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We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

February 22, 2006

February 23rd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 8 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for February 23rd are Glorious.


Pray for the publication of Blue Book V.



God's Blue Book 5


December 4, 1994

Unconditional Love

Jesus: Do you know what it is to love someone and be treated coldly? Think of your most agonizing pain to your heart, think of Me loving so much those who totally neglected Me and hated Me to the point of death.

It is in understanding the agonies of My Heart that you understand My immense love. Love gives unconditionally, love gives, love does not exist to receive only. It is in giving that you receive, but love gives.

Unconditional Love:

Sacred Heart with Cross and Fire

Do you give this way? The heart is a symbol of love!

My love burned for those who persecuted Me. You, My child, see My Heart open without the cross and crown of thorns -- My Heart is open to the point it is overflowing with fire. It is the hour of My greatest mercy and My greatest love. I pour the open furnace of My divine love upon you. You are saturated by My love --divine love, I give to you!

I wait, I watch, I want the love of My beloved souls!

You hold personal love letters from Me to My beloved ones concerning this tremendous love. If the whole world does not believe, I want you to believe, how I, Jesus, love you this day. It is in your believing you will be drawn ever closer into the abyss of My love for you. You were tired, you are being tested as My soldier of love. Love is unconditional, love gives, love has itself rooted in God's love. He is the source. All other roads to love are second to His divine love. Oh, divine love, burning love, coming from My open Heart and you cry and run to this world.

Rita, Rita, I write to be heard. I want these messages to circulate now. The delays will hold up the hearts that are dying for My love.

Hearts are cold and hard and need to know My divine love. I beg you to take Me seriously. You are the apostles to spread the devotion to My Heart. I beg you to circulate these letters of My love. Every day the Eucharist is attacked more and more --- I am referred to as a "symbol".

My true presence is attacked. People do not believe. Children are being taught the Eucharist is only a symbol.

Every book is different. They need to circulate for the priests and sisters, they need to circulate for My faithful loved ones, they need to be published.

I write to be heard. These messages are important to spread the devotion to My Heart. I beg you. They are important to understanding My relationship with My Mother. To hold up these books is to hold up the messages on the two Hearts. I beg you to circulate all the books. The fourth book is on the two Hearts and deep union, but the fifth book is a book of such deep love and understanding into My Sacred Heart.

I beg you to spread these messages -- all the messages. I will provide all money to publish books, three, four and five. The money is given so the proceeds from the books and songs can go to Shepherds of Christ. These books are needed for this ministry. People in the chapters need to read these books. I am asking you to take Me seriously. I write these messages for My beloved souls. I write these messages to spread devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart. The books are on disks and the money is provided. If you want your people to grow close to My Heart, you will publish these books of My deepest love. I beg, I ask, I plead, I am ignored. I am Jesus, your beloved Savior. I am thirsting for the love of souls. The Eucharist is being attacked. I remain with you in My deepest love. To hold up these messages is to hold up hearts that would know My love. I yearn, I thirst, I long for the souls to come to Me.

I am Jesus. I beg you to spread these messages which lead to My Sacred Heart, from My Sacred Heart, for My Sacred Heart, through My Mother's Heart. My Heart will triumph with the greatest love, it is through Mary's Heart many will turn to Me. These messages are written from Me and My Mother to spread devotion to Our Hearts. It is in the rosary many will turn their hearts to such love. These messages are written from the Heart of My tender Mother and Myself. I beg you to spread these letters.

Song:  Little Child


December 5, 1994

A Message given to Father Carter

A Message given to Father Carter, December 5, 1994, two years before Jesus appeared on the cross with His mouth moving at the point of death.

Jesus: My beloved priest-companion,

Please tell My beloved the following: I want all the Blue Books to be published through Shepherds of Christ Publications. I want them all to be published as quickly as is reasonably possible.

