Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

February 21, 1999

Messenger: I am the spouse of my beloved Jesus. I can ask for His help and He will help me. His desires have become my desires. We are united.

Jesus speaks: Please put on the Internet the message received from your beautiful Mother last evening. I wish the world to pray the Shepherds of Christ Prayers and the rosary. Please obey your Mother.

I love you, Jesus.

February 20, 1999

Messenger: The mouth on the Lady of Fatima statue moved as she gave the following message at the 6:30 p.m. prayer time.

Mary speaks: I wish my apparition site in Florida to be called the "Rosary Factory". From this site I will distribute rosaries to the world. (Messenger: Mary says it is still to be referred to as the Virgin Mary building. The "Rosary Factory" title is to refer to this important ministry, but it does not in any way include all of the ministries of Shepherds of Christ.)

The expensive rosaries to the less expensive rosaries can be sold there at reasonable prices.

All rosaries will be available for those who come.

Rosaries of the less expensive kind will be made available for schools and classrooms.

I wish rosary makers all over the world to contribute to the completion of my Fatima mission through this ministry. This will help provide funds to maintain the building.

It will be noted that the Virgin Mary building is a rosary factory.

I ask all who can to contribute by supplying rosaries for the world.

I do not wish my apostles to be making the rosaries, I wish the people from all over the world to declare themselves as Mary's rosary helpers and help to supply rosaries to the Virgin Mary building. Shepherds of Christ apostles must do all my Son has instructed.

Through the Rosary Makers of America, I wish to draw all into this endeavor. You are all handmaids of the Lord serving Him by honoring my wishes which I gave at Fatima to pray the rosary and consecrate your hearts.

Do you see me on the Building?

Come to me and I will bless you and give you abundant graces.

My rosary makers will help support my site by supplying rosaries for the world.

Rosaries of all types will be available there.

I wish all sects to come and learn to pray the rosary.

I wish school children to come in groups and pray my Son's prayers (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual) and the rosary before my image.

I wish all to come and pray before me and my Son, Jesus, on the crucifix.

The Father will see you and be glad, for you are Our children, children of the Father and your heavenly Mother, praying as He intends for your Church and your world.

Come to my building. I appear, I appear, I appear and I am ignored. I am your Mother, how can you ignore the sign heaven gives to you, my children? I am Mary, your Mother. Will you help spread the rosary to the world? Will you be a shepherd for your God, will you pray as the Good Shepherd has instructed (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual) and also pray the rosary? Why do you think I appear? Look my children, I am smiling at you and praying with you. Will you be a rosary maker for me? I will bless the hands that make rosaries for my "Rosary Factory". I will give them great peace. I wish children in schools to help me. I wish the aged in nursing homes to help me by praying the rosary with tapes and making rosaries when possible. I wish people all over the world to pray the Shepherds of Christ Prayers (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual) and the rosary at 6:30 p.m., asking for the Holy Spirit to come in a special way.

Please do not turn away. Help me today, please help me to spread the rosary from my site in Florida.

Please help me to reach my priests with the priestly newsletter and the rosary.

Please help me to reach the elderly with these prayers (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual) and my request to pray the rosary.

Please help me to reach my children with my request to begin Junior Shepherds of Christ chapters and to pray the rosary.

Please help me, I am the Queen of Peace. I wish my site to be a Rosary Factory for the world. What can you give to help this site to do as the Mother asks--make rosaries for the children of Mary?

I am Mary your Mother. Thank you for responding to my request.

February 21, 1999

Messenger: On the morning that the wing of the building collapsed at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, March 22, 1994, I was told to deliver the message of February 20, 1994. As we sat in the big dining room with everyone, after the wing of the building collapsed, I remembered the message in my purse Jesus had asked me to deliver. The lights and water had been turned off because of the collapsed wing. I began to read the message aloud in the room.

"Look how those in Medjugorje had to give up all their attachments."

"Think of doing without water or electricity."

Here we sat in the dining room because the police told us to remain there. The water and electricity had been turned off because of the collapsed wing and I read this message from my purse at the instruction of Jesus.

To this day they do not hear Jesus speak in the messages.

Jesus wishes us to include the message of February 20, 1994, Blue Book II, here.

"Look how those in Medjugorje had to give up all their attachments."

"Think of doing without water or electricity."

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Focus Only on the Love of Jesus

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 20, 1994 6:30 a.m.

Jesus speaks: You are My beloved child. I come with such strong and ardent love. Cast away Satan who is already working to give you doubt. You must remain constantly steadfast in Me. I am a rock. I am a fortress. I never wane or bend. I am the same this moment as always. Your thoughts of Me need to be this strong. I am the rock. You base all your faith, hope and love in Me. Your mind must be in a constant state of union with Me.

This is achieved by thinking of Me, My Love, My death, and how I loved you to My death. Satan wants you bowed down and focused on your imperfections. You are human. You are not perfect. If you have been thoughtless, self-centered, unkind, if you have any impurity, think about them and ask Me to take them away. Then forget them and move on, doing My work.

