Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

December 31, 1998

The Devil Attacks Emotions

Messenger: On October 5, 1992, I said to Jesus, "If You were to write a book, what would You say to the world? Use my hand and write Your book for the world."

I received a long response from Jesus. He spoke of the light and dark side of people. He spoke of people in the dark side not feeling they have enough. He told me there is enough to get along.

I write to you today from my bedroom at 5:30 a.m. as He dictates to me.

Jesus speaks: My child,
The devil attacks the emotions. He creates a case within your mind that you have been violated and unloved. You begin to cry, you begin to feel divided. My way is love, unity, oneness. I ask you to observe the last time you were very upset and began to have problems with those you loved.

What were the thoughts going through your head? "I do not feel connected to anyone, I do not feel loved." "This person has done this so many times and I need to feel connected." My child, you may have real problems with persons who distance themselves from you in your life, but when you are feeling that way with your significant others and your children, many times it is Satan trying to work on your emotions and cause division. If you come to Me and go to My Heart you will be refreshed. If you realize the love of God the Father for you to give His only Son, and the love of your beloved Spouse Jesus to give you Himself on the cross and in the Eucharist, and the love of the Holy Spirit and your beloved Mother and all the saints, you will soon feel filled up.

You need to give love. Satan comes and tries to divide your hearts. Many times one comes from a dark side and abuses or mistreats through foul language. It is a set-up to get you focused on yourselves and run you down. I have allowed you to undergo tremendous testing. You are under attack emotionally from the evil one. You must step back when feeling neglected and ignored and ask yourself, "Does this person really love me? What is the person doing for me that I have not recognized? How have I built up that person by my loving ways? Have I acted like a little child needing love? Is the person tired and weary from loving me and is Satan creating a spiraling pattern that is dragging us both down?" My children, I have chosen you and I love you. There will be great emotional attacks from Satan used to divide your hearts from those you love. You must pray to the Holy Spirit to help you to build up the body. You are under attack from the evil one who wants you stopped, all of you, My beloved shepherds. There is enough to go around. You are being loved, even by those who do it so imperfectly. How many good days have you partially wasted wanting everything your way, when a good day could have been had doing it the other's way? You are rigid and you miss the great love given. You see things your own way, you want love given to you and when it is given, you then question rather than accept it and thank God for the gift He gives you. I give you love through one another. When you are hearing in your head, "No one loves me and I haven't received enough love," when you want to pick a fight with someone you love, distance yourself and pray for grace. You must write down your feelings to Me. Do not run your poor brother into the ground when Satan is attacking you. Many times it will be an attack from Satan trying to ruin your day, your prayers, your precious time. Only My grace can help you withstand the crippling, paralyzing attacks of Satan. He wants to destroy your most treasured love relationships. He wants to divide your hearts. He will work on your emotions. When you are creating a case against your loved ones, stop, look at them, see their furrowed brow and their struggle to love you and give to you and ask yourself, "Do I love them? What have I done to build them up?" Love gives. Ask God to fill you when you are feeling there isn't any love for yourself. My child, if you only knew the love I have for you and how dearly the Father and the Holy Spirit and your Mother loves you!

Yes, My child, satanic attacks are real. The serpent, the evil one, comes to attack loving hearts through unmet needs of the past. You cannot give in to his hatred to try to divide you. When you are loving and at peace one moment and the next moment you are angry with your brother because of a thought in your head, you can figure out who whispered that dividing thought in your head. Don't divide from your loved ones. See their loving ways. Ask how much you truly love them. If you are married, embrace one another and share your heartfelt love with each other. Be leery, leery of a thought which changes your whole mood. First the thought, then the case against the person.

I quote from Revelation:

Revelation 12:10-12

Then I heard a voice shout from heaven, 'Salvation and power and empire for ever have been won by our God, and all authority for his Christ, now that the accuser, who accused our brothers day and night before our God, has been brought down. They have triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word to which they bore witness, because even in the face of death they did not cling to life. So let the heavens rejoice and all who live there; but for you, earth and sea, disaster is coming--because the devil has gone down to you in a rage, knowing that he has little time left.'

Jesus speaks: The devil, the ancient serpent accuses you day and night.

