Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

You Know Not the Day or the Hour

God's Blue Book III Cover

June 1, 1994

Whatever you do, be of a clean heart. Do not be bound up in your heart. Let go of hate and anger. Free yourself of such chains. Anger tears at your heart and makes you glum. Be at peace. Have a heart of joy. My life I give to you. You are set on fire with the love of the one, triune God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Shout it from the housetops, raise the roofs, declare it on the streets. Jesus is Lord. He has died and He is risen for love of you, child. You are this loved and what awaits you is My home in heaven.

Be clean in your heart. Love God, love one another. The time is near, the place is set. You will be caught unawares. All that will sustain you is your relationship with God. Be ready, be watchful. You know not the day or the hour. By your love you will inherit My kingdom. Love all, old and young, black and white, burdened and happy. Your job is to spread the Good News. No earthly treasures will sustain you. You must stay close to God and follow His commandments. For I cried out to you and you were deaf. I sent My Spirit into your midst to give you vision and hearing. He filled you with such gifts you could scarcely speak and, where you were deaf and blind, you could see and hear. The Spirit imparts to you My vision. Pray with your hearts open. Beg for His gifts. Where you were blind, you now see. Alleluia. Alleluia.

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