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We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests
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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

April 1, 2003

April 2nd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period I.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for April 2nd is Luminous.


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April 2, 2003.

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12:33 p.m. - August 20, 1996 Rosary
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1:45 p.m. - Newsletter 2000 Issue 1
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6:20 p.m. - 6:20 prayers led by Father Carter
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7:24 p.m. - Tell My People
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April 1, 2003

Jesus speaks:        My dearly beloved

                                    I speak of sin. A person that steals

                                is not free. The person that steals money 

                                thinks he will not have problems with money

                                if he steals.

                                Look at the armed robber, he comes, he

                                    can hold others hostage, he may work

                                    as a unit with others. They become

                                    deeply united in the crime.

                                He sees only the money, $100 bills he

                                    says, bags of money — then his life

                                    is lived in trying to hide the crime

                                    so he will not get caught.

                                He is not free — he himself is the hostage

                                    those who helped the one leading the

                                    theft are now tied in what may seem

                                    an indisolvable union to the theft.

                                    At first they may have not thought it

                                    through, but now where does he

                                    go if he has marked money. Could

                                    he spend it? Does the very money

                                    leave a trail to him? Does he have

                                    to leave the country he loves? and the

                                    people. Should he hide the money for later?

                                    Is this freedom? The freedom he may

                                    have thought he would receive from

                                    his debt? Is he now isolated from the

                                    people he stole the money to help?

                                What does he do?

                                Can he look you in the eye?

                                Does he look down?

                                Does he run in a little red car always

                                    wondering if he will be sought. Are those

                                    who stole with him faithful to him or

                                    will they lie and tell a story that will

                                    put all the blame on him.

                                What once seemed a single crime has now

                                    turned into a nightmare for him — what

                                    may have seemed something that would

                                    lead to some freedom, now is like

                                    a spider web of crimes and lies

                                    and it is not freedom in any sense.

                                Is sin like this? A little lie, a taking

                                    advantage of others property, a

                                    stretching of the truth, a bad habit

                                    where one actually accuses others of

                                    things all out of proportion so they

                                    can be a victim — Energy spent in

                                    lies, malice, hatred —

                                Mac is a man and he gets up every day —

                                    inside he has the feeling others are

                                    always taking advantage of him —

                                    he gets in his car and he begins to

                                    drive to work, the first person passes

                                    him and he sees the person as having

                                    a problem with him — the other

                                    person was in a hurry, they were a

                                    teacher in a school and had just

                                    been told of their habitual tardiness —

                                    they never thought of Mac, he was

                                    just a car they had to pass to not

                                    get reprimanded by the principal.

                                Mac takes everything personally, people

                                    are always doing things cruelly to

                                    him he thinks.

                                He looks for how he was unjustly treated

                                    every where he goes and he tells

                                    everyone about it making himself

                                    a victim by those he has anything

                                    to do with.

                                Do you see the person that is looking for

                                    someone to victimize them?

                                The stories that are told from the parties

                                    involved in an interaction involving

                                    anger usually are very different.

                                    Each party has their own point of

                                    view, it may be from a simple

                                    thing like "Moving a piece of cheese"

                                    but what is in the heart is what

                                    leads to the accounting of the story.

                                What is in the heart?

                                Is the heart filled with love?

                                Is the heart filled with harmony?

                                Is the heart happy?

                                Is the heart sad?

                                Does someone want to lay their bad

                                    mood on another and then they

                                    will "feel better."

                                    Like looking for someone to put

                                        a monkey on someone else's back.

                                    A man comes in, in a huff, angry

                                        and ready to leave his pile

                                        of hatred on another.

                                    He could carry a pistol,

                                        full of anger and hatred, a spray

                                        can of anger.

                                    He looks for someone to dump his

                                        monkey's on, to fire his darts

                                        of anger at and he wants the

                                        other to carry it away — then

                                        he is relieved.

                                    There are abusers that treat everyone

                                        in the world with love and kindness

                                        and do pick a victim and work

                                        their anger out on them.

                                You are imperfect.

                                Many have patterned behavior they are

                                    unaware of. Hidden ways of

                                    acting that hurt others tremendously.


