Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests
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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

August 4, 2003 

August 5th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period I.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries for August 5th are the Sorrowful.


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6:04 a.m. - Songs

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7:24 a.m. - Nursing Home video from July 5, 2003

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9:20 a.m. - Mary's Message

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10:46 a.m. - Newsletter 1998 Issue 5 (Mother at Our Side)

12:06 p.m. - Children's Joyful Rosary March 20, 1997

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1:56 p.m. - Rosary of Light from July 10, 2003 #3

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4:37 p.m. - The Spirituality of Fatima read by Father Carter & Rita Ring

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A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb
the Bridegroom of the soul

    Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.


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August 4, 2003


Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Be At Joy In My Hot Air Balloon

Excerpt from December 7, 1993 - 3:30a.m. 

Jesus speaks:  ...Your prayer life and your life with Me is most important. You must do My will to the "t". If you make a mistake, then you learn from that mistake. I am calling you to pray and play with your children. This is a must. One day must not go by without this time with them. You are not too busy ever. Trust in Me, My little one. I make the star shine and the moon give its light. I make the baby in the womb. That alone will tell you of My might. I never slumber. I never fall asleep. I am never off on a coffee break! Trust in Me and know My ways. Follow the Master. Be selfless and yielding to all I send you. Be putty in the hands of the potter. Be ready to be shaped and molded into that which I have planned for you.

Satan is taunting you. He may try to trip you up and distract you, but I am in charge and I have the power. Ignore him and trust in Me. This is a good sign to you. You are on the right path. He doesn't bother with those who are not dedicated to Me. He constantly taunts those who dedicate their life to serving Me. He has no power. Cast him out in My name and be about your work.

I want to tell you about heaven. What is heaven? Heaven is your home. It is a place I want you to be with Me. I want you to see the glory that awaits all those who love and serve Me. The angels sing. There is only peace and joy in heaven. Words cannot describe the beauty and rewards that await you. There is no pain. There is no sorrow. There is only everlasting joy there. All those who served Me await your entry into heaven. They stand as a cheering crowd waiting your way home to Me. This is why you toil, My child. All the sufferings and struggles are so little compared to the reward. You know how good and generous I am to you. Now I am the same good and generous God and your reward is waiting for you. Do not ever fear for one minute. Your service to Me is never unrewarded. You suffer for the souls of your brothers. Your prayer and sacrifices may change a heart tomorrow. I indeed want you to pray to Me at every moment. Your life needs to be a continual prayer.

Pray the morning offering with your children for My intentions. You think too much. None of this matters here if you are doing My work. I lift your load. I carry your burden. Do you feel how simple it is and how you deliberate and make it hard. My burden is light. My light I shine on your path. My comfort I give you on a cold night. I am there with you when you go out one moment alone. Feel My presence with you always. Turn to Me and put doubt, fear, anxiety and worry aside. These are Satan's tools to distract you. You do nothing without Me. All things work for those who love and serve the Lord. It is no longer you acting, but I Who operate you. My burdens are light. Let go, surrender, be selfless. I work, you surrender. You do not do it! And thank God!

When I operate you, you make no mistakes. I carry the load and I know exactly which path to follow. You must remain selfless and let Me possess your soul. You diminish, so I increase until there is so little of you and so much of Me. Die to yourself that you might live in My love. My love conquers all. My love is unbounded. My love sees a way where there was none. I can do in one moment what you cannot do.

Heaven itself shows My might. I am such a good God. Do you even know Me a little? Pray when you are troubled. Put your burden at the foot of My cross and be on your way doing My work. Do not deliberate. I call you to action. I run the show. I lead, you follow. Being with Me is being in a hot air balloon. You sail the skies free and unattached. The wind blows and you surrender to the wind. You do not try to control the wind. You surrender. The wind is the Spirit of God. It blows you about with the greatest love. You do not fret or fume because you have been assured that this course is directed by God. You feel the gentle breeze against your face. You take in the sights. You are free and full of joy because, in My balloon, you never have to worry.

end of excerpt from December 7, 1993


August 4, 2003 message continues

Messenger:          My husband had a good friend. He and another

                        fellow played pool in our house and cards weekly and 

                        he played golf at the same place with him. They

                        spent a couple of hours together, a threesome,

                        and sometimes others came and played cards.

                        They were very nice men and it was good-clean


                            My husband left for work Friday and said, well,

                        I am playing cards at 8:00 tonight but it won't be long

                        maybe a little over an hour. Soon that morning he

                        called from work and he said, well Bob dropped over

                        dead yesterday so we won't be playing cards. He 

                        wanted a Mass said for him and even the priest looked

                        disturbed by the story. Saturday was the lay-out and

                        Sunday he was buried. 

                            We get in a routine and we forget how temporary

                        our life is here. It's based on the pies we may have

                        baked for the children and the love we showed when

                        they were growing up. A man who owned a business

                        and never forget to love his employees or realize

                        that he really ran the business not only to make

                        money and help other families, but ultimately

                        everything is to promote God's Kingdom.

                            Another man who once had two Shepherds of

                        Christ Chapters, now only one, talked to me after

                        morning Mass while others were praying the rosary


                            He said to me, "Rita, my wife is just giving up,

                        she is in the hospital, I can tell she's giving up."

                        In her late age she had become blind and he had

                        Alzheimer's and was getting forgetful. He said, "I

                        need her", I told her that, I am her eyes and

                        she is my mind." I told some people at the Church

                        to pray for her -- they said "Oh she's always in the

                        hospital". I saw the gentle eyes of the man and his

                        broken heart after Mass and I wanted to pray for

                        him and have others pray.

                            I had to go out of town with my family and when

                        I got back Jesus told me to go to Mass at that Church --

                        I wanted to sleep, I got up anyway and did what Jesus

                        said. That morning after Mass was her lay-out in the

                        Church and then the Mass at 10:30.

                            I remember another couple that was so happy

                        they had bought my uncle's old house and were

                        restoring it and remodeling it and were so happy,

                        my brother took me over there and they showed

                        me around. My uncle was close to me because he

                        helped me buy Blue Books and he believed in the 


                            One Sunday later, I saw them two pews a

                        head of me in Church, they were holding hands.

                        The next day he went to play golf and it wasn't

                        raining or nothing and lightening came and struck

                        a tree on the golf course by him and hit him and 

                        he died. Now I still see his wife at Church. I feel

                        her pain.

                            My husband's other friend who he was going to play

                        cards with, also died on the golf course. He played

                        17 holes and was on the 18th hole. He was trying

                        to hit his last stroke on the green and dropped

                        over with a heart attack on the 18th hole.

                            I feel so close to Jesus. I feel His oneness with me

                        at every moment. Life is like a mountain. We are

                        surrounded by the vastness of the earth and the trip

                        up the mountain can be so very treacherous. The road

                        may seem so very narrow and the drop offs next to

                        the road so very, very steep. Babies go up the road,

                        old folks, ones with bad legs in trains and cars.

                        Some can race ahead on bicycles in ten minutes.

                        Others may take a car that is a treacherous road for

                        over an hour or more, some can hike and talk

                        all the way, climbing to the top and oh at the

                        top, the altitude is so high it may leave you

                        breathless and for days afterward your body may

                        seem it has to adjust to some of those drastic


                            Life is like a journey up the mountain, but we

                        never come down the other side. The road may

                        have bumps and may seem so narrow at times

                        all the way up that you may fall into the great abyss

                        at any time, unannounced and yet once you get on

                        this mountain you can't go back down. The persons

                        that are born have a life that ends in death.

                            How we get there, how we drive up that mountain,

                        how we run over cars or help them depends on us.

                        But we are all going to be held accountable how

                        we have gone up the mountain. Some people are

                        in a bad mood all day every day. Others are always

                        happy and working out things to promote God's


                            I want to talk about the Eucharist. I know Jesus

                        is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. I cannot

                        tell you how my life changed when I went to daily

                        Mass and received the Eucharist. Jesus is God and I

                        receive my beloved God in the Holy Eucharist. I

                        know that outpouring of His life, He gives me a

                        sharing in His life and in the Eucharist I know this

                        deep outpouring of His life. I don't like to ever go

                        a day without the Mass, my life centers on the Mass.

                        I feel the difference inside. I am so deeply one

                        with Him from going to Mass.

                            When I began doing adoration my life

                        changed. I am starved for Him. My depth of union

                        with Him became ever greater when I began doing

                        one hour of adoration daily before the Blessed Sacrament

                        I never lived in this depth of life until I began doing this.

                            This was ten years ago that I got this message from

                        Jesus. This was after I had spent about 4 years before

                        Him almost every day in front of the tabernacle and

                        once in a while I didn't get there. He gave this

                        direction to me.


Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Come To My Tabernacle

August 28, 1993

Jesus speaks:   My precious child, I long to be with you. I am here. You must find a way to be with Me every day in front of the tabernacle. If others distract you, you must find a way.

Satan is trying to stop My time with you. I am your true love and I long to spend time with you each day. Hold tight to My face. I am here little one. Don't ever doubt that again. My words are simple. They are truth. No one knows My intense love for them. I long for these moments with you. I am indeed here. If you have to come and be with Me during the day, I want these moments with you in front of the tabernacle. I am truly sitting here with you, Body and Soul.

