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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

September 9, 2006

September 10th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 1 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for September 10th are Sorrowful.


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September 10 - 13, 2006

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September 9, 2006 - 8:30am

Messenger:    Teach me Your way Lord —

                     Though I walk in the valley of darkness
                        I feel Your hand always —
                        the white heat of His love in my heart —
                        I seek for understanding and there
                        was none for I went to Him ever
                        deeper —

                      In the fear I committed myself deeper
                        to His mission for He stood before
                        me and I saw Him hanging on the
                        cross and I said yes my God —
                        but I feel the anguish of this

                        Yes my God for all I have that
                        gives me peace is Thy will —

                     Oh Lord impart to the earth the comfort of
                        Your love as they never experienced it
                        before —

                    In the suffering You have granted to us let
                        us soar to Your arms knowing only
                        in Thee is our refuge —
                        put aside our imperfect way and
                        focus on the souls You gave Your live

                    One moment — You can change our burdened
                        hearts with Your grace and let us
                        see the sun rise with eyes of
                        faith and real love as You want
                        us to have. A purer love for
                        ourselves, our friends, family
                        a purer love for all Your precious souls —

                    Oh Savior come unto me and fill me with the
                        love only You can give —
                        Life here is a testing ground sometimes —
                        like going to school and after two
                        weeks the test on Chapter 1, go to
                        school after two weeks the test on
                        chapter 2.

                    My heart was made for Thee —
                        I have touched the sweetness of Your love —
                        I have cried for the souls in sin and not
                            knowing You —

                        I have reached high and prayed for
                            grace and mercy for the human
                                race —

                    I have carried a cross of suffering looking
                        for an end and realizing in this I see Your
                        bloodied face and knew in this vision
                        the resurrection soon will follow —

                    Oh sweet arms of the Savior —
                        if I but give You my hand
                            and give You my heart
                            and give You all my attempts to
                            follow Your plan —
                            have mercy on me a sinner for
                                I have cried too long my anguish
                                when indeed the light was
                                hidden behind my tears
                                of remorse —

                    I know Your grace, I know Your
                        suffering —

                    I know Your love,

                    I know Your heart ache in the garden
                        for the souls that reject You today —

                    I know the whipping You received
                        having meditated on the rosary
                        hearing Your blows — knowing
                        You endured for our sins —

                    But oh precious Jesus — this is the story
                        God - Made - Man


          Death                                          Resurrection



          Death                                          Resurrection



          Death                                          Resurrection



September 9, 2006 message continues

Messenger:    For the poor banished children of Eve
                        with all their imperfections —
                        He gives to us the fountain of

                        The pouring out of His grace through
                        the sacraments.


                        Love —

                        Union - when you wish to run away
                            and hide

                        Oneness —

                        How do the relationships we have
                            operate in the way God desires

                        We are all imperfect and in need of
                            renewal —
                            the tears hide the light —
                            the darkness gives way to light —
                            the sun pushes away a black velvet night —
                            star studded though it may be —
                            nothing compares to the light of the
                                sun —

                        In putting out the Newsletter we depend
                            on you for your prayers and support —
                            shifting like a woman putting on
                            a tight dress —
                            shifting this to move that to work
                            with this,
                            but if the prayer power is not there
                                when the shift is necessary we
                                are wanting for the smoothness
                                of the sun lit day.

                        We need our donors.
                        We need your help.
                        We are all in this together — praying, forgiving,
                            loving, crying, smiling —
                            but by ourselves — we can't do it.

                        I have looked into the face of Jesus and said
                            you mean this and
                            He didn't have to speak —
                            I saw the crucifix and I knew —

                            He came to show us —
                            The Divine God came and died on
                                a cross to show us —

                            In the death - there is the resurrection
                            Light in darkness.
                            Peace and joy in suffering

                        Grasping the grass in clenched fist and
                            saying this is difficult, but this
                            is what You want so I will change
                            my heart and my ways —

                            the difficult can be made easy if
                                my desire is to do His will at
                                all costs —

                         If I see Him suffering I know the
                            price He paid —

                        I can be on the fence and slipping off
                            if my heart isn't right —
                            always looking for my own
                                little plan, when His is
                                always before me and in it lies my peace —

                        Death - Resurrection —

                        Oh Divine God impart to me a desire to
                            give my heart to Your holy will
                            without attachments that are
                            unnecessary and hurt us all —
                            Help me to purely give and I beg for
                            the grace to love — to see with Your
                            eyes what You want me to see —
                            not to be naive but to be
                            a seeker of love and goodness.