Genesis 1: 27-28

    God created man in the image of himself, 
    in the image of God he created him, 
    male and female he created them. 

    God blessed them, saying to them, ‘Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. Be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven and all the living creatures that move on earth.


April 1, 2003 message continues

Jesus speaks:        In Genesis you see how I want you to be.

                                    I am the New Adam —

                                    I come to save the fallen race.

                                    Years and years of imperfection

                                        taught to youngsters — many

                                        just continue in their ways —

                                        blindly acting in destructive

                                        unloving ways.

                                    My Heart is a furnace of endless love.

                                        My Heart consumed with love for


                                        I died for you.

                                        I gave My life for you.

                                        I loved you to My death.

                                Read Genesis Chapter 3, the fall of man.

Genesis Chapter 3

 The Fall

   Now, the snake was the most subtle of all the wild animals that Yahweh God had made. It asked the woman, ‘Did God really say you were not to eat from any of the trees in the garden?’ The woman answered the snake, ‘We may eat the fruit of the trees in the garden. But of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God said, "You must not eat it, nor touch it, under pain of death." ’ Then the snake said to the woman, ‘No! You will not die! God knows in fact that the day you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good from evil.’ The woman saw that the tree was good to eat and pleasing to the eye, and that it was enticing for the wisdom that it could give. So she took some of its fruit and ate it. She also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realised that they were naked. So they sewed fig–leaves together to make themselves loin–cloths.

   The man and his wife heard the sound of Yahweh God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from Yahweh God among the trees of the garden. But Yahweh God called to the man. ‘Where are you?’ he asked. ‘I heard the sound of you in the garden,’ he replied. ‘I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid.’ ‘Who told you that you were naked?’ he asked. ‘Have you been eating from the tree I forbade you to eat?’ The man replied, ‘It was the woman you put with me; she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.’ Then Yahweh God said to the woman, ‘Why did you do that?’ The woman replied, ‘The snake tempted me and I ate.’

   Then Yahweh God said to the snake, ‘Because you have done this,

    Accursed be you of
    all animals wild and tame!
    On your belly you will go
    and on dust you will feed
    as long as you live.
    I shall put enmity
    between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring and hers;
    it will bruise your head
    and you will strike its heel.’

     To the woman he said:

     I shall give you intense pain
        in childbearing,
     you will give birth to your children
        in pain.
     Your yearning will be for your husband,
      and he will dominate you.

   To the man he said, ‘Because you listened to the voice of your wife and ate from the tree of which I had forbidden you to eat,

     Accursed be the soil because of you!
     Painfully will you get your food from it
     as long as you live.
   It will yield you brambles and thistles,
     as you eat the produce of the land.
   By the sweat of your face
     will you earn your food,
     until you return to the ground,
     as you were taken from it.
     For dust you are
     and to dust you shall return.’

   The man named his wife ‘Eve’ because she was the mother of all those who live. Yahweh God made tunics of skins for the man and his wife and clothed them. Then Yahweh God said, ‘Now that the man has become like one of us in knowing good from evil, he must not be allowed to reach out his hand and pick from the tree of life too, and eat and live for ever!’ So Yahweh God expelled him from the garden of Eden, to till the soil from which he had been taken. He banished the man, and in front of the garden of Eden he posted the great winged creatures and the fiery flashing sword, to guard the way to the tree of life.

April 1, 2003 message continues

Jesus speaks:        Read Genesis Chapter 4, the sons of

                                    Adam and Eve

Genesis 4: 1-10

Cain and Abel

The man had intercourse with his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to Cain. ‘I have acquired a man with the help of Yahweh,’ she said. She gave birth to a second child, Abel, the brother of Cain. Now Abel became a shepherd and kept flocks, while Cain tilled the soil. Time passed and Cain brought some of the produce of the soil as an offering for Yahweh, while Abel for his part brought the first–born of his flock and some of their fat as well. Yahweh looked with favour on Abel and his offering. But he did not look with favour on Cain and his offering, and Cain was very angry and downcast. Yahweh asked Cain, ‘Why are you angry and downcast? If you are doing right, surely you ought to hold your head high! But if you are not doing right, Sin is crouching at the door hungry to get you. You can still master him.’ Cain said to his brother Abel, ‘Let us go out’; and while they were in the open country, Cain set on his brother Abel and killed him. 