I am Jesus, Son of the living God. Never doubt Me again. I have made myself known to you, My child. You offend Me so with your doubt and your busyness on other matters. You spend time fuming and fretting and feeling sorry for yourself when I am waiting here to be with you and talk to you. I don't care about other matters. I am very jealous. I want this time every day. You feel so bad inside when you are not alone with Me in church. That is where your comfort comes from. You are so upset inside when you do not spend it here. Don't you know these things? Being home is not the same. I am truly present in the tabernacle. You needn't run anywhere. You have a key to the church. I love you. I don't want to remind you that this is where it all is. I want you to love Me so much you don't even think you can function without time alone with Me in church. Come to Me every day. You do not go a day without food. You can't go a day without time absolutely alone with Me. If you do, it will be a disaster. Have you not felt the gnawing in your heart when you didn't do it yesterday? You crave this time alone and your tears are from not being alone with Him Whom you truly love.

I am Jesus Christ, Son of the one true God. I have chosen you to write these messages which are meant for all and you are busy-doing what, My child? Did you not cry and feel bad most of yesterday? This is your proof. You knew you wanted to be with Me here so badly you almost drove back out. You have to be alone with Me. In front of the tabernacle is best. I am the living God and I am in the tabernacle. You must be here or you will be so lost inside. Spend time with Me, My child. Nothing else matters. I am the one, true God and you shall not have other gods before Me. I command this because this is how you were created and this makes you most happy. Come to Me all you who labor and I will give you rest. I will give you peace, not as this world gives you peace, but My peace, which only I can give.

The gift I give to you, My child, is My Son. Would you refuse My gift? He waits for you every day and where do you go-to the grocery?- to do your wash? What do you do, child?

I am waiting for you. Would you keep Me waiting and turn your back? Is one hour too much for the Son of God? I give you 24 hours. One hour is so little to ask. This is where your peace lies. All else is fruitless.

Not one day should be spent without one hour of private prayer with Me, preferably in the church in front of the tabernacle. Come to Me My little babies. I want to comfort you. I want to care for you. You are all mixed up with your priorities. I grow tired that you don't listen and tell others of My great and glorious love for all My children. This is your main goal. Pray with Me and spread My intense love for all My children. Yes, and I will give you all you need, child. Quit thinking you have to do other things. You have to be with Me and I will make it all work out. I want all to know of My intense love for My children. I died that you might live, not in this world, but in the world to come. I am the way, the truth and the light. All else is useless if it is not rooted in Me and for My work. Time is very short, little one. Listen to My words. You have wasted enough time. Don't delay. All must know of My love for them. It is in Me that they are made whole. Nothing else matters, My child.

end of August 28, 1993


August 4, 2003 message continues

Messenger:         I write now ten years later. I made a vow to

                        myself, I needed that hour every day. Jesus told me,

                        I was used to that grace every day and I had an awful

                        time if I didn't go.

                            When I went the grace I received seemed it lifted me

                        up like a hot air balloon and when I didn't go I was down

                        in the muck trying to figure things out. This picture is

                        how I have lived. I knew I needed this hour to help me

                        to make decisions more according to God's will.

                        I needed the time alone with Him daily, an hour

                        whenever possible daily before the Blessed Sacrament.

                        If we had a snow storm once in a great while I missed

                        it, but very, very seldom.

                            I feel that presence of God so much more deeply in

                        my soul from these hours and daily Mass. I see

                        a light, I know this depth of union with Him. This

                        is my "candy", this is my all.

                            I never lived in this depth until I began having

                        this daily hour and daily Mass. God is life,

                        the more grace I have in my soul the deeper I

                        connect to Him. Mass and this hour before the

                        Blessed Sacrament makes all the difference for me.

                        Jesus is truly present, Body, Blood, Soul and


                            What a gift God gives us in the priest and

                        the Mass. God remains with us this day

                        truly present in the Blessed Sacrament.

                            I thirst for Him.




December 18, 1995

Excerpt from the Mass Book


    The place Jesus took me was into the deepest recesses of His Heart. I was enveloped in His burning love. It was a red room with heat and an intense glow. I was swept away in this embrace, and I only existed in Him. The power of the Almighty God enveloped me, and I only existed in Him. There was no fear, for I was existent in this Almighty Being. My heart was wrapped in the eternal embrace of this Supreme Being. The security, the power I know was His deep presence in which I existed.

    I knew the room was red and warm. I knew His immenseness, but I felt my own completeness in Him. I did not feel little, as a speck, but elevated and empowered for I existed then in Him in a most special way.

    I was overtaken by the love of God. The fire of the Holy Spirit filled me. I was absorbed by the love of the Father, and I existed IN Him and in the deepest recesses of the Heart of Jesus. Our heaven on earth is these inner chambers of His magnificent Heart - the Heart of the Almighty God, with all the power, with omnipotence, with the fire of the love of God. He took me to the deepest chamber of this fiery Heart, and in that moment, I touched eternity, for I knew what it was to be enveloped in the deep furnace of His love. I now want to exist in this chamber of His Heart, swept away in His burning love, absorbed in my every cell with His love.

    We do not understand the fire of His love. We do not understand what it is to be absorbed by love itself. He took me to the inner, deepest chamber of His Heart, and I felt the heat and knew the presence of love itself, and there was no fear, only a feeling of completeness, omnipotence, all-embracing, penetrating love - a power indescribable in words, a saturation of my being in the presence of God, and I was as I was created to be - living in Him!

    This is how I will forever live my life, saturated with His divine life and love deep within this inner chamber of His burning Heart, living in Him as He possesses my being, and I operate with His power in me.

    Little creatures though we are, we are His, His power, His life, flowing through us. In Him, we are as the Father intended: one in Him, each one of us, dwelling in this fiery furnace of His love. With our fears quieted and our hearts empowered by His life, we live forever in Him - in the Heart of Jesus.

    Let no man separate what God has joined together. I am wed in the deepest love with my beloved Spouse, wed to the Heart of Jesus. As I am, I am one in Him. I live and I breathe in Him. He, Who is love, He Who is our all, He Who is mighty and without limits, He Who is, He Who is God and as I live, He lives in me in this world.

    I am wed to Him, and I shall not fear for He is God - one, complete, loving, God. Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee. As I live, I live in Your most adorable Heart, the furnace of God's love!

end of December 18, 1995 writing




The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


Volume IV


Messages received by

Rita Ring



Table of Contents

July 1, 1994
   I Accept Myself - I Am The Fatherís Creation
July 2, 1994
   The Holy Spirit
July 4, 1994
   The Father, Son And Holy Spirit And Mary Love You
July 5, 1994
   Live Our Lives In The Rosary. Experience Our Sufferings.
July 5, 1994 6:30 p.m.
   The Statue Of The Sorrowful Mother Was Lit Up
July 6, 1994 6:30 p.m.
   She Was Aglow, All In White
July 9, 1994 6:30 p.m.
   Mary's Statue Became Illuminated
July 9, 1994
   I Must Forgive All To Have Peace
July 11, 1994
   Love Me First Above All Things
July 12, 1994 1:49 a.m.
   Pray The Rosary At 6:30
July 13, 1994 After Mass
   Both Bare Wood
July 14, 1994
   Jesus Died That We All Might Live
July 14, 1994
   The Rosary
July 15, 1994
   Re-enact Our Lives In The Rosary
July 16, 1994
   Be Grateful My Child, for the Blessings I Send You
July 16, 1994
   Love All Persons
July 16, 1994
   The Father
July 16, 1994
   Where Are You Going?
July 17, 1994
   Spirit, Open Me To The Love Of God Within Me
July 17, 1994
   Would Christ Act As I Am Acting
July 25, 1994
   You Are The Temple of God
July 28, 1994
   Pounding Heart
July 28, 1994
   Jesus Loves You this Day
July 28, 1994
   Reach Out With the Hands of Love
July 29, 1994
   Stay Ever Pure in My Heart
July 30, 1994
   My Life Is Your Life to Follow
July 30, 1994 - After Communion - St. Gertrudeís Church
   I Receive the Same Jesus That Died for Us
August 1, 1994
   Pray For The Success Of The Priestly Newsletter - Shepherds of Christ
August 10, 1994 After Mass, Fr. Smithís Chapel
   And Their Eyes Peered Into One Another's Eyes
August 11, 1994
   I Watched You
August 13, 1994
   Be Me To Your Brothers
August 16, 1994
   Focus On This Love. Silence Satan.
August 16, 1994
   No One, Nothing Can Ever Stop My Interior Relationship With God And Mary
August 18, 1994
   The Oneness Between Mary and Jesus
August 20, 1994
   My Sufferings Were For You, Child



July 1, 1994

I Accept Myself - I Am The Fatherís Creation

Messenger: Dear Father, I do not know You as well as I want, but I love You so.

You are one with Jesus. He is one with You. I love Jesus so much, Father. I come to You through Jesus to love You. I love You so because I love Jesus so. I know how You love me because You created me and gave Your only Son that I might get to heaven.

Oh, Father, to pray your "Our Father" is such a delight!

"Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

(Smelling strong scent of flowers - none around.)

Oh, Father, I love You so much.

"Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." Amen.