Be leery of your thoughts. Oh children, you must love and respect and help one another. When your brother comes and is complaining of needing love, love him, don't meet him with hatred.

Help one another by giving love to each other.

You have wasted days because of the devil's attacks. You do not have to be in control.

I love you so much,

DECEMBER 31, 1998


Jesus speaks: My child, you must not be sad because you have unveiled an imperfection in your heart. Be joyful, you cannot heal from that which you will not recognize. Many are filled with fear in their hearts that they will be abandoned or not have love. I will never abandon you, I loved you to My death on the cross. Hell is the absence of love, the presence of hate and the desire so intense to have love and know you will never possess it. When you feel divided and isolated from all around you, you can experience a foreshadowing of hell. Hell is total isolation and self hatred.

When one looks into the heart, when one finds an imperfection in the heart from dealing in deep love relationships with others, the tendency is to remain the same, to stay doing that which is comfortable. That which is comfortable to you and is an imperfection does not work in an intimate relationship. What helps to heal imperfections in intimate relationships is when both recognize the problem and want to love each other and grow out of the imperfection. Many times one must be very gentle and loving to another who experiences great pain and loss. One may have to give tremendous love while the other learns to trust more. It is in opening the hearts and realizing the imperfections and dealing with them in love that healing will take place. To cover up your imperfections and wounds is to wear a mask. Satan works in the imperfections of the people to divide them. If you do not talk about problems in intimate relationships, many times Satan continues to work and tries to tear the couple apart by playing on the imperfections. Relationship is growing hand-in-hand with one another in love. You must love. The flaws are there under the surface.

Bringing them up is not the problem.

Bringing them up can end a flaw that can be in your family for generations. You are the product of your past. You learned how to relate from imperfect parents.

Many experience fear in their hearts, the fear of exposing themselves and being rejected. Consequently, they never really show their true selves.

If you are afraid of abandonment from a young age, this fear will remain with you unless you deal with it. I can give you a great grace, but I want you to be humble and see your faults and imperfections and grow to be beautiful lovers, modeling your lives after Our Hearts. You must be true to yourselves and ask for grace to be more perfected lovers. DO NOT BE PRIDEFUL. YOU ARE NOT PERFECT.

I am Jesus. I love you.

I wish this coming year to be a year of great love in men's hearts. I wish men to let Me be the King of their hearts.

Message from Mary for New Year's Day

DECEMBER 31, 1998

A Message for Peace in Your Hearts

Mary speaks: My child, I write to you from Holy Cross-Immaculata Church where I appeared so many times. Your heart must be pure. I appeared to you from this spot 3 years ago, now I speak to you December 31, 1998, from my Church.

I love my children, you must be pure in heart. You cannot blame one another when you are hurting inside. You must live to be more pure like Our two Hearts. Do you look at every little flaw in your brother's personality and miss the big overwhelming flaws in your own? Do you think, "If I fix you, then my life will be better?" Jesus has given you many heavy crosses to carry. He did not tell His Father to remove the cross and give Him a lighter one. He obeyed the Father's will. Many never see themselves as the problem. They try to fix those around them. Your purity is found in your own heart and not in your brother's heart. You must dwell in my Heart. I am Mary, your model and your Mother. You must love those who hate you. God the Father created every child with unique talents and has given each special gifts. You must be evocative friends, bringing out the best in one another. Be encouraging. Do not expect your brother to be perfect. I still recommend that you write loving letters to one another, telling each other the feelings in your heart. But see through the eyes of my Son, Jesus. He sees the beautiful creation of the Father with all the potential. He sees the child of God. You are the light to the dark world. Jesus Christ lives in the graced soul.

