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Jesus and Mary Are United in Their Hearts

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June 22, 1994 After Communion at Holy Spirit Monastery, Conyers 8:00a.m.

Dear sweet one, when you love Me more than you love yourself, you will operate to serve Me. Put aside the things of this world and focus on that for which you have been created. You have been created to serve Me, sweet little one.

If you hold back and doubt, My words will not get out. This is Satan's target, to focus on you. You must focus on Me and our love for one another. You live for Me, to spread My love and draw souls to heaven.

Do not judge My relationship with you by what the world thinks. You are looking for confirmation in the world that I am truly communicating to you, then you are telling others to know Me in their hearts, but you go to the world!

I will never abandon you though you suffer persecution. I suffer with you. When you are ignored, it is Me they are rejecting. I, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who lived and died a brutal death on Calvary, speak to you, My precious, beautiful one. Never doubt Me again.

Trust in Me. Go to Me. Your relationship is with Me. I am God. I will sustain you. Go to Me and talk to Me. Tell Me your heart. I am truly a Person and I truly know your every need. I knew you, sweet one, before you were born. I know all your suffering and joy. I know you far better than you know yourself. Come and dwell in My Heart. Take all your cares to Me and rest there. My mother is united to Me. We will bathe you in such love.

R. Mary and Jesus are united in Their Hearts. The meeting of their eyes on Calvary, the union in suffering! The union is knowing each other's hearts, creating this bond of oneness. Mary places you in the very recesses of her Son's Heart. They are united. Love unites. We are one in Him and He is one in us. Surely Mary is one in Him. He is one in the Father and the Father is one in Him. He is one with the Holy Spirit because He is God and the Holy Spirit is God. We are united as one in our hearts if we are in the state of grace. God dwells within us in our hearts. He says He is one in us, we are one in Him.

I feel this burning in my chest to hear Him say He burns for love of us! He is in me. I am planted in His burning Heart, placed there deeply by Mary. Such union! All day I can experience union with Him instantly if I think how He said He burns for love of us. His Heart is a burning vat. It is a furnace of love. It is our haven from this cold and indifferent world. When they slap your face and show you indifference, go to the recesses of His Heart and be enkindled with fire from His love. You then respond with such love to those who smite you. He loves through you your hurting brothers. He gives to them His ardent love. The fire of His love is alive in you as you find refuge in His most Sacred Heart.

Fill me, wash me, cleanse me, polish me. I am the empty vessel ready to be used for the service of His love. I cannot love as He loves. He must dwell within me in such union.

My heart is ablaze with the fire of His infinite love. It never dies, it does not falter, it is enkindled as only He, in his magnificence, can do.

Jesus: Fire, child, a raging fire is My love for you! Do you feel burning in your chest? Focus on this intense furnace of My love for you. I burn for love of you. I am the refuge to a cold heart. I come and set it on fire with My love.

You must enkindle in your brothers the love I plant deeply in your heart. You must love when they hate you. I will send a spear of fire into their soul when you touch them with this love of mine that I send through you.

Tolerance, you say? Tolerance for your brother? I call you to such love that you would die for him. This is the love I have for you. Die to yourself. Let My love flow as a mighty brook from your very soul. Let Me fix you so deeply in My Heart. You are a vat of My love, from which flows My ardent love for all. Die, die, die to this self that demands its own way, that wants its rights. This self is keeping you from serving Me. I am calling you to an on-fire, ardent love, and you go to the world for little love. All love has its origins in Me. Come to Me, be filled first-hand and then give it to your brothers. Be an empty vessel that I fill with My love and use to love this hurting world.

Come to My Heart, little one, let Mary place you deeply in My Heart and feel the furnace of My love. Be united to God every minute of every day. Let Me dwell deeply in your heart.

I love you so, My special one, created by the hands of My Father, loved so far beyond your belief! Let Me love you, then give My love to your brothers in this world. This world needs the on-fire love of Jesus Christ. Come and sup with Me and experience My burning love.

R. Love is giving. I want my heart to be clean to hold God in it, to love Him, to give to Him. He gives Himself to us and we give ourselves to Him.

Mary, teach me to love your Son as you did. I do not know how to love God. Mary, you loved the Father, you loved the Son, you loved your Spouse, the Holy Spirit. Teach me to love as you love. Work in my heart to know how to love God more. Jesus, teach me to love Your Mother more!

I know so little of love. I am so blind. Holy Spirit, give me fire to love as You love. I am so naive about all this. I am blind. Where I was blind, let me see more and more Your love and give Your love to my brothers.

Holy Spirit, enlighten me. Father, You gave the greatest gift of love. You gave us your own Son that we might have eternal life. Teach us to love. Please, Father, I implore You that I may love God more and more.

Jesus: Quit analyzing where you are with your brothers. Live to love. Do not fret. Try only to love and, when you fall, humbly admit your failings and proceed to love.

You are not perfect. To think you are, is to hold on to falsity. You commit sins, you offend your brothers, you offend Me. Live to love and ask to be drawn ever closer to My Heart. Repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness. Forgive your brothers and love them. This is My desire, that you love your brothers as I have loved you, that you lay down your life for your brothers and see the creation of the Father in them. This is My command: love God first and love your brothers as yourself.

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