    Yahweh asked Cain, ‘Where is your brother Abel?’ ‘I do not know,’ he replied. ‘Am I my brother’s guardian?’ ‘What have you done?’ Yahweh asked. ‘Listen! Your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground.


April 1, 2003 message continues

Jesus speaks:        I flooded the earth in the time of Noah.

Genesis 6: 7-8

And Yahweh said, ‘I shall rid the surface of the earth of the human beings whom I created–human and animal, the creeping things and the birds of heaven–for I regret having made them.’ But Noah won Yahweh’s favour.


April 1, 2003 message continues

Jesus speaks:        Listen to these words Genesis 7: 11-12.


Genesis 7: 11-12

    In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, and on the seventeenth day of the month, that very day all the springs of the great deep burst through, and the sluices of heaven opened. And heavy rain fell on earth for forty days and forty nights.


April 1, 2003 message continues

Jesus speaks:            On February 17, 1994 I called the first

                                        Blue Book Meeting and I gave

                                        this message that day in God's

                                        Blue Book —

Picture of the Sacred Heart of JesusSeek True Treasures

February 17, 1994 5:30 a.m.

Jesus: My little ones, how are you doing? Are you getting bogged down in this weather? Do you know yet that you do not control the elements? You live every day and you think you have much to do to control your actions but you do not see the eyes of Him Who watches over you with loving care.

I give to you this earth and all you need to sustain your life here. Man worries about the earth and if this or that will happen. Man has become so independent that he thinks he controls all things and he needs to worry about his present and future.

You, My favored, chosen ones, know that life here lasts but a moment and like smoke it is gone without a trace. Look at your ancestors. So few people ever remember their ancestors, yet your ancestors thought that at every moment their actions were so crucial. Little ones, you hold on to life. You hold on to these little happenings here and you worry in vain! Look at the big picture, My little ones. Here today, gone tomorrow, and where are you going?

The days go by with such speed. "Oh," you say, "Where have the years gone?" You think every second is so important. You worry, you fret, you wander empty roads and I watch you. I see you with your emphasis on the moment. You are being deceived, My little ones. It is in seeing the moment as part of eternity that you really know what is going on. Each moment you live, you are the teacher about the God Who dwells in your breast. Each moment you live, you are My messenger to this cold, scared world. Nothing you do means anything except as you are serving Me.

Take off your glasses. Behold the life above. See every moment as a drop of the life to come. See every moment as part of eternity. All these drops together make up your pass into My kingdom.

You worry, you wonder, you fret, you hold on. I give you a toothache, I take it away. One second and a toothache is gone. Is that not how it is with life--one second and it is gone? Oh, how those little precious moments seem to die away and you scarce can remember what happened! Yet during people's lives those moments seem earth-shattering. Those moments are yesterday's forgotten memories. You hold on, you fret, you fume and I watch you let go of each moment, only to become forgotten by today.

Store up your moments as part of eternity. Every moment here is part of your pass to My kingdom. How are you living this moment? Is it used to give service to Me and preach My gospel? Are you making all your moments count towards your eternity? Each moment is but a breath and it is gone. Did you use the moment I gave you to do My work? This time is not yours. I can snatch your moments away in one breath. It matters, My children, only as you choose to serve Me and spread My love!

If everyone had God as their primary goal, what love you would possess. What power you would know, because God is the mightiest force. I have all the power. Other power is false power!

Do you get it yet? Do you think anything you hold on to is so precious here? Here today, gone tomorrow, and I snatch you from your seats and you never return to finish what you deemed so important.

Are you comprehending My words here? The body is but an instrument to get you around. Reach with the spirit within. Live from the soul. Communicate with Me in your soul. Look for the unseen world that surrounds you constantly. Die to yourself.

You have a soul at this very moment that is a vibrant spiritual force alive within you. Live from your soul, My little ones. Focus on your soul. Live from your heart. Do not fret and fume for the things of this world. Here today, gone tomorrow, and then forgotten. Today's moments, yesterday's forgotten treasures. Do they mean so much or do you forget what seemed so important?

