Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

May 20, 1999

A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.

Jesus speaks: You can't worry about what others are thinking. I communicate most intimately and act on your soul.

In order for men to get intimately united with Me, they must release the bonds that have held them captive.

See Lazarus come forth from the tomb. They took off the bands from his hands and feet.

You must share your feelings with one another to have intimacy. Many do not share, but then they will not connect. Satan works in unspoken words.

You must see things from God's perspective and not man's.

You must not look around and worry what other people think.

Many act against God's will because they act in a way that will not embarrass them before men. You cannot plan your actions by what you think the men around you are thinking.

I am giving you directions to lead the world into oneness. My plan has been blocked because of the wrong focus of men and what they wanted.

I do not want My messages blocked. All are suffering for blocking My plan.

I give messages as warnings to help you. To clog up the messenger to block the plan hurts you. I am giving messages as a gift to help prevent suffering.

If you know it all, why aren't you successful? Your present world is in the sorriest state ever in the whole history of man since My Resurrection. Your world is in a terrible state, and you in your pride do not think I should tell you anything. You want to be right and you want to continue your dysfunctional, sick ways. Souls are being lost while you fight with the messenger and block the message so you can say, "I was right all along."

Many of your ways are the ways the world has taught you. They are dysfunctional, they are blocking heart-felt love with your God. Some of these ways are sinful. Many are suffering enormously while you play the game of being "perfect".

You are imperfect, you are working to be more perfected. You are growing in your ways of being like Me. You must be open, you must feel, you must let go.

Luke 2:33-35
The prophesy of Simeon

As the child's father and mother were wondering at the things that were being said about him, Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, 'Look, he is destined for the fall and for the rise of many in Israel, destined to be a sign that is opposed--and a sword will pierce your soul too--so that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare.'

Excerpt from Daily Message
January 5, 1999

Messenger: On January 5, 1997, I was wakened by Our Lord and He was mumbling as He was around my bed as He did on October 8, 1997, when He delivered the "Seedless, Barren, No Fruit on the Vine" message.

I heard Him and He repeated the words over and over again. I had a copy of the all-night message on the floor, I jumped from the bed and began to write around the message, for it was the only paper available and He was speaking very plainly and direct. I wrote this message in the margins of the paper. He kept repeating "BABY, BARE BABY, LAID BARE".

Message of January 5, 1997

Jesus speaks: Open yourself, Oh Jerusalem, your time is come you will be a light to the people in darkness, many will walk whence you come and the earth will be shakened and the light will come across a dark sky and enlighten their minds.

Oh stiff-necked people, you are so stiff in your ways, let the Spirit envelope you and lead you on your way.

A country of stiffs, a people of planning and prodding, of deliberating and wondering--you lack faith, Jerusalem, you lack faith in God.

Oh walk naked into the cold night, you are cold in your hearts and naked in your clothing--I clothe you with glory, I light your face with light, but you turn your cheeks to the darkness and stay stiff-necked in your hearts. Oh cold and dark hearts, reach for the light that you may know the glory that awaits the sinners and enlightens their minds.

(End of excerpt from January 5, 1997 message.)

Jesus speaks: All of you are imperfect. If all the skeletons were revealed in all the closets, you would not have so many prideful ways.

You would all work in love for the plan of the Father to promote the Kingdom.

The up-down power struggles, the survivor-victim relationships have to end. You have to be little, dependent children working to bring forth fruit in the Kingdom.

You must work mutually. Authority is there to help you work together mutually according to God's will. Authority without love is against the Father's will.

If you do not communicate, if you are not open, you cannot grow in oneness.

What kind of walls do you put up to block oneness?

Some argue and start fights, others criticize, some are silent, some spray certain odors or control the temperature. All must work toward mutuality. Some people start arguments to not have to connect. Some people criticize others in an attempt to keep the other away.

Some do not feel safe being close to anyone, so in order to maintain their distance they put up all kinds of invisible walls.

There are no walls between the Persons of the Trinity. There is perfect oneness. You must share and work toward oneness.

February 19, 1997
Intimacy with Jesus and Others
(Apostles Manual, p. 57-62)

Messenger: We can only become as intimate with Jesus and with others in the degree we open ourselves up and are accepted by the other.

If we open ourselves totally to another and speak from the depth of our heart, and are accepted by the other, we are in the depth of intimacy.

The very depth of intimacy occurs when we can freely express the feelings in our heart.

If we freely express the feelings in our heart and are rejected, then we must back up, be less open, and hence are not intimately involved with them.

Intimacy occurs when we can freely discuss the depth of the feelings in our heart and they are accepted.

Jesus wants greatest intimacy with Him. He wants the feelings we feel in the deepest part of our hearts.

He wants our deep pain and suffering. He wants our ecstatic joy. He wants us to pour out our deepest love for Him.

He never, never, never rejects us! He accepts us with an open Heart on fire for love of us.

He is waiting for this deep, deep intimate sharing. He wants us to tell Him of our sins, our failings, our struggles. He wants it all. He wants the deepest feelings in our heart and He won't reject us.

