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Promote My Love

God's Blue Book III Cover

June 22, 1994

Dear child, this is the message. Let Me write to you and teach you this lesson for all My people.

Time is so short and I must tell you to reach as many souls as possible. Do not give in to Satan in any way to stop you. Listen in your heart and do as I tell you in everything. Today is the Age of the Two Hearts. Consecrate yourselves to My Heart and that of My Mother. My Mother is here to lead you to such union with Me. She is calling you to do this work. Do not focus on what you say or don't say. Make yourself selfless and exist for love of Me and to save souls.

I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Do as you are instructed and pray, pray to help you in everything. Do not listen to Satan to tell you to hold back.

Promote My love. This is your mission, first and foremost, above all other things you do. Promote My love. Do not explain problems. You will have them. People do not want to relinquish their free wills. You live to promote My love. You love to draw souls to My kingdom. This is your call. Live in Me.

I am Jesus. I have spoken. Amen.

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