                            Help me to silence my negative tapes
                                once and for all — the ones I play that
                                keep me stuck in the dark night when
                                I could sail in a sunlit morning.

Jesus speaks:       Oh child harken to Me — be empowered —
                                Love, Love, Love - Love — let go of
                                attachments wanting your own pleasure comfort —
                                seek first the Kingdom of God and come
                                to My Heart for your love!!

Messenger:              Help me not to be self-focused,
                            but other focused —


Prayer for Union with Jesus

    Come to me, Lord, and possess my soul. Come into my heart and permeate my soul. Help me to sit in silence with You and let You work in my heart.

    I am Yours to possess. I am Yours to use. I want to be selfless and only exist in You. Help me to spoon out all that is me and be an empty vessel ready to be filled by You. Help me to die to myself and live only for You. Use me as You will. Let me never draw my attention back to myself. I only want to operate as You do, dwelling within me.

    I am Yours, Lord. I want to have my life in You. I want to do the will of the Father. Give me the strength to put aside the world and let You operate my very being. Help me to act as You desire. Strengthen me against the distractions of the devil to take me from Your work.

    When I worry, I have taken my focus off of You and placed it on myself. Help me not to give in to the promptings of others to change what in my heart You are making very clear to me. I worship You, I adore You and I love You. Come and dwell in me now.

-God's Blue Book, January 17, 1994


September 9, 2006 message continues

Messenger:      NOT SELF - FOCUSED

                                OTHER FOCUSED

                        LIKE CHRIST

                        CHRIST - LIKE

 Messenger:         You need to work through suffering
                        in your heart, some suffering like
                        a loss of a loved one can wound
                        our heart and we do not even realize
                        we are still suffering that loss
                        long after they are gone, people we
                        love who are in our hearts, are
                        part of our lives now. Fathers and
                        mothers that died whether they helped
                        us a lot or not - gave us life. We may
                        have been taught and the school
                        of suffering, but we could have
                        learned valuable lessons for our
                        spiritual journey. Christ carrying
                        the cross should teach us a big
                        lesson on how suffering is

                            I am learning how we learn in
                        frustration and suffering — the approach
                        of the world can be — run from the problems
                        and people that caused suffering and yet
                        Christ came and suffered and died to
                        help the relationship between
                        God and man —

                        Christ paid a price in loving us
                            the way He did — He wants us to
                            have relationships that are
                            worked on.

                            When a plant is to grow — it is
                        pruned, cut back —

                            When we need to grow we may
                        need to be pruned —

                            In suffering there can be great growth —
We always are working for greater perfection
                        to be more deeply united.

                            Father, mold me —

                            You are the potter

                            I am the clay.


Messenger:    What I learn every
                            day, is I have a lot
                            to learn on this
                            spiritual journey.

                      Dealing with others teaches
                            me how to be like
Being other focused
                            Not self-focused —

                      But doing God's will —

                      Compassion, but
                      not doing more than
                      is God's will for us —

                      Praying all through the day
                        Infant of Prague Novena

Novena to the Infant of Prague
(to be prayed hourly if possible)

          O Jesus, who said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you," through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted. 

          O Jesus, who said, "All that you ask of the Father in My Name He will grant you," through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Your Father in Your Name that my prayer be granted. 

          O Jesus, who said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word shall not pass," through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted.


September 9, 2006 message continues

Messenger:       We pray every half hour
                        many days —

                      It takes time, but it helps
                        bring down grace so
                        things work out.

February 27, 1997

Rita Ring
After the Death, There is the Resurrection

My love affair is with You, my crucified Lord. I kiss Your cross and caress You tenderly. I smoother You with kisses and I know Your love.

This is love - to kiss the cross of Christ. I cursed the darkness and the light came across the sky, ever so gently as if it grew in intensity to a bright brilliant shade of glistening light. And in this I beheld my Beloved. I saw His glory in the wonders of the earth and I embraced Him, the divine, all-powerful, all Almighty Lord!

He took away those things I was attached to. I held on with a gripping hand. Oh, I cried out in pain and I heard the words in my heart: beyond the surrender is the real gift.

Is it not after the death there is the resurrection, after the dying, there is the glory?

Oh, my Divine Lord, I feel as if my eyes have crusted over. I laid down on the floor and pounded my fists to the earth. I did not see the miracle in the grass that touched my hand. I did not see the power and the might behind the work of endless beauty. A blade of grass, you say? Oh, yes indeed, for it lives and is not life the real miracle? For I am not a rock, but a living creature, created in the image and likeness of God and oh, you say, how much do you share in the life of the Divine Being? And I say, "I share through Baptism. He, God, gives me a sharing in His divine life!"