This is what He wants in our letter to Him. When we cannot be intimate with any soul, we can be most intimate with Jesus. He wants to share everything in our heart. He wants to be one in our every thought. He wants us to be entirely open with Him.

I tell my best friend how I love him. Can I share the very depth of my heart with him? To the degree I can open up to another, this determines the degree of my intimacy. If they do not accept the deepest feelings in my heart they tell me, "You shouldn't feel that way". They are not accepting me and I cannot be intimate with them.

There are levels of intimacy. With Jesus we can be most intimate. With others we can only be as intimate as the other person allows. Intimacy is an exchange of give and take. I give myself to you, you accept me as I am, you give yourself to me, I accept you. When there are imperfections, there are problems. To be extremely intimate with another, to merge toward oneness, the parties must work against imperfections. I will unite in the deepest oneness the more I am like Christ. The more we intimately give ourselves to one another, the more our imperfections come to the surface. When imperfections arise between two people they cause tremendous pain.

To grow and lessen our imperfections we must be willing to change. It takes a dying process, a dying to the imperfection so a more perfect way can be developed as part of our personality.

It is painful to change. It takes great grace to die to our old pattern ways that are imperfect.

The greatest way to change is at the Mass. Jesus gives Himself as a Sacrifice in the Mass to the Father. We offer ourselves, all our imperfections, and tell God we want to die to them.

The all perfect God loves me. It is relatively easy uniting to Him. So, He sends me another holy person to love and I begin to grow in my relationship with that person. As we grow in greater intimacy, we unite in great oneness in Jesus. But, problems arise. I give myself and it gets scary, as that person doesn't always act like he accepts me. I want to pull back but then I am not acting according to my heart. I can love Jesus with an unguarded heart. I want to love this person in deep love but when I give him the feelings deep in my heart, I feel I expose myself too much to him and I want to pull back to feel more comfortable. When I do this, I am not freely acting from my heart.

To have the greatest intimacy, I must be able to freely expose the greatest desires of my heart to him and be accepted. If he rejects me and tells me I am too close, we will back up rather than grow in intimacy and I will be forced to operate with him with a guarded heart.

The intimacy Jesus wants is the gift of myself, all of myself, faults and all. He is the all-perfect God.

The more we can give ourselves totally to another and be accepted, the more we will grow in intimacy. Intimacy requires a freedom to express feelings. If feelings are held in check, then intimacy cannot be achieved. When feelings are expressed from the depths of our hearts, the imperfections begin to surface.

Two people who love each other are willing to suffer with one another in this dying process as they both die to imperfections. It is a painful process, so painful is this process that in today's world a great amount of people give up the relationship and give up the opportunity to grow. To work in relationships with others helps us grow to be more like Jesus, if we are willing to admit our imperfections and take them to the altar. The Mass is the greatest opportunity to die to the false self and grow more according to the ideal self.

How deep is your love affair with God and others? We recommend writing love letters. In the letters we express the deepest feelings in our heart. We do not hold back our feelings, we express them with tender love. Sharing your feelings in a love letter to Jesus, sharing your feelings in a love letter with another, helps us to grow in deeper intimate relationships.

We must be humble and admit our faults. No one is perfect. God gives us Himself and His sinless Mother as a model. We must give ourselves to Their pure and sinless Hearts and unite to Them. This is the greatest road to holiness: to unite to the pure Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

I gave myself and He loved me. He accepted me with all my faults and He loved me. I grew in greater intimacy with Our Divine Lord. I consecrated my heart to Mary and Jesus' Hearts all through the day. I was immersed in her sinless heart and united in a deep union with Him. I love you, my all-perfect God. I thank you for the gift of Yourself and I give myself to You.

Many men do not naturally share their feelings. Jesus' Heart is the most tender, feeling Heart. His Heart longs to share feelings with us. Women tend to talk about feelings continually.

He made them male and female. He told the women to obey the man--He told the man to love her.

She is the key to helping men grow in greater intimacy with God and with others. She cares for the sharing of feelings. Jesus' Heart contains all the emotions in the human hearts of men and women.

As men and women unite and learn from each other, they grow more and more towards the all-perfect Heart of Christ.

Men's hearts must be tender and filled with emotion and love. Women's hearts must be submissive and patient.

Why did God make men and women so different? We are imperfect. We must grow in His ways. We cannot be prideful and domineering. We must be humble and loving.

We are never finished learning. As the hearts merge in love, male and female, our hearts come forth more like His.

Haughty hearts are not like the Heart of Christ. Hearts cannot be prideful--they must be meek and open.

His Heart is open. It is when they opened His Heart that the blood and water poured out - pointing to the sacramental life of the Church.

When people open their hearts and unite to His Heart, He will outpour His grace. He wants heartfelt love. Our hearts must unite to His.

The world is not ready for the inside of the Sacred Heart of Jesus--they want noise, video games and television. They want pleasures.

He opens up His Heart. He gives us letters from the depth of His Heart.

I want to talk about the Eucharist, Jesus and the Mass, and the depth of His mysteries. I want to talk about "love", deep love so I can unite as one. I know the depth of the Heart of Christ.