Father, Father, Your love is so immense! You created this whole world and all that is in it. Holy Spirit, help me now to know the Father more. Jesus, help me to love Your Father more. Mary, help me to love the Father more. I want to be close to You, my Father. I love You, my beautiful Father, so very much. My Father, my Father, my beautiful Father!

If I am loving the Father, I am loving Jesus, so to love the Father is to love Jesus because He is one with the Father.

When I pray to the Father, I feel more the immenseness of God. How truly great He is - limitless! I feel warm and good in my chest to realize I have a Father Who loves me so much. I have a loving Father and I hove Him so. Such warmth in my chest for My Father!

I praise You, Father. I praise You, Son. I praise You, Holy Spirit. Such fullness in my heart to love God, all three Divine Persons. What joy I feel to be united to God through the Immaculate Heart of my loving Mother. Oh, Mother, I love you. Such honor and praise to my God and love given to all three Persons and to you, my Mother, and St. Joseph.

I can accept myself now, knowing I am the creation of my beautiful Father. All that I am was created by Him. My feet are as He designed them, my nose is perfect, since He made me. I am His creation.

So, too, is my brother, His creation. My brother is perfectly designed by my Father. We are truly brothers, created by the Father, we are brothers through Jesus.

Oh, God, what a work of love to create such things for us. We are Your beloved sons and daughters, created by the hands of our loving Father. Such love poured out to us!

My Father is your Father. We are brothers in Him. Oh, Jesus, I love You so. Thank You for leading me to Your Father and my Father. We are brothers in Christ.

"My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?" To His death on the cross, He loved us all, our Brother Christ. This is how He asks us to love our brothers, that we would lay down our lives for them. He loved us to His death. Can we do any less for our brothers? Christ is our Brother. God the Father is our Father. Jesus is the Son of God and we are heirs to the Kingdom through the salvation achieved for us by Jesus.

Jesus speaks: Come, oh come, My chosen ones. Do you see the love of your Father to give His only Son for you? Do you see the love of the Son to die for you? Oh, how you are loved, My little chosen ones! Come to me and experience such love. I Am Who Am, I am God. I come to you in the Eucharist and you do not adequately know the true treasure you possess. Oh, little ones, come to God and be fed. I am the one, true God, come down from the Father. I come to you, chosen ones, in the Eucharist. I am He Whose bootstraps you are unworthy to tie and you run away with such ignorance. Spread My love, read and publish this letter, for I am God and I come to you to love you and be loved by you. Do not cast Me off. I am God, My Heart cries out for your love. Love me through My beautiful Mother. Our love is your answer to your hurting souls. Do not go to this world, come to the God Who loves you. Receive Me in Holy Communion and where I am, My Father and the Holy Spirit are. Mary is with you also.

Such foolish ones, to ignore such treasure given freely to you! Oh, you blind ones! Pray to the Spirit to open your eyes to what you possess. You are so blind, My children. It is here you find your strength. Come to Us for the love of God, one in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Come and be united in your hearts to God and your loving Mother. Your peace is found in union with Jesus. Consecrate your lives to our Hearts. Consecrate your hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Such love you will find here. My little ones - such love to fill you! Oh, I love you and long for your love, My beautiful children.

I am your loving Jesus.


July 2, 1994

The Holy Spirit

Messenger: Hot air balloons filled with air set afloat by fire. We are filled up by His Spirit and set afloat by the fire of His love. We become weightless and float in the sky above. We are floating, letting His Spirit take us about. We are united with the heavenly powers. It is the power of His mighty love.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love. Send forth Thy Spirit and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

As I die to my false self, God lives more in me. Help me to die to myself. You, Lord, love my brothers, You gave the last drop of Your Blood, the last beat of Your Heart for them. The more I die to self, the more the God Who loves my brothers lives in me and He ardently loves my brother.

The more I think of myself, the less I love my brothers. As the false self diminishes, the God Who is united to me operates in me more and more.

Help me to love as You love. As I surrender to You, I become in greater union with You and it is You Who operates in me more and more. You loved my brothers to Your death. You love my brothers, all my brothers this very day. You would die for each brother this day. It is God Who loves through us that loves our brothers with His love. It is He Who operates my very being.

We die to the false self, we increasingly receive His living water. We remain alive in Him. He fills us to the brim, we are vibrant in Him. He is Life. We are made anew, like the clean water. We are filled with clean, living water. We operate with vibrancy, force and spirit.

Jesus speaks: I came to this earth out of such love for you, My beloved ones. I was born a mere human and I came to love you and they persecuted Me. Those whom I loved, they persecuted Me! They tore My flesh. They numbered all My bones. They were My beloved ones. How it hurts to love and be rejected and persecuted by those you love.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I know the pain of torture. No matter what they do to you, they did it to Me.

To My death I suffered for intense love of you.

When they persecute you and holler every slanderous thing against you, pray to your heavenly Father for strength to deal with your attackers. It is in your sufferings you are drawn closer to Me.

July 4, 1994

The Father, Son And Holy Spirit And Mary Love You

Jesus speaks: I am the Lord, thy God, I am Jesus, Son of God. I came that you might have life and have it abundantly. I will hold your hand and be forever with you.

My Mother is your very own Mother. She loves you and Mothers you as she Mothered Me.

My Father is your very own Father. He created you and loves you so much He sent His only Son to be a living Sacrifice so you might partake in His life.

I give Myself to you totally in the Eucharist, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. I wait for you to come to the tabernacle, I love you so.

The Spirit loves you so and in Him you have the life you need to be united to God. Pray to Him for this life, beg Him for the gifts whereby you will grow in your love and union with God.

This is My Commandment to you: Love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself.

July 5, 1994

Live Our Lives In The Rosary. Experience Our Sufferings.

Mary speaks: My anguish I felt to watch them persecute my beloved Jesus! He Whom I loved so dearly, my own, very own Child and they stripped Him, beat Him, hated Him, tore His tender beautiful flesh, everything that they did,...

This was my beloved Son. My Heart was torn in my chest, my sorrow so great! No yelling or other human expressions could capture the torments of my Heart.

My little Baby, to watch such brutality DONE to my precious Child.

Do you know the torments of the heart?

Do you know the pain to behold such vileness done to your own child?

Pain in the heart, I know, I know His love for you, my dear children. I know what He suffered for you. Put yourself there during the Passion. Meditate on His suffering for love of you. Meditate on His love. This is love, to suffer as He did for you. It is so simple, He loved you to His very own death. This is what He would give for you this very day, my little ones. Go to Him and be alone with Him. Turn to Him, love Him. He waits for your love. Praise this good God Who loves you so much to shed His very own Blood for you. Oh children, be present to Him. Live His life, pray the rosary, meditate on His sufferings for you. This will draw you close to Our Hearts. Live Our lives in the rosary. Experience Our sufferings.

Love one another, do not give in to Satan. You cannot accomplish my Sonís tasks if you do not put your differences aside. You must love each other.

Go to Him in the Eucharist. Give your whole hearts to Him. Consecrate yourselves to Us. We will be ever with you, guiding your every step. I am the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I love you as the most loving Mother. Come and find refuge in Our Hearts. We will protect you from the scorching sun. We will hold tight to you and you will never lose your peace.

Jesus speaks: Oh My child, peace I give to you, not as the world gives you peace, but as only I can give you peace. Come and let me hold you in My Heart, deeply placed there by My loving Mother. You will find your joy inside of My Heart.

I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I want to be united to you, My little babies. Become as the baby at the breast, total submission, total trust, total yielding to Our ways. Yield to Me. My time is perfect. My ways are set. Yield to Me and I will handle your cares. I love you My sweet ones. Yield. Pray constantly, consecrate yourselves to My Heart and My Motherís Heart. Let go.

Be united to the one, true God, for He is truly present and lives in your hearts.

July 5, 1994 6:30 p.m.

The Statue Of The Sorrowful Mother Was Lit Up

Messenger: I was told to go to Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center to pray the rosary with my children. There were people in the front of the church, so we decided to pray the rosary in the back before the Sorrowful Mother statue. I had the following vision at the end of the rosary.

The statue of the Sorrowful Mother was lit up as if she had fire around her. The light was very bright. Her whole gown was all-white, but the statue's gown is blue and pink. She was all aglow. It looked like the glow that comes off of a fire. Her face kept changing but remained totally sorrowful-the sorrow of an older woman. She was in such pain and sorrow! (It was hard to explain how she looked-extremely pained!) Her face looked as though she was in such pain that she could hardly bear it.

The vision remained like this for about ten minutes, having begun during the last Hail Mary of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary. She was holding something-it was all bright white-the brightest light ever!

July 6, 1994 6:30 p.m.

She Was Aglow, All In White

Messenger: Vision (in front of the Sorrowful Mother statue): I was told by Mary to go alone at 6:30 p.m. to Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. I prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries again, saying a sentence at each Hail Mary. She was aglow, all in white. She remained like this for at least 10 minutes.

July 9, 1994 6:30 p.m.

Mary's Statue Became Illuminated

Messenger: Vision: I was going to Dayton to a party. I stopped at the Center around 6:25 p.m. and prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries with my children. I prayed on each bead. Toward the end of the third mystery, Mary's statue became illuminated. Her face was brilliant, so bright! Her gown was white. Her face was beautiful! I could hardly talk for the next two mysteries. She stayed like this for a long time afterwards.

