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I Love You-You Love Your Brothers

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April 3, 1994 Easter Sunday

My child, calm yourself. Live only for love of Me. Live for Me and Me alone. You love Me and I love you. Your love for others will flow from your love for Me. I sustain you. I give you everything you need. Your life is but a breath here. Do not ever focus on it. Remain selfless. Rid yourself constantly of self and operate only to know, love and serve Me.

I am Jesus, the Son of God. Oh, little one, such love I have for you. Do you even know? This is not a myth. This is real. I am real. The unseen world is real. It is your faith that will sustain you. I am Jesus, the Son of God, Rita. God is talking to you. You have a job to do for all My beloved ones. I love them so. I want you to tell them of My deep and ardent love. Surrender yourself into the arms of Him Who sustains you. I catch you. I cuddle you and you, child are not suspended in mid-air. You are held tight by the hands of God. I showed you the way, child. I let go on the cross. Life comes only in this surrendering. I let go, I died that I might rise again on Easter! You die to yourself that you will live in My love. You will rise victorious in the love of Jesus. Oh, child, I am so real and I love you. What can I do to tell you how I do love you!

Live in My love. Do not judge. Do not spend idle time making yourself better than your brother. Think only of Me and how I love you. You have your job: (1) to love Me with all your heart and (2) to love your brother as yourself. Do not look on your brother with anything but love. How freeing! Love finds a way! Where hate keep you tied to yourselves, loving one and all frees you. Love Me. Love your brothers. They are responsible for their lives. You are responsible for your life.

Your job is to love. I call you, My little ones, to love of Me and love of one another. You will answer according to how you loved. You will not be judged on the amount of money you made, on your worldly possessions, on your clean rugs, on your affairs in order. You will answer for how you loved Me and loved your fellow men. You cannot love and remain selfish. Love gives to the other, love is rendering, love in no way demands itself.

The world tells you to think of yourself, give yourself pleasure, marry for your self-fulfillment, look out for yourself. The world is focused on self. I tell you that you will be judged on how you loved. Love gives of self. Love is rendering. Love does not demand its way. Love gives to the other. How can marriage work when people are living for themselves. You cannot love and be selfish at the same time. Love does not demand its own way. Love does not seek itself. Love is as I showed you when I died on the cross. I gave My all for love of you, in total surrender.

I call you, little ones, to this love. You say, "Oh, is this what you demand?" I say, "Unless you die to yourself, you will not have My life within you." Love never demands its own way. I call you to love of God, love of one another! I showed you the way. I give you all you need to follow My way. You must give Me your life. When you become selfless, you are filled by the love and life of Christ.

The life I give is a power so mighty it cannot be contained. It is emitted from your being. You love and live in Me in your being when you strip yourself of yourself.

I ask you now to surrender your thoughts, thoughts that constantly go on in your head to make you better than your brothers! Focus on Me and how I love you. Focus on how I am truly alive this day and in your midst and I want to dwell in you in love. Focus on Me. Rid yourself of yourself. Look at every person with love. Do not look with any competition or making yourself better than them. You have your job to do, they have theirs. You are all uniquely created.

Each person is perfect and loved dearly by Me. I love your brothers with My Sacred Heart. Love them as I do. I love you in all your weaknesses, in all your flaws. I love you dearly. I do not count your sins. I love you with an ardent love. I love your brothers. I, God, love all your brothers the way I love you.

Who are you to look on your brother with thoughts of "he is wrong, I am right"? You are loved so immensely by Me and My Father and the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Lady. You are surrounded by this love! You need not the approval or love of your brother. You need to give love to them! You can do this when you come and sit with Me in front of the tabernacle and after communion. You can do this when you surrender yourselves and live only for love of Me and love of them.

You are learning, child. Loving one another is freeing. You are not attached. You are free. You are not attached to your brother and how he responds to you. You love only from the love of God. You are attached to My love and My love never flickers or goes away. My love is always there. I am madly in love with you. Forgive your brother when he is cruel. Love him as I do. Come to Me for your love. I have all you need. Oh, child, you are being taught mighty lessons. The ways of God are so simple, but they are the only way. When you free yourself of your attachments to how others treat you, you will know such mental freedom.

You preach My lessons of love in how you model yourself after Me. Love the unloving and preach the message of love. You are My heart in the cold world. I am your lover. You can love because I have loved you first. I love you with a Heart on fire! Come and let Me give you this love this very day! You will love your brothers if you focus on Me. My way is the only way. My way is love!

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