Reach with the soul. Live for God. Each moment is your chance to store up treasures for eternity. They will never be forgotten. What you do to help others to know Me will never be forgotten. How you loved will never be forgotten. How you gave lives on in those you touched. Your love is like a bubbling brook. It bubbles and keeps on bubbling. Your selfishness dies the moment after you live it.

Love is the force. Love is the power that reflects the God above. Love is not selfish. Love does not demand its own way. Love gives and doesn't stop giving. On the day of judgment it will be found in the hearts of those you touched. Think of only yourself and watch your moments become yesterday's forgotten moments. Love your brothers and watch the world reflect the love you gave, from now to the end.

Love or selfishness? I call you to love. I call you to plant a seed that grows into a mighty oak. Plant My seeds of love. Ask not how you can attain your goal but how you can fulfill the goal of God. Love God, love one another. Too simple, too hard for many.

Love, children. Reflect the God Who dwells within your soul. Store up your moments forever lest they become yesterday's forgotten treasure.

Like ripples on a pond, your love never dies. It reaches on and on and goes into the moments of eternity. Love is lasting. Love never dies. Love God, love one another. Die to yourself and live.

end of February 17, 1994 


April 1, 2003 message continues

Jesus speaks:        I give you My Blue Book Messages —

                                    the mighty medicine for the troubled

                                    earth and you do not hear Me.

                                Your earth is troubled.

                                Your vineyards are uprooted.

                                You are not bringing forth fruit on the vine

                                    for My Kingdom.

                                I look at the vines and see the shiny

                                    bodies, scantily clothed, in seductive

                                    measures, many have made their

                                    bodies their gods and forgot about

                                    their souls.

                                I see the little babies, the embryos

                                    thrown on heaps like rubble —

                                    because of the willfulness of men

                                    to live this day for themselves.

                                Oh how brazen a heart that would

                                    jerk a baby from the womb of

                                    a mother and throw them on

                                    a pile of rubble.

                                My people you have sinned.

                                You must change your ways and

                                    tell God you are sorry, sorry

                                    as a human race.

                                I sweat the Blood, the saving Blood

                                    in the garden. I am angered at

                                    your ways.

                                The beautiful creation, a baby, is

                                    sucked from the womb like rubble.

                                Oh My people who are you that you

                                    think you have the right to kill

                                    the unborn.

                                My tears are tears of Blood and My Mother

                                    cries for her children.

Genesis 8: 20-22 

    Then Noah built an altar to Yahweh and, choosing from all the clean animals and all the clean birds he presented burnt offerings on the altar. Yahweh smelt the pleasing smell and said to himself, ‘Never again will I curse the earth because of human beings, because their heart contrives evil from their infancy. Never again will I strike down every living thing as I have done. 

    As long as earth endures: 
    seed–time and harvest, 
        cold and heat, 
    summer and winter, 
     day and night 
        will never cease.’

Genesis 9: 1

God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, ‘Breed, multiply and fill the earth


Genesis 9: 5-7

And I shall demand account of your life–blood, too. I shall demand it of every animal, and of man. Of man as regards his fellow–man, I shall demand account for human life. 

    He who sheds the blood of man, 
        by man shall his blood be shed, 
    for in the image of God 
        was man created. 
    Be fruitful then and multiply, 
        teem over the earth and subdue it!’


Genesis 9: 8-17

    God spoke as follows to Noah and his sons, ‘I am now establishing my covenant with you and with your descendants to come, and with every living creature that was with you: birds, cattle and every wild animal with you; everything that came out of the ark, every living thing on earth. And I shall maintain my covenant with you: that never again shall all living things be destroyed by the waters of a flood, nor shall there ever again be a flood to devastate the earth.’ 

    ‘And this’, God said, ‘is the sign of the covenant which I now make between myself and you and every living creature with you for all ages to come: I now set my bow in the clouds and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. When I gather the clouds over the earth and the bow appears in the clouds, I shall recall the covenant between myself and you and every living creature, in a word all living things, and never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all living things. When the bow is in the clouds I shall see it and call to mind the eternal covenant between God and every living creature on earth, that is, all living things.’ 