July 9, 1994

I Must Forgive All To Have Peace

Messenger: My lack of peace is coming from lack of forgiveness. I am living to love God and my brother.

To have anger toward my brother blocks the flow of Godís love operating in me. I must forgive all to have peace.

Any lack of love for my brother diminishes peace.

Say you are sorry and forgive.

I must come from a place of love rooted in Him Who first loved us.

Jesus speaks: Trust in Me, My child. I will give you peace, not as the world gives you peace. Your job is to love Me and love one another. How can I spread My love if you are upset with your brother? He who angers you is He whom you need to love. Will you love for Me this day or will you focus on yourself and how you have been wronged? Reach for the Kingdom of God. It is won in holiness, in love. Love always. When they persecuted Me, I loved them.

July 11, 1994

Love Me First Above All Things

Jesus speaks: There is not division where there is love. If you love Me you will keep My commands. My commands I give to you, love God, love one another. A person fixed in love of God will do the Fatherís will. That which leads to perfect peace and happiness is complying to the will of My Father.

My dear ones, there is no other way. You want your wills, your feelings are hurt, you want to do things according to your plan. I tell you, unless you follow My way, you will not enter into the Kingdom of heaven.

I call you to holiness in all things, to put aside your selfishness and willfulness and put Me first. The greatest Commandment is to love God first with your whole heart and whole soul.

Do you love Me more than you love yourself? Are you putting My will before your own? If you do not follow the greatest Commandment, how do you expect to win the reward promised to those who love and serve the Lord?

I call you to total consecration to Our Hearts. You want it your way.

There is only one road. The road is to love Me first above all things. The road is service according to the will of the Father. Doing "good works" is not necessarily doing Our will. The will of the Father is doing His will even when you do not want to, when you would rather do it your own way.

Open up your hearts. Pray first to the Spirit to open your minds and hearts, beg to serve God, give yourself to God and come. Do as you are commanded. Love of God before ALL things.

Do you love Me before yourself? The first Commandment commands you to put God first. Do you do it your way and tell yourself it is Godís will?

My way is the only way. All other ways lead you to problems. Why donít you believe that I am Almighty, that I know all things? Why wonít you surrender and do as you are told?

Be as babies at the breast, do as you are told. Beg to know the will of the Father. This is made clear to you in the inner promptings of your heart. Sit with God after Communion and in front of the tabernacle. Your answers are given there. You must learn to listen to God. He has the plan for your life.

My children, My children, My willful children, do you want things done your way, do you ponder and arrive at your conclusions, or are you striving to do My will? The will of the Father is made clear in your hearts in front of the tabernacle, in the silent moments you spend alone with God. Beg the Spirit to give you His gifts, to open your minds and hearts.

Do not be willful, strive to do only His will. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I give you the way to eternal life. Give up your attachments to your own ways and follow ME.

I am the Way, I am Truth and Life (Jn 14:6), He that comes to Me will have the light of life. Come and follow Me.

July 12, 1994 1:49 a.m.

Pray The Rosary At 6:30

Jesus speaks: I am the Way. I am the Truth. I am the Light of Life. My candle is a candle that shines bright in the darkest night for love of all. I shine with warmth and joy and love for you. Come in the night. I miss you, every day. Continue to pray the rosary at 6:30 at the Center. No questions asked. The gifts of God have unfolded upon you.

July 13, 1994 After Mass

Both Bare Wood

Jesus speaks: I was born in a stable.

There was not a bed for My Mother and Joseph.

They had not a pillow to lay their head.

They did not have a bed and she just had a baby.

This is the surrender I call you to.

I was born in such poverty.

I came silent in the night.

Do not be attached to your bed, your sleep, your life. Come and be attached to Me, little one.

Look how I was born with nothing.

Look how I died, in total surrender.

Not a place to lay My head, a manger for My head at birth, nowhere to lay My head on the cross.

You cry for your discomfort.

Did I show you the way? I lay in a manger at birth, I died on a cross, BOTH BARE WOOD.

Total submission to the will of the Father.

I am God, I was born in silence, I was crucified as a criminal.

I am the King. I was crucified with a crown of thorns, I was born on a bed of hay.

I was crowned King of the Jews--

What do you want? If you follow Me do you expect more?

My Kingdom is not of this world. Your crown is not the crown of glory, My child, it is the crown I wore and I share this with My precious ones.

Share My life, follow My way. I am God. What no eye has seen and no ear has heard, what the mind of man cannot visualise; all that God has prepared for those who love him; (1 Cor 2:9)

July 14, 1994

Jesus Died That We All Might Live

Messenger: He has created us in His own image and likeness. He loved us before we were born. Who are we that He cares for us? We are His creation, the creation of Him Who loved us first. Ought we not love Him with all our heart and love one another, who are ALL His children?

Jesus died that we all might live. He shed the last drop of His Blood. He gave the last beat of His Heart for each and every person. Help us to unite as brothers in Christ. God is my Father. He is your Father. He is Jesusí Father. He is THE FATHER.

Mary is our Mother. We are His blessed children and He loves what He creates.

The rosary tells the lives of Christ and Mary. How can I be Christ-like if I do not meditate on His life? My life is to be modeled after Christ's life. How can I model myself after "how He loved" if I am not intimately involved in a love relationship with Him?

Through the sorrowful death of Jesus, we are raised to new life. His Resurrection and Ascension is that by which we are given this life. The descending of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles gives us the Spirit so alive within us!

To stop at the Crucifixion is to miss the glory. The glory is found in the Resurrection and Ascension. That is why these mysteries are called the Glorious Mysteries. This is Glory!

July 14, 1994

The Rosary

Messenger: The rosary tells us much about Christ and Mary.

How can I be Christ-like if I do not meditate on His Life? My life is to be a model after Christ's life. How can I model myself after how He loved if I am not intimately involved in a love relationship with Him?

Christ shows us the way. Jesus went through His Passion and death for our salvation and for love of us.

The more I meditate on the rosary, the more I see the oneness of Christ and His Mother. They are one in Their Hearts. They shared each Other's pains, sorrows, joys, suffering. They were so connected to each Other.

This is shown all through the Passion, her sorrows, presentation in the temple, finding in the temple, her journey into Egypt, her watching during the scourging, her journey during the Passion when Their eyes met, (this alone could be meditated on to tell Their union and suffering) putting the nails in His hands, standing under the cross, beholding His lifeless Body under the cross, and after His death, laying Him in the tomb.

Their Hearts beat as one, as she suffered so silently with Him, always by His side. No mother was ever so connected with her Son.

Sorrow increases intimacy. When I suffer and give it to Christ, I am admitting how much He is truly a Person I depend on. I want to depend on Him, to be so intimate that it is He to Whom I run when my heart is torn.

He loves us so, He knows our every thought and feeling. He loves us with such attentiveness and care, and He waits for us to run to His arms and share ourselves with Him.

He longs for our love, He longs for our time. He wants us to go to Him as our best Friend, a real Person, but what a Person and what He can do for us!

You are my Savior Lord, You saved me from my sins by Your brutal death. You give me life in Your Resurrection. I am born into Your life in Baptism and You live in my heart. God lives within me. Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwell within my breast in a most special way when I am in the state of grace. Mary is one with Jesus.

Oh, God, I love You so. I want to know You and love You and serve You.

Spirit, open me to know my precious Lord. I am Yours to possess and I live to do Your holy will.

Father, fashion me, mold me more into the image of Jesus, Your precious Son. "...yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me...(Ga 2:20). I want to be one in You, so that You live and dwell in my heart.

Meditating on the rosary is meditating on much of Christ's Life. How can I be molded more into His image  if I do not meditate on Him and His Life?

The First Commandment commands that I love God above all things. What is love? Is it lip service or is it a fire that burns within the soul?

May my love of God be this flame that burns for love of each Person in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and for Mary also. May I grow in intimacy with each Person and Mary, and may Joseph be close by her side as he stood close to Jesus and guarded Him.

July 15, 1994

Re-enact Our Lives In The Rosary

Jesus speaks: Live My life with Me, be united with Me in My suffering and death on the cross. Live Our lives in the rosary. Make the rosary a prayer that is so alive in your hearts that you grow in such love of Mary and Jesus from praying it.

Re-enact Our lives in the rosary, feel Our sorrow and Our joy. Be united to Our lives in the rosary.

The rosary is not just a prayer to say, it is a prayer to live. Live your life as We lived Ours.

There are so many distractions in this world. Be totally lost in the life of Jesus and Mary when you pray the rosary.

July 16, 1994

Be Grateful My Child, for the Blessings I Send You

Messenger: God is giving me everything I need.

Jesus speaks: The very hairs of your head are numbered, I allow all that is happening to you. Do you look for that which you do not have? Look for that which I am giving you. Do you seek love and miss the love that is given? Do you want things given the way you want, or are you accepting the way they are? This is willfulness. You think things should be this way, yet they are that way and you become frustrated. I give you all you need. It is in your acceptance of all things that you grow in your relationship with Me. Do not be willful and expect things the way you think they should be. You are receiving so much love in your life today from others, and you are looking for love the way you want it. I love you and I love you through others. Look at the love I am sending you. Accept all others the way they are. I give to you according to your needs. Do you love Me? I give you so much love in your world and in all those around you. Take the blinders off of your eyes and see the gifts I am pouring out to you this day. Pray to the Holy Spirit for vision. God loves you so. God is caring for your needs this day. In your willfulness you want things your way. Accept the love I pour out to you. Accept all others as they are. Strive to give love as I give to you. I am your God and I love you with an undying love. You are Mine, child, I love you so.

