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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

December 6, 2005

December 7th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 3 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for December 7th are Luminous.


Pray for Andrew who has cancer.


Retreat is December 10th - 13th.


Pray for urgent intention and all involved.


Urgent prayer is needed for another intention



December 6, 2005



From Blue Book V


November 10, 1994

An Urgent Message

Jesus speaks: Be wrapped in the arms of My loving Mother whom I love so dearly. I write here about all My love given to you, but who listens? I give to you messages of My love and they are treated so lightly. Souls will be lost for not reading these messages. I beg you to publish My letters. Every word I write to every human soul. I want them to read these letters of My intense love.

I died for you on the cross. I came, I was born a mere human. I gave My life for you. I give these letters of My intense love. I tell you, souls need these letters! They need all the letters. To hold up My letters is to deprive souls of personal love letters I write to them.

Faith, My child, I tell you to have faith. I am Jesus Christ, I am writing to My beloved souls. I beg you, I beg you, to take Me seriously. I write everyday, I tell you how to be holy, I tell you of My love. These letters will draw menís hearts to My Most Sacred Heart. Your answers of loving each other lie in these letters. My Heart is so sad for the souls that will be lost because they did not know My love.

I, Jesus Christ, write every day. My beloved ones are missing My words of love I give to them! Nothing is more important than spreading the love of God. You are operating to draw souls closer to the Sacred Heart, yet you tend to other details and hold up My letters. Are you operating to lead men to heaven? I am calling out for the holiness I teach you in these letters. You miss the golden gift I give you here.

Your answers are found in these letters. I call, I knock, I write, I beg, I am God and I am ignored. Souls will be lost if you do not spread these letters of My intense love. I teach you so sweetly how to love one another.

You cannot love each other if you do not know the intense love I have for you. The answers to My love are found to a great extent in prayer. I am truly present in My Divinity and Humanity in the Eucharist. I am alone there most of the time. Can you find one soul to be with God? What is more important than God? I am your beloved Jesus that died on the cross, no less present than the day I died and who spends one hour with Me? If you loved Me you would wait with Me, you would come with hearts full of love and anxious to be with Me.

You are missing our love affair because you are not reading My love letters. I profess day after day in every word how I love you. How it wounds My Heart to see the cold hearts of My faithful ones. Your answers are found in loving Me. I am the Sacred Heart. You are drawn closest to Me in the Blessed Sacrament, in the Eucharist. My Heart is a symbol of My intense love for you. I cry out for our love affair. Men will be drawn close to My Heart and to holiness when you circulate My love letters.

I am Jesus. I come to you with greatest love in songs and messages. I am God and I am ignored. Souls need these messages. The devil has created this confusion . You do not go to My tabernacle, you argue with one another for solutions. You try to figure your answers out and I sit with all the answers. I write these letters to you everyday and no one listens.

I want My letters of love to be circulated. I have given you four books of My love letters. I want the messages circulated. Your city will be lighted with My love when you circulate these letters given to you by Me. I am Jesus. Your answers are in holiness. My letters will lead menís hearts to such burning love for Me. Play My love songs. I love you so much!

Publish the messages on the rosary. My Mother appears, day after day, and tells you how to make the rosary alive in your life. You will not be Christ-like if you do not meditate on our lives. Our lives are your key to living Christ-like lives. If you pray the rosary as We have instructed, you will live Our lives in your lives everyday. These meditations need to circulate.

I am Jesus, I am writing to you every day. I am ignored. I beg you to light your city with the love of Jesus in your hearts. I want My books published. I will provide the funding for books three and four. Book three is your answer to your problems of loving one another. You need to circulate these messages on hate and anger and love! I ask you, I beg you, please publish all My books! Your answers lie in these books. I am Jesus. I am writing to you this day with My Heart a burning furnace of love. I show this Heart to Rita. I ask you, please to listen. I have been ignored. Your sweet ones need these messages. I love each person. I want to have a love relationship with each person.

Every word I write here is of My intense love. These messages need to be read so people realize I am writing every love letter to them. It makes Me so sad to love so much and to write these letters to My beloved ones and for them to not be circulated.

I love as I say here and much more. The insights into My life and My Motherís life, into her suffering and My suffering, are in these letters. You hold up messages of such love I pour out day after day.

I am Jesus. This is the mighty medicine. Time is so short. Your answers for your Center are in these messages. You are My city of love. I love each person with the dearest love I profess in the letters. My Mother wants all there to pray the rosary as she has instructed. I beg you to listen to My letters. These are My letters given to you. You will stay divided if you do not circulate these messages. I write every day for 10 months of My intense love and you have only circulated two letters. I beg you, I beg you, I beg you to take Me seriously. These are My letters given to you. Unless you circulate these letters of My love people will continue to be divided. They need to realize My intense love. I appeared in the grotto to show you that Jesus and Mary are united to spread My love at your Center.

