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Love God, Love One Another

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 1, 1994 6:00a.m.

Where do My children go in their busy lives? People are so hard in the face. They are irritable, they push around so quickly. Where are they going? There is no peace in their faces, in their hearts, in their lives. Where do they go? What are they doing? In one second I could snatch their life and it is over!

How did you love? Nothing matters except how you loved Me and loved your brother. I call you to love of him, yet you treat him so cold. You tell your brother to get out of your way and you move stone-jawed ahead. You are in a hurry.

Think of an anxious bird. "Oh, how silly," you say. "A bird that is hurried and has to move quickly ahead?" "Oh, so silly," you say? You are just as silly with your anxiousness. I tend to the birds of the air. I tend to much more. I tend to you, My beloved ones.

I call you to love. I call you to kindness. I call you to be Christ-like. What is your gauge for living? Do you live to please Me or live to please yourself? Is your self ever satisfied? Does it say, "Now I feel good"? The self searches for that which only I can provide. The soul of each person craves the love of God. Without God in your heart there is misery. Your degree of happiness is proportional only to how you love God and your neighbor.

Seeking the self is misery. The self is never satisfied. It wants more and more and is satisfied less and less. Where are you going in your busy lives? How did you love? How did you love God and love your brothers?

Are you miserable? The world leaves you hard and empty. The world leaves you in a state of misery, of want for more, but never having enough. The world begs you to satisfy yourself and robs you of the love of God. I call you to selflessness. The world demands selfishness.

Oh, My precious ones, as quick as a summer rain I come and call your soul home to Me. My way is the way of love. When I call, will you have stored up treasures of love for Me and your brothers or will you have an empty heart?

I fill your heart with love. Only I can give you the love you seek. You search, you wander, you roam, while I wait here for you with an endless source of love and peace and joy. I fill your heart to the brim. The world robs you of your joy. It makes you self-seeking and you never find any joy there.

I am the Way. I am the Truth. I am the Life. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God, and I come to you this day with such love. Will you come and get your supplies? You are My soldiers in an empty world. You are the hearts full of the love of God. You will minister to My hurting ones for Me. You are My love given to your brothers. Will you answer My call to you to be a soldier in My army? Nothing you do here matters if it is not rooted in love. I am God and I am Love. I am the source of your joy. Come to Me, My babies. I give you all you need. I give you peace, joy and love.

I fill the aching heart and it operates in this world with love. Look at your stiff-necked brothers. See their pain. It is your love for them that will reflect the God within your soul. Oh, they know you are Christians by your love. Be Christ-like. Dismiss all hate and anger of your brother. Let your hearts be so pure, so full of My love! Come to Me. I wait for you, My loved ones. I await you in the tabernacle. I await you in the Holy Eucharist. Wherever you go, I go by your side. I am your God and I have loved you to My death. Will you love your brothers this way for Me.

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