July 16, 1994

Love All Persons

Jesus speaks: Do you have trouble with your brothers? Do you know they are as they are? Love all of God's creatures as persons created by God. Genuinely love all persons. I would die for them this very day. Can you offer less to your loving brothers?

Pray to love, children, as I have loved you. Pray to know how to love. Be humble, see your faults, admit your failings. This will lead you to correction of these faults. If you hide your faults, you will never correct them.

Pray to the Spirit to see what needs correcting. Pray to the Spirit to open yourself to the faults that are blocking your relationship with God. Pray to be open to the faults that constantly trip you up and allow you to be caught in Satan's snare. Know your faults child. Know your weaknesses and pray for help to overcome them.

I am Jesus, I love you so. In your pride you overlook your weaknesses, in humility you accept them and try to correct them.

Pray for vision, little one.

July 16, 1994

The Father

Messenger: The soul thirsts after love. I have a loving Father Who created me. I am hungry for the love of God.

Jesus speaks: Do you stalk this barren world in search of love and find none? The Father is ever vigilant in His love for you. He created you and loves you as the most loving Father.

Come, My children, come and sit and pray. Pray in silence, pray to your Father. "Our Father, Who art in heaven..." Sit and focus on His love for you. He loves what He has created. You are so precious to Him. Come and be with your Father

July 16, 1994

Where Are You Going?

Messenger: Where are you going? Did you see the accident, the woman on the stretcher? She was very pretty and young. How is her soul? Is she still alive? Did she think only of her hair, her shape, her clothes or did she have a relationship with God? Where is she going?

Jesus speaks: I am the Way, I am Truth and Life. (Jn 14:6). It is only through Me that you will gain eternal salvation.

Are you busy for your earthly lives? Where do you go when you are called so suddenly? I come, you know not the hour nor the day. A continuation of life is promised to no man here. You will be called, you will have no choice. All that goes with you is how you were in your heart.

Did you put God first and love Him with all your heart, did you love your brother as yourself?

Where are you going, if you are called this day?

July 17, 1994

Spirit, Open Me To The Love Of God Within Me

Jesus speaks: You were born to new life in Me.

Messenger: How do you see me? Do you see the Christ that is alive in me? Do you know I am a Christian, Christ-like, by how I act? Do you know I am a Christian by how I love?

Do I love you? Do I complain and not even know it? Do I see myself for the way I am or am I blind and never see at all?

Spirit, open me to the love of God within me. Give me vision into the God that dwells within me. Let me see how I can be more like Christ.

Jesus speaks: The more you realize the indwelling of God within you, the more you will be rooted in My peace. Peace comes from knowing God and His love. No matter what occurs around you, remain at peace. This only comes from God.

Messenger: I see constantly how far I am from Him. My son wanted my keys and wanted them now. I must remain in peace.

His will is for me to be with my son at church and to write this letter. I must constantly act as He would have me act.

I see now how He outpours His love to me in others and how I in my willfulness wanted the love given as I wanted it.

How am I when I am in your presence? Am I loving you, my brother, do I receive so much love and donít even notice because I want it my way?

God in His goodness is sending me such love constantly. It is outpoured to me, and I am so blind I do not see.

Jesus speaks: Pray children, you are children who need to be taught. You are human, to think you are perfect is to be blind. Work against your faults and grow in union with Me. Pray for vision, pray to the Spirit. Open yourself to the new live that I give you as you grow in love with God.

Your life in God is ever evolving. It does not remain the same. You are to grow in your likeness to Me. Pray for vision, pray to see. You may wander the same valley for so many years and never find your way. You need the vision of God to see your way. Pray for His light to shine in your hearts. Pray to see, where you were blind, you now see.

When the Spirit dwells within you, you grow in vibrancy. With the descent of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles were fearless - they were on fire.

Messenger: When Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit, she spoke in a loud voice, the Magnificat.

When the Spirit is enkindled in our hearts, we will shout out with a loud cry the Good News, that Jesus is Lord, He loves us, He is in our midst this very day and we are His chosen ones.

We are called to spread the Good News.

The Lady is calling. She is calling you now.

May we be on fire with His love.

July 17, 1994

Would Christ Act As I Am Acting

Messenger: We are called to model ourselves after Christ. I think of Christ and how He was. Total peace, always. Peace to His death on the cross. He did not talk about anyone. He always was loving and giving of himself in service.

If I am to try to act like Christ, I must meditate on how He was.

Being a Christian is to be Christ-like.

Would Christ act as I am acting? I preach the gospel in my very being. I preach His word by how I am. I must be rooted in Him and His love so that I act as He wants me to act. I still will fall short. But I must try to be likened to Christ in all things.

July 25, 1994

You Are The Temple of God

R. The Spirit of the Lord fills me. I know not what I write. He guides my hand. I comply to His wishes, as I say: You are the divine creation of Him Who knew you before you were formed in the womb of your mother. Jesus was formed in the womb of His Mother through the Holy Spirit. You are a direct creation of the Father, given to such specialness and given such great and ardent love of God!

You are the temple of God. In Baptism you are given His Life within your soul. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit live in your heart. You must feed this life with the love of God. God is forever in your midst and ready to nourish you. You are the divine creation of the Father. Center your life first on God. Come and be with Him, worship and praise Him. Focus on His presence within you and in the Eucharist. See His love poured out to you in others.

Be as another Christ to one another. Where you were blind, open up your heart and let Christ's life live in your very soul. Operate only as He prompts you to act, living within you. Put on Christ. Strive for the greatest union with Him and with Father and Holy Spirit. Mary is your Mother. She leads you through her most loving Heart to the greatest union with God. Be open. Die to self. Be the empty vessel ready to be filled by the hands of God.

Mary, my Mother, lead me to the most loving union with God.

Spirit, lead me to union with God, through Jesus.

July 28, 1994 - Pounding Heart

Messenger: To embrace you, my Lord! I want to be united as one in my soul. I want to be united as one in my heart. My heart beats with ardent love for my Savior. Such an honor! I cannot even fathom my heart being united to Yours. If You would but tuck me in a little part, a little pocket, and let me be there, let me hear the beating of Your most tender Heart. Let me feel the warmth of Your love, poured out for me!

Jesus speaks: Oh, my precious one, do you know this is reality? The reality of My Heart and that of My Motherís joined to your heart in such union? This is reality. My Heart beats as one with you in such love!

Meditate on the abyss of My most Sacred Heart, it is a mighty furnace burning with such a roaring fire for love of you. Think of this union. I am the fire that burns in the hearts of those who open themselves up to Me.  It is this fire that burns with love in your eyes, that is emitted from you when you are with others.

Your oneness with Me is of importance to your life on this earth and the life hereafter. Strive for deepest union with Me in the burning furnace of My Heart. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, ablaze with love on fire for you. Be so intimate with Me, My precious child. This intimacy I crave with every soul. Speak of My Heart ablaze for love of each soul. I want their love. Tell them I wait for them with such yearning!

Messenger: I saw a heart that looked like it was a furnace inside. It was bright yellow, white in the center. I am experiencing pounding in my heart.

His Heart is truly beating for love of us. I felt my heart beating so hard in my chest. I knew it was from Him. Hearts donít do what mine is doing. This morning my heart was pounding, heart racing, I got this letter:

Jesus speaks: This is My love for you. The pounding in your heart is from Me. Every second My Heart is beating with intense love of you. Even when you forget about Me, I am loving you with My intense love. I love you with a beating Heart, on fire for love of you. When you are lonely think of My Heart beating so strongly for love of you.

July 28, 1994 - Jesus Loves You this Day

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus, child. I love you this way, no matter where you go. Pray the rosary and be with your children. It is My love you must pour out to others. My Heart beats like this for love of all. Respect your brothers and love them as My Father's dear creation, as the temple of the Lord, of My love. They are your brothers. Love them, sweet one, love all for Me. You are My Heart beating in this cold world.

Messenger: How can I leave you after this?

Jesus speaks: I don't leave you. I go with you as you love and serve your Lord. You must share My love with all. You are My temple in this world. Love your brothers for Me.

July 28, 1994 - Reach Out With the Hands of Love

Messenger: To love you this way! Jesus wants me to realize the dignity that He bestows on me. "With dignity and honor, I have clothed you, My sweet one."

Jesus speaks: Reach out with the hands of love. Be heart-centered, filled deep within with My most ardent love. You will love others proportionate to your love affair with Me. From the depth of My Heart I cry unto you to realize this love that is outpoured to you. You are My beloved. You are My sweet and faithful one. You, I ask to come and be in love with Me. Pray from your heart. Be in love with Me.

Messenger: He would do what He did because He knew the love of the Father. All love that comes through Jesus comes from the Father. He loved when they hated because He knew the Father's love. When the world is cold, jump into His Heart. He puts us in a little pocket. Little lambs, caressed by His Heart!

July 29, 1994 - Stay Ever Pure in My Heart

Messenger: Jesus told me He could withstand His bitter Passion because He knew the Father's love for Him. All love that comes through Jesus comes from the Father. He loved when they hated Him because He knew the Father's love.

