as they beat Me at the pillar. Hear the blows! This is the love that I have for you. This day will you be alone with Me and totally focus on only Me? Let yourself go. Be in a room where we are together in close union.
  6. Jesus:  And our hearts beat so closely, as one!
  7. Hail Mary ...
  8. Jesus:  See Me at the pillar! See Me as I stand with the deepest love for all souls.
  9. Song: Come unto Me all who are weary and find rest for your souls. Come unto Me, all who are burdened. I will comfort you.
    Jesus:  I am with you in deep union despite the distractions and all that goes on around you. I am so closely connected with you! Your concentration on Me is important to your union with Me. Focus totally on My beating Heart and the love that I have for you. My Heart beat with deep love as I stood at the pillar and bled dark red blood.
  10. Jesus:  It is this blood I shed for you, this blood I gave for you, that I ask you to focus on this day. Think of what it is like to shed your blood for another person. Would you shed your blood for another person? I shed My blood for you. In meditating on this blood that I shed, you will realize more and more the immensity of My love.

Song between decades: I come to you with greatest love…

Jesus Is Crowned with a Crown of Thorns

  1. Jesus:  I come to talk to you to tell you the desires of My Heart. As people are blind and do not see, I talk to you this day and ask you to focus on Me and to know that I am truly with you. As you breathe and as your heart beats, I am ever present and within you. I am here present with you. I am the Almighty God! My love I outpour to you. My grace I give to you.
  2. Jesus:  I am the Almighty God! I am forever present. It is in your suffering that you are strengthened. I ask you to focus on the crown of thorns they placed on My head. As the blood ran down the sides of My face, think of how this felt! As I sat wounded, My body covered with deep wounds and bleeding, the blood ran into My eyes and into My ears. This is the blood that I shed for you.
  3. Jesus:  Put yourself there as I sit. Feel as they spit on Me! Feel as they poke at Me! Think of how you would feel to be treated the way they treated Me! Put yourself on the chair and go through My sufferings with Me.
  4. Jesus:  Feel your head as it pounds from the thorns! Feel the blood as it runs on your body! Feel the gashes that burn so deeply under the cloak! Feel the spit as it hits your face! This is the love that I have for you!
  5. Jesus:  I ask you to be My soldiers, to go out into this world. They persecuted Me. They whipped Me. They crowned Me with thorns and they put Me to death. I loved those who treated Me so violently. I ask you this day to focus entirely on Me. If the earth falls down around you, interiorly the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are forever within your breast with such love.
  6. Jesus:  No person can ever take away your union within with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Your union forever and ever and ever in eternity depends upon the union you have with God here.
  7. Jesus:  I call you to sainthood! I call you to holiness! As I suffered this spit that hit My face and body, I call you to suffer with Me all the persecution that you may receive. For in this persecution I am totally present at every second. As your heart beats, as you breathe every breath, I never leave you! If the earth shakes around you, if it rocks and the floor cracks, you will sit steadfast for I never leave you. Hear the small, gentle voice within your heart as it calls to you, "I love you, I love you, I love you!"
  8. Jesus:  My Heart is bleeding from the indifference I receive in this world. I call out to you to be strong soldiers. You must focus on Me and this interior committedness to Me.
  9. Hail Mary ...
  10. Song: Crown Him with many crowns, the Lamb upon His throne. His regal scepter knows no bounds. All kingdoms are His own. All Christians come and sing to Him who died for Thee. And hail Him as our Savior King for all eternity.

Song between decades: I come to you with greatest love…

Jesus Carries His Cross Up Calvary

  1. Jesus:  Hear the still, small voice as it says so gently inside: "I love you, I love you, I love you!"
  2. Jesus:  I ask you to carry your crosses as I carried Mine. The cross was so heavy I could scarcely move. I fell under its weight. I ask you to accept your crosses willingly. It is in accepting these crosses that you will be strengthened for I provide everything you need. Your lessons I teach you with the greatest love. Your crosses I give you out of great love for you. It is in these crosses that you receive new life, new life in Me! Accept all that I give you!
  3. Jesus:  As I walked with My cross on My back, I peered into the beloved eyes of My dear Mother. Her face was reddened! The tears from her eyes! I could see the sufferings deep within far more than the features of her face. How My Heart was torn to see My beloved Mother, whom I love so much, riddled with such suffering!
  4. Jesus:  I watch you, My child. I am forever with you! I know all the desires, the sufferings, of your heart. It is in your sufferings, your acceptance of your sufferings, that you give Me such great love.
  5. Jesus:  How do you love Me, child? You love Me through holiness, through loving your brothers. Always love! I loved those who persecuted Me. You must always love! Focus on the love I have for you and hear the still, small voice as it whispers within your heart: "I love you, I love you, I love you!"
  6. Jesus:  You are My beloved ones. You I love. You I want closer union with. You, you, My precious loved ones!
  7. Jesus:  Carry the crosses that I give to you with great joy, for they are given to you with My great love. It is in carrying these crosses that you will receive new life in Me.
  8. Jesus:  I was crowned with thorns! I was beaten over My entire body! I was always at peace. Remain at peace for you know the immense love that I have for you. I never leave you.
  9. Jesus:  It is in following the Father's Will and living in His Will as a little child that you will have peace, joy and true happiness.
  10. Jesus:  My dear soldiers, you are being strengthened for the days ahead. I am totally with you and present. All that you undergo I am allowing. I ask you to accept each and every suffering that I give you as a gift from Me to you, given out of great love! It is in these sufferings that you will be drawn ever closer to My Most Sacred Heart.