    ‘That’, God told Noah, ‘is the sign of the covenant I have established between myself and all living things on earth.’


April 1, 2003 message continues

Jesus speaks:         My people My rainbow I have given 

                                    to you.

                                I have appeared and My Mother 


                                Here is the gift I give My priests on

                                    the Feast of the Epiphany.


 Feast of the Epiphany

January 5, 2003


Revelation Chapter 12

The vision of the woman and the dragon

Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman, robed with the sun, standing on the moon, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant, and in labour, crying aloud in the pangs of childbirth. Then a second sign appeared in the sky: there was a huge red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, and each of the seven heads crowned with a coronet. Its tail swept a third of the stars from the sky and hurled them to the ground, and the dragon stopped in front of the woman as she was at the point of giving birth, so that it could eat the child as soon as it was born. The woman was delivered of a boy, the son who was to rule all the nations with an iron sceptre, and the child was taken straight up to God and to his throne, while the woman escaped into the desert, where God had prepared a place for her to be looked after for twelve hundred and sixty days. 

    And now war broke out in heaven, when Michael with his angels attacked the dragon. The dragon fought back with his angels, but they were defeated and driven out of heaven. The great dragon, the primeval serpent, known as the devil or Satan, who had led all the world astray, was hurled down to the earth and his angels were hurled down with him. Then I heard a voice shout from heaven, ‘Salvation and power and empire for ever have been won by our God, and all authority for his Christ, now that the accuser, who accused our brothers day and night before our God, has been brought down. They have triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word to which they bore witness, because even in the face of death they did not cling to life. So let the heavens rejoice and all who live there; but for you, earth and sea, disaster is coming—because the devil has gone down to you in a rage, knowing that he has little time left.’ 

    As soon as the dragon found himself hurled down to the earth, he sprang in pursuit of the woman, the mother of the male child, but she was given a pair of the great eagle’s wings to fly away from the serpent into the desert, to the place where she was to be looked after for a time, two times and half a time. So the serpent vomited water from his mouth, like a river, after the woman, to sweep her away in the current, but the earth came to her rescue; it opened its mouth and swallowed the river spewed from the dragon’s mouth. Then the dragon was enraged with the woman and went away to make war on the rest of her children, who obey God’s commandments and have in themselves the witness of Jesus.

The dragon delegates his power to the beast

And I took my stand on the seashore.


Genesis 14: 14-20

When Abram heard that his kinsman had been taken captive, he mustered his retainers born in his own household, numbering three hundred and eighteen, and gave chase as far as Dan. He and his retainers deployed against them under cover of dark, defeated them and pursued them as far as Hobah, north of Damascus. He recaptured all the goods as well as his kinsman Lot and his possessions, together with the women and people.


When Abram returned from defeating Chedor–Laomer and the kings who had been on his side, the king of Sodom came to meet him in the Valley of Shaveh (that is, the Valley of the King). Melchizedek king of Salem brought bread and wine; he was a priest of God Most High. He pronounced this blessing: 

    Blessed be Abram by God Most High, 
        Creator of heaven and earth. 
    And blessed be God Most High 
        for putting your enemies 
            into your clutches. 

And Abram gave him a tenth of everything.



October 8, 1997

Jesus speaks:  Seedless, barren, not bringing forth fruit on the vine. I come to be heard and who pays Me heed. To a people of stiffs I address this issue, what think you when the water is gone from the trough?

Do you think you will then worship the molten calf or will you be ready for surrender then?

Oh, you thankless race, anger and wrath is the mind of your God. You do not worry, My messenger, for I am God and I speak to you. You think you are alone and I have chosen you. Your money is your god, oh people of Zion - your money in the pockets is the sound that brings you joy.

What brings Me joy is the songs of the faithful, praising and worshipping God, but I go to the tent and there is the molten calf and an abased nation of stiffs, heartless and filled with fear. I beg of you to stop now before it is too late, but you do not know of the chastisement I have in store for you - it is under the plan of the Father.

The children who walk in darkness carried a molten calf in their arms and the God of justice struck the earth.