When the world is cold, I run to His Heart and tuck myself inside His Heart. It is for you I live, Lord. Give me the courage and your love to love when I would rather not. You are my Savior. I am your servant. I want to do the will of the Father. Help me to realize more and more the Father's love for me. He loved me first to create me. I am the creation of God the Father.

Let me forever hold in my heart the vision of Jesus caressing the little lambs with such love. I want to be a little lamb caressed and held close to the Heart of the Good Shepherd!

Creatures are imperfect, I am imperfect, my brothers are imperfect. I cannot demand perfection of myself or others.

I must love myself and others despite my faults.

The Lord will be my Shepherd, nothing more shall I want.

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus, the Son of God. I am He Who loves you, My little one. Forever focus on My love. Do not be troubled. My Heart is the tenderest of all hearts. I am as gentle in heart as I was as a tender baby in Mary's arms. My Heart is tender and loving and pure. Come to Me, My beloved one. I caress you close to My Heart and you are never afraid, for I love you with strength and gentleness.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God.

I live in you, dear one. Stay ever pure in My love. Come and meditate with Me. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am your love. Come to Me, My precious child.

Messenger: I have immense heartache when I do not get to be with Him in front of the tabernacle.

Jesus speaks: When you love Me more than you love yourself, you will find a way to come to Me in adoration.

Messenger: He told me to ask the priest for a key to the church. I didn't want to.

I want to hug others for Jesus. I see Jesus in them. He loves each person so much.

Satan always works hard on Fridays between 12 and 3:00.

July 30, 1994

My Life Is Your Life to Follow

Jesus speaks: Come unto Me all who are weary and find rest for your soul. Be an empty vessel so My love can flow through you as an open pipe. You must rid yourself of all guilt imposed on you by the devil. Pray for humility to know the truth and deal with the truth. Forget your failings after you have confessed them. I am the Good Shepherd, I know Mine and they follow Me. My life is your model to follow, study Me and My ways and pray to Me constantly.

I am the Good Shepherd, I tend to My sheep. You are guarded. I go with you and give you all you need.

Do not stray, stay close to Me and follow Me. Do not look to the world. Keep your focus on Me.

Oh, I love you with the tenderest of all hearts. Oh, I am your most precious Jesus. Meditate on My life in the rosary, all 15 decades. Live My life and that of My Mother in your actions.

Messenger: I feel their oneness in heart. I feel this unity so strong today. To be with Him is to be united to my Mother. I am not dealing with Him alone. She is there, united to Him.

Jesus speaks: I am the Good Shepherd, I know Mine and they follow Me. Open your heart to My ways, not what you think is the way, but what My ways are for you this day..

Your children need your attentiveness. You want to please them and let them do their thing. You obey Me, they obey you. You need time alone with them every day. You need to play with them everyday. Treasure our moments together and being with your children.

I am Jesus, your ardent lover. I love you when you are doing all things. You must be with them and realize how close I am when you are doing the will of the Father.

I am with you when you play games. I am with you all day, very close, inside of your heart. My Heart beats as one with yours. You are My beating heart in this world. Spread My love to all. Your job is to love, to see My loved ones, to smile and be Me to those you touch. Love given to your brothers is of utmost importance.

I love you, I love through you. Ask yourself, how would Christ treat this person, beloved creation of My Father?

You are here to love God with your whole heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Doing My will is doing your duties. You love to pray, but you must take care of yourself and your family.

You are My hands. You are My Heart. You are Me to this world. I need you to interact with people, even though you would rather pray and be alone with Me. You are My body to this world. Act as I would act. Love for Me, My sweet one. You are My Heart beating in this cold world.

I am close to you at every moment, no matter what you are doing.

I am your precious Jesus, forever by your side and in your heart and ardently on fire for love of you. Love for Me! First and foremost - always love.

July 30, 1994 - After Communion - St. Gertrudeís Church

I Receive the Same Jesus That Died for Us

Messenger: I love Jesus so much. After Communion I wanted to be so close to Him and for Him not to leave. I was filled up with such longing, intense longing, wanting more.

Oh, how, sweet Jesus, do I ever tell you, God, that I love you? You are truly God and you come and dwell inside of Me. I am filled with such emotion to realize you are here and to know Who you are.

I realized this is truly Jesus Who died on the cross and called out from the cross to His Father. This is He, inside of me, that same, exact person. God inside of me! Filled with such emotion, wonder, excitement, longing for more knowledge of Him, to the point of tears, I could hardly stand it to realize this is truly the same Jesus Who was on the cross.

I felt the consecrated Host on my tongue and knew it was the very Jesus Who died on the cross. I could hardly stand it. I love you, Jesus, so much. I love You, I love You, I love You!

My heart pants for love of God. He is truly God. Mary is so close to Him. I feel her union when I say His name.

The more I pray the rosary, the more I see them so united. To be united to Jesus is to be united to Mary.

This, I feel so intensely in my heart. I canít even put it on paper. I love her so much that when I get near her statue I cry.

She is truly calling us to her Son. To pray the rosary is to unite in a special way with Them. The rosary lives in my day, the mysteries of Their lives are in my thoughts. It is so wonderful to be united to Them in my life. I love Them so much.

They are truly with us. Realizing this presence is drawing me ever closer to Them. I run to Them when I want to cry or express my joy, They are so real to me. They never ever leave. They love us so much. I love Them so much, my pen is unable to write even a minute amount of my heartfelt feelings.

August 1, 1994

Pray For The Success Of The Priestly Newsletter - Shepherds of Christ

Messenger: The following is the first official message I received before the statue of Mary at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. It is a personal message for Father Carter.

Mary speaks: (in front of the glowing statue of Our Lady of Sorrows) I am the Immaculate Heart. My Heart is glowing for love of all my beloved children. I am your most loving Mother. I am with you this day. Pray for the success of the priestly newsletter Shepherds of Christ. I am guarding your way. You will receive such graces to accomplish this task! Grace from God is so abundantly bestowed on you and will lead to the success of this endeavor! Pray for this cause at the Center. The priests will lead the people to the love of My beloved Son. This is no little task. It will take many prayers and graces. Pray hard, little one. Your prayers will change many hearts.

I am Mary, your Immaculate Mother. I bring this message to My beloved priest-son.

August 10, 1994 After Mass, Fr. Smithís Chapel

And Their Eyes Peered Into One Another's Eyes

Messenger: See Mary as she beholds the baby in her arms. She looks at Him so tenderly. His sweet baby eyes look up at the eyes of His loving Mother. Such tenderness between Mother and Son, such oneness to hold her infant Son so lovingly in her arms. Oh, do we ever know the tenderness between a baby and his loving mother?

A life of close union between this Mother and this Son, a life of her looking into His loving eyes. Such silent, but strong and loving communication! Such a strong bond-Their eyes meeting-from one soul to the other soul.

Song: See the Eyes That Look at Mary (Verse l)Ö

Deep, deep communication, a deep bond, indescribable in words, a touching of the souls! And the peering look between Son and Mother on the road to the crucifixion. What a peering look, what communication between this Son and Mother. Seeing the other suffer was as agonizing as each's very own suffering-suffering and oneness between a Son and His Mother. A peering look, deep into the very souls. Such an intimacy between Them!

How can one describe in words this oneness, this union between the Son and His Mother? The perfect love between Him and her. Total giving of each person in such love to the other. To see the suffering of the other was as agonizing as-if not more than-each's own suffering.

How His passion and crucifixion were intensified by the sufferings of His dear Mother! How her sufferings were such a sharing in our redemption, the swords that pierced her Heart! The eyes of Mary that invisibly bled as she watched such brutality to the beloved Baby she once carried in her womb and held in her arms!

Song: Little Baby Hands and FeetÖ

Mary held the Child Jesus when He was a baby; she watched Him and cared for Him as a little boy; she was so attentive to the needs of her little Son. Will we ever know this connectedness between Their loving Hearts? Do we know this oneness? The peering eyes on the way to Calvary tell the story. They tell the story of this oneness. They tell the story of her watching this horrid event of her beautiful baby Son and His horrible passion and death.

Her eyes! Oh, Mary, help me to see the love of Jesus through your eyes! You watched Him as a baby, you watched Him as a child. You watched Him grow into the beautiful Man He became and you, Mary, watched Him all through this bitter passion and death. Your eyes saw the love that He gave for us. Now you come, Mary. You appear to tell us to go to this Son. You knew more than anyone His love to suffer so for us. You come and appear with blood in your eyes and tears running down your cheeks. You show me your sorrowful face, your young face, your old face, your joyful face. This was the face Jesus peered at as He walked His walk to Calvary. This was the face that appears now to tell us the story of His love this very day. I see your parade of faces, Mary, old and young, sorrowful and joyful. I see these faces that Jesus beheld. Your face tells the story of His love for us.

Mary speaks: This is my beloved Son. This is my Baby. This is the Child I bore in my womb. He came to give you love. He came to be God-made-Man among you this very day. He is, my children, no less present in the Eucharist than He was at Calvary and you go after such incidental things. My Son loves you. I show you my face so you can tell the world of our love. Live our lives in the rosary. Let our lives live in your day. The way to eternal happiness is to be likened to my beautiful Son.