I ask that my messages and the messages of my Son be circulated far and wide from my place in Florida. I beg my children to help with funds to circulate my Rosary Books. On New Years day this is my gift to you. Please show the Rosary Book, front and back cover: Rosary Meditations for Parents and Children. This book has the imprimatur and can be circulated in schools so that children will pray the rosary. It can be left in churches. Praying from this Rosary Book will lead the people into Our Hearts in deep love. These are very short rosaries, very deep with love from Our Hearts. I have waited for years for this to be out and circulated to my children. Will you help me? This is my New Year's gift to you. Please pray the rosary. Great grace is granted from God when you use these meditations from Our Hearts. You will experience Our love in your hearts. Great grace is granted during candle rosaries using these rosary meditations and any others we have given from Our Hearts. We are present at these rosaries in a special way. If you have young children, please gather them and pray the Shepherds of Christ prayers (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual) and these special rosaries at 6:30 p.m. Pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit upon your family. The family that prays together stays together. This is my Christmas gift for my world, 1998. I give it to you for the Internet January 1, 1999. This message will appear in many homes this day. Please circulate it and please help me get the Rosary Book into the hands of as many as possible. It is my gift to you, my children. We will come alive in their hearts through consecration.

Front Cover of Rosary Meditations for Parents and Children Back Cover of Rosary Meditations for Parents and Children

My messenger suffered great anguish and joy from my Lourdes Grotto at Holy Cross-Immaculata Church. On October 31, 1995, I cried out in pain for my little children. Give them my book of rosaries rather than violent games. Teach them to pray and love from their hearts.

I love you so much, I am your Mother Mary.

I do not appear as I once did, I appear on the building in Florida bringing forth my little children in anguishing pain. These rosaries will be (and some already are) recorded from my site in Florida before my image. They are recorded, many with children. They have the imprimatur. Please circulate them to school children. They are available. Call 1-888-211-3041, toll free or 1-513-932-4451. They are also available at the Florida site.

I am Mary your Mother. My children, you must pray the rosary.

Please include the message December 31, 1993, Blue Book I here.

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Don't Question God

God's Blue Book I Cover

December 31, 1993 - Early Morning

Jesus speaks: I am the way, the truth and the life. He who abides in Me will have the light of life. I am Jesus, Son of God. I am the most important thing you do every day. If you are tired, then you are focusing on the wrong things. Be ready, for your Savior awaits you and you are His messenger.

I am Jesus, Savior of the World. I am ready for you. Listen and write My words. I am the light that shines in this dark world. I come to you in the night and you know it is Me. I come in such silence and no one knows that I am surrounded by angels. No one knows so many things that you do not see. Faith is the answer for My brothers. Faith is the answer for you, for when you do not see you still believe. When there is no proof, you are still absolutely sure that I am here. This faith does not go unrewarded. Where there are no proofs, you believe in Me. Blessed are they who have not seen and yet believe.

What I reveal to you here, I do in your heart. My connectedness to you is in your heart. I do not need the senses. Man wants God to be like them. Do not ask to have God explained in human terms. This, My child, is surely in the realm of the spirit. Things of God are not like the things of man. I communicate to you as I am. Others want you to explain to them just how it is.

Your human minds do not fathom the ways of God. To ask My messenger to answer your human questions is to ask her to tell you why stars shine, why a baby is conceived in the mother. In the end there is an element of mystery which is beyond words. Don't ask her to tell you why and how she writes these letters. She writes these letters by the power I have. She writes these letters for Me. She writes these letters because I am dictating them to her for you. She sits, half asleep, and writes such clear lessons in faith. And, you My brothers, ask for explanations? I am Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. I am He Whose boot strap you are unworthy to tie, yet I make Myself so personal to you in Holy Communion. But, little ones, I am God. You cannot comprehend one little speck of My ways. Your human mind is so limited. Do not try to make sense of Me in human terms. I write these letters to bridge a gap between you and Me.

I am this personal to you, but My ways are not your ways and, though I try to make you understand some of the mystery, you cannot in your humanness explain the ways of God. Go ahead and try, child. It is a waste of your time. Do not ask My messengers for explanations that you will understand. You will not ever on this earth understand any of what is happening here. My ways are the ways of God. What is happening here is a miracle.

You ask too many questions and you, in your humanness, expect too many answers. I am the God of your Fathers. They never knew such a God. I was the same God to them and I spoke to similar people to open up Myself to them, but you have been given a great, great gift indeed in these letters. Do you question and question or do you study and become wise. Study My words and accept all I give you with faith.

Be blessed for the faith you show. Your faith will save you in this sick world. I am here, all right. I am in the Eucharist, Body and Soul. Would you like for Me to explain the real presence. How can I, in your earthly form, explain such things to you? Wake up. I give you a gift and you spend your time asking how, why, where, when. I give you this day a gift of My love for you. You will not understand the ways of God but, from these letters, I will become as real as the nose on your face. You can busy yourself asking questions and miss the miracle of My coming to you in these letters.