Song between decades: I come to you with greatest love...)

Jesus Dies on the Cross

  1. Jesus:  I hung for three agonizing hours to My death on the cross! Put yourself on the cross. Your hands nailed, your feet nailed to the cross! Your body covered with wounds! Put yourself there!
  2. Jesus:  It is in meditating on My passion that you will know of My immense love.
  3. Jesus:  I truly hung there to My death!
  4. Jesus:  I accepted death on the cross in compliance with My Father's Will and in great love for you.
  5. Song: I come to you with greatest love. I am your loving Savior. I am your God. I died for you. I come to you this day.
  6. Jesus:  This is the love that I have for you this day. I ask you to put the world aside. Focus on loving one another. Focus on Me! I fill you with this immense love. Hear the cry of the voice inside: "I love you, I love you." Do not be angry with those around you. It is your committedness to Me, committedness to this union with Me, to making Me the center of your every thought, to letting Me live in you, through you and with you, and at every second to totally surrender, that allows Me to operate in you. It is no longer you who live, but I who live in you!
  7. Jesus:  You are My chosen ones, to whom I give My Heart!
  8. Jesus:  My Heart was pierced with a lance and what poured out was the abounding love from My Heart, blood and water for your salvation!
  9. Jesus:  It is up to you to let go! Always love! I loved those who persecuted Me. I did not hold grudges. I loved. There is no division in love. There is always unity in love. You must love all! I loved those who put Me to death! I surrendered always to the Father's Will. Anything that happens to you this day I am allowing! Accept what I am giving to you today and love it as coming from Me.
  10. Jesus:  Among the thorns there will be a bed of roses. Come to My bed of roses!

Song after the last decade: I come to you with greatest love…

end of March 1, 1995 Rosary


August 24, 2002 message continues

Messenger:        In the death there is the resurrection.




                                            PAIN - HURTS




12th August, 2002

Dear President,

    Thank you very much for your letter dated 16th July, 2002 (Our Lady of Mount Carmel). May I begin by acknowledging receipt of the books "Shepherds of Christ Ministries".

    I sincerely thank you for the wonderful job you are doing to the Priestly Ministry. The distribution and circulating of Priestly Newsletter to Priests; also the prayer for priests; the church and the world are land marks for your important activities to the Priests. We all appreciate and are encouraged by your job.

    We are also deeply moved by the sad news of the death of Father Edward J. Carter, S.J. on 18th December 2000. He has done a wonderful job.

    We promise you our prayers for your work but also for the soul of Father Edward J. Carter S.J. may the Good Shepherd rest his Soul in eternal peace - Amen.

    Assuring you of our prayers, I remain,

Yours Sincerely,


Bishop of _______




7 August 2002

Dear Friends


Greetings from __________ Major Seminary

    On behalf of the family of the above institution I would like to acknowledge with gratitude, the receipt of a package of books entitled SHEPHERDS OF CHRIST. We appreciate these books which are very fundamental to our formation. We have distributed them to the seminarians and priests. We shall be more grateful to receive more of similar gifts.

    We are also in need of spiritual Videos and Audio tapes or CDs. These will certainly complement our formation programs both for the seminarians and the already ordained priests.

    Once again accept our gratitude for your generosity and we promise you our humble prayers. Wishing you and your colleagues every blessing and happiness in the Lord.

Yours sincerely,


Vicar General


        Pray for 4 very urgent intentions.

        Pray for 2 personal intention.

        Pray for a particular bishop and cardinal.

        Pray for the pope.

        Pray for all the bishops of the world.

          Pray for Sarah.


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All scripture quotes are from the New Jerusalem Bible, July 1990, published by Doubleday.
Revised: August 2
4, 2002
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