He struck you, senseless people, because you would not listen.

I did not put you on the earth and then leave you to yourselves. I dwelt amongst you to guide you in all your ways and the people today spit on Me as they did 2,000 years before. For all these years I waited for the likes of you, My people, and why should you have more time for false joy? Joy is not in the molten calf. It is in the words of the Savior.

My Words are your truth, yet you try to wash them away as hearsay and of no importance.

My Word is the Word of God mighty and true. I have been ignored and defiled in My Word. I smite you, My senseless race. I allow the dragon to devour your young for you are the senseless race. I allow the dragon to devour your young for you are the senseless children of Eve.

Debased, proud and dead, really dead in your hearts.

I give you sunshine and rain and you want flowers and glory.

The glory is Mine or I will have to continue to listen to the wailing widow, a barren branch, a company of stiffs.

Ignore Me no longer senseless ones. My hand is upon you. It will come down and wipe out the senseless virgins, the ones singing to the molten calf.

Rachel could hear the slaughter of her children and she wept such bitter tears. The Lady Clothed as the Sun bore the barren race; they did not come to her grace-filled womb.

The thankless race marched into a pit of doom and destruction.

As I was pressed in the garden watching the days at hand, as I was squeezed, what came forth from My pores was the saving Blood for the children of Zion and when they ate from the land they feasted on rich food and strong drinks, the candy of the earth and it made them sick - sick to the death of their souls and the Lady Clothed as the Sun heard the cries of her sick children. I give you the medicine for the sick children in these writings and they chase you and make you fall to the ground. I watched you skin your knees when you carried the scrolls that contained My letters of love, My words from the depths of My Heart. You fell as I once did on the way to Calvary. I fell, I skinned My knees, My Body burned and I got up and went to the end.

The end was the beginning for the children of Zion for at that hill My cross was planted erect, a tree of life, and the juice that was squeezed 'till there was no more from the one "Son of Man, the Son of God", was the juice of the Man. It was His saving Blood.

They pressed Me in the Garden of Olives and I bled for the thankless race. They hung Me on a tree on the hill of Calvary. When I gave them the New Eve they chose the molten calf. They spit on My Mother, they ignored the visitations. She came and gave to the children to remind them of their covenant with God.

Oh senseless ones, so many will now fall, for I hung there and to the right was one and to the left another. The one was saved; the other was cursed. You picked from the tree when you should have obeyed your Father. He gave you His will. He said, "You may eat of all the trees in the garden but not this one." and you continually ate of the forbidden fruit. I warned you, My children, and you chased My messengers and made them run. I gave to you My Book of Life, My Bible, and you ate the sick fruit and it made you so sick you wanted to die but you kept eating when I told you the end was near and now that the end has come, what do you say for yourself? You ignored the Lady Clothed as the Sun. She appeared in all glory and splendor and so many months later so few go to her site to even see her. So is it My fault or yours our money does not come to publish your books and tell the world about the Woman in Florida? It is not My fault, I am God. I am the faultless One.

You want joy. I have no joy for the likes of you, My children of Zion, you have usurped My thrones and treated My body as rubbish. I am God. I come in the Eucharist and I am ignored. I speak no longer. The days that follow will be the days to cleanse this earth.

I am angered beyond all anger for the way My Mother has been treated in Florida by the thankless race. They have worshipped the molten calf and ignored the Lady of Light, the Lady Clothed as the Sun, the Lady of Fatima in the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe, bringing forth her children. The good will suffer with the bad; the wheat will be separated from the darnel (weeds). You walked like little stiff men with your haughty hearts. Your heads were your gods. I gave you great minds to comprehend My mysteries and you used your minds to worship false gods and make movies that defile My priesthood. What of your minds? I do not even have energy to tell you how unworthy you used the mind, the intellect I gave you. You used this great faculty to commit the worst sins, and My head was crowned with the sharpest thorns for your sick earth. Oh, you squeezed the Blood from the Son of Man. You pressed that Man in the garden, when He knew this race of this day.