I watched my Son. I lead you to the ardent love of my Son, Jesus. His Heart burns for love of you. Come to Him this day. Give Him your love. Spend time with Him. He is alive and in your midst in the Eucharist.

Messenger:. Note: I smelled roses very strongly throughout this message.

Song: See the Eyes That Look at Mary (Verse 2)Ö

This is the Son of the Father, the Son of God, born of Mary through the Holy Spirit, and He lives this day in your hearts. Share His love for you. Go to Him through Mary's Heart. She who is so closely united to Jesus! Their Hearts are so close to one another! As their eyes were joined in such oneness, Their Hearts are joined in such intimacy. Go to Jesus' Heart through His beloved Mother, through her who bore Him in her womb, her who watched Him give Himself for love of you.

August 11, 1994

I Watched You

Jesus speaks: Oh, how I watched you, child. I watched you as I gave you each little sign of My love. I watched you grow in your faith and trust in Me. I watched you suffer and stood so close you could have touched Me, but you didn't know that this suffering would be that which led you to My tender love for you.

I watched you when you surrendered and turned your will over to Me and I watched you cry, knowing this was the most joyous day of your life. I watched you see visions of doors and knew you would want to go through those doors, but they were not the doors you thought, they were the doors I gave you for greater union with Me. I watched you, child, when you wrote down My first letter to you and I saw your confusion and joy, knowing what these letters would do to touch so many hearts.

I watched you, child. I watched you when I showed you My Heart and you were so warmed by this Heart and so awed by its vision, but you didn't know what this vision would mean for many to draw their hearts to My burning love.

I watched you surrender each time as you let go of each little thing, as you were dying to self. I watched you through this surrender grow closer to Me. I watched you grow in this deep love for Me, step by step. I watched our love grow as you gave more of yourself in prayer. I watched you, child, and I loved being ever closer to you.

I watched you struggle in such trials that you thought tomorrow would never come, knowing that this trial was what would give you more freedom and love for Me. I watched you learn each lesson through hard tests and I was so close while you struggled, but did not remove the struggle, knowing you would not learn your lesson if I had.

I watched you, child, through each joy and pain and I loved you silently, always with you, and you never knew how close I truly was to you.

Song: From the Day You Were BornÖ

From the day you were born, I watched you. Forever by your side, I guarded you, I loved you. I know the most secret desire of your heart far better than you yourself know. I know the Father's plan for you. I know the Father's love for you. I know the love poured on you from the Holy Spirit and how Mary is forever by your side.

I watch you, child, constantly guarding you and your ways and you do not know the love I have for you. You do not know how My Heart burns for love of you. And, someday, My beautiful child, you will know what I have in store for you, My beloved.

Come and be with Me. Grow in your love with Me. I never leave you, My beloved. Remember, I am forever watching you.

August 13, 1994

Be Me To Your Brothers

Jesus speaks: The world is so attached to itself. I am Jesus, Son of God. I am He Who Am. I dwell in your midst this day. Pray for your brothers. Preach the real presence, tell others about God, spread the Good News. So many are in total darkness, they are dying in their hearts. They have made other things their gods. Oh children, you do not know much about the love of God. It is not preached. Many never go to church, they live their lives with hardly a thought of God and they do not hear if someone tells them. Offer up your days for the sake of souls. Pray for them each day when you wake. Offer up your sacrifices for your brothers.

You do not have any time to waste. Time is short and many will be lost. Love your brothers, pray for them. Your hearts should reflect the love of God Who dwells within. "They will know they are Christians by their love." Oh child, what sets you apart from those who do not know Me is your love. The love of God is a mighty force. It cannot be contained. It shines from your eyes and rages burning in your hearts. You must always love. When they are cold to you, you continue to love. It is My love you are giving to them. Oh child, I love each soul. One smile given lights up a room when it comes from the love of God within. I am the Good Shepherd. I know Mine and they follow Me. Please sweet ones, spread My love to My lost sheep. You will do My work in your loving one another. I give you a new Commandment, "Love one another as I have loved you."

My child, there is no time to waste and wonder. You must be about the work of God this day. In your being, be Christ-like. I come to serve. I come to love. I come to give Myself in greatest love for you.

I come to you this day with an urgent plea: to be the light that shines in this dark world. Be My hands. Be My feet. Be Me to your brothers. I come and ask you - will you answer My plea?

I am Jesus, Son of the living God. I am not dead. I am alive and in your midst. Do not be downhearted, My little one, with so much work to do. You have the Good News. You know that I have died and I have risen. Shout it from the housetops that I am Life. I am real Life.

You cannot get bowed down. It is you who will light up the dark world. Every minute of every day is so valuable to the salvation of the world. Love My little ones. Love and let the light of Christ shine from your hearts. Be at peace, be Christ-centered. Be forever about My work, for I am God and I am forever with you. Do not ever be cast down, be about My work. My time is at hand and you are My chosen witnesses proclaiming that I am in your midst this day. I live and dwell in your hearts. To all who listen, they will receive the light of life. This is a vibrant force. It cannot be hidden. A city set on a hill will shine and cast its light to the darkened world and many will turn to the ways of the Lord.

August 16, 1994

Focus On This Love. Silence Satan.

Messenger: He loves us unconditionally. From Him I do not have to hide. He loves us as we are. He calls us to be as good as we can. He calls us to be humble. He calls us to love.

He calls us to be of the heart, not to be proud, to be kind and loving. He calls us to put on Christ, to constantly die to self. I am a human being. I am growing; I am created in His image, I am learning His ways, I am imperfect.

Oh, Lord, show me Your ways. Let me realize Your love. Let me know You more so I can love more. Help me to focus on You and Your love, to silence Satan who constantly points to my weakness and tells me such things that make me unaware of Your tremendous love for me.

Jesus speaks: Satan is the great deceiver. My child, I call you to love. I call you to a new life. I am forever with you, loving you the same as the day I died on the cross. My Heart is an abyss of endless love for you. You do not comprehend fully My great love for you. I love you this much that I truly gave My life for you.

Focus on this love. Silence Satan. I am not looking at you with condemning eyes, I look at you as the divine creation of the Father. I look at you as My beloved child.

I, child, have watched you and watched you. I see you struggle and I bend low in such love and am right by your side. You need to struggle to grow in My love.

It is in your sufferings that you rise to new life. This is My life in you. To grow in your sufferings is My way, not to become bitter and spiral down to deeper depths of pain, but to rise up as I did on the third day. Realize that there is such life for you in the Resurrection!

You, child, are going to My school. My lessons I teach this day. In your pain you grow in deeper union with Me.

Trust in Me, forever focus on My immense love. Look at Mary hold My Body under the cross. I truly love you this much this day. I am the Resurrection, I am the Life. He who believes in Me will never die. I am Jesus your beloved Savior. Come to Me and I will give you such love. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus on fire for love of you. I love you!

August 16, 1994

No One, Nothing Can Ever Stop My Interior Relationship With God And Mary

Jesus speaks: My dear child, if the whole world falls under your feet, if the stars cease to shine and the moon not give its light, I will be your rear guard, your foreguard, your mighty God Who protects you from the enemy.

Messenger: My life is interior. My relationship with God is interior. If the floor gives out, if you hate and persecute me, if anything from the outside befalls me, my life is still with me, the life of God rooted in my soul. No one can ever take away my relationship with Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit, Mary and St. Joseph. No one can ever touch this - even if I cannot receive the Eucharist, Jesus is still alive within me. I can spiritually ask Him to be present in a special way to me.

The bottom line is, no one can ever touch my relationship with God and Mary, and nothing else that is taken away matters. If it is happening, He knows it and is allowing it. Jesus, I trust in You! What a treasure to always be assured of my relationship with Jesus. He never will leave me. He will always be there. His love is always with me. I want to shout it from the rooftop - this is my God and He loves me! He will never go, no one, nothing can ever stop my interior relationship with God and Mary. If I have that, what can harm me?

Jesus speaks: Though earth pass away, My love is steadfast, My presence forever within you, every minute of every day. I, God, am with you, child. I never leave you. What else matters?

Little child, little child. I love you so much. Focus on My love, ever present and poured out in such measures to you. I am Who Am. I am Jesus, Son of God. I speak to you, My little one. Open your heart and let Me embrace you. Your oneness with Me is achieved in your heart. You will stand as the strongest pillar against a raging storm, because My might is within you. If the winds come and the rain, if the earth shakes the roots of the trees, the Lord will hold you in your place. You are a mighty tree, standing on the earth. The roots which grow from within the tree are thick and well nourished. The wind can come. The winters with its cold and blizzard can press on the tree. Birds of prey can pick at the tree, but the strength of the mighty oak within will sustain it.

Your life is the life of God's grace flowing in your soul. The Spirit is a mighty force that rages in your soul. You are nourished and fed by My life. You stand strong against the wind and pestilence. You do not falter. My might is within you. If the earth quakes, you are held up by My might. I am, dear one, the Almighty God! The torrent winds cannot harm you. It may blow and blow and you will sway in the breeze but your roots are firm. You are fed My living water. I give you My very Flesh for your food, you drink My very own Blood, and you, child, are sustained by the Body and Blood of Christ.