I pounded the earth and I cursed the darkness. I scoffed and I complained and beyond the horizon the sun slowly stole across the sky and the light appeared in glistening glory. The darkness was black and the night was cold. I heard the clamor of fear in my heart. I felt like screaming in that night and oh, I beheld the crucified Lord. He spoke no words to me, the Holy Spirit filled my heart with light and I saw the glory. I saw the resurrection, not with my earthly eyes, but with the awakening of a joyous heart within.

I saw the glorified wounds, the wounds once covered with blood, inflamed and red, gushing with deep, red blood. I saw the glistening wounds in the hands and feet and I knew behind His robe was the most tender of all wounds, the piercing wound to His side. It was there, the pierced wound of His most precious Heart. It was the wound of glory, from which His divine life would pour forth to a hungry Church. It would rain and fall as gently as the new fallen snow. It would go across the sky like the light and the souls would be transformed into the whitest light. The graced soul, oh, the glory of this soul, the soul that is filled with His divine life!

Oh, need I say more, my Lord? I see the life in a blade of grass. I see the tiniest potato bug with its dots and beauty and I behold the face of God. I behold life, His life, alive in us and in the world.

Well, the night was black, as black as black could be and the cold pierced my bones. I felt its chill go through my entire body and I wanted to scream and it happened--He gave me an outpouring of His life in my soul and my darkness was truly turned to light, another light, not the light of the eyes, a light of knowing God, the joy of beholding His heavenly embrace, the great illumination of another mystery. Oh, sweet gifts He gives when He gives me new knowledge of Himself. Sweet gifts He gives when, in an instant, I pray my rosary and the Holy Spirit fills my heart with lights and the mystery lights up and I know, I just know and I experience a great insight into God.

This is the reason for this letter, for I laid in my bed and I wanted to cry and I was deeply afraid for the devils pressed in as rocks poking at me and hurting my precious skin. I laid in bed and I went into the womb of my Mother and I asked for the Holy Spirit to flood me with His light and it came. I speak His words to you, they are the words He gives: death-resurrection, darkness-light, sorrow-joy, suffering and pain, but oh, the joy of His light, the joy of His glory, the sacrifice I offer to Him that He turns into blessings and I experience His glory. It is in the death there is the resurrection. It is in the anguishing days of lent we come to the glory of Easter.

So, my dear brothers, I walk the road to Calvary. I mount the cross and I die. I offer sacrifice and in the morning when the night is done I see the glory of the resurrection. I experience His joy in my heart.

So I went to bed and went into the womb of my Mother and the Holy Spirit flooded me with light and I united deeply to my precious Jesus on the cross. I knew Him and His love. I reminisced on all the places of deepest intimacy I had shared with Him and my heart burned. I wanted Him so close and I loved Him so much. I cried out, "I love You, I love You, I love You." In that moment I knew and wanted only Him. He had removed my bonds and set me free to be engulfed by His divine love. I then knew Him as never before, the most Holy One, in this union with Jesus.

I felt my great love for God the Father. I have been experiencing my littleness as a child and knowing my Father, seeing myself real little and knowing my Father and wanting, as a little child, to please Him. Then tonight I realized more His Fatherly love. I see myself depending on Him, needing Him, crying to Him, loving Him and then I realized His power and might and love coming to me.

So I knew in an instant. He just gives you a light and you know, you experience--I knew, I experienced the Trinity. I loved Them, all three Persons, so much and I loved Them as one, my heart, being consumed with the presence of God and sharing the love of each Person--love beyond all love, and I stopped to be in this embrace, wanting it to never end, for in this embrace I felt peace, a peace I had not felt before, so different from the days that proceeded this moment, the days of suffering and trial.

I mounted the cross. I felt the nails press deeply into my hands and feet. I felt the crown of thorns on my head. I said to Him, "Oh, why, my God, if You love me, do You make it so hard?"

And then I saw Him on the cross. I saw His mouth with blood running from the corner of it. I saw the body of a man, close to death. I saw His wounds, blistery and red, pouring out His precious blood. I saw the hollowness of His cheeks and the exhaustion of a body ready to expire in death. I saw the anguishing Lord who came to show us His way. His way is death and resurrection. His way is pain and glory. His way is the way to eternal life.

        end of February 27, 1997



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