Give ______ the message I gave to My beloved ______ on December 4. Tell ______ I love him with a special love, and that he is not to doubt My words. I pour out the great love of My Sacred Heart to all.

I am Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the Flock.


December 5, 1994 - Monday

Jesus Suffered for My Brother

Messenger:  I look at the person I am having trouble with and send them love. I cannot be angry at any man, I must love them. To see that person with such love. Seek the good in them.

    Oh how could I be angry at you my brother, Jesus suffered such blows to His precious back because He loves you so.

    See Jesus standing at the pillar being beaten.

    See the hatred of men and know He withstood it lovingly for the brother I am displeased with.

    Oh you dear brother are so precious to Him, how dear you are to me.

    My lack of peace can come from these two things not doing His will because it is something I do not want to do and is hard, holding anger in my heart for others.

    I must love, but to love, I must be aware that God truly loves me and I am trying with all my heart to please God and love my brother.

  To let go and say Jesus, I make mistakes, but my greatest intention is to live to do Your holy will, no matter how hard. To love God's will because He wants us to do it and it will give us peace.


December 5, 1994 - Monday

I Give You My Grace

Jesus:  Oh sweet ones I was born a little baby for love of you that you would know My immense love for you.

    I came into this world that you might be with Me in heaven. I want you to share My Divine love.

    My love I show you so immensely during My passion.

    I want to outpour My grace to you. I give you Myself in the Eucharist. I died, I rose on the third day, I opened the gates of heaven and you My beloved ones can be with Me forever in Paradise.

    I was born, I humbled Myself to share in your humanity so you could share in My life.

By the mystery of this water and wine may we come to share in the divinity of Christ, who humbled himself to share in our humanity.  From the words of the Mass

    In meditating on all the mysteries of My life, you can imitate My life and My Mother's life.

    You were created in My image and likeness to love God and love one another.

    This Christmas I call you to love. I call you to consecrate your lives to My Heart and My Mother's heart. I call you to pray to the Spirit to mold you more into My image and likeness. Live in My Divine love, LIFE IS LIFE only in Me.

    I came as a baby, I died for your sins and I raise you to new life, you are partakers in My Divine life through baptism.

    Live your consecration daily, turn your lives to Me, surrender totally to love in Our Hearts.

    Oh dear ones, close your eyes, live to do the Father's will, forgive all your brothers, live to love all, think thoughts of love for those you are angered with, see Me scourged at the pillar for love of them.

    Let go and let My life and My love live in you. Let go. LET MY LIFE LIVE IN YOU.

Song:  A Song From Jesus


December 18, 1994 - Sunday

A Message to Fr. Carter

Jesus: My beloved priest-son,

(6 years later Father Carter died on December 18, 2000)

    I would like the Blue Books used by the members of the chapters of the Shepherds of Christ. If they so desire, they can read these messages and your messages at meetings. All the Blue Books should be published as soon as possible, as they deal with the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother.

    I love you with the dearest love and thank you for your faithful service to bring the priests to the heart of My Mother and My most Sacred Heart. I am burning for love of My priestly sons. You are so special to My Heart, I have forever written your name in My most Sacred Heart. It is through this most special movement that My Church will be led back to the on fire love of My Heart, through My Mother's heart. I am forever guarding you and keeping you deeply in My Sacred Heart. I love you with this My most tender burning love.

                    I am your Most Sacred Heart,



December 20, 1994 - Tuesday before Christmas

Message for the Shepherds of Christ Meeting December 20, 1994

Jesus:  My dear, dear loved ones,

    As My birthday approaches fill your hearts full of My love. I am with you this day.

    Do not look at the little problems you face, look at the big picture. Live each day to spread the love of My dear Mother and the Christ child.

    Do not let satan get you focused on incidental events. Focus on LOVE — look at the big picture — live My love in your heart.

    I am filling you with such grace to spread this love. Open your hearts and love your families the greatest gift you can give this Christmas is a heart of love.



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