I now see the Woman on the building, My Mother, so loving to the children I gave her and the mean ones threw acid on her face. Oh, you race of vile hearts and thankless ways. I will clothe the holy ones in the white robes of glory. The thankless ones I will turn over to the red men that will hand them over to the keeper of the pit and their bodies will be burned in the burning sulfur of the pool of death. Come, My children of light, your Mother called you through the consecration. She showed you the way home to My Heart. She carried a lighted lamp and lighted your way in the darkness. You were not foolish like the virgins that carried a lamp without a light. Your light for the lamp was My life alive in your hearts. When the darkest night comes you will know the flames of My love alive in your lighted hearts, burning with the fire from the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I give you the fuel, My faithful virgins. I gave you the fuel to light your lamps that in the dark night that lies ahead, you will still shine as a beacon light, a light of intense brightness no matter how dark the night. You will not die for your refuge is the fire of the Sacred Heart and you gave your heart to the New Eve, the pure and Immaculate One and she took you to the Heart of your Savior. She took you home and you dwelt within the chamber of My Heart and you were protected from the evil one in these last days. You tried to spread this consecration. It is the key that leads to the place of refuge. So many camps the devil told men to prepare and they labored in vain, for the Word was had in dwelling in Our Hearts. You would find refuge and they missed the message and busied themselves with the work of the evil one.

I say to you what refuge survived when Noah built his ark? Only those on the ark survived the great flood. You prepare your earth. When My Word was to prepare your hearts. Then again, they worshipped the church building, the grounds and the wood and their hearts were left as cold vaults. I beg you, My beauteous ones, to beg the men to prepare their hearts before it is too late. Only the Ark of the Covenant will be the means of survival in this dark age. When the moon turns to blood they will run away frightened and their buildings will be like cold vaults - only the hearts consecrated to Our Hearts will survive.

You were willful and too busy to know the story. The story is this: There is but one home; it is the Heart of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. My Mother is the gatekeeper. It is through her Immaculate Heart you enter. She is the singular vessel, a New Eve, a Woman Clothed as the Sun, a doorway to the everlasting abyss of Light, the Light of the World, the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of the Son of Man.

There was not room for Me in the Inn and there is not room for Me in the hearts of many and what can I say - they will die. I gave them the book of life. I gave them the Man who hung on a tree to save them. I gave them Myself, truly present in the Eucharist, the Eucharist and My Word I gave them. I gave to them My Mother - the way to enter into My Heart and they were haughty and proud. I was born in a stable in Bethlehem for you, My men. I am the Light of the World. The foolish virgins had no oil for their lamps and they went out. And you could hear the wailing cries of her children being slaughtered in the dark night. Oh, the Lady Clothed as the Sun warned them to come to her heart and the Heart of her Son (the Light of the World) and they went to the molten calf and they died a brutal death.

                        end of October 8, 1997 message


April 1, 2003 message continues

Jesus speaks:        My people I write to the world through

                                    My messenger Fr. Carter and Rita Ring

                                    for this My Movement Shepherds of


                                I have outpoured My grace on the Church and

                                    the priests and the world because of 

                                    those who have faithfully said My prayers 

                                    given to Fr. Carter.


Given to Father Carter
on the Feast of St. Ignatius

~ July 31, 1994 ~

Words of Jesus to Members of
Shepherds of Christ Associates:

"My beloved priest-companion, I intend to use the priestly newsletter, Shepherds of Christ, and the movement, Shepherds of Christ Associates, in a powerful way for the renewal of My Church and the world.

"I will use the newsletter and the chapters of Shepherds of Christ Associates as a powerful instrument for spreading devotion to My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

"I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- Message from Jesus to Father Edward J. Carter, S.J., Founder, as given on July 31, 1994,
feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)

end of July 31, 1994 message given to Fr. Carter


April 1, 2003 message continues

Jesus speaks:         I am a God of justice.

                                You must stop offending God.

                                You must pray for grace.

                                These prayers have helped hold back

                                    My hand from punishing the

                                    earth with just crimes.

