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JULY 23, 1999

An apostle is one who lives to serve the Lord.

The Resurrection

  1. Messenger: God does not want men to live alone, God expects them to interact in love.
  2. Pride is the root of evil.
  3. Man wants to be on top above his brother.
  4. Jesus died, He rose, He gives sufficient grace for all men to be saved.
  5. Our lives must be given as a sacrifice, united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
  6. We are children of the Father. Those in authority act like fathers, but they cannot control anotherís free will.
  7. Sufficient grace is given for all to be saved.
  8. We must live as children of the Father, as brothers and sisters.
  9. We have been taught to be jealous by those around us. We have been taught some loving things. Some taught us to be greedy, some taught us to be suspicious and not trust anyone, some taught us we were unlovable. Parents, teachers, priests, all those in authority are to model themselves after Christ.
  10. I am the good shepherd.
    I know my own
    and my own know me, (Jn 10:14)

The Ascension

  1. Messenger: God must be our greatest love.
  2. The devil tries to trick us into thinking someone else or something else will satisfy us.
  3. Many children in addicted homes have used substances or people to handle their pain inside.
  4. Our main focus is God. People here are to help us to be led to God and to have relationships according to His will.
  5. No one can control anotherís will.
  6. Purity will be found for sinful man in dwelling in the Hearts of the New Adam and the New Eve, Jesus and Mary.
  7. Jesus ascended into heaven. There is grace to set the captives free, captives being those held in Satanís snares.
  8. Jesus left the Apostles behind to do His work.
  9. All must respond willingly. Jesus gave us a free will. He does not control. All must seek the truth, want it and live by it.
  10. When He ascended into heaven, they prayed for the coming of the Holy Spirit in one mind and one heart.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles

  1. Messenger: What is Godís will for you?
  2. Mary prayed for the Apostles and great grace was released.
  3. The more we pray in Maryís Immaculate Heart, the more we pray through her powerful intercession, the greater the graces released.
  4. The Apostles went from fear to fearlessness. We need the Holy Spirit so that we will be sanctified.
  5. Holy Spirit, please descend on Your apostles in the Shepherds of Christ Movement.
  6. Apostles must do as God wants.
  7. They do not act to please others, they recognize their calling, and they act as God wants because they want to please God.
  8. This is Jesusí Movement. If we love Him, we will give Him what He wants.
  9. Jesus wants us to live to serve Him.
  10. We must die to jealousy, control, suspicion, lust, unlawful anger, hatred, all the vices of sinful men. Holy Spirit fill us.

The Assumption

  1. Messenger: Mary was assumed into heaven.
  2. Great advances were made in the Church when Mary was on earth.
  3. We must pray through her pure Heart for His Holy Church.
  4. We must pray with our whole hearts for purity in the Movement, purity of the individual members.
  5. Godís power is without limit.
  6. Godís power can set the captives free.
  7. We must rely totally on His might to help us and save us.
  8. The more we are jealous, wanting to be on the top, the more we arenít learning His lesson.
  9. The New Adam and the New Eve give us Their Hearts.
  10. We must live at every moment aware of Godís presence. Christ must live and reign and act in our hearts. Christ is not jealous.

The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth

  1. Messenger: We need to go through Maryís Heart. Our hearts are tainted, her Heart is pure. She is the pure and spotless one.
  2. We need to rely on His might. He trusted the twelve Apostles, He ascended into heaven. Despite their imperfections, the Church grew to how it is today. From His original chosen men, many were converted and the Church grew.
  3. We must live as St. Paul says: and yet I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me. (Ga: 2:20)
  4. We canít be living like little babies, pleasing others in wrongful ways. Our King, our Master is Christ. We learn to please Him.
  5. We pray, we realize He has all the power. We must go through the pure and holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
  6. Some would count money and file every document to secure everything correctly. In one moment a fire could wipe out a whole room of money and organized papers.
  7. The strength is in Him.
  8. We need FAITH in God, FAITH in His plan and all of us must live as St. Paul says.
  9. Ask yourself, "Would the Christ living in me act this way?"
  10. Let us make Jesus the Center of our lives with Mary at our side. Beg for the Holy Spirit to work in us, plead to the Father, unite in the Holy Sacrifice at every moment, and pray with consecrated hearts to our God.

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