I tell you, I ask you, you try to answer your questions, when your answers are found in My letters of love. Release these messages and you will have hearts on fire for love of Me. Hearts that are holy do not hate one another. Hearts that realize the love of God operate with love. I died for you. I gave you these letters today to spread My love. I beg you, beg you to publish all My letters. I am Jesus. I am writing to each soul, My precious love.

It wounds Me so, you do not believe Me. If you truly believed Me, you would read My letters and circulate them. Pray the Prayer for Union with JesusÖ in it lies the secret to your city of love.



November 11, 1994

The Life I Give You Is Myself

Jesus:  The bread of life is the Eucharist and My Word. I come to give you life that you will have it more abundantly. The life I give you is Myself. Oh, you little dumb ones, you do not like these words. What do I call you when I, Who Am God, give you Myself. I come to dwell in your hearts and be united one with you and you treat Me so lightly.

    I am the bread of life. I come that you might have life and have it abundantly and you count your silver and care for every detail of your life. Oh, child, Life is Life rooted in Me! Happiness is happiness only as you seek life in Me! Little dumb ones, bicker about My words to you and miss My life — My life given to you in the Eucharist. I come, no less present than when I walked the earth and you run from My altars to K-Mart. You do not like these words because you are blind to the true words spoken here. You will be rocked off your rockers and then you will be sorry you did not look beyond your silly blindness.

    Every word I write here, I want to be obeyed. I am telling you how to light your city with love. God speaks to you. If you do not listen, you will suffer and many souls will never know My intense love for them.

    I write, I am ignored as you go about your busy lives. I Am the bread of life — I come in the Eucharist with a Heart ablaze with My infinite love! I sit in the tabernacle. (You, at the Center, why is your church not packed?) I beg you to read these letters. I beg you to read them from your hearts. They are love letters. If your lover read you a letter, you would read it from your heart.

    I am Jesus, My Heart is a burning furnace of endless love and I wait for you in the tabernacle. My love burns for you this very day. I am He who died for you. I gave My flesh, I gave My blood, I gave every breathe in My body. Study Me in My Mother's arms under the cross, read My letters and her letters, her suffering for love of you. Oh, you little blind ones, worry about K-Mart and the rockers — you will know one boom was not enough.

    I beg you to circulate My letters. They are not Rita's letters. Why would she continue to talk when no one is listening? I am begging you to listen to Me. I am God. I profess My ardent love here, this day. Souls will suffer while you hold up these letters. I am Jesus Christ. I am the Son of God. I write every day to you. Your workers will stay divided as long as you ignore Me. My third Blue Book speaks of love of one another. No one is reading any of it, but you fight and fight and hate one another.

    My intense love is poured out in My second book. I beg you, I beg you to listen to Me. I am the Almighty God. I can rock this earth. I come sweetly, I ask gently, I wait patiently. I professed My on-fire love for you since February, it is almost a year later. What do I do to get you to listen? Do not forsake Me. I will never forsake you.   


Jesus:  My Heart is open, it is ablaze, it is on fire for love of you. Your city will shine with the love of God when you circulate My letters of Love! I beg you to take Me seriously. Faith, My little ones, Faith in He Who died for you and wants your on-fire love relationship with Me!

    I am talking to all of My beloved children at the center. I profess My love for you this day. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I Love You. Come to Me in the Eucharist.

    Every word in the message of November 11 is from Me. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I speak to you. Harken to My call. You listen not - you will lament.



Saturday November 12, 1994

I Am An Endless Ocean of Love

Messenger: I eat, breathe, and live in my every action with Jesus. I look to you and see Jesus in you.

Jesus speaks: Satan constantly talks, My child, to create division. He gets into your thoughts and tells you this person is not nice, he is a problem to you. Cast him out immediately. Do not ponder thoughts that are creating division.

Focus on My love. I am an endless ocean of love. The ocean never runs dry. It is forever flowing and plentiful for you. Look at My Heart, ablaze for you and open. My Heart is so open. You must only come in. The door is always waiting and inviting you in. Oh, child, donít feel bad. Come to Me, trust in Me, have faith in Me. I will not ever let you down. Things are not in your control. Surrender to My Heart.

You will be aware of My presence and experience intense union with Me everywhere you are. You are the slave of the Sacred Heart. Live to promote My love. I am forever with you, My beloved.

Deep love is what I long for. I long for this great love from all My precious souls. Comfort My Heart. Spend your every moment in My Heart in deepest love. Dwell within Me and I will operate within you. Do not fret, the devil is trying to stop you. You, child, have My love and I am the Almighty God. I have all the power. I am in control. I will tend to all your cares. Let go!

Do not be defensive. I am outpouring My love to you. See all the love everyone is showering on you- such acts of love given from God Himself through God- loving souls! You are not alone. The devil is trying to make you feel bowed down. I am present inside of you, outside of you, in your brothers, in the beautiful world you live in. See with the eyes that seek the presence of God. This is your secret to happiness - to seek God in all things.

Rita, I am your best friend. Come to Me now. Come in all your needs. Love is present between persons when they are hurting or happy. I am here to comfort you and sustain you in this trial and all your trials. Come and lay your head on My Heart, lay on My chest and let Me comfort you.



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