Instructions to download The Story of the Crucifix Video:

    Our videos can be played using the RealPlayer 8 Basic program.  The player program can be downloaded free of charge.  You need this program to play the movie.  Please download this program before the movie.

click here to download "RealPlayer 8 Basic" for free

    If you have a fast Internet connection which can sustain more than 48 kbps, you can click on the movie and watch it right away. You can determine your connection speed by watching when you log into the Internet or by double clicking on the two little computer screens at the bottom right hand corner of the screen by the time display. Then click "OK" after noting the "Connected at" number.

    If the movie keeps stopping and buffering, your Internet connection is working less than 48 kbps on average.  In this situation, it works best if you right mouse button click on the movie and use the "Save Target As..." selection to save the movie to your hard drive.  This will allow uninterrupted viewing of the movie.  In this case, you do not need to stay at the computer while the RealPlayer 8 Basic program or our movie is downloading.  Once the movie is downloaded, start the RealPlayer, then open the movie.   Once you have the movie saved on your hard drive, you can play it over and over with no wait to interested friends or family members.  You could also make a CD of the movie to pass onto friends.

click here to download The Story of the Crucifix video (15 MB)

Please contact us to obtain a copy of these videos if your are interested. The quality of the real VHS videos is great. We operate on donations.