I am the Almighty God come to give life to this world. I am a force that can withstand any trial. I dwell in you and live in you and you are afraid. Oh, child, pray for vision, pray for the fearlessness of the Apostles. They were in the upper room and full of fear, and the Spirit of the Lord descended upon them and they were fearless.

Pray for the Spirit of God to enkindle in your hearts the love of God. When the earth rocks and moves about, your inner candle never flickers. You are steadfast in His love by your interior union with God and Mary. Be alone with Me, be with Me. Pray to your Father and the Holy Spirit and to Mary. You, child, are never alone, for God lives in your heart. You become one in Him and you operate with this love in a troubled world. And the winds came and blew down some that were undernourished, but he who was fed by the Bread of heaven did not fall. I am the Bread of life. My life I give to you so you will have life and have it more abundantly.

Come and sup with Me. Develop your interior life, not life as this world knows life, but My life alive and in your soul.

August 18, 1994

The Oneness Between Mary and Jesus

Messenger: I see her hold His lifeless Body under the cross. I see her tenderness, holding Him as a Baby. I see their oneness in the peering eyes. I see her with the sword in her Heart, pierced because of the sufferings of her Son. I see her giving birth to her beautiful Baby.

I see her sorrowful face, her beautiful face, her old face, her young face; all reflections of her life and His life, joined in joy, joined in suffering, joined - Mother and Son - all through Their lives, during the Passion, now joined in heaven. They want to draw us to eternal salvation.

A loving Mother, truly by our sides, waiting to listen to our problems, and Jesus forever with her.

She stands under the cross and places our burdens there with us as we, hand-in-hand with our loving Mother, give up our frustrations, our crosses to Him, our loving Savior.

This is life, to be fixed so closely united with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, all day surrendering ourselves to Their loving Hearts.

This is warmth and security to me. I realize so very much Their presence. This is the reality of this world. It is Godís world. We dwell here in the hope of achieving everlasting life. Jesus Christ is truly present this day in the Eucharist, no less than the day He walked this earth.

Mary is so closely united to her Son. To love Jesus is to love Mary, to love Mary is to love Jesus.

Mary, help me to love your beloved Son.

Jesus, help me to love Your beloved Mother.

Mary is always leading me to the love of her precious Son. All the meditations on the rosary about Mary lead me to Him. She is our spiritual Mother. To think of His being formed in her womb is so beautiful. I ask Mary to form me in her womb so I can be more closely united to her Son. For nine months He was formed in the womb of His loving Mother. For my lifetime, I am forever formed in her womb to deepen my union with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father.

The protection and security, to be surrounded by Maryís womb, is so beautiful. She delivers us up to union with her precious Son.

The more I meditate on Their lives in the rosary (I really meditate on each bead), these beautiful mysteries of Their lives, the more I am so closely joined to the union of Maryís Heart and Jesusí Heart. This is my refuge. This is our life, to be joined so intimately to Their Hearts!

She draws me to her and draws me to praying the rosary, like steel to a magnet. I get such comfort sharing Their lives. It is there I realize so much Their reality. They are truly here, this very day -- we are not ever alone!  I am united to Their lives. This comfort exists all through the day, for They are with me.

I pray in front of the big statue of Mary and she is alive to me.

August 20, 1994

My Sufferings Were For You, Child

Mary speaks: My suffering was so deep, only by God's grace could a human person experience such suffering.

There were not wounds, there was no blood, there was, my Child, only the experiences of my Heart. My Heart was pierced so deeply with a sword. Such deep pain, a sword piercing would not describe the pain I had. Do you wonder how deep did the sword pierce my Heart? The depth was incomprehensible. My life was lived in such connectedness with my Son, in such intimacy with Him. I watched my beloved Son, to Whom I was so closely united for 33 years, suffer so dishonorably.

My sufferings were for you, child. I love you as no earthly mother ever loved a child. I am your most loving Mother. If I underwent such suffering for you, do you think I would not be protecting and loving you now? I have not gone. I am with you!

If I could only tell you what I saw: my Son suffering for love of you. If I could let you see through my eyes what He suffered for love of you!

If you meditate on His Passion in the rosary and the Stations, you see His immense love. I will help you to see His love more and more through my eyes.

I appear to tell all of this suffering. This is the key to understanding how much you are loved. Think of what I saw, look through my eyes, hold His lifeless Body under the cross, meditate on the Seven Sorrows that I hold deep in my Heart. It is there you will know His immense love. Look at my Son through a mother's eyes. Look at Him as He dragged the heavy cross on His way to the Crucifixion. Stand by and watch them pull His hair and drag Him away, and beat His precious bare Body. Stand with me, little ones, as I walked with Him and look through my eyes. You will realize more His great love for you.

Go to Him, love Him, He is in the Eucharist this day. He longs, longs for your individual love. He is your lover, on FIRE for love of you. I love you so much.

I am Mary, your Mother.



Jiffy Sheet: 108 day Novena beginning August 3, 2003 to November 18, 2003

You will need:          1. This sheet
                                2. Holy Spirit Novena Book
                                3. Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual

I. Begin at 6:20 p.m. by singing, "Come Holy Ghost" (verse 1).

  1. Say, "I want to make a Spiritual Communion." 
  2. "I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love." (This will unite us in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.) 
  3. Cast out Satan: "We cast Satan into the fires of hell, far from us, our families, our Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Holy Spirit Novena and Rosary Novena Chart

Day: 1   2 4   5   7  
Period I Aug 3 - J 4 - L 5 - S 6 - G 7 - J 8 - L 9 - S 10 - G 11 - J
II 12 - L 13 - S 14 - G 15 - J 16 - L 17 - S 18 - G 19 - J 20 - L
Period I 21 - S 22 - G 23 - J 24 - L 25 - S 26 - G 27 - J 28 - L 29 - S
II 30 - G 31 - J Sept 1 - L 2 - S 3 - G 4 - J 5 - L 6 - S 7 - G
Period I 8 - J 9 - L 10 - S 11 - G 12 - J 13 - L 14 - S  15 - G 16 - J
II 17 - L 18 - S 19 - G 20 - J 21 - L 22 - S 23 - G 24 - J 25 - L
Period I 26 - S 27 - G 28 - J 29 - L 30 - S Oct 1 - G  2 - J 3 - L 4 - S
II 5 - G 6 - J 7 - L 8 - S 9 - G 10 - J 11 - L 12 - S 13 - G
Period I 14 - J 15 - L 16 - S 17 - G 18 - J 19 - L 20 - S 21 - G 22 - J
II 23 - L 24 - S 25 - G 26 - J 27 - L 28 - S 29 - G 30 - J 31 - L
Period I Nov 1 - S 2 - G 3 - J 4 - L 5 - S 6 - G 7 - J 8 - L 9 - S
II 10 - G 11 - J 12 - L 13 - S 14 - G 15 - J 16 - L 17 - S 18 - G
  1. Pray the Holy Spirit Novena using the Holy Spirit Novena Booklet.
  2. After the novena, read the appropriate meditation. For example: period 1, day 1; period 1, day 2; etc. This will continue until further indicated.
    • It is enormously important that you feel as a body praying together, asking for the special coming of the Holy Spirit.
  3. After the meditation say: "We consecrate the Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary."
  4. Ask that the Blood of Jesus be spread on the Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world.
  5. Begin the 6:30 p.m. prayer service as usual.

II. Begin the 6:30 prayer service

  1. Begin praying:  Dear Father in the name of Your Son Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, through the powerful intercession of the Virgin Mary, with all the angels and the saints and the souls in purgatory, we join in one mind and one heart and ask the Holy Spirit to come to all the world in a special way, especially to our priests. We pray all prayers for the priests and the renewal of the Church and the world and for the Shepherds of Christ intentions. By the precious Body and Blood of Jesus we cast out Satan far from this place, our families, the Shepherds of Christ Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world. We ask the Blood of Jesus be spread on us, the Shepherds of Christ Movement, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, the Church and the world. We beg for grace and mercy for the world and wish to make reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. We give our hearts to Jesus and Mary with all gathered here in love. We wish to be forgiven for offending one another. We love You God, help us.
  2. Sing A Song from Jesus.   Refrain:  "I come to you with greatest love, I am your loving Savior.  I am your God, I died for you, I come to you this day."
  3. Then begin the prayers of the Good Shepherd (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual).
  4. Sing The Rosary song   Refrain:  "Oh the rosary, the rosary is the love of Their two Hearts,   Oh the rosary, the rosary is the love of Their two Hearts."
          1) Ave Maria, Ave Maria.
          2) Jesus we love You, Mary we love you.
          3) This is her peace plan, Children must pray it.
          4) We turn to Mary, She is the Queen of Peace.
          5) Oh Sacred Heart Divine, Oh Heart of Mary pure, Ave Maria, We love to pray it!
  5. Begin the rosary. Please use the Rosary Books and the Rosary Aves.  The important thing is to pray the prayers and the rosary at 6:30 p.m., if possible. (Rosary mysteries need to be according to the Rosary Novena.)
  6. Read the Ten Commandments.
    1.   I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me.
    2.   You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.
    3.   Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.
    4.   Honor your father and your mother.
    5.   You shall not kill.
    6.   You shall not commit adultery.
    7.   You shall not steal.
    8.   You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    9.   You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.
    10.   You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.
  7. Pray A Prayer of Thanksgiving then read the Daily Message for the day.






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August 4, 2003
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