Do not dwell on how you should be perfect, that you are not and are disappointing to Me. That is Satan! You are not perfect. Admit it with humility. You are a creature that thinks of yourself. Selflessness is a constant struggle. Pray for strength and help to become selfless. This is how it is achieved. You do not do it. You pray and practice discipline in yourself. You are not perfect and I love you always. I love you in your faults, just as I love you when you are good. I love you unconditionally. It is pride to think you are perfect. You are not perfect. You are constantly struggling with the ego part of you. Pray to be absorbed in My heart. Pray for union with Me. Pray to die to yourself and remain only in My love.

Your actions must always be focused on your love for Me. Constantly tell yourself, "I act only for the love of Jesus. I do this for love of Jesus. I want to do God's will. I do not want to promote myself or feed myself. I do not want to give in to selfish interests, I want to act every moment only for the love of Jesus. I act for the glory of God. I pray for this, to be selfless in God."

I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. I am all there is. When you feed yourself, your glory lasts a moment. When you act for the love of Jesus, your love is given to your brothers and your actions are forever imprinted in the journal of heavenly treasures.

Do you act for love of Me and Me alone or does the devil tell you that you need recognition for yourself, that you need to be loved by all? I tell you to love God above all things. Do all for the glory of God and all falls into line.

Remain selfless and unattached to all things here. Do not be attached to anyone or anything. To do so takes you from Me. Your relationships should be out of love of Me. Love does not seek its own way. It loves the other for the love it can give them. You give My love to others. You should not, therefore, be attached to anyone. I am the beginning. I am the end. He who truly loves Me can let go of every single person or thing and still accept this as the will of God and not lose his peace.

Time is so short! Your practice of selflessness will help you for the days ahead. You must pray the Prayer for Union with Me.

I am so loving and so good to you! All I send you is from a good and loving God. Accept all you are given from Him Who loved you to His death.

I love you, child. Look how those in Medjugorje had to give up all their attachments. Some lost their children. They lost all their clothes and homes. They didn't have clothes to make themselves warm. They did not have food and went hungry! Oh, you don't even know what you are attached to! You think it is little things. It is big things: food, clothes, water, air, children, houses, cars, hot water, cold water--all your comforts. In one second they could be taken from you as they were taken from those in Bosnia. Are you this strong, that you would turn to love of Me rather than despair?

I ask you to give up little things, attachments-to-your-comfort things. You will know days of struggle and you will be put to many tests. All the struggles you suffer now will strengthen you for the tough road ahead.

Be unattached to any worldly possessions. Be unattached to people. Your top concern is your union with Me and Me alone. You love others only to bring them to Jesus, not to get things for yourself.

Do not give in to selfishness. Be totally selfless. Carry the little crosses I give you. They are nothing compared to what is to come. Comfort? Think of doing without water or electricity. Are you attached? Think of wanting food and not having any and watching your children suffer and being unable to give to them. You are so comfortable! You do not have any idea of what you possess. You are so attached and so self-centered. I say to you, die to yourself and to the little things you are so attached to. Give up that cup of tea you so ardently crave. This is to die to self. Do it with great love of Me. Do not share your sacrifice with others.

When your mind wants to worry and try to figure things out, give it up to Jesus and continue to do as I ask. Pray and play with your children. You do not need to talk so much. Give up the conversation which pads your ego and play cards with your children even when you want to do your own will. This is to die to oneself, to want so much to check it out, when I am making My way very clear. Check it out in silence with Him Who has all the answers. Why not go to God directly yourself?

These jobs I have given you require you to act only for love of Jesus. They require time with Me alone in front of the tabernacle. They require time alone with Me at home. Stop, go to a room, close the door and plug your phone into My Sacred Heart. This will create your dependency on Me. I know all things. I am almighty. I am all powerful. I am loving you every moment and everything you learn from Me is exactly right.

Practice this trust in Me. Trust is developed as a staircase to Me. You practice trust, then you turn the next one over and practice trust again, then you, when you are tempted to think and go to others, practice trust and, oh, how our union grows!

Pray the Prayer for Union with Me. Oh, I am your support. I am your love. I am the best friend. I have all the answers. I know you. I know your past, your future. I know your heart in ways that you do not know yourself.

Turn to Me and Me Alone. Give it all over. Refuse to worry. Refuse to give in to the ego. You need to focus on Me and My love. All things fall into line when you do this. I am God and I am working in your life. You mess it up. Quit working and let Me do as I want. You focus on My love and being My light in the dark world.

Satan wants you distracted. He wants you absorbed in everything else and not doing My job for you. Your job is love of God, love of others.

Practice letting go. Keep constant union with Me. Oh, how I love thee! If you could only comprehend, you would take your feeble hearts to Me! I am your all. I am your ardent lover. I have all the answers for your life. Oh, little one, I love--LOVE--you! Focus on Me. I can give you the love you are looking for. I can give you your answers. I can give you peace. You will never on this earth have what your soul craves, but you know that I am He Whom you seek. I am the God of your souls. No false gods give you any peace. Come to Me, My beloved. I want you to come to Me.


I love you. Jesus Christ.

Question for married couples and others in intimate relationships:

Q: How do you feel when we are united deeply in our hearts, but not together?

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