I come to you, you who are hungry and thirsty and you are waiting for more. To those who listened, much was imparted to them. To those who remained blind, nothing was gained. They try to explain God in human terms. I cannot be explained to your liking, My child. To do so is just silly.

I am God. I am Who Am. I am the Son of God. I am Human, but I am also Divine. You will not understand My divinity. You are a human. Be glad for what you are given. Pray for faith. So many souls will be lost for their stubbornness to have every situation explained. I will not ever be explained to you. If you do not go out on a limb, you will miss the sunset. The glories that you need to seek are to be seen at the end of the limb.

You do not know why, in your heaviness, the limb does not break. You will not understand, in your humanness, My ways. I impart to you many gifts. Do not try to explain My ways in your human ways. It is a futile task. It is impossible. It is not human. It is divine. Accept this miracle on faith and reap such a reward! God-made-man talks to you, not to the messenger. Talks to you! Do you want an explanation? You will not understand My divinity in your humanness, so quit trying and get about the job of listening to My words with your heart.

I will work in your hearts in your quiet time with Me. You do not do this work, either. The more you look for explanations with Me, the more you miss Me. My ways are a mystery. I impart such little glimpses of Myself to you. They are in your hands, to burst forth later. Now you busy yourself with the work at hand. Come in silence and make yourself selfless. I will be the giver of many gifts. If you decide what gifts I will give you, you have missed the boat entirely. I give to you as you need.

You are My babies. Babies do not tell their mothers of their needs. They wait and they are fed. They wait and they are changed. They wait and they are loved. Wait on the Lord. What you get is coming from Him Who loves you. I know all things. I know your needs. I am like the loving mother. I am God. I know your every need. Come and soak in the sunlight. Quit your questioning. Quit your asking for such things that you may never need. Turn yourself over like little babies, freshly born. They have soft little cries and are very dependent on their mothers. Come with your little cries but know that I, in the end, will give you all you need.

Don't try to control Me. I am God. Who are you to come and think you will tell God what you need. I see the whole picture and I comprehend it as God. You see as in a tunnel and think you know so much. Come and make yourself putty in My hands. Remain formless and unattached. Remain a baby. Take all I give and do not ask questions. It is in your submissiveness to Me that you grow in Me. I dwell in you and I can operate from you. In your willfulness, I cannot come in. How can God act in a soul who is in control. If you are operating, I cannot.

Oh, you have much to learn, but it is revealed in these letters how to become creatures of God. Most of your work is in submission to Me. Your biggest job is to die to yourself and live in Me. I am all powerful and I want to dwell in your breast. I want to possess your soul. I want to impart to you My love. I want to fill you to the brim with the things of God. All that is in the way of My working in you is yourself. If you hold onto self, you get yourself. To be of Me, you must let go of yourself. Come to My altar and sit silently before Me. Let Me work in your soul. Look for Me.

I give to you according to your needs. I answer you according to the things of God. I give you gifts that you never knew possible, because your mind cannot imagine the things of God. Do not limit your soul by being in charge. The soul is in the image of God and God must deal with it. To try to feed your soul humanness is useless. Only God can feed the soul. Come to Him and let Him have full reign in your hearts. Don't try to decide what you need. You don't know of the needs of a soul. God is so good and so loving and He wants to give you what you need. Surrender to Him and be open to all He wants to do in you.

Question for married couples and others in intimate relationships:

Q: How can we love each other more every day by writing these letters every day?

A letter for Married Couples for January 1, 1999 given December 31, 1998.

Mary speaks: I am Mary. I ask married couples and those in intimate relationships to join in Christ through consecration and praying with one another. I ask you to write on these questions daily, that you will be a pillar of light united in the dark world. Do not miss a day. Take this time every day, it is important to you. If you want to have intimate, loving relationships you must share the love in your hearts every day. The world is not like this. This will help guard your union in Jesus in holy love.

I am Mary your Mother.

Write every day of the New Year and pray with your children and your lives will change.

I love you, Mary.

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