Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Let Your Light Shine in the Darkness

June 7, 1994

My sweet one, you know I am here. Do you not feel such presence with you? I am your beloved Jesus, clothed in white and by your side. I come, I dwell in your heart. My love for you I pour into your heart. I love you so, My sweet child. Be open, for great things are to come. You will see as you never saw before. Where you were blind you now see. You feel such presence for I truly surround you. I am Jesus, your Precious One, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, come to be close to you, child.

Fear not, for I am with you. You have done as I requested. Dismiss your fears and be about My loving. You will see. Where you were blind, now you see. Oh, blessed of My Father, that you could behold such love poured out into your soul. Such yearning and longing I have for each soul. I want them to know of My love. Hold not back. It is through your recognition of My love for you that you will preach My love for all. My Heart is on fire, on fire! Preach this. Do not be afraid. My presence surrounds you. My love I give you. You are My beloved one.

R. And there was light and the light shown brightest in the darkness. The nights were illuminated by the fire of this love, poured forth into the hearts of those who believed in Him Who is abundantly present to all.

Jesus: Call out in a loud voice. Proclaim My words to the people. Stop at nothing to spread My glorious love. The glory is won in heaven. You are My messenger. You live not for this world, only to draw your brothers to My love, poured out in such abundance in the Eucharist. Come, My beloved ones, partake in My Body, given just for you. My life I give to you. Why are you so blind? Why do you hold on to such uselessness when I am truly present here this very day to you in such significance? My presence I make known to you. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. My love I pour out to you with such abundance. My Heart burns for you, My precious ones. Come to Me, let Me hold you in My Most Sacred Heart.

For you come and I am your God. I give you My life. Come, flock to My altar. Know that I, the one, triune God, am here this day and I await you with open arms to caress you. I love you so, My precious one. What do I do to tell you more?

Circulate this letter, give this message to all. Time is short. Souls are at stake and I am truly in your midst, your beloved Jesus. I wait. I long. I want you to come and share My love for I am Jesus Christ, your beloved One. Come, come, come to Me. Lead all to My Sacred Heart. Nothing has any reference except as it pertains to God. Give your brothers the gift of My words given directly to you.

I love you. I love you. I love them so!

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