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Turn Your Thoughts to Love

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 30, 1994 After Mass

R. I felt His presence, saw Him plainly in my heart, wearing a white tunic, standing by the tabernacle. He was truly present. I saw His beautiful, brown hair and gentle face. He waits for you, little ones. He is waiting for you to come and share yourself with Him, to just sit and be with Him Who loves you dearly and Whom you love. Feel the warmth in your chest, for He, the Son of God, truly stands here waiting for you. He is present. See Him waiting for you.

Jesus: Do you love Me as I have loved you? Are you willing to lay down your life for Me? Would you give your life rather than deny Me or put anything before Me? I call you to holiness. I call you to follow Me, the Master. I loved you to My death. Do you love Me first, that you would die for love of Me? Do you love your brothers as I have loved you? Would you die for your brothers because I ask you to love them this way?

You do not know how to love. I tell you, but you do not listen because you do not want to love as I have loved you. Loving as I have loved is not easy. It is simple but difficult. I love you this way this day. Love, My children. Love is the answer. Love is nothing as the world preaches. Look at Me dying on the cross. I teach you how to love. I held not back one thing for love of you.

Do you want to love? Study Me and My Passion. Carry the crucifix by your side. Look at Me. I teach you how to love.

You preach My love in your very being. Are you preaching My giving love to all your brothers? I am Love. Follow My way. Love as I showed you how to love.

I am Jesus. Love, love, love. Do not have unloving thoughts. Take your thoughts and turn them to love, love of God, love of one another. I love you, My dear ones. I love you. I remain in the tabernacle. Come and be with Me, My ardently loved ones.

I never ever leave your side. Let go, little one. You are on a pilgrimage in My world and I am the leader. I care for you with such love. You have no fears. I never leave you unattended. I guard you. I watch you. I live in you and you carry My love to this world. Say the Prayer for Union with Me.

Surrender to Me. The devil will really work on you in your tiredness and in your efforts now to spread your experiences there. I go with you. My Lady is by your side. You are being led and watched by God-Father, Son, Holy Spirit-and the Blessed Mother, angels and saints. Fear not, child, this is a fact. You must trust and have faith in the God Who loves you. I am your God. I love you, My little baby. Let Me care for you with such love.

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