I know heaven. I know hell. I will write my love letters to Him.

I can hear Jesus say this about His intimate letters: I opened Myself raw. I gave you the inside of My Heart. I gave you My burning love and they say, "Jesus, I don't want the depth of your Heart. Jesus, I don't want to feel the emotion."

Many priests do not want heartfelt love at the Mass. They want words spoken from the lips--they want lip service love. How this offends the Heart of Jesus when He opens Himself raw and pours out His blood and water. He poured it out from the depth of His Heart--all the way to the last drop, and we say, "I want words, I don't want to be deeply involved in the depth of your heart!"

I speak of the depth of my soul. We do not share the depth of our soul with Jesus and with one another. We are sharing on the surface.

So where can we go with intimacy--we can't go at all.

Jesus speaks: I open myself raw in My love letters. Many do not comprehend. Many do not listen because they will not open their hearts to love. Many are closed in their hearts. Their greatest possession is cold, hard money, it is not burning love, it is paper and ink and money and things. They utter words from their lips that do not come from their hearts. Their lips speak the hollow love in their hearts. Many offer sacrifice at the Mass that is not from the depth of their souls, it is hollow words spoken. It is time many spend going through a ritual. It is not a gift to Me where they give themselves. I give Myself to you in the Eucharist and many run from the church. How this offends Me, when I give Myself completely. The Divine God gives Himself and many do not accept His gift, they run for money and cars. Many have made everything god but God. Many take My gift and abuse it. I am sorry to open My Heart in these letters and be rejected.

Messenger: I know the feeling Heart of Jesus. I have cried over knowing what He wants when He wants oneness in the Mass. I have been taken to the heights of ecstasy in the Mass and been taken to the pits of hell. I have united to the feeling part of the Heart of Christ. He has allowed me to experience His most intimate feeling when He is united with a soul in the Mass. He takes a soul to heaven in the Mass.

I write about the love of Jesus. I know deep in my heart. When I share this with you, it reaches an immense fullness. When I keep it locked and hidden, it is not anything like the intenseness when I share it. He has written His feelings on my heart to share with the world. When I share it, I am rewarded with a greater depth of union with Him. When I share it with others, some are jealous, except the people that are deeply united to Jesus in their heart. Many do not comprehend because they are not opening their heart. They want to be the messenger so they miss the gift that God is giving to them in these revelations.

When a person opens his heart, I share this most intimate feeling of love He has shared with me--secrets into His Heart. When a person is closed, I cannot share what I know. I have been in the depth of the Heart of Christ with ecstasies and sufferings. He has opened Himself raw and exposed His most intimate love.

(End of excerpt from February 19, 1997 message.)

Intimate Relationships

Jesus speaks: Unspoken words and stuffed feelings cause tremendous pain. The wall goes up and once again a person is forced to stuff negative feelings because the other feels negative feelings means that he has not operated properly.

Negative feelings must be worked through. One who is forced to stuff feelings in a relationship is soon filled with enormous pain.

Sharing feelings helps you to connect in your hearts. Feelings should not be judged. When one is experiencing upset feelings, the other should try to understand. If one in the relationship has hurt feelings, this does not mean the other is responsible for the hurt feelings. In writing in a dialogue, parties can share feelings and come to a greater understanding in their hearts.

If every time a person wishes to express hurt feelings, the other feeling responsible fails to try to understand, hurtful walls are built up and wounds occur. After several years of this, the hurts are enormous wounds and many marriages end in divorce. Even though the parties love one another, they fail to share feelings and enormous wounds occur.

It is necessary to share feelings in intimate relationships. The parties should help one another understand negative feelings. This is how you will grow in greater oneness and love.

Because one person feels a certain way, this does not make the other responsible. In sharing feelings in love, both can be united and help each other to work toward ways in which the feelings are understood and dealt with to promote union and strong bonds of love.

Hurt feelings not shared create walls between loved ones which usually end in separation because the pain is so great.

Sharing feelings with your intimate other will help you to grow in your loving intimate relationship with God.

I give you the ability to feel.

I do not wish a dry, inactive relationship with you. I want you to share all your feelings with Me in a love letter. I will understand and help you.

I love you, Jesus.

Jesus speaks: Many times one cannot openly express his needs and desires because of other issues in previous relationships and childhood.

Communication is necessary, sharing feelings are necessary so you can grow out of dysfunctional patterns that cause barriers to be built.

You will grow in more perfected ways of loving by showing one another the true self. If you do not feel comfortable sharing, you should work toward greater union in your feeling letters by handling negative issues in love. You must be able to share problems and negative feelings honestly in order to grow in greater intimate union with one another.

John 17:21

May they all be one,
just as, Father, you are in me
    and I am in you,
so that they also may be in us,
so that the world may believe
    it was you who sent me.

Jesus speaks: You are to be one as I say in this prayer to My Father before I was arrested.

Matthew 5:48

'...You must therefore be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.'

Genesis 2:24

This is why a man leaves his father and mother and becomes attached to his wife and they become one flesh.

Question for married couples and others in intimate relationships:

Q: How do I feel when you tell me you love me?

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