                                I love My babies of the womb —

                                    you kill them —

                                You wear clothes that are seductive —

                                Sundays are spent by many as days of

                                    fun and they have plays that

                                    blaspheme Me, the Almighty

                                    God as the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

                                The Father will not tolerate such


                                When a play uses My Sacred Heart

                                    Image to get a laugh, you

                                    should get up and leave —

                                You offend Me as the Sacred Heart —

                                    this is a sin to throw My

                                    image around for the sake of


                                Oh My people, please listen to Me —

                                Oh My people, please help Me —

                                Your babies are being murdered —

                                    do you see the astronauts falling

                                    from the sky and the people

                                    buried under the twin towers —

                                    do you see the preciousness

                                    of one life —

                                 then what of the life of the soul —

                                    oh My people — help Me —

                                    oh My people ——

                                    the vineyards are trampled —

                                        uprooted and torn

                                Do you see the parade of young

                                    men dressed in uniforms

                                    on the television — one by one

                                    they die in the line of battle —

                                Look at what your children battle

                                    everyday, the magazines in

                                    airports — with the porno shops?

                                Look at the grocery stands —

                                The videos and discs in movie


                                Eternal life lasts forever.

                                Your life here is so short —

                                Oh I am telling you, your children

                                    are being poisoned from within.

                                It is not normal to have sexual movies

                                    playing on big screens in living

                                    rooms and children that have

                                    mixed parties and stay up all

                                    night watching sex before them

                                    on big screens.

                                You must listen to the Lady of Fatima.

                                I give you these prayers to pray.


April 1, 2003 message continues

Jesus speaks:        Pray at 6:20 ———

                                Pray these prayers


Morning Offering



A Prayer before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    Let me be a holy sacrifice and unite with God in the sacrament of His greatest love.

    I want to be one in Him in this act of love, where He gives Himself to me and I give myself as a sacrifice to Him. Let me be a holy sacrifice as I become one with Him in this my act of greatest love to Him.

    Let me unite with Him more, that I may more deeply love Him. May I help make reparation to His adorable Heart and the heart of His Mother, Mary. With greatest love, I offer myself to You and pray that You will accept my sacrifice of greatest love. I give myself to You and unite in Your gift of Yourself to me. Come and possess my soul.

    Cleanse me, strengthen me, heal me. Dear Holy Spirit act in the heart of Mary to make me more and more like Jesus.

    Father, I offer this my sacrifice, myself united to Jesus in the Holy Spirit to You. Help me to love God more deeply in this act of my greatest love.

    Give me the grace to grow in my knowledge, love and service of You and for this to be my greatest participation in the Mass. Give me the greatest graces to love You so deeply in this Mass, You who are so worthy of my love.

                                                                           -God's Blue Book, December 27, 1995


Prayer for Union with Jesus

    Come to me, Lord, and possess my soul. Come into my heart and permeate my soul. Help me to sit in silence with You and let You work in my heart.

    I am Yours to possess. I am Yours to use. I want to be selfless and only exist in You. Help me to spoon out all that is me and be an empty vessel ready to be filled by You. Help me to die to myself and live only for You. Use me as You will. Let me never draw my attention back to myself. I only want to operate as You do, dwelling within me.

    I am Yours, Lord. I want to have my life in You. I want to do the will of the Father. Give me the strength to put aside the world and let You operate my very being. Help me to act as You desire. Strengthen me against the distractions of the devil to take me from Your work.

    When I worry, I have taken my focus off of You and placed it on myself. Help me not to give in to the promptings of others to change what in my heart You are making very clear to me. I worship You, I adore You and I love You. Come and dwell in me now.

-God's Blue Book, January 17, 1994





Consecration of an Unborn Child to Jesus and Mary

Dear Blessed Mother, we gather here in your presence and in the presence of your Son, the Almighty God, here present in the tabernacle and in our hearts. We ask you, Blessed Mother, in union with your Spouse, the Holy Spirit, to be the safeguard of this little child at birth and throughout its life. We ask you, dear Lady, to keep your mantle over this little one as well as (name), the mother. We come to you to consecrate this child to your Immaculate Heart and to the Heart of your Son. Please give this child your special blessing now and for eternity, and guard it from all the evils of the world.

In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen.
- This Consecration of an Unborn Child is by Harold Kellner







                                Song: Ave Maria



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